Hunter ends up spending a night with a plump vampire

Hunter ends up spending a night with a plump vampire
The average person believed vampires were a myth for most of human history. Some mollycock used to scare children, of course. Then in 1897 Count Dracula announced his existence to the world and declared himself king of Romania, Moldova, and all of Vampire kind. Over a century later tensions between vampires and humans had been... less than ideal.

There were some advances in nosferatu rights over the years, but at the end of the day I was staring up at a derelict house buried in a wooded section of a small Pacific Northwest town that no one strayed near. Apparently many young men had been turning up sucked dry like a Capri-Sun packet. I had been hired to stop that trend.

The house was three stories tall and it seemed each floor leaned in a different direction. Whatever paint once coated it had long since chipped off. Lord knows what vermin lived in there, other than a vampire, of course. I straightened my toolbelt and made my way to the front door. It took a small struggle to wrench the door out of its aged frame, but I finally succeeded and stepped inside a foyer full of broken glass and chipped tiles. After a few steps inside the door behind me slammed shut. That was when I drew the silver rapier from its hilt.

"Oooohh the scary hunter thinks he's a musketeer," a sultry feminine voice echoed out. She was taunting, but also very alluring, as if inviting me to prove her wrong. "Should I put on an eyepatch so we can duke it out in the streets of Paris?"

"You know your stuff, Rochefort," I called back, activating a powerful flashlight. She was familiar with The Three Musketeers. I love those books. Shaking any irrelevant thoughts from my head I made my way into the kitchen, "I'll take you up on that."

"Most hunters would come in blasting the walls full of silver bullets, but you felt the need to show off a weapon with significant... length. Interesting," She cooed at the end.

"I would as well," I called back avoiding bits of broken plate that lay all over the kitchen, "But I'd need to bill you for each bullet spent, I'm not made of money."

Silver is hard to come by, especially for someone whose agency had dismissed him several months ago. If not for the sword my mom gave me when I got my license, I'd be destitute. Well, more destitute than I was now. It had been some time since I'd had steady work. Even longer since I'd had any real companionship. That's why the vampire flirted, they played to your weaknesses.

"Oh a cheap date," the voice purred, "No matter. If you're looking to stick it in something, I'll happily oblige..."

It was when I crossed to the other side of the kitchen when the air temperature dropped. I dropped my flashlight, pulled a rosary off my belt, and spun around with my idol and blade raised in either hand. Sure enough there was a pale-fleshed being behind me. She shrieked and fell backwards, landing on her hindquarters and scrambling backwards.

"Back to hell you hideous beast!" I roared in my best impression of Peter Cushing.

As I approached the creature the flashlight beam finally found its path. When I dropped it, it had clattered and rolled around until now when it settled on... her. She was definitely a vampire, pale skin and blood red irises, but there was so much more to her. She was, how will I put it, soft. Her leggings did nothing to conceal her thick and fleshy thighs that lead to equally pronounced hips. Her black t-shirt, emblazoned with the face of infamous nosferatu musician Jim Morrison, had been rumpled slightly in her fall revealing a paunch of stomach fat that begged to be caressed and squeezed gently. Her breasts were not cartoonishly large, but my best guess through her shirt was that they were a nice handful and a half of gentle flesh.

Finally my eyes focused on her face, pale white skin and fiery red hair and eyes, she was young in appearance, not more than her late twenties when she was turned, with round features and adorable button nose. Her brows were furrowed in an almost pained frustration, while her plush lips wiggled slightly. It was then I realized I'd upset her.

"Oh--I, uhm," I stammered out lowering my sword.

"Hideous BEAST?" she spat out, "I know I've put on a few pounds but--" She trailed off, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

"I didn't actually mean it!" I shot out a little over-eagerly, "I meant like, y'know--"

"No I get it," She snapped, wiping her eyes, "I'm just some repulsive creature just wandering the Earth being a burden to anyone damned to be near me. Finish your job, hunter."

