The new girl in school

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The new girl in school
It was starting out to be one of those long days at school. But in our second period class. Something different happened.

The classroom door opens. And Our principal Kim Beasley led this new girl in to the classroom.

? Everybody this is Kriss. Y?all all need to make her feel welcome. ?

And making her feel welcome was exactly what went through my mind. Seeing another sexy bbw. To join my girlfriends clique would be perfect. She had that kind of awkward nervous look standing there. As everyone stared at her.
Mrs. Harris stands up from her desk and looks around the room for a place for Kriss to sit down. She pointed to the vacant desk, that was right next to Misty. And right in front of Shirley. I was right behind Misty. And my dick grew rock hard, watching the new girl.
She was sporting a blue denim skirt. With classy white pumps.
Her soft but pale white legs were flawless.
As she sat down her ass filled out her seat perfectly. Her tits were smaller but were perky. Kriss sat there twirling her long brown hair as Mrs. Harris got her started on her assignment.

Once Mrs. Harris was out of the picture. Misty passed me a note.

? The new girl?...You want to fuck her right? ?

? You know I do babe. ? I replied back. But I had questions in the back of my mind. From experience I knew that every time. Misty let?s me fuck another girl. The motive behind it is. That there?s another guy. That she wants to fuck. But as far as I knew. There was no one obviously trying to get in to her pants besides me.
Misty wrote Shirley a note.

? Mikey wants to fuck the new girl. What do you think of her? ?

She licked her lips and wrote back.

? The girl has a nice ass. And she smells good. I like her shampoo and perfume. If her pussy smells as good as she does now. I would for sure give her a lick. ?

Shirley said, letting her bi sexual side. Inch out of the closet a little.

? I was thinking the same thing. ? Misty wrote back to her.

Mmmmm! Yes! Two bbw?s One skinny chick and me. All naked at the same time. Life would be perfect if that scenario comes to pass.

Soon the bell rings. And Misty jumps in to action. She doesn?t want the other girls to sink there claws in to Kris.

? Hi I?m Misty. This is Mikey and this is Shirley. ?
Kris smiled and seemed to be happy that Orhers were being so nice to her. Being the new girl and all.

? You mind if I see your schedule? ?
Kris hands it over to her.

? Cool we?re in a lot of the same classes! ?
She then let out a gasp.
? Your taking the welding class to???...You know how to do that stuff? ?

? I know a little. ? Kris said with a sly smile. And that answer would be the understatement of the day.

At lunch Misty, Crystal, Shirley and Staci all gathered around Kris. Putting her under a microscope. To analyze everything about her.

All while me, Big Hoss. Zeke and Bubba all talked about who was going to fuck the new girl first.

The girls found out that Kris?s Dad was on his third divorce. And her and Misty was almost neighbors. The subject then turned to boys. Kris had a boyfriend. But they broke up a month before she moved. And then they found out that she hadn?t been fucked in over a month. A loud gasp was heard from the girls table.

? Girl How can you stand yourself? ? Crystal asked her in a serious tone. The girls that surrounded Kris were all used to getting fucked on a daily basis. Going weeks without any cock was unheard of. By that clique of girls anyway.

After lunch we all went across the parking lot. To the vocational school. Me and Shirley went to the horticulture class. The other girls went straight to the cosmetology class. And Misty and Kris went to the welding class. Misty liked welding cause she liked all the attention she got from the boys.Before the end of the school year. She would have either fucked or sucked off. Everyone of them.
Kris was a lot more serious about the subject than Misty was.

The girls stopped by there lockers for there welding gear. And a change of clothes. Then off to the restroom to change. As Kris parted with her sexy white pumps and denim skirt. Misty couldn?t help but notice her thick thighs. And how her full back panties looked on her fat ass. Kris then put on an old pair of jeans. She then took off her bra. And noticed Misty staring at her small perky tits.

? I work better without a bra on...You should try it. ? Kris suggested.
Misty then reached around her back, unhooking her bra. Letting her boulder sized tits free.

? Wow!...I wished my tits were that big! ?
Kris said.

? No you don?t!...Your going to find out. The boys call me Double barrel. Cause my tits are so big.

? I?ve been called a lot worse. ? Kris added.

? Me to. ? Misty said. As the girls got dressed. There was a certain degree of sadness between them. Life was not always fun and games for a bbw. It allways seemed like a small group that loves them. And treats them decent. And the rest are all hatters. Who are never happy until they can cut loose with some fat crack. To hurt a girls feelings.
As they walked out the door. Misty looked at her bra less tits and smiled.

? These boys are going to love us today. ?

They walked in to the classroom. And of course all the boys stared at them both. Like a pack of dogs in heat.
Mr. Hand the instructor comes in.

? Settle down boys!...We have another lady in the class. ...Stand Up Kris. ? He said to her. She stood in front of the class as Mr. Hand introduced her.

? Y?all this is Kris Green. Does that name ring a bell to any of you? ? And they all had those dumb founded teenage looks in there faces.

? What about Green welding and fabrication? ?

And that was all it took. They all then knew who she was. Kris?s grandfather owned the biggest welding shop in the state. Companies from across the country. We?re sending there steel to the Greens shop. Even the Chinese were sending there junk crap over. So the Green family could work there magic on there steel to. It was a industry worth billions. And in about 30 years Kris would be the sole owner of it.

The next morning.

Kris was late for school again. But she had a good excuse. She drove in to the back of the school. With her grandfather. Driving a tractor trailer loaded down with steel. Back then the liberals in DC. And at the state level were cutting the funding for vocational education. And the classes only survived on the money they made from work they did in the community. Yes it was a sad time. All of this would be replaced with sociology, psychology, humanities along with liberal arts. And all the political correct crap they teach today.

Mr. Hand and all the boys raced outside to see what was up.

? We have work for y?all to do! ? Bud Green said. As he lit up a filter less Camel.

? Kris...Put that trailer in that hole. ?

? She knows how to drive that thing??? ?
Mr. Hand asked with excitement.
Kris smiled with confidence. And in her denim skirt and high heels. She climbed in to the cab of the truck. And swung the trailer around. And backed it in to the shop. With just barely inches on each side.

? I?ve taught this girl to thrive in a mans world. ?
Her grandfather told Mr. Hand as the trailer rolls smoothly in to the shop. Mr. Hand along with everyone else watching. Had to pick There jaws up off the ground. That year the welding class kicked ass. Putting the auto shop, carpentry class. And the electricity class to shame.

Kris Green became an instant rock star. And was respected by all. Even by the snobbiest of snobs and the preppiest of preps. Who with there high GPA?s and were college bound. Had to take notice of what Kris had accomplished.
And then it was time for Kris to get her reward.

Saturday night.

Kris called Misty to come pick her up. After her Dad went out for the evening.

And Misty picked Kris up. Driving a van.

? Wow!...You got a van to? ?

? It?s my Moms van. Look in the back. ?
Kris looks around. And sees the mattress lying there.

? Cool...This means I?m fixing to get fucked ? ?

? You Damn right you are. ?

? Dads gone to some joint called the Duck? ?

? That?s the Fuzzy Duck. We?re fixing to go by there. ?
As they approached the flashing neon sign of of the iconic rubber duck. Misty slowed down.

