Bdsm with my SSBBW wife

Bdsm with my SSBBW wife
I have been married for close to eight years. My wife is what some consider a BBW, or a SSBBW, she is 5?11, medium length brown hair and hazel eyes, beautiful breasts that sag just a little, an ass that you want to grab from behind or smack and watch it jiggle, a tummy so soft you can?t help but rub it, and thighs that are so thick they are better than any vise. God I love her.

The only thing I don?t particularly love is the fact that I work ten hour days to spend two more hours driving to and from work just to come home to have to do more work. It?s never been that I truly minded doing it, just now and then some help would be appreciated, especially after a truly hard day at work.

Today was one of those days; I got home around six in the evening after a horrible day at work, trying on the drive home to switch to a good mood.

Nothing at the house was done as usual. Dirty dishes everywhere, dirty clothes scattered around the house. The good mood I was working on was instantly erased.

?That?s it!? I yelled.

Everyone stopped and just looked at me as if to ask, what?s wrong? Of course no one said anything, I had had it. I had had enough of being everyone?s bitch. It was time for someone to be mine.

After I finished I switched the loads in the wash, picked up all the dishes and got them into the washer, swept and mopped the floors and took the trash out.

I asked my wife, with mild anger in my voice, ?You want to get in the shower now??

She blew me off, absent mindedly agreeing by saying, ?I will after this cigarette.?

I knew that meant roughly another thirty minutes to an hour. That just infuriated me more. Instead of waiting and having it dig at me even more, I took my shower instead. In the back of my head I kept thinking, ?She will get hers shortly.?

I got out dried my body and started gathering the supplies I needed for the evening. I was fed up with the lack of help I was getting and it was going to change tonight!

I set about getting the tools to teach her a lesson ready; the silk rope, velcro hand cuffs, favorite thick rubber cock and a few of her other toys out of her drawer. Prepped the hook in the ceiling with the rope, laid out my means of punishment, then I went to get her.

She still hadn?t showered yet and it was beginning to get late. I was visibly pissed now.

I stormed out front, after yelling and screaming at one another she reluctantly got in the shower.

With just the towel wrapped around her she entered the room. I had calmed down considerably; I knew what I had in store for her.

I was hiding behind the door as she came in. When she shut the door, I pushed her in the back hard enough to cause her to fall face first on to the bed. I pounced on her and straddled her hips, reaching up and grabbing a handful of her hair. I yanked her head back so I was right in her ear.

?You are going to be my bitch tonight. I?m going to do what I want to you and there isn?t a damn thing you can do about it? I hissed into her ear, ?I?m tired of you taking advantage of me.?

I shoved her head back into the bed. She just laid there. I didn?t know if it was from shock, terror, if she felt bad or if I had hurt her. I really didn?t care either.

?Stand up,? I said.

She didn?t move, just stared at me with those big hazel eyes of hers.

?I said stand the fuck up!?

When she got to her feet I could see her eyes were red like she was about to cry but trying to hold it in.

?Give me your hands,? I demanded.

When she didn?t move again I slapped her right tit as hard as I could. SMACK! It began to redden as soon as I made contact. Instantly I had what I wanted. I put the cuffs on her, and pulled her close.

?You don?t like being hit? Then listen, it?s only going to get harder and more painful if you don?t. Do you understand me??

She did exactly what I thought she would. She didn?t answer.

SMACK!!! I slapped her other tit and she started nodding her head so fast it was like she was head banging.

I attached the rope to the cuffs and fed it through the hook I had installed earlier. I pulled her arms and hands above her head and attached the rope to the bed behind her. On my way back around her I picked up her brush and showed it to her.

?This is one of the items I will be using on you tonight,? I told her.

?How?? she asked.

SMACK!!! The brush landed squarely on her right ass cheek.

?No questions!? I answered

?You will do as I say when I say it. No questions! Do you understand me? The only sound I want to hear is your pussy squirting, you moaning and if you can?t take it and want me to stop the safe words are red to stop and yellow to ease up on what I?m doing.? I looked right in her eye, ?Understand?? I asked harshly.

She nodded again.

?Good, that?s what I wanted to hear.?

I took the rest of the rope I had and wrapped it around each of her breast as tightly as I could.

?This takes them out of being smacked for the time being,? I told her.