With that she closed her eyes and puffed out her chest. Her breasts shifted somewhat revealing she wasn't wearing a bra. She was a monster. A creature that killed humans for pleasure and deserved to be killed, but, dammit. I could tell she wasn't hurt that I called her ugly, there was something deeper. I sheathed my sword.

"I'm sorry," I told her, crouching to her level. "That wasn't right of me to call you that. You aren't hideous, I promise." I smiled reassuringly.

Slowly she turned to look me in the eyes. She was hesitant, the flicker of fight or flight clearly passed.Then she appraised me, looking me up and down. Part of me was unnerved, but part of me hoped she'd like what she saw. I was a couple inches shy of six feet, the magic height everyone craved, and had more of a gut than I'd hoped from the months living out of my car. Thankfully I had kept up with my swordplay, giving me the "sturdy" build found in the thighs and glutes of rapier users. With the shoulders and upper arm muscles required for lugging gear bags and corpses across every terrain, I think I looked alright. My only regret is that I was still sporting the rats nest of blond hair I hadn't had a chance to trim. Wait, why did I want to impress her?

"You're fucking with me aren't you?" She accused, "You're just going to tell all your friends you fucked the fat vampire chick before you staked her, I know your type."

"Lucky for you, I don't have any friends," I told her in a lighthearted tone, "And if I did, I wouldn't tell them about what went on between me and any beautiful undead girls."

She seemed to retreat at this comment for a moment, but grumbled out, "Are you gonna kill me or what? I was kind of in the middle of watching 'The Witcher' upstairs, and I wanted to get back to that."

"You watch 'The Witcher'?" I chuckled at the irony, "I've heard that was pretty good. No, I'm not going to kill you, that just doesn't feel right, you know?"

"I guess I'll spare your life as well," She scoffed, confidence returned, "And yes, it is a great show, I'd suggest you watch it if you weren't so obviously a vagrant. I mean, if you wanted you could watch it with some hideous beast who was kind enough to invite you."

"I'd love that," I said standing again.

I reached out my hand and helped pull her up. Once on her feet again she maintained her firm grip on my hand, and led me toward the stairs quickly. It almost seemed like she was suppressing a skip. She could easily be leading me into a trap, but I was far too distracted by the plethora of posterior clearly on display in her leggings. Each sizeable globe of flesh shook and rocked gently as she pounced her way up the stairs. Twice I almost face planted into the stairs, my god. I had to stay at arms length so I didn't crash crotch-first into her perfectly round ass backside that stuck out like a mountain on a skyline.

Before I realized it we were in a living room upstairs. My unnamed and undead companion released my hand and scrambled to clean up slightly. There was a worn and lopsided couch facing a tv that was almost as tall as I was. Scattered around the room were various crumpled outfits along with DVDs and video games. The beautiful blood sucker I had followed here was now bent over, throwing clothes in all directions. I stared in awe wondering what it would feel like to have her well-cushioned hips slam into mine from that position.

"Aaaahh, sorry I didn't expect company, just give me a sec," She said. When I didn't respond she turned back to see me staring intently at her heavenly hindquarters.

"Uh yeah, no problem," I blurted out, snapping back to attention, "I live in a van, I don't mind."

"Well at least you get a nice view of the river," She joked, "Let me just get a blanket."

I chuckled at her reference before following up, "Wait, do you need a blanket? I didn't think, y'know, vampires felt temperature."

She stiffened up for a moment, turning to reveal a thick fuzzy blanket balled up in her arms, "I don't I just--I still think it's soft and comfortable, and y'know--"

"I get it," I cut her off. I had already called her hideous, I didn't want to hurt her even more, "I'm a little cold, myself, do you mind if we share?"

Leaning my sheathed rapier against the wall, I plopped myself down on the couch. This vampire vixen gave me a wildly sexy smirk, "I'd hate to have you think I was a bad host."