? That?s his truck right there! ? Kris said.

? And that?s my Moms car right next to it....Your Dad will come home with a big smile on his face. If he fucks my Mom tonight. There?s not another woman in town that gets as much cock as My Mom gets! ? Misty boasts.

It?s almost like there?s a secret competition going on between the two of them. About who can suck and fuck the most guys.

More to come.
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The girls continue on in to town. To the strip mall, where everyone hangs out.

? This is where we find boys at. ? Misty explains. She starts to point them out. ? The jocks are over there. The preps are over there. And those are your pot smoking metal heads over there. Stay away from the girl with the spiked collar and the green Mohawk. Cause she?ll brake out the whips and chains on you.
The guy with the white makeup, black lipstick. And wearing the cape. He?s got vampire teeth. And will suck your blood. And that skinny guy standing by himself in that trench coat. Stay away from him. He?s always pissed off. Kind of crazy. No telling what he might do. ?

And then Shirley and Zack drive up.

? Hey we trying to hook Kris up. ?

Shirley looked around the crowd and spotted an old brown Ford sedan. Creeping through the parking lot.

? Look!...There?s Gator Mcklusky. He?d be perfect for Kris.
Shirley runs toward him. ? Hey Gator! Wait a minute. ?

? Lets go Kris. ? And Misty and Kris took off after Gator.
They were at his passenger side window when he stopped.

? Hey girls. I know you. ? He points to Shirley. ? Your Shirley Ann...I haven?t seen you since you were flat chested.....And your Debe Jones daughter? ?

? I?m Misty Elaine. ?

? I got something for you. ?

? Really Gator for me? ? Misty says with excitement.

Gator gets out of the car, and opens the trunk. And brings out two boxes of quart jars of corn liquor.

? You and your friends can have one case. And give your momma the others case. Cause she gave me the best shaky pudding that I?ve ever had. The other night behind the Fuzzy Duck. ?

? Did my momma share her shaky pudding with you? ?

? She sure did. ?

? Well Gator...This here is our new friend Kris. And she?s got some fresh shaky pudding that?s not been touched in over a month. ?

? Girl don?t you be teasing a grown man about shaky pudding!?

? We not teasing Gator. We for real. ?
Gator looks at Kris.

? Come here to me darling. ? And he puts his arms around her. And kissed her deeply on the lips. He runs and squeezed her fat ass. Then with his right hand, he moves to her breast. Giving it a good squeeze. Her bra less nipple poked through her shirt. Gator pinches it. He brakes the kiss and smiled.

? Come party with us Gator. ? Misty said.
But all of a sudden. Gator was distracted. Like he had an heightened sense of hearing or seeing. He looked up toward the street.

? I got to go girls! ? And he gets back in to the car. And fired it up. An unmarked black sedan pulled in to the parking lot.

? Those are revenue agents. ? He said Before stomping the gas. Burning rubber Gator speeds away back on to the Main Street. With the black sedan right on his tail with the blue lights flashing.

? Go Gator Go! ? The girls cheer. They race around the towns square. And then off in to the darkness.

? Wow!...That was exciting! ? Kris said. ? And he was a good kisser to. ?

She then caught Shirley looking her over and smiling.

? I?ll share Zack with you. If I can have a little taste to? ?
Kris was speechless at the offer. She?d never been with another girl before. But for sure she liked what she saw in Zack. He was a real hunk.

? We need another guy. ? Shirley said. And they started to scan the parking lot some more. Misty pointed to this black guy.

? That?s Jerome over there. I?ll bet he?ll want to join in. ?

? I?ve never been with a black guy before. ?
Kris said with concern. ?

? Don?t Knock until you try it. ? Shirley said.

? He?s got a big dick. ? Misty added. ? Come on...Lets go get him. ? Misty Kris and Shirley walked up to Jerome and his buddies.

? Lets go Jerome. Your going to party with us. ?
Which was all that had to be said.

? Get it Jerome! ? His buddies cheered and laughed as the two fat white girls led Jerome away.

? Looks like you could use another? ? Willie yells out at Shirley.

? Come on Willie...We can make room for another. ? Shirley yells at him. Willies eyes were locked on to Shirley?s tight little ass. Covered by just a pair of Daisy Dukes. The girls lead the guys to the van.
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Inside the van. Kris watched with nervousness. As Shirley unfastened her jeans. Shirley knelt and pulled the jeans down. From behind her shirt was being raised. She looks back to see Zack was the one raising it. Which made her feel better about the whole situation. She lifted . her arms, allowing the garment to be taken. From behind his hands rub her small perky tits. She tiurns her head back and kissed him. He shoots his tongue inside her mouth. She does the same to him.

From below she feels Shirley pulling at her high heels. Kris lifted her right foot. Out of the shoe and her pants. Kris glanced down at Shirley. And had never thought about another girl. Would be so eager to strip her. After the shoes and pants were off. Shirley was up on her knees. Taking hold of the white full back panties Kris wore. She pulled them down. Shirley sees Kris?s bald pussy for the first time.

? Get down here! ? Shirley pulled her down to the mattress. On her back kris?s Legs spread automatically.
And Shirley went down right between her chubby thick thighs. And started eating her out.

Kris grabbed hold of the mattress.

? God that feels good! ? Surprised at how it felt to be eaten out by another girl. Shirley then started to lap her tongue against Kris?s clit. Teasing her. Between spreading her lips wide and driving her tongue deep inside her tight hole. She moved back and forth, giving Kris the treat of a lifetime.

She then glanced over next to her. Was Misty. She was on her knees. Top less and bare foot. With Jerome?s big long cock in her mouth. She watched how aggressively she sucked it.

In front of her, behind Shirley. Willie had his cock out. Kris curiously watched it hang there. Since she?d never seen a black mans cock before.

? Let me hit that thing a little. ? Willie said. Shirley pulled away. And Willie got between Kris?s legs. She watched as he guided it toward her cunt. Shirley spread Kim?s lips more, assisting Willie. His mushroom tip, glides along her slit. Until it slips inside her. Kris?s eyes gets wide. With her mouth open. She feels the stretch as Willie lowers himself on to her.

? Damn! This white girl is tight! ?

He pulled back then thrusts it in hard. Kris gasps and then starts to moan. As Willie dominates her. He gets hold of her soft pale white feet and pushed them back. Folding the bbw in half. He drives his cock in to her deep and hard. Kris starts to come. She screams out as the orgasm flows through her in waves. Willie then fucked her hard and fast. Until he couldn?t hold back any more. She feels his hot seed flow deep inside her womb. She was for sure then satisfied.

But as soon as Willie pulled out. Jerome took his turn. Between her legs. And his cock was even bigger. And in no way he was gentle with her either.

From outside her moans and cries could be heard. As the van rocked back and forth. By then Zack was fucking Misty and Shirley. Alternating between both of there counts. While she and Shirley both sucked Willie back to life.

Once he was ready. They positioned Kris so that they could both fuck her. Willie fucked her ass. While Jerome fucked her pussy. And they had her coming harder than she ever had before. And Willie and Jerome timed it perfectly. So that they both shot there loads together. Filling her pussy and ass, at the same time. The feeling was almost electrifying. The orgasm was so strong.