?Fuck you, stop this shit now and let me go,? she spat at me.

SMACK! My hand met her cheek hard, and the cheek reddened as soon as I hit her. Her eyes started tearing up again.

?What you think just because I said I won?t hit them like that you?re in the clear?? I laughed, as I walked around behind her. ?Spread your legs bitch.?

She did but it was way too slow for my liking.

SMACK!, the brush landed on her left ass cheek.

I took her two silver bullets and slid them into her sopping wet cunt. My hand was instantly soaked. I offered them to her.

?Clean them off slut. You like me treating you this way don?t you?? I asked.

She just hung her head and wouldn?t look at me. She knew she was drenched, and knew I knew the answer already. She could feel it dripping down her thighs.

I wanted to hear it from her, ?I asked you a fucking question!?

?Yes,? she said in a sobbing, embarrassed voice.

I lifted her chin so she was looking at me with tearful eyes.

?It?s yes, SIR!? I said as I slapped her face again. I could tell she was crying now. ?I gave her an out,? I told myself. She can stop this at anytime.

I circled back behind her and pulled her head back by her hair. ?This is just the beginning of the punishment for not listening since we started. You haven?t even started being punished for the lack of house work yet.? I told her and pushed her head back up.

I grabbed a tie, put it across her mouth and tied it behind her head. She looked at me with the most frightened and pleading look I have ever seen.

?It will be ok, you may even like it,? I whispered to her. ?When you get close to cumming, make sure you tell me. Just nod if you understand.?

She nodded.


I slipped her vibrating eggs inside her at full power and began teasing her clit with her vibrator. She tried twisting and turning to get me off it but to no avail. She began grunting and moaning and I could see in her eyes the look of a climax soon approaching.

?You ready to cum slut??

She nodded again.

I ripped the eggs out of her quickly. ?Don?t you dare cum you fat slut,? I commanded as I stood and forced my cock into her. That sent her over the edge.

?I?m cumming,? she mumbled around the gag.

SMACK! My hand slammed into her face again. To my surprise she started squirting around my cock.

?I told you not to cum didn?t I?? I asked.

She stood there breathing hard, trembling and tears running down her cheeks.

?You ready for your punishment you fat bitch?? I pulled the gag out so she could answer me.

To my surprise she screamed, ?Yes, sir!?

I rammed three fingers deep into her, and brutally started finger fucking her.

I pulled them out, and with her looking at me, sucked one clean and had her suck the other two.

I spun her around so she could see what I had in mind. On the bed in front of her were her anal beads, butt plug and her twelve inch rubber cock. I grabbed the beads.

?Stick your ass out slut,? I commanded.

I began to apply lube to her ass, sliding a finger or two in with every pass. She began fucking her ass on my fingers. I allowed it to go on for three or four bounces. On the fifth I slapped her ass as hard as I could.

?I don?t remember saying that was ok. Do you remember me saying that?? I asked.

?No,? she answered.

SMACK! I smacked her ass again. Reaching up from behind her I grabbed her throat and started choking her.

?Didn?t you forget something?? I asked letting go of her throat.

?Sir, I?m sorry sir,? she pleaded.

I turned and took the anal beads and fed all six of them into her ass, all the way up to the ring.

?Now you don?t cum without asking permission. Do you understand me?? I demanded.

?Yes sir? she answered.

?Now that?s better,? I responded.

I took a step back to admire my handy work. She looked just as I imagined. The ring of the beads was tucked between the cheeks of her ass, which was pink from the slaps it took so far.

?That?s a good slut. You look so fucking hot like that,? I told her.

She started to complain, ?My back and legs are beginning to hurt.?

I took the brush and smacked her ass again. SMACK!

?DIDN?T YOU HEAR ME,? she yelled.

?Yeah, I heard you. How exactly do think my back and legs feel when I get home from work?? I asked in a very calm voice, ?And yet you choose to leave all the house work to me anyway right? So if you don?t care why should I??

She had no answer.

?Now stick your ass out and count them off until I think your fat ass has had enough you fucking slut.?

SMACK! ?One!? she cried out.

?That one didn?t count. You forgot something didn?t you?? I asked. ?The next will be against on your face if you forget again. Now count.?

SMACK! ?One, Sir.?

?Now that?s better my fat slut,? I replied.