Just as I settled in, she slowly levitated down onto the seat next to me. I'd almost forgotten she was a supernatural being capable of killing me with her bare hands. She turned to look at me and I got lost in her eyes. This wasn't hypnosis however. I could read her like a book. She was lonely, maddeningly so, and to be honest, so was I. People with happy lives full of dreams and aspirations don't become vampire hunters. Maybe for just this one night, even if it was my last, I could pretend there was nothing else in the world other than this gorgeous girl sitting on the couch with me.

I unclasped my toolbelt and set it on the floor next to the couch, just out of reach. My companion draped the blanket over me and her, as we sat side by side like a couple of church-going teens. She used her phone to queue up the show.

"What do you know about the series?" She asked earnestly.

"Superman has white hair and a sword," I responded, focused on the feeling of her thigh pressed against mine.

"Alright, well just so you understand the basics," She began a rant about Polish folklore and classic fantasy tropes. I listened, honestly. Watching her gesticulate wildly, her pace quickening and slowing almost at random, her passion was obvious. I was enthralled. I didn't even know how much time had passed, and I didn't care. She drew me in with her devotion to this world and fantasy in general. I didn't want her to stop.

"--So that's where the last episode left off, any questions?" She finished, her red eyes sparkling.

"Only one I should've asked before, what's your name?" I asked, catching her off guard.

"Oh, uh, Adria," She said, "It's the town my parents were from."

"Very beautiful," I responded, following up with my best Danny Devito impression, "I'm Frak, SHIT!"

Adria laughed as I whistled loudly. "Is that your real name?" She finally asked.

"Frank, yes." She understood every reference I made. Dear god, I wanted to make a dhampir with this woman.

"Very handsome," She commented, before starting the show.

It wasn't bad at all, a stoic ivory-haired swordsman grunts his way through battles with monsters and peasants. My focus, however, was kept mostly on Adria in the corner of my vision. I kept seeing her adjust her neck, as the back of the couch was just below her shoulders.

"Here, lemme," I started, pulling my arms out from the blanket. I unfastened the crucifx necklace under my shirt and lowered it down to me gear. I then crooked my shoulder in a welcoming gesture, which she responded to by laying her head on it, and pulling her feet up onto the seat next to her, cozy underneath the covers.

For good measure, I gently draped my arm over her, feeling her cool skin against mine. Despite her lack of body temperature I felt... good. Really good. Better than I had in years. I felt loved. Even if I'd only known her for less than an hour and she was technically dead.

"Adria," I spoke softly. She looked up at me, her gorgeous eyes making me want to melt, "I'm sorry about what I said earlier, that was out of line."

She looked away, "It's alright, I was going to try and kill you."

"Yeah, but you didn't" I reminded her, "Instead you welcomed me inside to watch Netflix. Makes me a pretty big asshole. Plus it wasn't true at all."

"You are right about being an asshole," She chuckled, "I think I just--I don't know. It hit a nerve. I've been alone since I came to this country as a human, and it's been... longer than I'm willing to admit. I got turned shortly after I got off the boat and I haven't really felt wanted since, you know?"

I tightened my arm around her, coaxing her to go on.

"Vampire guys just want you to be a part of their harem, they fuck you and a dozen other vampire girls every night, until they toss you aside for some pretty human who reminds them of a long-dead ex," She spat out bitterly, "My last serious relationship ended pretty bad. I knew he just wanted to fuck me, but I listened to all his tales about how he loved me and how I was his soul's other half. I convinced myself he loved me and then one dusk he'd left on an invitation to King Dracula's court, without saying goodbye.

"He'd taken what he wanted from me and left when he was done. The sad thing is he wasn't the first one who'd done it. I've spent the last few years killing cute guys because I know what they see when they look at me. I'm not a person, just a hideous beast that'd be unthinkable to ever love. Maybe you should kill me," She finished, curling up tightly.

I spoke without thinking, "I'm the one they should be afraid of," Memories of years past returned, "I served in the Crusader Corps during the last purge. Everyone knows we burned most of Eastern Europe to kill vampires, but the truth is we killed more humans than anything else. 'Potential infected' we called them. They told us it was like burning down parts of a forest to keep a wildfire from spreading. I got damn good at it, that's what haunts me. Digging through wreckage to find a mother curled up, clutching her child, that became easy. What came next became like second nature.