Zack shot a big load of cum. Deep inside Misty. And of course she left it there. To surprise me with it later.

With everyone coming down off there orgasms. They got dressed.

? Y?all going to party some more ain?t you? ?
Misty asked.

? Hell Yeah!...We?ll meet you there. ? Zack said, knowing exactly where the party was. He then reached in to the box of liquor. And got two quart jars. One for him and one for Shirley.

? I?m out! ...I got to get home. ? Willie said.
As the three of them slid open the door. A grip of on lookers cheered and clapped. Willie even smiled and took a bow.
Shirley and Zack went right over to a jacked up four wheel drive. Zack reached in to the back for a 5 gallon bucket. So the short and sexy blonde, could climb up inside the truck.

Kris took her seat next to Misty.

? Willie you going with us?...Cause we ain?t coming back until morning. ?

? Yeah I can hang with y?all. My momma is visiting my auntie up in Chicago. ?

? Cool...We gonna show you how to party now. Hand me one of those quart jars. ?

Jerome gets one out and opens it.

? What the Hell is this?...Smells like rubbing alcohol. ?

? Get you a drink Jerome...Gator made it. ?
Jerome takes a sip. And starts to cough and gag.

? Gator Mcklusky should be in Hell for making something that bad!...Why the Hell cant white people drink something smooth. Like some Thunder Bird or something? ?
Misty hands the jar to Kris.

? Try it. ? And she sips it. Then coughs herself.

? Damn! It burned all the way to the belly. ?

? Gator makes the best. ? Misty puts the jar between her legs and cranks the van.
And off they go to the party spot.
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I?m51red You have a part coming up in this one to
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? We need to check and make sure my Dad is still out and about first. ? Kris said, wanting to make sure she gets home before he does.

They make a quick trip to the Fuzzy Duck.
Not seeing his truck there. Or Misty?s Moms car.

? I?ll go find out if there together. ? Misty brushed out her long red hair. Then put on a little glossy pink lipstick. She reached around the seat, for her sexy high heels and slipped them on.

? I don?t have my special ID. I hope they?ll let me in. ?
Misty hopped out of the van. And did this slow sexy strut straight toward the man at the door.

? Good evening Miss. ? He said to her, holding the door open. Misty just smiled at him seductively. And she gently reached down. And gave his cock a quick squeeze over his jeans.
She proceeded past the juke box and pool tables. Throgh the thick smoke to the bar. She hopped Up on the bar stool and lit a cigarette.
Steve the bar tender noticed her and came over.

? Does your Momma know your here? ?

? No...And I?d like to keep it that way. ?

? You want a drink? ?

? No thanks. We got some of Gators stuff out in the van. ?

? Yeah Gator done delivered here to...I?ve done had to drag 4 men out of here after drinking it. ?

All of a sudden there was a loud slam against the wall. Coming from the back room.

? What?s going on back there? ? Misty asks with interest.

? A couple of hours ago. A couple of them God Damn Yankees come in here, with there money. And said they wanted in on the games. When they lost. They said our roulette wheel was crooked. And you know how they are back there, when they get acused of cheating. ?

There was then a scream. Followed by a gun shot. ?Then silence.

? Damn!...That?s the third one this week. ?

? Where?s my Mom at? ?

? She left about an hour ago. With some new guy. I?ve never seen before. ?

? Thanks Steve. ? Misty said hopping off the bar stool. She then returned to the van.
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damm that so hot duck loving it i should have waited to read it though my gf not home right now lol
she might be in trouble later when i get ahold of her lol
i will bend her in half for sure now
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? I know where they might be. ? Misty told Kris. She cranked the van and went in to town. To the Budget Inn. And parked around back was Moms car. And Kris?s Dads truck. And inside room 13. Mom was getting wore out. She had definitely bit off more than she could chew, when she took this guy on.

Moms date.

At 5:00 Mom closed up her office. And went straight to the Fuzzy Duck for her usual fix. Starting out with one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.
She guzzled the shots down, and was sipping the beer. When she saw the handsome stranger walk in the door. She had this feeling that she knew him from somewhere before. So she turned and watched him. As he walked to the juke box.
What a cute ass. She thought. As he dropped quarters in to the juke box. And made his selections of some old George Jones hits.

?Mmmm...He?s got good taste in music. ?
She said to herself. As she continued to study him.
He sees her checking him out. He sits at the bar and ordered up a beer. He then turned to her and smiled.

? Hello stranger. ?

? Kyle?...Kyle Green??? ?

? Yes Debe it?s me. ?
Mom gets all excited to see him. She moves next to the bar stool next to his.
The two of them went to high school together. Kyle was on the football team. She always had a secret crush on him. But was to shy to act on it. After she dropped out of school and got married. She heard that after he graduated. He to had gotten married and moved away.
The two of them talked for hours. She soon noticed his hand, touching her knee. And slowly moving up Her nylon clad thigh.
Moms nipples hardened. She to had gone bra less that day. And it was obvious. As they poked through her purple thin blouse. She had that tingling naughty feeling. As his hand moved up past her stocking tops. He gently rubbed her soft bald panty less pussy. Mom grabbed his hand.

? Lets get out of here. ?
And she almost drug him out of the bar. In the parking lot she led him to her old Cadillac.

? Follow me! ? She told him. And in his pickup truck. They raced to the motel. Mom even in her high heels, ran in to the office. To find nobody there. She went behind the counter and grabbed the key, to the same room she always uses.
As they got in to the room. Mom slammed the door and dropped to her knees. Going right for his Levi?s.
He tossed his hard hat to the side. He had a closely clipped buzz cut. He quickly unbuttoned his blue work shirt. His chest was shaved. His muscles bulged. With a body more like a body builder. From years of handling heavy steel. Which was a real treat for Mom. She was more used to the old fat slobs that hung out in the Fuzzy Duck. But this guy was incredible.
She wanted so bad to make him cum. But that was not going to be an easy task with Kyle Green. Mom was going to have to earn every drop of his cum.
She gets his cock out.

? My God!!! ? She yells. And was barely able to get her hand around it. She stroked him hard for a minute.
Then crammed the big thing in to her mouth. With one hand around the base of his cock. And the other holding his huge balls. He just fucked her face, just as hard as he would fuck any other one of her holes.
Finally she gets him out of her mouth. She gasps for air. And then ripped open her blouse. And held her fat tits around his cock. Seeing his swollen head bob up and down. She takes it between her lips and sucks.
When he tires of this position he pulled Mom to her feet. And spins her around. What was left of the blouse was ripped from her body. Her skirt was unzipped and snatched down. Still in her sexy black garter belt, nude nylons and black high heeled pumps. He bent her over the dresser. And shoved his big dick right in to her pussy. She let out a yelp as he shoved it in balls deep. She tries to hold on to the dresser for support. But it just slammed against the wall. She looks at herself in the mirror. Seeing her big tits flop around. Thinking

? What the fuck?...Have I gotten myself in to? ?

An hour later.

