Nicky the sexy blonde mature

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta
Nicky the sexy blonde mature

This is a true story that took place several years ago.

I have a friend, Chuck, he's in his 60's and retired. We get together every now and then and fool around. He loves to suck my cock and show me naked pictures of his wife while he's blowing me. He really loves when I tell him how I would make him suck me in front of his wife then watch as I fuck her, but sadly, that never happened...

Chuck and I talked about finding a BBW for a threesome. So we put an ad on CL and we had to weed through the hookers and spam. Weeks went by and I had forgotten about the ad, when I got an email from a girl named Nicky who wanted to be in on the threesome.

Nicky was 45, divorced, and had done some swinging in the past. She sent me a face pic (she was very pretty) and a couple of body shots showing her big tits and ass. Chuck was into her but he wanted me to meet her first to see if her and I clicked and if we did, then we'd arrange a threesome at his house while his wife was at work.

So I made plans with Nicky to meet for breakfast at a diner to get to know each other a bit and go over what she would and wouldn't do. The morning came for me to meet her and I arrived at the diner about 10 minutes early. I went in, got a table and ordered a cup of coffee. Nicky showed up a few minutes later and looked even prettier in person than she did in her pictures. She was wearing a bright pink winter coat, her the first couple of buttons on her white blouse were opened revealing her tremendous cleavage. She wore black dress pants that fit her nicely, she looked to be dressed to work in a pretty conservative office.

She sat down next to me at the table and ordered a cup of tea. After the waitress delivered her tea, I casually reached under the table and placed my hand on her thigh. She smiled at me when I did it, so I began massaging her thigh as we chatted. We were speakng quietly, but since we were talking about pretty explicit things, we decided to go to my car to sit and talk, so we would have a little privacy. I really admired her shapely, large ass, bouncing as I followed her out.

I opened the car door for her and she sat down, I went to the other side and got in the car. Before I
could close the door, she leaned over and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss! After a few moments of our tongues dancing, I closed the door and we then made out like a couple of horny teenagers, it was fantastic! Her lips and tongue were such a joy to kiss and as we were making out, I undid a couple more buttons on her blouse and unclasped her bra. I reached into the cup and felt her soft smooth skin, her nipples were very hard and she was obviously turned on. This went on for several minutes before I reached around and felt her soft ass. She moaned and reached for my cock which was straining in my pants!

She was rubbing the length of my cock and her thumb was rubbing circles around the head. I undid the button on her slacks and pulled the zipper down. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she adjusted herself in the seat slightly so that I could put my hand in her panties. Her pussy was shaved smooth and her lips were swollen, puffy and she was wet! When my index finger touched her clit she made the sexiest moan I've ever heard. I leaned down, moving her bra out of the way and sucked a nipple into my mouth as my finger traced her slit, before I pushed my index finger into her hot pussy. I was alternately sucking and biting her nipples as I began to finger fuck her, my thumb working her clit as I did so. Within a few minutes her breathing got faster, she was moaning like crazy and began to buck her hips as I fingered her to orgasm! After she came, she undid my pants, had me lean the seat back and she sucked my cock. She sucked like it was what she meant to do! She gave GREAT head and it wasn't long before I was pumping her mouth full of cum. She swallowed almost all of it, but came up and kissed me deeply letting me taste the remaining jizz in her mouth.

We both straightened up and then we actually talked about the threesome, since we clearly clicked. She basically said her only limit was pain, no shit, piss or leaving physical marks, other than that she was totally submissive and willing to do what we wanted. We made a date for the following Thursday morning to meet up at Chuck's. If you liked this, I'll write part 2 and tell you about the amazing threesome that we had.

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