"People like me are worse than any vampire. I think we deserve to die more than you guys do. Not a day goes by I don't regret all of it. So I hunt vampires and convince myself that that's making up for everything." I paused, breathing heavily, "I'm not gonna kill you, Adria, that'd be a really black irony."

I looked down to see Adria staring back, understanding. Neither of us was all that great, but we didn't have to be. Not right now, "Besides, 'hideous' is a bald-faced lie. I should've said 'back to hell you gorgeous work of art,' or something similarly sappy."

The vampiric vixen under my arm groaned, "Oh stop it. Even at my best I wasn't 'gorgeous,' and now all I've been doing is pigging out. Lucky for me blood goes straight to my fat ass. I've got more cellulite than all the King's wives combined."

"I know it's rude to comment on a woman's age, but you've gotta get with the times," I playfully teased, "Nowadays fat asses are the hot ticket item. If you could appear in pictures, you'd be an online sensation."

"Guys like the J-Lo kind of ass," Adria bemoaned, "Smooth and flawless."

I decided to take an Olympic-level hurdle, "Then why have I been hard as a stake since I followed you up the stairs?"

Looking up at me in shock, my fanged female friend muttered aloud, "I saw you looking at my... I just thought you..." I felt her hand snake across my thigh under the blanket and finally land on my crotch, proving true what I had told her. A shiver ran up my spine as she rubbed my cock through my jeans. Those beautiful red eyes widened.

"I meant it," I told her, heart racing, "I have been thinking nonstop about fucking you harder than any anti-nosferatu policy has in the last century."

Adria smiled and shot up, her hands grabbing the sides of my face and pulling me in for a deep, passionate kiss. Her lips were chilled, not freezing cold, just a cool low temperature. Much like a human left outside on a fall day. I didn't care, though, they were soft and tender pulling me in deeper. She shifted herself so that she could lay back, resting her head on the frayed armrest, I lowered myself on top of her, our lips never breaking for a second. With one hand next to her head to support me, I gently ran my fingers through her hair. It went smoothly for a second before I hit a knot. Neither of us had time to prepare for this, so I improvised and just gently placed my hand over her scalp.

Her arms slowly encircled my hips, lightly squeezing the padding I had unfortunately accumulated over the years. Her fingers drifted to my back and with supernatural strength she pulled me down on top of her. An eager tongue pushed through my lips and began exploring my mouth. Like the rest of her, it was cold at first, and a little freaky, but after a few moments it warmed up, bathed in my own heat. As her tongue retreated I followed up sending mine to her mouth, gently brushing past her fangs. They were retracted into her gums, but still very much there, two long canines. I paused for a moment, but let it go. She was pretty, she made me laugh, and she had yet to kick me out.

While our little game of tonsil hockey progressed, I thought I'd push the envelope a little more. I slipped my hand out of her hair and gently outlined my way to her chest, tracing down her collarbone and finally resting on her breast. She moaned slightly as I continued, tracing my around the globe and finally sinking my fingers into it, squeezing the pliable flesh. Once more Adria moaned into my mouth, this time she grabbed a handful of my hair and mashed my lips into hers. I was right, she wasn't wearing a bra, everytime I brushed her nipple she shivered. I squirreled my other arm between the couch cushions to grab her other tit and squeeze, rub, whatever came to my mind.

I became lost in the sensation of the cushioned breast meat between my fingers, not realizing that her hands had vanished from my body. Without warning our lip lock broke and my shirt was yanked over my head, most likely tearing in the process. That was a problem for later. Leaning back I watched my cursed concubine hungrily eye me up and down. She was either going to eat me or fuck me, maybe both, at this point I didn't mind. She matched my posture and reached out, placing her hands on my pecs that were squishier than I had normally prepared for. Her red eyes shone with mirth and ravenous need. I tried to gauge her body language, realizing my breath was shooting out of my body like bullets from a gatling gun. Her chest was perfectly still, and after a minute of panic I remembered she doesn't breathe at all.