The high heels, garter belt and nylons were off. She was on the bed on her hands and knees. And he was behind her. Slamming that big dick into her pussy. Sweat was pouring from her body. She looked like a total wreck. His big balls were slapping against her pussy. She was in a state of constant orgasm. And with no end in sight. Just like a Fucking Timeex. He just kept on going.
And that?s where they were. When Misty, Kris, and Jery. Peaked through the curtains.

? Holy Cow!...Where can I find a man like that??? ? Misty asked. Seeing the condition that her Mom was in.

? You sure you want one?...That?s what caused his divorce with my Mom. And the divorce with the two women after her...He can?t find a woman that can hold up to his sex drive. ?
Kris explained.
Misty was speechless. She had never seen or heard of anything like it.
The three of them returned to the van. Misty opened the quart jar of moon shine and took a big drink. She put the jar down and sighed.
It was time for them to proceed to the party. So they could get another round of cock for themselves.
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Justme I have to put some parts in for I?m51red to. But Kris is going to get some in the next part. I think y?all will like it.
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i understand duck red needs to get hers to i would give it to her too in real life MMMMMMMMMMM
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Misty took another drink. And the van started to swerve in to the other lane.

? If you keep sipping that shine. Your going to wreck us. Or we?re going to jail again. You don?t want to see Kris led away in handcuffs do you? ? Jerome said concerned.
Then Kris looked at Misty with a sly smile and a wink.
With her former boyfriend. She loved it when he tied her up naked and had his way with her.

? Your just paranoid Jerome. We ain?t going to jail tonight. ?
Misty said with arrogance.
And a few curves later. Just before the dirt road she was going to take in to the woods. Was a road block and they had the blue lights flashing.

? Told you!...I told you Damit! ? Jerome yells freaking out.

? Boy!...Calm your ass down and be cool!..I got this under control! ? Misty yells back at him.

She slowly rolled up next to the officer. And luckily it was Virgil. One of her Moms lovers, from a few stories back.

? Good evening Virgil. ? Misty said in that slow teasing southern way.

? Good evening. ? He sees Kris and tips his hat to her. ? Ladies. ? He then noticed Jerome between the seats behind them. ? How are you doing son? ?

? I?m fine sir. ? Jerome said politely.

? I?ve been looking for your momma tonight. ?
Misty sees him reach down to adjust his hard cock. Misty knows he likes to fuck her Mom on a regular basis.

? She said she had to go over to Tupelo for some business. But she?ll be back real soon. ?

? Is that a fact? ? He asked knowing that she was lying to him.
Misty nods and smiles.

? You been drinking tonight? ? He glanced down and sees the quart jar between her legs.

? No sir. ?
Virgil reached in and took the jar.

? What?s this then? ? He takes a drink.
? Tastes like Gator Mcklusky?s stuff? ?
Misty smiles proudly.

? You know 2 men died last month after drinking this rot gut stuff? ?

? No I didn?t know that. ?

? Did you know Gator blowed some son of a bitch half in to with a 12 gauge just last week up in Tennessee? ?

? Really?...I didn?t know that either. ? Misty says trying to act all innocent.

? Gator Mcklusky is meaner than the Devil himself. And when they catch him. He?s going to prison for life! ?

? They ain?t gonna catch Gator!...Hell They?ve been trying for 40 years and ain?t caught him yet. ?

? Yeah but I just caught you. Now I want you and that young lady to step out of the van. ?

Misty sighs a little and gets out. Virgil directs them around the van, out of sight from traffic. He looks Kris over real hard.

? You sure are a sexy thing. ? He says rubbing her blue jean covered ass.

? She?s got a tight pussy to. ? Misty informed him.

? Was I talking to you? ? Virgil snapped at Misty.

? No sir. ? Misty said cowering.
He turns his attention back to Kris.

? What?s your name Honey? ?

? Kris ?

? Kris I want you to take your clothes off. ?

? Here?...On the side of the road? ?

? Well Yeah...Or all 3 of you can go to jail. And you can take them off there, if you like.
Your mighty pretty. And there are some mean girls in that jail. Just ask Misty. And they would love to get there hands on a pretty thing like you. ?

Without protesting any more. Kris took off her top.

? Nice Little tities you got there. ? He said feeling her up.
She slipped off her heels and slowly took off her pants and panties.

Virgil slid the van door open.

? Handcuff her Virgil. You don?t want her to get away. ?

? Good suggestion. ? He smiles at Misty putting the cuffs on Kris. he then bent her over, in to the van. With her fat ass up in the air.
He dropped his gun belt and lowered his pants. And shoved his dick inside her.

? Damn!... She is tight! You won?t be tight long hanging out with this slut! ?
He proceeded to Fuck Kris hard. She squeals, and moans.

? You like my big dick don?t you? ?
He slapped her fat ass hard. He then shoved it in even harder,

? Misty?s a bad girl!...And that makes you a bad girl to! For hanging around with her! ?
Kris starts to come. And Virgil finished her off by shooting his load deep inside her.
He then grabbed Misty by the hair of the head. And pulled her down to her knees.

? Suck my dick clean! You Fucking whore! ?
And Misty cleaned him up, tasting Kris?s come mixed with his on his sweaty and dirty tasting cock.
He then pulled his shrinking member away from her. He then slapped Misty across the face. And put his finger right in her face.

? You lying to me!...Your Momma is not in Tupelo!...She?s back there at the motel. On her back with her legs spread. With some porn star. Fucking her brains out. ?

And at that moment, that?s exactly what she was doing.

? You tell her to watch her step! Cause she?s gonna pay, when I get my hands on her. ?
Virgil then smiles.
? Your fronds are up that dirt road. Y?all have fun. ?
He then walked toward his car.

? Hey what about these handcuffs? ? Kris yells out at him.

? I got another pair. So that?s your problem. ?
Virgil then drives away laughing.

Misty helped Kris back in to her jeans and shoes. Jerome snatched up her full back panties, and kept them for himself.

And she remained top less. With her hands cuffed behind her back. Misty helped her up in to the van. And she drove off on to the rough dirt road. Kris bounced along unable to hold herself steady.

? I don?t know about you. But I love getting used like that. ?
Kris said smiling.

? You just wait until the rest of the boys get a hold of you then.?
Misty said with a laugh.
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I?m51red What you think so far?
By justme6996247y on Friday, August 31, 2018 - 12:48 pm:
we are loving it duck more please
By duck22 on Sunday, September 2, 2018 - 4:06 am:
Misty continued to drive the van through the mud and the muck. And it wasn?t long before Jerome started to cry like a little bitch.

? Why you white people got to go out in the woods to party? Can?t you just kick back at the crib?...Like us Brothers do. ?

Misty and Kris just ignored him. But of course. Jerome kept his rant going.

? I remember the last time I went out in the woods with you and Shirley. You took me to Shirley?s aunt Shelly?s house. And they had that rabid dog, that was foaming at the mouth. Trying to eat my ass up. And there was that drunk guy, pissing off the damn porch!... And that old hag didn?t have a single tooth in her head! ?

And that?s when Misty interrupted him.

? Now Jerome You didn?t mind one bit. When Aunt Shelly sucked your cock! ?

? Yeah she was good at that!...But after I fucked her. and got home. I had to take a bath in kerosene. To get the damn critters off of me!...Then my dick started leaking! And momma had to take me to the clinic. And the doctor said I had the Clap! ?

