A guy and his BBW girlfriend have some sweaty reunion fun

A guy and his BBW girlfriend have some sweaty reunion fun
My girlfriend and I were traveling cross country to her home town for a high school 15th class reunion. We picked up a rental car at the airport and drove to the hotel, where we checked in and found our room. It's a nice big place with a king size bed and a Jacuzzi that could seat 6 people. Cindy is curvy and voluptuous, with heavy boobs, wide hips and long curly brown hair. She is my plus sized goddess, and I loved to worship every sweet inch of her gorgeous body. She had already been shaving her pubic hair for years before we met, and I made a point to lick her pussy as often as possible. I particularly loved when she would sit on my face during our intense lovemaking sessions, grinding herself onto my lips and tongue until she dripped pussy juices all over me.

Cindy picked up her cellphone and called her best friend Andrea to let her know we arrived safely. She said the two of them had been very close growing up, and since they bore a strong physical resemblance, they were often confused as sisters. Andrea was a widow, as her husband, a local police officer, had been killed in a high speed chase and crash. We had a couple of days before the reunion, so we made plans to meet for dinner the next night at the restaurant downstairs in the hotel.

Andrea found us at 7:00 the next night while we were still waiting to be seated and hugged us both. I could see why people thought they were sisters: physically, they were nearly identical, but Cindy was about an inch taller, and Andrea's hair was a slightly lighter shade of brown. We got a table about 10 minutes later, and we enjoyed our meals as we all caught up with each other and finished a couple of pitchers of margaritas. Afterwards, we invited Andrea upstairs to continue the conversation.

Cindy and I were on the couch while Andrea sat in a chair facing us as they recalled a rather hilarious incident from high school involving a boy who was peeking in the window while they were having a sleep over at Andrea's house. They had been playing a board game in their pajamas when they spotted him and screamed. Andrea's dad ran out and found him in the back yard, squirming to get his pants back on and trying to get away. I could just imagine the story he tried to give the cops at the station.

Andrea got up to use the bathroom, and while she was in there, Cindy whispered "You should try to put a move on her," with a wicked smile on her lips.

" Are you serious? " I asked, looking at her eyes still glazed from the alcohol.

"Yeah, put one of your world famous patented pick up moves on her. I'd like to see you two making out."

So when I heard the bathroom door opening, I stood up and walked that direction, just a little bit wobbly from the booze and the erection growing in my trousers. When Andrea stopped to check her hair in the mirror, I slid my arms around her waist from behind, then nuzzled my face through her hair and kissed her neck.

"Mmmmmm. That feels nice," she cooed, " but won't your girlfriend have a problem with this? "

"I don't think she'll complain. This was her idea, after all."

" Really? Well did she happen to mention that she gave me my first kiss? Or that my first orgasm was from her fingers? "

"Sounds like I'm already late to the party."

When I slid my hand up her torso to cup and squeeze her heavy breast, Andrea whimpered softly. My fingers opened the buttons on her shirt, giving me access to grope her boobs through the bra. I felt the nipple get stiff and I squeezed it lightly as I nibbled on her earlobe.

"We should go join Cindy on the couch," Andrea said "before my legs give out and you have to drag me."

As we walked to the couch, Andrea slid out her clothes and left a trail across the room. Not to be outdone, I stripped as well, and I was quickly down to my cock tented boxers. Cindy was already topless and sliding off her skirt, revealing some very sexy stockings and garters, and apparently she hadn't bothered to wear panties. Andrea sat between Cindy and myself, and the three way gropefest was on. My eager hands caressed and massaged Andrea's hefty bare boobs and my lips teased her nipples while the girls kissed and fingered each other's pussies. Andrea 's other hand massaged my boner through my underwear, and the sight of these gorgeous women making out had it standing at full attention.

Cindy decided to take charge, and instructed me to take off my underwear and lie down on the far side of the bed. I watched as they went to the other side of the bed and she kissed her way down from Andrea's lips to her tits, taking plenty of time to devour her swollen nipples. Once she'd had enough of the appetizer, she continued her journey south, teasing Andrea's navel before finding herself facing her trimmed bush.

It was obvious to me that as she kissed and licked Andrea, this was something they had done several times before. Andrea arched her back with pleasure, anxious to meet Cindy's eager mouth, and she humped Cindy's face while holding her head in place. Cindy was basically fucking Andrea's pussy with her tongue and nose, and probably got her chin involved as well. I didn't dare touch myself, I didn't want this fun show to end too quickly.

It turns out that Andrea is a loud cummer, and I have no doubt that her moans were heard in the next room, along with the banging of the headboard on the wall. Her orgasm seemed to go on for minutes as she thrashed up and down, tortured her nipples between greedy digits, and squeezed Cindy's head with her thighs. When she finally untangled her fingers from Cindy's hair, she stared at the ceiling and breathed like she had just run a marathon. Cindy's face emerged from that pussy feast grinning and dripping wet, before she looked at me and said, "you've been such a good boy, letting us have an early reunion. Are you ready to fuck?"


She crawled over me and straddled my throbbing cock, impaling herself in one hard stroke. As she rode me, she invited Andrea to sit on my face. She knows how much I love doing that anyway, and now I was going to devour her best friend's cunt. To be honest, Cindy's pussy tastes sweeter, but Andrea is so much juicier. She was still dripping from her earlier orgasm, but the honey flow never slowed down, covering my face and soaking the bedding underneath me. The girls were facing each other, kissing and groping as they both used me for their own pleasures.

Andrea squealed and her meaty thighs clamped around my face as my tongue lashing on her over stimulated clit sent her over the edge. That triggered my orgasm as I shot about a quart of hot cream deep into Cindy's pussy, and then Cindy came hard on my cock, aided by Andrea's fingers on her own clit.

They collapsed on top of me, and we stayed that way for several minutes as we regained our breathing. Andrea took the lead this time, pushing Cindy on her back and diving face first into her hairless pussy.

She paused a couple of minutes later and "Mmmm. Your pussy tastes even better when it's full of cum!" before returning to lick Cindy's naughty puss.

I have to admit, watching her suck my sticky seed from my girlfriend's cunt was very inspirational, and I was quickly rock hard again. Seeing my condition, Cindy told me, "get the bottle of lube from the bedside table, Andrea always said she loved getting ass fucked. Let's see if she was serious."

Not only was she serious, Andrea even reached back with one hand and pulled one plump asscheek aside, revealing that cute brown opening to me. I spread a good amount between those cheeks, and even sank two fingers into her asshole before I coated my cock with more lube. Then I pressed the head against her tight ass and slowly slid in until I was balls deep. As I plowed her ass slowly, she moaned into Cindy's cunt, which made Cindy moan.

We gave that bed and jacuzzi a workout that night, changing positions and partners several times, and did the same the night after the reunion as well. Who says class reunions have to me lame and boring?

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