SMACK! She screamed the count, ?TWO, SIR!?



Her ass cheek was getting really red by now.

SMACK! ?FIVE, SIR!?, breathlessly she pleaded, ?Can you please hit the other one sir??

So I switched cheeks.


SMACK! ?SEVEN, SIR!? she wailed.

I pulled back and smacked her one last time with everything I had.

SMACK!!!! ?EIGHT, SIR!? she had more tears streaming down her cheeks, breathlessly began to plead to me, ?Please, please, please, I can?t take much more sir.?

I began rubbing her ass to take some of the sting and burning away.

?Spread your legs wider slut,? I ordered.

She slid her legs three or four more inches apart. I began removing the beads on pop at a time.

?Can I please cum sir?? she wailed.

?Yes you can my slut.?

As soon as the beads were out, I laid under her and sucked her clit into my mouth. She started screaming and moaning. She came like a rushing river flooding my face and filling my mouth as she squirted uncontrollably. She could barely stand after that one so I took the rope down.

I had her lie with her torso on the bed and her legs on the floor. I took the rope and tied it off on the opposite side of the bed. She laid there her big round ass sticking up in the air. I wanted to dive in and lick every inch of it.

Instead I took her foot long toy and put just the first nub in. I grabbed her butt plug and slid it into her ass. I turned them both to a slow, agonizing hum.

?Now hold them there, don?t let either on hit the floor. Am I understood??

?Yes sir,? she answered in a low husky voice.

I walked around her and climbed on the bed. I slid my waist under her face and slid my cock into her mouth.

?Now suck,? I commanded.

She began to slowly bob her head up and down trying to concentrate on holding her humming friends in place. That?s not what I wanted, so I grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face. I plunged my cock into her throat over and over.

She gagged and choked and took every inch of my cock. Her tongue was letting me know she was enjoying it by the details she paid to the head and shaft with her tongue over and over again. It was so hot seeing the drool that was trailing out of her mouth covering my cock.

?That?s it, take it all you fat slut. Let me skull fuck you. That?s it just like a good little bitch,? I encouraged.

Then I heard it, a wet THUD of something falling to the floor. All of a sudden her eyes flew open right at me.

?What the fuck was that?? I asked.

?Nothing sir I didn?t hear anything.? She answered.

I got up and rushed around her. Sure enough there it was on the floor. Her twelve inch toy.

?You fucking liar!? I screamed. I reached down and picked it up and slapped it against her ass. I started smacking her ass with it over and over. ?You fucking slut! I can?t believe you had the gull to lie to me!?

She began sobbing again, crying out, ?My ass is so sore please stop please!?

?You think your ass is sore now slut?? I climbed back on the bed and rammed my cock in and out of her throat. She began gagging badly. I kept going saying, ?Just you fucking wait.?

I pulled my cock out of her throat. Made sure it was coated in her mucus and saliva, and circle around behind her. I pulled her plug out and rammed my cock balls deep into her ass.

She screamed out, ?OH MY GOD!?

I thought the plug would loosen her up a bit but I was way wrong. It almost seemed tighter. I began thrusting in and out of her ass.

?God your big ass grips my cock so good. Take it all you fat slut. How?s it feel bitch?? I asked.

?Like it?s on fire, OH MY GOD!! I feel so fucking full, sir.? she screamed breathlessly

I started pounding her ass even harder.

?Sir, I think?I think I?m going to cum, sir.? Desperation in her voice for the first time, horse and panting, ?Pleeeeaaaasssseeee may I cum? Oh God, please let me cum, sir.?

I rammed in and out of her a couple more time then answered, ?Cum for me you fat bitch, cum while my cock is buried deep in your ass like the good slut you are.?

When she started I didn?t think she was going to stop. I could tell she was close to a big one.

?Sir, please smack my ass again,? she requested almost desperately.

When I did she squirted her womanly cum all over me and the floor. Her ass gripped my cock like a vice and I came over and over again deep in her dark hole.

After slipping from her well used ass, I walked around and untied her from the bed. I pushed her up on the bed and lay besides her trying to soothe her blood red ass. After a few minutes of us catching our breath, she turned and curled into my arms.

She whispered, ?I love you. When can we do it again??

I smiled, so much for that lesson getting through; but I?m looking forward to the next time!

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