Kris breaks out laughing so hard. She almost pissed on herself.

? That ain?t funny!...They gave me a shot in the ass! ?
Jerome said in a serious tone.

? You like country music? ? Misty asks Kris. Trying to change the subject.

? You mean like Randy Travis?...Or Travis Trit? ?

? Not exactly. They ain?t going to be that good. ? Misty said trying not to get Kris?s hopes up.

? It better not be no bluegrass hill billy crap! ?
Jerome was serious about that.

Up ahead you could see the glow of the bond fire.

? This better not be a klan meeting!...You taking me to! ?
Jerome said not thinking.

And Misty slammed on the brakes. She threw the van in park.
She reached around and grabbed Jerome and started to shake him.

? Jerome! How Fucking long have we known each other? ?
Misty yells at him in a rage. And Jerome knows he fucked up.

? The first grade. ? Jerome said cowering.

? And do you honestly think I would do that to you? ?

? Uh...Uh...Uh! ? Jerome couldn?t find the right words to say.

? If you think that little of me Jerome. Get out and walk home! ?
Misty said with tears running down her face. Jerome knows he hurt her bad.

? I?m sorry Misty...I didn?t mean it. ?

? You know I?ve allways loved you Jerome!...and I would never do anything to hurt you? ?
Misty said wiping her eyes. ? Are we going to go have fun now? ? She asked him, trying to stop her emotional break down.

Jerome looks over at Kris. Looking hard at her little tits. And he smiles. Misty puts the van in drive. And continued to the party spot.
And the music was worse than what Jerome expected. It was none other than my older sister Tess on fiddle. And her husband Dave on banjo. And big Hoss on guitar.
This trio was so bad. That they couldn?t get a paying gig at the Fuzzy Duck. And the sad thing was. Our parents spent thousands on schooling Tess to learn classical violin. And the only place it led was playing for a bunch of drunks. At the end of a dirt road.

? You think Gator will be here? ? Kris asks.

? I doubt it...He usually stays to himself. ? Misty told her.

? I think I like him. ? Kris said. Jerome shakes his head.

? You may as well forget about him. ? Kris watched as Jerome got out his cock. Misty helped Kris out of her seat. In the back of the van. Jerome and Misty get Kris out of her shoes and jeans. Jerome takes the first turn Fucking Kris.
Misty would occasionally. Pull his long BBC. From Kris?s hot wet pussy, and suck it a few times. Before sliding him back in. Misty quickly gets undressed herself. She then got Jerome to fuck her from behind.

While Jerome was doing his best to pleasure them both. I spotted the van, and saw it rocking. And knowing something was up. I went and slid the van door open. And caught my girlfriend with Jerome. While he was Fucking her good and hard.
By duck22 on Sunday, September 2, 2018 - 10:31 am:
She turned to me, with a serious look.

? Don?t just stand there like a dumb ass!...Get in here and get your cock out! ? I love it. When Misty orders me around.
I climb in to the van, and start to undress.

Misty looked over at Kris. As she?s got Jerome?s big dick deep inside her pussy from behind.

? Kris I apologize ahead of time. That he?s. Kind of small. ?
Misty allways knows just what to say. To make a man feel really good about himself.

And so I get my average six inch cock out. Kris is on her back, with her legs spread wide. Her hands still are cuffed behind her back.
Musty looks over at me again.

? You better fuck Kris right!...Cause if you don?t. I?m going to peg your ass...Right in front of your sister and friends! ?
She said in a serious bullying way.
And with that said. I knew the pressure was on. And I was expected to step up and perform. Which being the looser that I?ve always been. This might be challenging.
So I guided the head of my cock toward her slit. It dips right in to her hole. And she clamps down on my cock like a vice.

? Damn! Babe....She?s so Fucking tight! I wonder why? ?
Misty gives me one of her go to Hell looks. Jerome then slides his thick and long BBC. Out of my girlfriends pussy. So I could see it. He smiled with arrogance.

? This is why your bitch is so loose!...Cause right now she?s got a real man Fucking her for a change! ?

? Well Shut Up and Fuck me Damit! ?
Misty yells at him.
And he again inserted his big dick inside her. She let out a grunt. When he hit bottom.

I started to fuck Kris as hard as I could. She was constantly moaning. So I had to be doing something right.
A minute or two later. I could feel my nut building fast. And couldn?t hold back any longer and shot my load deep inside her.
As I was balls deep inside her. Thinking I was filling her up. With my three or four, little shots of cum.
Misty looked over at me with a disgusting look on her face.

? Really???...,Mikey? Is that the best you can do? ?
Jerome was like a race horse pounding away at Misty.
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love it duck
By duck22 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 10:41 am:
Misty then let out a squeal. As she was coming. She then stopped Jerome.

? Finish Kris off! ? She told him. And we watched as Jerome got between Kris?s legs. As she watched his huge cock approache her. Her eyes get big and wide. He would be the biggest that she had had. Up to that point. He guided his head right in to her slit. And we watched as inch by inch of his dark slab of beef. Slid in to her creamy white body.
Kris let?s out a squeal. As his dick stretched her pussy more than it ever had been.
He pulled back and shoved it in harder.

? Oh God!!! ? Kris yells.

And Jerome starts to pound her. He lifts up her legs. Resting them on his shoulders. Kris then was moaning.
Misty watched with a smile on her face.

? You like it? ? She asked Kris.

? Hell Yeah! ? Kris yells out between moans.

? And just think. I know bigger guys that I can hook you up with. ?

Jerome finds another gear and picks up the pace.

? I?m coming!!! ? Kris yells. Her body goes in to spasms.
Jerome hits bottom and holds his cock there. Me and Misty watched in amazement. As Jerome?s cock was pulsing. As his load was filling her up.
Once he was finished, he pulled out. Kris?s hole was all gapped out. Jerome?s cum just gushed out.

? Now it?s your turn Mikey! ? Misty said holding up her strap on.

? No baby please not that! ?I begged.

? But you let Kris down with your little dick! And now your going to pay! ?

? No baby!...Please!...I?ll do anything! ?

And then Misty smiles. She looks right at Jerome?s cock. He still hadn?t gone soft. And his cock was dripping of his and Kris?s cum.

? Anything??? ? Misty said, in a sadistic voice. She winked at Jerome.

? Then clean Jerome up then! ? She grabs be by my mullet. And dragged me over to his cock. Jerome looks down at me and smiles. He then playfully slapped his cock against my face.

? You going to turn your boyfriend in to a little sissy bitch? ?
Jerome asks curiously.

? I can make him do anything! ? Misty said with arrogance.
By duck22 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 11:54 am:
? Go a head! Open up and take his cock! ? She demands
I clinch my teeth and shake my head.

? You like it when I suck your dick. And you never complained when my Mom sucks it either. ?
She had a point there. Her Mom knows how to suck a dick. That was for sure. ? Now it?s your turn to learn! ?
I continue to resist. Misty then pulled me back and she shoved me down between Kris?s legs. I lapped up all of the cum, with my tongue and then started eating her out.

? Oh wow!...I love this! ? Kris said smiling.

? Hes good at doing some things. ? Misty said.

