The erotic phone ad

The erotic phone ad
I was 19 and growing in my sexual ways-by 16 my romantic poetic tone of talking was matured.I was already built like a bull short but powerful stocky muscular. I call myself a mini black hulk. Anyways I had three sexual encounters before the one I speak of later. I was one of those kids that grew into sex very easy like an omen.Like if a teacher had a sexual encounter with me it would only build my sexual knowledge. I wouldn't need therapy. (Though this sadly never happened)

I live in sexual boring town USA and all the girls and women in my town whether on drugs or just unattractive. So I looked in the paper and seen an ad for local single through my county. On there is where I developed unique catch their attention ads. It was a phone line and ran my ads and like I said I matured quick for my age I am the type of guy that can hang fun with the young people and have conversations with a mature group of 50.

I was just groomed well in manners and had powerful women in my life.So it didn't take long on the phone ad to finally get some messages and (Beth false name for story) left a sweet down to earth message on wanting to talk with me.She sounded nice and real not like some women who only tease on the line or the ones that just want to be no fun and complain.

So I got her number and called her,and it was sweet from the start. Very pleasent voice and down to earth,but not boring and she tells me she's a white woman 38years old plumper weighing about 280lbs and 5'4 in height.Also she had a child.I was like big sexy mama very nice. I am black and love meat on a woman now I'm not into like those 500lb women no offense,But a thick powerhouse plumper right up my alley.

By day three of us getting along and talking we were already having phone sex,I was telling her how hard she made my 8inch monster get hard,I told her to tap her pussy with the phone and let me hear her fingers smashing in and out of her pussy.(Damn this is getting me hard just thinking of this) she was like perfect cause she was sweet and willing at the same time.But what impressed me of how comfortable she seem to be with me being black.

I love women of all colors,But she was one of those white women that could walk into a all black bar and be fine.She was what I like to call a BMF (Black-Man-Friendly) a natural flare that I would find the answer to this puzzle much later. So we couldn't take it no more.All the talk about her sucking my cock and us phone fucking made us nuts,so we made plans to meet that Saturday.She was only few towns away.So we made arrangements for her to go the nearest bus stop and I would be arriving at this time. I got to the next town and it was about 6:30 nearing dark. Got off the bus hard as a rock hard and nervous. She pulled up and I got in and we started making out with passion right in the car.Well hello and laughed and drove off. Even as we riding my hand sliping up her theigh on to her pussy,fondling her breast.At stop lights we were kissing and she was feeling my black cock with mastery.

I told you now I have pent up ejaculation cumming soon and that after my black pipes were clean then the super fucking would begin and she understood no problem. What a fucking woman.So we finally get to her house and I look her up and down,big beautiful blond plumper,well dressed.which turns me on they way women like a man in uniform is the way I like women as well.Taking on the power.

We got in and with no time wasted started french kissing with perfect passion,I loved wild french kissing.My cock hard as black steel. Our mouths splashing swabs of juice all over.Then I went down and stripped her pants off and stripped like a ninja with great stealth. She took off her clothes in great haste,I layed her down and was in awe at the mounds of juicy robust shaped flesh that my bull body was between.I sucked her tounge deep in my mouth,sucked those beautiful fair skinned breast like milk would pop out.

Then I slide down to her moist wet pussy,already flooded and start eating that white lovely pussy like an animal.Slirping and sucking the wet lubercation like a pro-by that time I've watched so much porn,damn near expert just needed a victim. Lapping and slirping that pussy milk and those big hips squirming and poping up.Felt like a beast taking on this sexy BBw freak. Then I raised up couldn't take it any more.

I slid my cock into her mouth,from the top driving my cock down her throat,she took all 8inches in no problem. It felt like heaven on my cock forcefully driving my cock in mouth. I said I'm cumming and now remember this was like baby batter build up type cum. I pumped hard and before you know ahahhaah right down her throat took every drop no problem swallowed like a beautiful black cock slut-truely amazed.

So we took a few minutes and held and caressed each other and then I said I'm ready to pound that pussy baby, she wanted that black cock,but she nicely tell me very nicely says don't cum in.Okay honey,I slid my black cock deep into her pussy with screams from her OMG,started whipping that cock like a pro pounding that pent up time we had when we first talked,It molded to my dick ok,sloppy splashes of my cock twirling her cunt juices.

We were on a mattress on the floor, and I proceed to fuck her,I pulled my favorite move on her the hammer slam,were I pretend to be slowing down after her already 5 orgasims. wiggle the tip in her pussy as she thinks your resting,and then slam and an oh fuck fly's out her mouth as I power slam this fucking sexy plumper,oh you sexy whore you pussy is so sweet. Fuck me with that cock she screams,power grunts cum from both of us.

I cum again and on her stomach,and we lay there spent, kissing and caressing,sucking her tities,and sweet kissing her stomach to make her feel more comfortable.Then we had marathon sex all through the night but her main trick was her oral skills,she'd slide down after I finish suck my cock and clean the cum and then i was hard again-magic mouth she had,flipped her big sexy ass over and fucked her again.

Then one time she gets on top and starts to ride,my black cock and forth with mighty woman on me,and then she says oh shit your touch the back of my pussy,Then the shock came when she said lets cum together.I was like I'm on the bottom.At this point she did not care. the woman instinct kicked in and she rode my cock till we both came right up inside her. Then she lay across me with all that yummy flesh.

We fucked maybe 2-3 times on and off till morning,I had a nack for waking up and just stuck my cock in her and start fucking her while she slept and woke up with me in her and went right along with it.We wake in the morning for a quick fuck and then we got ready cause I had to catch the bus back.Just so happy of how we got along and the sex was wonderful.I said as a joke to take her pants down before we go and let me fuck her from behind and she did pull her pants down-What a woman but we had to go. So we strapped up and headed out the door and I went by her wall I saw pics of her young daughter and then I seen her Ex-in the picture and guess what every one he was a Black man and I laughed that's why she's so comfortable with me. We met on several times after in my early years.

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