"Not bad, Frak," She whispered, gently flicking my nipples with her thumbs, sending miniscule jumps into my brain.

Her hands moved down to my sides, which most would call love handles, and gingerly gripped them. She switched tactics, running her nails slowly down my lower back, which was somewhat painful. I would've yelped, but she moved into me, her head above my shoulder, gently chewing on my earlobe with her non-bloodsucking teeth. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her, feeling oddly vulnerable. Her gently growls as she nuzzled into my neck made me feel safe and relaxed. I was putty in her hands. Without my toolbelt my jeans were far looser on my body, and Adria took advantage of this, pouncing her hands underneath them and my underwear onto my bare ass.

I yelped in surprise, but she shushed me quietly. I held on tighter while her cool hands worked over my ass like the ebb and flow of the tide. One of the few things I still made time for was fencing. Training in any secluded location I could. The hours of squatting and lunging really paid off, it seemed.

"Not bad at all. Don't take this the wrong way," She sensually murmured into my ear, "But how into, like, pegging and stuff are you?"
Her sudden dominance surprised me, and though I'd never tried it, the image of this plump goddess with a strapon was definitely exciting. I brought one of my hands up to the side of her head, moving several hairs aside so I could kiss her gently on cheek.

"Isn't anal usually reserved for second dates?" I asked. One hand snaked down her back, "Besides I thought tonight was about *your* ass."

With that I grabbed a handful of her copious rump and let out a sound that was a mix of a gasp and a groan unconsciously. There was so much of it, and it was firm as living flesh, but also malleable enough to just sink my fingers into a handful. It was a handful of heaven.

Adria retreated, her hands at my shoulders and her eyes level with mine. She seemed to grow a little tipsy as I continued groping her butt, "Sweet Dracula, you really do love my fat ass, don't you?" Her smile was almost sheepish, the dominance of moments ago faded.

I doubled down, moving my other hand to her mountainous backside, grabbing either side of her ass, "You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, living or undead, and yes. I love your wonderful, and awe-inspiring fat ass."

Wanting to surprise her just as she surprised me earlier, I slipped my thumbs into her waistband and yanked them down as low as I could. My intention was to smoothly slide to the floor and be as close to eye-level with her crotch as I could, but with her arms around me and my own lack of grace I stumbled off the couch and landed with one knee on the hard floor.

"FUCK!" I roared, gritting my teeth. I gripped my knee, finding another pair of fingers interlaced with mine. I looked up to see Adria kneeling next to me, focused on my injury.

"I'm fine," I said, wiping moisture from my eyes.

"I have some frozen blood bags downstairs, I can get you one if you want. My skin soaks up heat pretty easy, so I don't think my hands are cold enough to stop the swelling." She looked up at me, her brows furrowed in this adorable expression.

"I'll pass on the blood bag, I should be alright. I have an old knee injury from a, uh, job, I did a while back, but it is what it is." The absurdity of my klutzed attempt at romance struck me and I began laughing gently. Adria loosened up and followed suit, both of us half naked laughing on the floor. I tried to salvage whatever suave I had left, to no avail, "I should probably put my lower vantage point to good use while I'm down here. Would you mind grabbing me a pillow I can kneel on while I, y'know?"

The blood-sucking bombshell looked at me confused for a moment so I added, "I want to eat you out. This was supposed to be a whole smooth transition and I really hope the moment hasn't passed--"

Adria perked up at the mention of being cunilinged, and darted out of the room. The old adage "Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave" was so true. As she had said, her glutes were heavily dotted with cellulite where they met her thighs, and as I had said it was sexy as fuck. Watching her cheeks wobble endlessly when she ran out had my cock straining for release. I was raised a gentleman, however, ladies first.

My buxom beauty came rushing back in with several large bed pillows, which she immediately lay before me, her inhuman speed pushing her along. I looked up at her and smiled while adjusting my footing. It wasn't going to be comfortable, but hopefully while face deep in her vulva, I wouldn't notice. I gestured by tipping my head, and before I could register, she was spread legged on the couch in front of me.