? Damn! ? Jerome said watching. As I ate Kris out. Until she comes again. Her body shakes and she locked her thick thighs around my head.

? Oh that was awesome!...You definitely need to keep him around! ? Kris said when her orgasm stopped.

Me Jerome and Misty gets dressed. Kris stays nude. Since after all she needs help to dress. Since her hands are still cuffed behind her back.

? Do you want some more? ? Misty asked her.

? Sure!...Why not? ? Kris said with excitement.
Misty slides open the side door of the van. And helped Kris out. A crowd of boys all gathered around Kris and Misty.

? Guys...This is Kris. And she says she can?t get enough. ?

They all start taking out.
By duck22 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 2:19 pm:
There cocks. And started in moving closer to Kris. She was surrounded by cocks of all sizes. And was in for a gang bang if a lifetime. She was pushed down on to her knees. Zeke went to guiding his cock toward Kris?s lips. And Big Hoss was going to be the first one, to fuck her from behind. When all of a sudden.


It was a loud blast from a shot gun. And everything stopped.
And from the woods line stood Gator Mcklusky with his 12 gauge pump. He walked toward us leveling the shot gun at us.

? Get away from her! ? He walks up to her.

? Get Up darling! ? He helps Kris to her feet.

? You deserve better than this! ? He looks at Misty. ? Het me her clothes!...I want her looking respectable, when I take her home in the morning. ?
Misty gathered Kris?s clothes from the van.

? I?m going with you to Gator! ? Misty says .

? No your not!...If you go with me. Who?s going to entertain these boys you?ve got lined up here? ?
Misty?s face turned about three shades of green. And then went pale. She for sure was looking nervous. As the boys all were looking hard at her. With there dicks out.

? Lets go Honey! ? And Gator and Kris backed up slowly toward the woods. Once out of our sight. Gator picked Kris up like a sack of tatters and threw her over his shoulder. And off through the woods he carried her.

Though Kris was wanting to be used in the gang bang. She remembers how she felt earlier in the evening. When Gator kissed her. And along for the ride, hanging over his back. She knew there was something special about this older man. And she wondered where he was taking her.

Meanwhile back at the motel.

Misty?s Mom was hitting her stride with Kyle. Though she had all ready came several times. She was for sure up for the challenge of making this man cum. She rolled him over. And being the one on top. Mom took charge. Riding him harder than she ever rode a man. And finally Kyle let out a groan. And Mom felt him explode inside her. She lowered herself on to him and felt every wave of hot cum. As it fills her womb. She then comes again herself. And with her pussy contracting around his shaft. She drains every drop, from his balls.
She then collapsed in to his arms. And they drift off asleep.
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thats so hot we are loving it duck
By duck22 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 11:05 pm:
Gator carries Kris deep in to the woods. To his little shack, that he called home. He sits her down on a tree stump. Then lights a lantern. There was no electricity or running water. Gator lived totally off the grid. Which was the way he liked it.

? Lets get those cuffs off of you. ? He gets a hack saw and saws through them. Finally Kris was free. She then threw her arms around him. And they kissed passionately. Gator picked her up, like she was light as a feather. And he carried her inside of his small one room shack. He laid her on to his bed.

? You know your the first person I?ve ever brought here? ?
He then lights another lantern.

? You don?t have a wife or girlfriend? ? Kris asks with interest.

? No I had a wife once. And different girls from time to time. But never a steady one. ?
Kris looks around the room at the primitive wood burning stove. And at the small kitchen table and chairs.

? This place needs a woman?s touch. ? Kris said to him.

? Really?...You think you would like to live like this? ? He points to an old wash tub. ? You?d have to carry water from the well. Boil it. And take a bath in that. Plus wash your clothes in it. And on a cold night. You have to go to the outhouse or use that. ? He points to a 5 gallon bucket. ? Do you really want to live that way? ?

? Oh Gator if I could just be with you. ? She felt a loving connection to the man.
Gator then laughs that authentic Burt Reynolds laugh.

? Come back to civilization Gator. ? Kris begged him.

? No I can?t never go back. They would put me in prison until I die. ?
Kris thought it was so sad. He seemed like such a good man to her.
They start kissing again.
Kris unbuttoned his shirt. And explored his muscular body. He seemed incredibly fit, for a man of his age. She lowered her hand to his cock, giving it a good squeeze over his jeans.
It felt quite big in her hand. She brakes there kiss. And turned her attention to it. Getting his belt unbuckled. She anxiously gets his jeans undone. And was surprised that he goes commando. His cock springs out of his pants. So hard and rigid it was. As she stroked him with her soft hand.

She goes down on him and gently sucks his cock. He starts to moan and runs his fingers through her hair. She comes up and they kiss again. His hands roams over her body. His touch was so gentle. He for sure knew what a woman wants. Just by his touch. He plays with her small perky tits, circling her sensitive areolas and pinched her erect nipples. Before sampling them both, between his lips. His hands move to her sensitive thick thighs. He teases her stroking her thighs. Getting closer and closer to her pussy, with every stroke. He then traced around her fat bald cunt. Before entering her, with his fingers.
She lets out a moan. As he rubbed her swollen clit, with his thumb. Her pussy felt so wet, and hot to his fingers.

? Oh Fuck me!...Gator Fuck me! ? Kris begged. She wanted it so bad. And then Gator went down on her. And started eating her out. He flicked his tongue across her swollen clit. Kris?s body shook. He then put his lips around her clit and gently sucked. Kris started to come hard. She tenses up and comes all over his face.
He then gets up and slapped his cock against her waiting pussy.

? You sure you want it? ? He asked her teasingly.

? Yes Gator!...Give it to me! ? Kris begged.
And he gently pressed it in to her. She there?s her arms around him and held on for life. His cock wasn?t to big or to small. But one thing for sure. He knew how to use it. Unlike the other lovers that Kris had had. Gator knew how to make her feel like a real woman. He kissed and sucked on her neck. She soon started to come again, and again.

Gator picked her up from the bed, like she was nothing. Fucking her in the standing position. Kris tossed her head back, as she came again. And was in perfect sync with him. Feeling his cock flexing as he shot his nut. The hot sensation she felt was like no other.
He then lays her back on to the bed. He laid next to her. And reached for his pack of cigarettes. And offered her one.

? No thanks I don?t smoke. ? She said softly. As he struck a match and lit one for himself.

? You keep hanging out with Misty and she?ll have you smoking in no time. ? Kris proposed her head on to her hand, smiling and looking at Gator. As her other hand rubbed his chest.

? Gator where did it all start?...Why are you like this? ?
Gator took a draw from his cigarette. And pondered the question for a moment.

? Back years ago. I had to help these two buddies of mine. From getting knocked up by a homosexual. ?
Kris?s jaw dropped. She was not expecting that answer.

? Oh praise God!...Gator...praise God! ?
Gator looks out the window. And sees the darkness as it slowly turns to light.

? You need to get dressed. So I can get you home. ?
He gathered his clothes. And goes outside to dress, giving Kris the privacy that she deserves.
Kris gets dressed and joins Gator outside.

? Mmmm...You sure are a pretty thing. I bet you got the boys lined up to take you out. ? Gator says to her.

