The Fat Girl

The Fat Girl
I met a fat girl at work. I worked in a store. She was very cute. Her name was Colette. This story contains scenes of incest or incest content,and this sex story is a totally fiction.

We went out. Later on, I kissed her fat and luscious lips and her giant bra came off. I sucked on her enormous tits. Her nipples were dark brown and big. I sucked her cunt. I played with her pussy. I licked her clit. I wanted to fuck her, but she was still a virgin. I had only been with three girls myself.

The big day arrived, we had dinner and drinks. I took her dancing and we even tried karaoke, although the sound was terrible, we both had a blast. I took her home to my place. I played with her giant melons, licked them and sucked on them. I asked her to suck on me, but she didn't want too, she hated fellatio, even though she never said it. She did like when I licked her, and I licked her for a long, long time, but she never, ever came. Not even close.

She wanted me to fuck her, so I did. I did everything I could to get her to climax, all to no avail. We fucked at least ten times after that. She never had an orgasm. I felt like a total and utter failure. We went to the doctor, and that didn't help either.

She had never come. Not once. Never had she masturbated. I tried everything that I knew. I was very worried. This wasn't normal.

I talked to her mom. Her mom was a widow. She was very, very beautiful. She had an hourglass figure, with huge boobs like her daughter, but she had a tiny waist, and a nice big fat sexy ass. Her hair was dark brown, and she had soft brown eyes. She was so very unbelievably sexy.

"Mrs. Nelson," I told her the whole truth, "I am very worried. I feel like it's something I have done, or not done. I have spent hours and hours eating your daughter's pussy...She has never come, not even once!" I asked her for advice.

"First of all, please call me Sheila. Mrs. Nelson was my mother in law, God rest her soul. I'm not sure I should be talking to you about this. If we do talk about it, this must be kept secret, it's nobody else's business, do you understand?"

"Yes, Sheila, I absolutely agree. I have taken her to the doctor, and we had a frank discussion. He says there is nothing wrong with Colette physically. He also said in a very small percentage of women, they NEVER, EVER experience an orgasm. In his practice he has found two things, sometimes it just takes longer for some women to come, and sometimes women can't ever come because of trust issues. So the question is," I looked her straight in the eyes.

"Do you think she should get a better boyfriend? Maybe I am not good enough for her. Will you please have a look? You are a nurse, you have seen lots of men before." She nodded her head, I took that for a yes.

I dropped my drawers for her. I stood before her. Her lovely manicured hand touched my prick, and it jumped involuntarily. She examined me thoroughly. She licked the head. She put my glans in her mouth.

"Why are you doing that?" I asked.

"To see your dick with an erection." She stroked my cock. She got me rock hard. Her eyes were now glued to my cock. She took off her skirt and panties. She removed her blouse, but left on her strained bra holding up her whopper size tits. She was so damn sexy!

Her pussy has a small, well trimmed dark bush. It is very beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her pubes. They are magnetic!

She said, "Show me how you eat her pussy."

"I need your bra off then."

"What's that got to do with how you eat her pussy?"

"It's part of our routine. I worship her breasts before I eat her. You want me to just skip it?"

"No, just do it. Unclasp my bra." I fumbled around with it. I do get it unclasped finally. Her bra has ten hooks, to hold up her heavy bosom. Her juggs were so incredibly magnificent. I played with her nipples, then sucked one, and twisted the other. Her areolas were three inches across and bumpy with anticipation! Her hard nipples were as big as the end of my ring finger. I loved to suck them! She almost came just from the nipple sucking.

I touched her labia, and she jumped. I can smell her sexy arousal. She smells like a female in heat. Her aroma is pure LUST. I twisted and pulled and sucked on her big nipples, then as my face went down to her lower lips, I felt her shudder. Had she just cum?

I started licking and teasing her clit, as I licked and teased her pussy. Just on a lark, I stuck my tongue on her anus. Her quick reaction was amazing.

She screamed, "Oh fuck yes. YES! Ugh, UGH!" and came so very hard. I played with her tiny sphincter as I licked and sucked her clit. She came hard again, and again.

"Stick that big dick of yours in my cunt! NOW!" She was in heat. Her cunt was creaming. I slid into her very tight little cunt. She climaxed hard. She screamed my name as her orgasm hit her. She was clenching my hard cock as she came.

"Jim! JIM! OH FUCK ME JIM, I'M COMING AGAIN!" She was coming almost continuously on my dick, and my fingers on her cunt. I pulled out of her hot, wet, convulsing cunt as I was just about to come.

"I'm gonna come!" She took my cock and aimed it into her mouth. I exploded. Ten jets of jism shot into her mouth. I thought she would spit out my cum, but instead she savored it in her mouth like it was fine wine and finally, she swallowed it. She smiled wickedly.

"Yummy! Your semen is so fucking delicious!" She smacked her lips. "I could suck your cock all day long, as long as you feed me your jism. Does my daughter like it?"

"No, she hates the taste. She hardly ever sucks me. Then she spits it out, every single time. No wait, one time She swallowed my load by accident and she almost threw up. I don't ask her to suck me anymore. I feel bad when I cum in her mouth, and she gags."

