Erotic tale about a night of sex between a man and his fat girlfriend

Erotic tale about a night of sex between a man and his fat girlfriend
Here I was at 26. Bored, broke and worst of all single. I lived alone in a one bed room apartment downtown, the one thing I did have going for me and spent my nights working a dreadful factory gig manufacturing pickled foods. Pigs feet, pig lips, pigs ears, eggs, sausages, you name it. If it could be soaked in salt and vinegar I was stuck there mass producing it. The checks were cool but the hours and the smell were a real nuisance.

My time spent away from work was typically devoted to masturbating in front of the computer. My normal routine was to wake up, bang one out before work and then spend the next 10 hours fantasizing about how amazing my night time stroke sessions were going to be. I loved it all?Fat bitch's, skinny bitch's, white bitch's, black bitch's, big tit's, small tit's. if it was online I was getting off to it. Not that I couldn't score real pussy. Quite the opposite. I was tall, roughly 6ft3, brown hair with green eyes. I just chose not too?At least in the short term.

The last few weeks though things had changed. A voluptuous black ssbbw had just moved in next door and her stroke sessions sounded just as hardcore as mine if not more. Her name was Asia Blue and she was a brick house, literally. She stood roughly 5'11, I estimate around 350-400lbs, massive titties and an ass that wouldn't quit. In the mornings I would catch her leaving for work on my way in. Damn was she a fox. Flawless make up on a face that resembled a larger Halle Berry, gold trimmed eye glasses, interchangeable wigs, bracelets, necklaces and accessories out the ass. Best of all was her aroma. When Asia Blue walked past you in the hall it was almost like a trance that caused you to float in the air and follow her around. Not that you needed anymore of an excuse. Her curve hugging professional attire was enough to snap even the stiffest of necks.

With my night time shift and her day time hours we were really only home around the same time for about 4 hours. Like clockwork I could count on Ms. Blue to start revving up in the early evening not long after work. Her moans were loud, almost painful like she was crying out for help more than relieving herself. At first I would press my ear against the wall to hear her better but after a few days her screams would get so loud that I could listen to them from kitchen while cooking dinner. My favorite was when I would hear a loud thump against the wall. it wouldn't typically last for about 5 minutes until she came and then she would go back to her bed or wherever. The woman was a well-oiled machine. Occasionally I could almost swear to hearing her wetness through the walls.

Every now and again I could be convinced by some friends to get belligerently drunk on a Saturday night and cruise around the local bar scene until dawn chasing trim. On this particular night I was a real public menace. The keg of Grey Goose vodka I chugged had taken control and my hands (and mouth) took on a life of their own. It's a wonder I didn't get my ass kicked by a jealous boyfriend, roughed up by a bouncer or tossed in the drunk tank down at the county jail.

I arrived home by taxi around 7am Sunday morning. I was clinging to the walls for support and could barely lift my legs up the stairs. About half way up the steps I had managed to pass out for a moment and fall half way over the railing. A hand had gripped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet, better yet?Against her voluptuous body. It was Asia Blue, I could recognize that perfume a mile away. She had placed her bible on the ground to free up a hand to better support me. I clung to her like a monkey on a branch. As we walked up the steps my hands had took it upon themselves to follow the curves up her hips to the bottom of her ass and up her skirt. She attempted several times to smack it away with a guilty giggle. A put the cobra clutch to her giant ass cheek and squeezed as hard as I could. She let out a deep breath and continued to walk me down the hallway without trying to stop me. As we got closer to her apartment I could feel my fingers getting wet. With every step her pussy splashed a little bit more down her legs and up her butt cheeks.

We approached her apartment where she lied me down on the couch and prepared me a tall glass of ice water. She sat down next to me, playing with my hair as I guzzled the liquid. A few minutes later the buzz was wearing down and she removed a trey from beneath the couch. She rolled us a blunt, her thick lips blowing smoke into the air without a care in the world.