? Not really...Most boys don?t like fat girls. ?

? Don?t never say that about yourself. Just look at Misty. All the boys around love her....We better go! ?

Gator leads her down a trail. And next to his brown sedan. Was a whiskey still.

? Wow!...I?ve never seen one of those before. ?

? I know you won?t. But you?d be better off leaving that stuff alone. ? He opens the passenger door for her, like a true gentleman. She thanks him, and gets in.
He cranked the old Ford. It rumbled to life. As he drove through a maze of trails and logging roads. They eventually come to a paved road. Gator then shifts through the four gears.

? Damn! This car really runs! ? Kris says excited.

? Ive got it tuned up real good! ? Gator said with confidence.

They get closer to town. Passing the motel. Kris sees her Dads Truck still there. She breaths a sigh of relief. And he then turned in to the subdivision where Misty lives. Kris sees the van parked in the yard.

? Look Misty?s made it home! ? Kris said

? Yeah...That Misty is wild just like her momma! ?
Kris directs Gator to her house. He parked in front. They then kiss again.

? Gator will I ever see you again? ?

? Sure maybe someday. ?

? I hope so Gator. I really enjoyed being with you. ?
She kissed him again. And got out of the car. Gator cranks the car again. Kris waves at him, and watched him drive away. She hoped that she would see him again. But she had this sad feeling in her heart that she wouldn?t.
She goes inside and takes a hot shower, washing away all the sin that she committed the night before. She then dressed again. And starts to cook breakfast.
And just like Misty said. Her dad walks in with a smile on his face.

? Good morning Daddy. Did you have a good time? ?
She placed his plate of bacon and eggs on to the table.

? Yeah I sure did. how about you? ? He takes a bite of the eggs.

? Oh I just stayed here and watched Tv. ?
She said lying through her teeth.
? Tell me about her? ? Kris asked.

? Oh I don?t know. She?s just some real estate lady. ?
He obviously didn?t want to go in to details about his sex life, with his daughter.

? Was it the pretty lady on the billboard sign as you drive in to town? ?

? Yeah...That was her. How did you know? ?

? Just a lucky guess. ? Kris sits down with her plate. And they eat together.

Back at the motel.

Mom dragged her aching body out of bed. And she crawled to the bathroom. And draws a hot bath. She barely had the strength to climb over the side of the tub. She soaked in the hot water. Trying to recover from the brutal Fucking she took by Kyle.
As the water starts to cool she gets out. And try?s to salvage what was left of her clothing.
Her purple blouse was torn to shreds.

? I?ve got to start carrying a change of clothes. ?
She said putting on the black pencil skirt. She looks at her underwear lying on the floor and just left them. She picked up her high heeled shoes, and peeks out around the curtains. Seeing no one. She raced to her car top less. And drives home hoping no one notices. Especially as she passed by the small primitive church house. Where she goes occasionally with her other daughter Crystal.
Mom soon arrived home with no incident on the way.
She walked in to the living room still top less and barefoot.

Which surprised Misty. Who was laying on the couch. Wearing just a tee shirt. Her legs were spread. And she had an ice pack on her swollen aching pussy.

? What happened to you? ? Mom asked, droppiher high heels on to the floor.

? I got fucked!...Is what happened to me. ?
After Kris was carried away by Gator. All the guys took advantage of Misty, having there way with her.

? And you? ? Misty asked her Mom.

? I got Fucked to!... Is there another ice pack? ?

? In the bathroom. ? Misty said.
Mom returned a few minutes later, wearing one of her long night shirts. She sits in her recliner with a cold beer. And rests the ice pack on Her swollen aching pussy.

? Virgil stopped us last night. He said you better watch your step. Apparently you supposed to be his girl only. Cause he saw you at the motel. ?
Mom starts to laugh.

? Virgil ain?t nothing compared to Kyle Green. ?

? Oh and Kris Green got carried away from our party spot by Gator Mcklusky. ?

? Really??? ? Mom got excited. ? I wish he?d carry me away!...That Gator is a damn good lover! ?

Mom had been having affairs with him for years.

But unfortunately the sadness that Kris felt that morning. As Gator drove away. Came tragically true a month later. Running from the law, with a trunk load of shine. He went out in a blaze of glory. His car spun out of control. And over a cliff. It exploded on impact.
The strange thing was. After the fire was put out. And what was left of Gators car was towed away. The investigators couldn?t find any evidence of his body. But the presumed that he was dead anyway.

The End
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i loved it duck please keep writing more stories
By duck22 on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - 2:59 am:
Thanks justme I?m glad you liked it
By duck22 on Monday, September 17, 2018 - 9:14 pm:
Story #2

The more we got to know Kris. The more I wanted her. Not only was she sexy and smart. She was also very kind and considerate. And had personality. Unlike Misty who had about as much personality as a bag full of rocks. I found myself fantasizing about Kris often. And really to often.

On that Friday morning. As me and Misty lay on the blanket. Having our morning quickie in the cemetery. I was Fucking her slow and deep. And as I shot my load inside her. I said in her ear.

? Oh Kris! ?
I didn?t catch it at the time. And Misty didn?t say anything. With us both getting off. We got dressed. And proceeded to go on the drive to school. As Misty drove she glanced over at me.

? You really like Kris?...Don?t you? ?

? Sure I guess so. ? Trying to act as innocent as possible.

? You know you said her name in my ear while ago. ?

? No way! ? I said acting surprised.

? You did to!..,I know you want her...It?s Okay. ? She had this seductive kind of smile, like she was planning something.

? But I can?t let this slide...Just for that. I want my car washed this evening. While Im at work. ?

? Okay baby I?ll wash your car. ? Just like her Mom. Misty knows how to use me.
We soon arrived at school. And as usual Misty?s little clique of misfit sluts. Traci and Shirley especially. We?re talking about getting fucked. By there boyfriends of course. Kris was there listening to them going on about it. She hadn?t found a new boyfriend yet. Though several in the welding class, were talking about wanting to do her. But she hadn?t come off of it yet.

? I?ll be glad when I get some cock! ? Kris said. And when she said it, she looked right at me. ? I want some and need some! ? She added. As she glanced down at my crotch, right in front of Misty.
The bell then rang. It was time to go to class. But every time Kris got close to me during the day. She had this tendency to flirt with me. And to my surprise. Misty knowing exactly what she was doing, didn?t say a word about it. It was like she was approving of it. The only girl that usually got away with that was Shirley. So Kris doing it to, was definitely a real thrill for me.

After school I met Misty at her car. And Kris was with her to. My dick instantly got hard, thinking about the threesome potential. But Misty had to work. Being Friday afternoon. The grocery store, where she works was always busy. So I knew that wasn?t going to happen.

? Kris needs a ride home. ? Misty said. So we made a detour and took her home first. When we arrived at her house. She got out and looked in the window.

? Thanks for the ride. ? She said with a smile. And as Misty backed out of her driveway. I couldn?t help but stare at Kriss sexy legs. Of course Misty caught me looking at Kris. But she didn?t say anything. We soon arrived at the FoodLand grocery store, where Misty worked. As she reached over in to the back seat. For her tennis shoes and shirt that she wore to work.