"That's terrible. You can come to me for blowjobs anytime! I enjoy your cum. Shit, truth is, I want it! Anytime, anywhere. I'll suck you dry on the White House lawn! Cum to mama, I'll treat you right." She has a lewd grin on her face.

As I am a very young man, I am hard again in no time flat, and I pushed my cock back into her still convulsing cunt. She screamed my name and climaxed again, very hard. She was shuddering, and spasming, and crying and then suddenly she came... and she squirted. I thought she had lost her bladder control, but it is not piss. It was her womanly lubrication, her love juices. She shook, like she was having a seizure. She had orgasm after orgasm. I couldn't stand it for another second and ejaculated inside her hot, hot cunt.

"I'm coming again!" She was still spasming and her muscles grasped my cock in a death grip. I entertained thoughts this fantastic woman is some kind of sex goddess. At this point I didn't even think about her daughter anymore. Shit, I didn't remember my own name, and could care less. The only thing in my world was her velvet wet vice gripping my exploding cock. I felt as if I had found my reason to exist. My function was to service this sex goddess. I was so weak from my orgasms. But I was happy. Her grunting signaled one last climax, shuddering and a small squirt this time. I prayed that I had sated this wonderful woman, as I was done, finished and completely empty.

"That was the best sex I have ever had. I don't know why my daughter is not orgasming all over you. I ... I want to keep fucking you regardless of whether she and you stay together. I can't help myself around you. It's like I was designed to fit you like a glove. Do you enjoy me?"

"I'm afraid you have it totally backwards. I feel I have found my reason to exist. It is to service my sex goddess. That would be you. You were coming so hard, I thought I hurt you. I am yours. I will do your bidding. As long as you want me. I am so grateful to you for everything you have done. You are the most magnificent woman to walk this earth. I...I am ashamed to tell you, when we were coming together... I just plain forgot about your beautiful daughter. I am so enamored of you. You come so hard, you make me come equally hard. Did I enjoy it? It was the best thing to ever happen to me. It was every birthday and Christmas wrapped up in one, times ten! I am bursting with happiness. I hope and pray you enjoyed me!"

All this time, my cock was ensconced in her tight little cunt. Her legs wrapped around me, her arms around my back, her fingernails, IN my back. I felt so happy and perfect. I wanted to stay there, hard as a rock, in her awesome cunt.

But life goes on, we both had to pee. So we separated. I suddenly felt empty, I wanted to go back into her, but my bladder had other ideas. So it was one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and go cat go, on a race to the bathroom. Damn if she didn't beat me! She was pissing, she saw my distress.

"Why don't you just piss in the damn sink? Here." Her delicate hand had surprising strength as she aimed my cock into her basin. "Go on, piss!" I let loose a high velocity stream into her bathroom sink as she held my member securely. She watched my dick spray it's golden liquid down the drain.

"Your dick is very beautiful. It is just perfect. Why my daughter is not coming all over this thing is beyond me. Your foreplay is flawless. Fuck her! I'm keeping you for myself. You are mine now." She cleaned my cock off with her mouth, my come, her juices, couple of drops of pee. She didn't mind, she wanted me hard in her mouth. There we were, her peeing on the toilet, me in front of her, my cock like a cannon hard as cast iron, in her happy mouth.

I heard a noise, and there was Colette, standing in the doorway and looking mad as Hell. This was going to be very bad.

"You dirty rotten son of a bitch! You fucked my mom! What the hell? Wasn't I good enough for you. Is it because I'm fat? Are you even going to apologize?"

"Colette, I, we, well... I can't make you come. I asked your mom for help, because the doctor didn't give us much hope at all. And one thing led to another, and your mother and I became lovers. It's all my fault. I do apologize to you. I have done my very best for you, and I have utterly and completely failed you. I am ashamed. I was hoping your mom could show me where I was making my mistakes, and instead I have dishonored you. I hope you will accept my apology. I am truly sorry. Your mom has been nothing but kind to me, and this whole thing was my fault. I hope that someday you can forgive me. I hope you find someone better than me who can ring your chimes like I never could. I love you Colette, but I see no future for us. I better go. Sheila, thank you for trying to help. You are a wonderful and exquisitely beautiful woman. Goodbye." I kissed Sheila.

"Jim, please call me tomorrow. We need to talk." Sheila said to me.

"Goodbye Colette. I hope you find the right man for you. Good luck." I said as an afterthought, "By the way, I don't think you are fat. I think you are absolutely perfect just the way you are. Its too bad people have beaten you down so much that you can't see it.."

I walked out and left. As I got in my car, I thought, Hell, I'm missing Sheila way more than I'm missing her daughter.

A week went by, and I heard that Colette was already with another guy. That was it then. No going back there.

But two days after that, I got a call from Sheila. It didn't go well.

"What the fuck Jim? You give me the greatest sex I've ever had, and then just LEAVE? Did anything we said to each other mean anything to you, or was it all just a pack of lies, just a way to fuck me and forget me? Well?"

"Sheila, under the circumstances, I thought we were done. I had the best time I have ever had, but I didn't think you wanted anything to do with me. I certainly didn't mean to offend you. SHIT, I still think you are a Goddess. But what about Colette? I heard she got a new boyfriend."

