Teen waiter mesmerised by older huge woman

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta
Teen waiter mesmerised by older huge woman
I was a 19 year old guy working as a waiter in a Spanish holiday area not knowing what to do with my life. I'd broken up with my girlfriend when we finished college as she wanted to go to university and I didn't. I had no idea what I wanted to do, just wanted some freedom really.

So I went to Spain for the summer. I worked the morning in the restaurant doing the breakfast shift. Then off for the afternoon so I usually went to the beach or the gym then worked the evening shift for dinner. I made good tips plus getting girls was easy as they saw me in the restaurant then when I went out after they had an easy introduction. "Hey you work in that restaurant." It really was that simple and in the morning I had an excuse to leave early as I had to work.

So it was a summer of sun, sand and easy sex. Plus I made decent money. But the summer was coming to an end and although I'd had a lot of sex, I wasn't satisfied. Something was missing. Then I met her.

Christine came into the restaurant one evening and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She's in her late twenties and a size 24, with long dark hair and fair skin. I have never been into big women but the way she moved was enchanting. She wore a dark top exposing just the top of her cleavage and her skirt came down to just above her ankles. She revealed little, making me want to see more. I made sure I waited her table and engaged in small chat. She was eating alone. She asked if I would keep an eye on her table while she went to the bathroom. She spoke softly but confidently and ate delicately. I was fixated on her and watched her huge ass sway gently from side to side while she walked away.

She finished her meal and asked when I finished work. I told her and she wrote on a napkin her hotel and room number. She didn't flirt or say anything over the top. But she knew. She knew I wanted her and she felt my eyes on her. I couldn't wait for my shift to finish. When it did, I went back to my room, took a shower and got changed.

Christine's hotel was only a 10 minute walk and I got there in 8. On answering the door she was already dressed to kill. She had no doubt that I was going to come to her room. She had on a black bra, crotchless thong, thigh high stockings and a thin piece of fabric covering her up.

She walked to the bed and sat down and summoned me over. She pulled me in for a deep, passionate kiss then took my top off. She opened her legs and gently pulled on the back of my head. This brought me to my knees and within seconds I was eating her out. She moved her hips and held onto my head to put me into the exact position she wanted me in to please her with my tongue. She knew what she was doing and she knew what she wanted. I was going to do everything I could to please her.

I enthusiastically licked her for at least 15 minutes before she pushed my head away to get me to stop. "Take off your clothes" she softly but firmly commanded. I did and she got me to lay down on the bed naked. She crawled on top of me and pulled down her bra a little so I could start sucking on her right breast while she caressed my penis to get me rock hard. Once I was fully erect she got on all fours and I entered her doggy-style. Her pussy was tight and wet. It felt like heaven as I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. I soon got into a rhythm but she told me to slow a little and she didn't want me to cum too quickly. I was in ecstasy but I knew I had to please her. She was moaning in pleasure while I fucked her for 15 minutes from behind before I eventually came.

She laid on her front and put her face to the side so I kissed her on the cheek. "Go get me a glass of water" and straight away I did. I have never been the subservient type but I was happy to serve her. I came back with a glass of water for us each and we sat up on the bed. I was naked but she still had her bra and stockings on. We started kissing and caressing each other. She sat on my lap with her legs either side of me. She is around my height and she put her huge tits in my face again as she gently rocked on top of me.

I was hard for her again within minutes and she once again laid me on my back. She placed my penis inside her and she took over. She started moving her hips. Her technique and movement was mesmerising as she rode me. I did everything I could to not cum too quickly and enjoy this for as long as I could. After 10 minutes it became too much and I came harder than I ever had in my life.

She was breathing hard and laid down on top of me. She gave me a deep kiss and hugged me for a few minutes while lying on top of me. I wanted to kiss her more but I knew she was in control, she knew what she wanted and she instigated everything. I loved it.

She said she wanted a shower and I instinctively knew she wanted me to go with her. So we went to the shower and I washed every inch of her body. As I got to her head I went to kiss her lips but she stopped me and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek summoning that our night was over. I hoped I had pleased her. Maybe she had pleased herself and just used my body to do so.

As we dried off she put a night gown on and for that night I was not going to see her body again. We went back to her bedroom and she gave me my clothes showing that I was to go home. For a moment I panicked believing that this was it. The girl, woman, who had just given me the best sex of my young life was done with me.

To my relief she asked me when I finished work the next day and I told her around 1pm. She told me to shower before I came round. She knew there was no place I'd rather be than with her and I wouldn't fail to show up.

As I walked home slowly that night I tried to gather my thoughts and work out what had happened. Why was I so taken with this woman? She was soft but confident. She was a big girl but knew exactly how to use her body for maximum pleasure for us both. She wasn't attention seeking. She wasn't doing this to talk to her girlfriends the next day. I realised that she had a natural confidence that the girls I had dated, or slept with, who were my own age just didn't possess. There would be no silly dramas with her. She was a real woman who knew what she wanted. I was taken by her but had no idea by how much or what was to come. I was enchanted.

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