She seemed brimming with excitement, worrying the collar of her shirt while grinning. Based on the way she described her ex, I doubt he'd done his loverly duties, leaving Adria a little pent up. That stupid fuck. Expectations were laid at my doorstep, and I admit I'm no Michael Douglas, but I try my best. Ignoring my knees cries, I made my move.

Adria really had to part her thighs to give me proper access, their cushioned width made my heart race. If she chose to crush my head between them, I had no issue. I placed gentle kisses on her creamy skin, slowly moving towards her groin. She stirred restlessly as I advanced, I didn't know vampires could be ticklish. I could make that work. Finally I had reached the end of my trench run, a light strip of green fabric. I hadn't noticed her underwear from behind, as it had been devoured by her ass. I could smell her womanhood, and to some surprise it was indistinguishable from a living girl's. The sharp scent put me at ease somewhat. Hopefully this meant all the tricks I use on living girls would work just fine on her.

I found her waistband between her thighs and stomach, which I could tell from my limited touch was just as soft and alluring as I imagined. I'd need to get her shirt off soon. As I began to peel back her thong, Adria grabbed my hands.

"This was , y'know, unexpected. I uh, I didn't have time to, you know, tidy up--" She nervously put forth. Her hesitation laid an even greater responsibility on my shoulders. She deserved a great lover to treat her with the tenderness and grace she deserved. Unfortunately she'd have to settle for me, but I could try.

"Oh dear god, the horror," I said in complete deadpan, calling upon my best Gene Wilder. I winked at her and continued pulling down her underthings. I slipped past her slackened fingers and revealed a pale vulva, a tuft of blood red hair surrounding it. Some guys like girls to be pornstar-smooth, but to me I didn't see a difference between the hair on her head and the hair between her legs. It's all the same and it wasn't going to stop me from trying to make her squeal.

I was a little rustier than I'd like to admit, so finding the ideal position for my head took a moment, but I found my rhythm, burying my face into her crotch, my tongue licking at her outer lips. The vampire vixen gasped, and placed her hands on my head, resting them in my knotted mop while I teased slightly. The flesh was cool at first, which was slightly off-putting, but it warmed up the more I lapped at it. Small squeaks and yelps popped out of her as I moved onto her inner folds. I was angled at a way that I couldn't see anything but her shirt, so sounds were how I would gauge my performance. In between exploration of her more sensitive insides I flicked up to her clit. Well I tried. After a few flicks I found the hood my prize was under. I couldn't let up my affair with her inner lips, but that damned hood was bugging me. That was until I slipped under it finally, and Adria gasped. Fuck yes.

Had I been given more time to prepare I would've tried to play around with her arousal, build it and gently let it down, but I'd rarely made that work at my peak. I slowly shifted focus from playing with her entrance and flicking at her clitoris, to full on clitoral assault. As my attention shifted, my undead lover tightened her grip on my scalp, and slowly closed her fleshy thighs. I may get my wish after all. Adria whimpered while I began to lose oxygen, squished between her limbs. Concern slowly crept into my mind until I heard Adria make gasping cries, obviously building to orgasm. I maintained my course, speed and rhythm constant. My jaw ached and my knee sang, but I had a job to do. Mama didn't raise no quitter, wait no that sounded wrong.

Adria called out, but the sound cut short. Her whole body tensed, then slowly relaxed. My face was covered in her liquids, the mark of my victory. I eased my efforts out, lowering my head to take deep breaths now that I was free. Finally having enough of my knee's cries for help I stood up, looking down to see Adria shaking slightly, her pale lifeless flesh almost looked more, I don't know, alive.

Snapping out of her trance she jumped up wrapped herself around me. Let me clarify, she leapt off the ground and perfectly landed with her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands around my neck. Who gives a fuck if she's not human, this girl is wonderful. She planted a deep kiss on my still slick lips and pulled back, giggling slightly as if in disbelief.