? Oh no! ? She said, holding up a math book. ? Kris left her books...You need to take them to her. ?
Misty said as she proceeded to change in to her little whir Reebocks. Me and Misty never brought books home. Or did homework of any kind. But Kris liked to make good grades and she studded a lot more than we did.

? Now don?t forget about me...I get off work at 10:00. And I still want my car washed. ? She leans over and kissed me. ? I got to go clock in now. I?m sure you and Kris are going to have fun.?
And that for sure was an understatement on her part.

I drove back to Kriss house. And knocked on the front door. She opens the door. And I couldn?t believe what I was seeing. She only had on this Def Leppard concert tee shirt. And a pair of panties. Her tits poked through the shirt.

? You forgot your books. ? I told her.

? Oh thank you...I need those. ? She pushed open the storm door and took them. ? You want to hang out and keep me company?...Dads working the second shift. And he won?t be home until midnight. ?

? Sure ? I said following her inside the house. My eyes were glued to her panty covered ass. And those wide hips, sexy legs and bare feet. As she led me in to the den. Where she had already built a fire. On the coffee table sat a bottle of wine and two glasses. It was like she was expecting this.

? Male yourself at home. ? She said, as she poured me a glass of wine. She handed me the glass. And snuggles up close to me on the couch.

? How about a movie! ?

? Okay...What you got in mind? ? I asked, expecting something off Showtime or Cinemax.

? I was thinking. ? She picked up the remote control. She aimed it at the old VCR. And pushed play. And all of a sudden a porno flick comes on.

? Oh Wow! ? I said not expecting that.

? My Dad has quite the collection. ?
I was blown away. I had never had a date that started out like this one.
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thats a new hot start loved it
By im51red on Monday, September 17, 2018 - 11:20 pm:
Good start Duck. Can?t wait to see where you are going with this one.
By duck22 on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 11:58 am:
? I just love to watch porn. ? She said, watching the girl on the Tv. As she played with this huge cock.
I leaned in to her and started kissing and sucking on her neck.

? Mmmm!...I love that!...Your making me so wet.
Kris said, as she slipped her hand inside her panties. And rubbed her swollen clit vigorously.
I eased my hand up the bottom of her shirt. And groped her.

? You want to see my little tities? ? Before I could answer. She takes her shirt off. I instantly go to her breast and start sucking on it. While squeezing the other. ? I know there not as impressive as Misty?s are. ? She said discounting herself.

? Oh no there fine! ? I tell her softly. While I continue to explore her breasts. Though they were smaller than Misty?s. They had there own unique shape. And were quite perky. Which definitely was a turn on.
Kris then reached down and gave my cock a good squeeze.

? I want this big dick that I?ve been hearing so much about! ? She then kissed me. And pushed me off of her. She got more aggressive while she stripped me down. When she was done. I sat naked on her couch, with her between my legs.
She took her time examining my veiny cock. I never thought of it as being all that big. But apparently Misty thought so. Or she made it out to be. While bragging to her slut friends about getting fucked.
Kris pulled and yanked on it. She then teased my sensitive mushroom tip, with her tongue. She then moved to my balls. Trying to fit them in to her mouth. She sucks on them. Then slowly licks them. And moves up, giving my shaft slow teasing licks. Finally she opens wide and goes down on me. She gently sucks my cock, while holding my balls.,
While giving me this blow job. I was thinking Misty now had some competition cause this girl knew how to suck a cock.
She comes up for air and looks at me.

? I want you inside me! ? She pulls me down in to the floor with her. I get a hold of her panties and slip them down. She laid back, and spread her legs wide. She reached down and guided my cock in to her slit. I pressed my cock in to her. And was amazed at how tight she was. She was much tighter than Misty was. I knew I was going to come fast. So I tried to just fuck Her slowly, to make it last. On the carpet, and in front of the fire place. We held each other tightly. And kissed. While I fucked Her tight pussy. My orgasm was quickly building.

? Take it out?...Or Leave it in? ? I asked her. Not knowing if she was on the pill or not.

? Leave it in! ? She yells out between moans. And so I sunk my cock in to her. And pumped my hot spunk in to her. And her tight pussy just sucked it up. We lay there on the floor recovering, and continued to watch porn. Kris again took hold of my cock. And in no time at all, she had me hard again.

? I want it that way! ? She said looking at the Tv. The blonde porn Star was getting it doggy style. Kris rolled over on all fours. And I slipped in behind. And cut loose pounding her hard and fast. Kris reached again for her clit. And rubbed it fast. Making herself come faster. I slapped her fat ass hard on occasion for more punishment. I then held on to her wide hips while my big balls slapped against her pussy. She comes again. And again, as I shoot another load deep inside her.
We both collapsed on to the floor. Kris kissed me again. She then looked at the clock. It was approaching 9:00. Damn time flies when your having fun.

? I?d suck you clean...But I was told not to. ?
Kris said with a smile.

? Really??? ? I asked surprised.

? Yeah...There?s somebody else waiting to do that for you....You better get going. You got a car to wash to. ?

Kris was right. Though I would have liked to fuck her again. I needed to save a little of myself for my girlfriend. Not wanting to cheat her out of a good fuck.
By duck22 on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 1:40 pm:
After we dressed. She kissed me again at the door.

? We need to do this again. ? I told her after the kiss.

? Oh we will! ? She said without doubt. I then left her. Driving away. It was getting up in to the fall. And was quite chilly outside. No way did I want to wash that car tonight. So I stopped off at the Chevron and filled up her tank. And ran the car through one of those automatic washes, which Misty hates. She?d rather work me like a dog. But I was going to cheat on that one tonight. I got to the FoodLand just as she was walking out. She gets in with a smile.

? Did you and Kris have fun? ?

? You should know we did....How?s the car look? ? I asked her curiously to see what she says.

? It looks okay for now...But you can come over tomorrow and wash it by hand...And I want it waxed to. ?
What a Fucking Butch! I was thinking. But then she squeezed my cock. ? I hope your bringing me a surprise! ?
She then licked her lips.

As I drove her home. Luckily we would have the house to ourselves, for a little while. We went straight to her bedroom. And Misty wasted no time, getting me out of my clothes. She then went to sucking Kris?s pussy juices from my cock.
She comes up for air, and continued to stroke me.

? I can?t wait to eat her pussy! ? She said to me. While kicking off her tennis shoes. She gets out of her jeans and panties. She climbed on top of me and rides me hard. With her bedroom door open. I see her sister Crystal look inside. She watched as Misty?s fat ass rode my dick hard. Seeing her twin sister watching just turned me on more. And made me come even faster and harder. I looked back toward the door and Crystal stepped away.
By then I needed a brake anyway. I wasn?t used to having to please multiple women in a night.

? Stay here and rest. ? Misty said getting off me. She still was dressed from the waste up. And in her socks she walked in to the den with Crystal. Who was lying on the couch. From the bedroom. I heard the sound of her high heels hitting the floor, as she kicked them off. And stretched out on the couch. Misty sat in the recliner. As she lit up a cigarette. She had her legs spread. With my hot cum leaking out of her.

? Looks like your getting some tonight. ?

? Yeah...You want to join me, so we can finish him off together??

? Mmm...That?s tempting. Greg and Br

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