"I would not call it that. He practically raped her. She had to go to the emergency room and get a rape kit done. He may have given her chlamydia. She is on antibiotics as a precaution, and she spoke with the police. They don't have enough evidence to charge him with rape, he claimed it was all consensual. I doubt he will be coming back. I might shoot him by accident next time! Anyways I want you. I want you now. I don't give a fuck if my daughter hates you- I think she loves you, because she keeps talking about what happened. I told her to take you back. She told me to stay out of her business. I said, if you don't want him, I sure do. She said, fine, he's nothing to me now! What do you think?"

"Sheila, just cause someone is way, way pissed off at someone else, dosen't always mean she loves me. She may really hate me. Tell her we are having a date next Friday evening and we both want to talk, clear the air. I'm still not sure what you want to do with me. Are you wanting me for you? You want me back with her? You want me to be with both of you? I'm getting mixed signals here. Sheila, I want you for sure." I said the BOTH thing as a joke, but Sheila surprised me.

"I think you should have both of us. I think you are the best there is. I want to get Colette out of this funk she's in, and I think it would be cool to share you with her. What do you think about that?"

"Sheila, no matter what happens with Colette, next Friday I'm going to fuck you into next Tuesday! You are the best."

"No touching yourself this week! I want lots and lots of cum. In me, on me, up me! I'm gonna surprise you on Friday."


"Sheila, I'm at your door, like we discussed. Let me in, or I'll huff and I'll puff..." The door flew open, there was Sheila in leather. LEATHER. SHINY BLACK LEATHER. It was wild. She was wearing stilleto boots that went to her thigh. She had on a patent leather corselet and a quarter cup bra that left her monster size tits exposed. She had opera length black leather gloves. She had the slutiest fire engine red lipstick on her pouty cocksucker lips. My dick was trying to burst out of my pants. I wanted her so fuckin bad.

"No speaking. You do what I say tonight. Or I'll smack your cute ass. Come to think of it, I might do that anyways! Come on, but don't let on to Colette, ok? I want her to be surprised. So keep quiet. She might curse you out some, she is still pissed off. Still think she dosen't have feelings? It has been quite a while you know. Take off your clothes. But slowly. I want to watch you strip."

I was stripping for her, and I heard a noise. She gave me the sign for hurry up. We went upstairs to her master bedroom, and there on the bed was Colette. She was on all fours with pillows underneath her. Her ass was wide open, each leg tied to a bedpost her arms were tied as well, and she was wearing a blindfold. That was all she was wearing.

"Colette, you have been very naughty, so now you must be punished." She slapped Colette's ass about thirty times until it was cherry red. "Now I'm gonna use the strap-on on your asshole. We both know how much you want it, don't we? If it get's too much, just say orange.

Here goes, she had me put on some lube on my cock, and she put some on her daughter's asshole. I moved forward and put my cock against her tight little sphincter. She pushed back! She impaled herself on my cock, and she took it all the way to my balls.

"Gees Mom, this one is fucking huge, and the fake hairy balls are a nice touch. Oh my goodness I love this dildo, it feels so real. I'm ready Mom, give it to me, make me come again. Pretend for me. Make believe you're Jim again." She shivered and had a little cum.

Her mom had one of those voice modifiers, it made her sound like a man, sorta, kinda. "This is Jim, and I'm fuckin your ass. I love you Colette." I sped up the fucking and she came, finally and gloriously like her mom. I was just about to cum. Her mom motioned her to cum in Sheila's mouth. I came in big buckets. Sheila went to her daughter and they shared my cum. It was so erotic. Mother and daughter sharing MY CUM!

My cock was hard again in just those few minutes and her mom motioned me to go back in her ass. I pushed into her rectum once again, She shuddered and had another hard orgasm. I fucked her hard like a slut and slapped her ass, and she came again and this time, she squirted all over the place. Obviously I had been at the wrong address, if I would have gone in the back door, things would have been different.

Colette was eating her mom's pussy as I punished her with hand and dick. She had cum at least five times, and her mom had come as well. I had gotten to the short fast strokes, and Colette threw her head back and screamed, "Jim I really love you." I came inside her ass, but pulled out for the last jet of jism, all over Colette's ass.

"Oh Colette, I love you so damn much! Ugh!" And all Hell broke loose.

"Jimmm, Jim, Jim!" Colette was trying to get to me as her mom was removing the restraints. I went up to her head and kissed her. She kissed me back like a woman possessed.

"Damn, you make a fine dildo!"

We all laughed. Colette and I held each other. I kissed her and she kissed me. Sheila kissed both of us. The wild night continued with me fucking both of them all night. Sometimes with Colette on my face, sometimes Sheila rode my tongue. Colette came at least twenty times. I'm not sure how many times her mom climaxed, but it was a lot. I am not even sure how many times it was for me, but my balls were definitely drained! In the end, I was in the middle of the bed, with Sheila on one shoulder and Colette on the other. Things were definitely looking up for me. As far as the fat girl? What fat girl? I only had two buxom beautiful women. I was the luckiest man on earth.

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