Erica the fat woman

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta

Erica the fat woman
Every time I drop someone off in Bridgeport (where Erica lives) I post up outside your building in between rides hoping for the slight chance you'll request a ride.

?Ride Request from Erica? says my Lyft app. I accept! Omg could it really be?! The Erica! You come out of the building. This can?t be happening. You are whereing a skirt that accentuates your big ass and juicy thighs, along with a light blouse and black nylons. You get in in the back of my car. We greet each other cordially. I adjust my rear view mirror to, ya know, make sure you?re content in back as my rider. You are looking at me in the mirror with seductiveness. My dick is already stiffening as I drive slowly down the road. You start to feel your neck and move down to pull your top down further and further to reveal more of your sexy skin and chest. You move up on the seat so you can rub my leg. Ok I?m already hard. This is so hot!!

You notice I?m trembling with excitement. Your hand makes it?s way to my crotch, an you rub the bulge in my pants. It must be released. I stop the car and let you know that I insist my favorite rider rides up front. I get out and open your door. We lock eyes and sly smiles cuz we know what?s going to happen on this ride. I lead you to the front passenger side and open the door for you to get in. I close the door and move back to the drivers side. I get in and notice you hiked your skirt up very high. I can?t resist your luscious thick thighs and begin rubbing them. You reach again for my bulge as we begin making out. Good thing the car is still in park. Where did you want to go? We both know we?re going to need to fuck before this ride ends. Let me find a discreet place where we can fuck.

As I drive to a special fuck spot, you release my cock from the confines of my pants. It springs out of my briefs. You bend down and begin giving it some mouth, tongue and hand attention. Good damn baby. You?re going me so hot. I reach down and play with your tits as your shine my member with your saliva.

This seems like a good spot. I pull over in a pretty well deserted spot. We make out some more as my hands roam all your plump assets. I start rubbing your pussy and it?s so fucking wet. We look out and there is no one! We get out, I meet you over near the hood by the passengers side. Your skirt is still hiked and your tits are popping out of your bra and top. So fucking sexy!!! I get behind you and bend over the hood. I move your thong to the side and slide my spit covered cock slowly into your soaked pussy. We both moan. My naked cock is now soaked in your juice and rubbing the walls of your pussy. Damn I missed this!

I start slow and gradually pick up the pace. You meet each of my thrusts by moving your plump ass into my hips. As the vigor increases, so does the noise from our moans, grunts and bodies slapping. I pull your hair and dirty talk right in your ear.
R - ?Is this dick as good as you remembered?!?
E - ?Oh yes, Give that dick Ryan! I fucking can?t get enough of it!?
R - ?Yeah?! You can?t get enough. You want to cum on this dick and then suck it off don?t you!?
E - ?Yes I do, let me taste my cum and then let me taste yours!?

I keep banging away and I thrust really hard and hold it as you cum all over my cock. It?s now dripping down my sack. You shiver as I slide my cock slightly in and out until you come down from your orgasm.

With all that hotness, I?m about to explode. You squat down and suck your juice off my cock. With just a few jerks I?m spasming as I unload my jizz on your lips and tongue. You eagerly accept my deposit. Using the cum on your lips as lube to rub along my shaft.

My dream came true.

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