As I took control of the blunt her hand gripped across my chest and caressed its way down to my pants, grabbing my bulge and massaging it with her fingers through the fabric. Asia Blue licked her lips and excused herself to the bedroom.

It didn't take long for her to reveal herself. The woman was angelic, an orgasm to the eyes. There she was. 350lbs of deliciousness wrapped in tiny white lingerie that caused her fat rolls to hang over them. Her big belly hanging down almost to her mid thighs and titties imprisoned by the thinnest of fabrics. She stood well over 6ft in her white leather knee high heels.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bedroom, my eye's fixated on her bouncing ass cheeks.

As we got to the room the first thing I noticed was the massive green dildo attached to the wall next to my bedroom, The wall around the base of the dildo had become darker shade of white due to the pounding it has endured the last few weeks. This thing was massive, well over a foot long and as thick as a subway sandwich.

Asia lied down on the bed, her legs spread open with a desperate look upon her face. Her pussy lips were fat with pink walls and a hairy bush, her swollen clit throbbing to be sucked. I kneeled down before her with my clothes still on from the night before. I immediately began sucking and licking, her pussy opening with wetness and glistening on my face. Her screams were window shattering but it still did not feel like enough. I placed two fingers into her pink snatch and began pounding away as I sucked at her clit. My head was engulfed in thighs, her fingers massaging my scalp and forcing my face harder as she grind against it. Her wetness had become so overwhelming that I had to force her away from me to catch my breath.

As I looked down at her massive pussy, watching in amazement as it continued to open, almost as if it were breathing, I realized what had to be done. I tore my shirt off my back and plunged my fist into her cunt wrist deep. Asia was so wet that my hand slid in without any sort of resistance at all. if anything it felt as if it were getting bigger. She forced her hips into my hand causing it push deeper into her womb past her cervix. I was nearly elbow deep into this amazing black woman's pussy and loving every second of it. I began thrusting into her with hard punches, punishing her insides and licking my lips as her wet sticky love splashed onto my face. I leaned down to lick on her fat black clit as I hammered harder into her, bottoming out at just past my elbow.

Instead of gripping tighter her pussy seemed to be stretching even more, begging to pounded harder and deeper. I placed my other fist in her pussy and blasted away. My fingers gripping her cervix and tickling her walls. Asia Blue was partying on my arms, her fat belly jiggling as she clinched her titties together squeezing on her hard nipples. She closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and grinded her teeth before unleashing a flurry of wall crushing screams. It was hard to tell if she was orgasming or having a baby but for the first time her pussy walls clinched and I was suddenly drenched in a slimy lair of cum. A wave of liquid squirted from her gaping pussy hole and onto the floor.

Asia pulled me towards her, obviously relieved to have finally reached the climax she had been aspiring for but unable to get by herself. She kissed me passionately, our tongues twisting together and eyelashes locking. She reached down to undo my pants and unleash my rock hard cock. I slid down her massive body to lick beneath her enormous titties, my hands grabbing onto her fat rolls. She spread her thunder thighs and guided my cock into her gaping pussy.

I knew my cock was no match for her big pussy but I didn't care. Her tongue licked in and out of my ears and on my neck as I thrust into her, my dick puny by comparison, swimming in a sea of love, my balls smacking into her puckering black butthole. Her big hands clawing into my back as I grinded on her clit. She reached further down grabbing ahold of my ass, spreading the cheeks apart and tickling my asshole with her manicured fingernails. Her pussy was so lose that it released a wet queef with each thrust of my dick.

My balls were ready to explode, my thrust got deeper and harder until I unleashed wave after wave of creamy white ropes of cum into her. I lied on top of her for a moment, her enormous belly feeling more like a water bed then a woman.

I rolled over on to my back. Asia rubbed her pussy and licked my cum off of her beautiful nails. She smiled at me and went down on my dick for leftovers. She licked passionately on my limp cock, digging her tongue in my hole, lifting the balls and french kissing my asshole. She didn't give a fuck and neither did I.

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