"Sorry," she said, disengaging and levitating slowly to the ground, "It's just been a while, since, uh--"

"Since someone gave a shit about making you happy," I finished. I gave her a toothy grin and instinctively wiped my hand across my mouth.

"Oh, let me," Adria cut in, pulling her shirt off and wiping my face of her juices. While she did this my eyes were glued to her swaying breasts. They definitely had some weight to them and sagged slightly. Holy shit they were amazing. I could also see the definition of her hips, curving like a coastline. And of course, her paunched stomach was just begging for some love and attention.

One my face was clear, her t-shirt was discarded and my lover's attentions were directed to the much looser secondary belt around my pants. In the seconds it took her to remove the entire apparatus I realized that I was actually standing next to her for the first time. She was around 5'2"-3" a little on the shorter side. At 5'10" myself, we made a good match.

As I mulled on this my pants hit the floor and my exactly six inch cock sprung out. Exactly six inches, no more no less. Okay, five point nine inches. Okay fine, it's five point six, but who really keeps track of that? Besides, Adria didn't seem to mind, looking from it back to me. The cool air on my junk spurred me to action.

I wrapped one arm around her shoulders, kissing and sucking on her neck, while my other hand came down on an appropriately strength spank on her right ass cheek. She yelped, and I made sure to watch the stockpile of gluteal tissue shake on impact.

"I know it's usually kind to reciprocate, but I just really need to fuck you. Do you have anywhere more spacious than the couch?" I asked between kisses.

Without realizing it, she knocked my knees out from under me and caught me like a superhero catching a damsel. I was literally at her mercy as she carried me out of the living room, Netflix still playing.

"Are you sure you don't want me to blow you a little bit? I'd hate for you to think of me as a bad host." She playfully chided, smirking devilishly.

"Next time," I responded, rubbing one of her nipples between my fingers.

"So much talk of next time," She prodded, "You're an eager one. Just make sure your mouth isn't writing checks your ass," One of her hands grabbed a solid hold on my buttcheek, "Can't cash."

Her aloof look faded as we made it into what I assumed was a bedroom, "I really like you. I mean it's not like I had a choice. I'm not usually this easy, but I wanna have some fun before you run off with another vampire girl."

Her weakness was on display once more, fear hiding behind her eyes. "You're right, I'm totally turned off by the gorgeous woman who wants to watch Netflix and fuck my brains out. You got me." Her smile came back as I spoke, "It's gonna take a lot to get rid of me. Especially since most other vampire girls are little more than skin and bone," I told her, pinching her nipple a little harder.

With a grin Adria tossed me forward. Halfway into my descent I slowed greatly, touching down onto a pillowy king-size mattress. The structure I had landed in was similar to a four-poster bed, but with wooden paneling instead of curtains. It was a very spacious and luxurious coffin.

I scooted up the bed to lay my head in the gap between pillows that had obviously been emptied during our last escapade. Adria didn't waste a second landing on top of me, licking, kissing and, sucking on every bit of flesh she could reach. I moaned, a slave to whatever sensations she saw fit for me. Her fingertips tickled up my sides before tweaking at my nipples. In a moment it stopped and she stared into my eyes like a wolf about to strike.

"I get to be on top first. Consider this payback for making me cum so hard," still staring at me she reached to my waist and fondled my cock. "Just lay back and enjoy it, baby."

Gracefully, she lowered herself onto my dick, and I immediately moaned loudly. Her wet insides gripped me, the texture of her canal drove me wild. It was strangely cold, though. Somehow I didn't mind. The bombshell atop me rocked her hips forward, all our sensitive spots grinding against one another.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck!" I called out. With the growing friction, her vagina grew hotter and hotter. After all that teasing I was going wild. I could practically see stars. I grabbed her swinging tits to steady myself on something textile. Their plush feeling was familiar and--oh dear god I can't focus.

Adria gasped with each motion, apparently she did breathe sometimes, I don't know. "You like that, baby?" She shot out between breaths, "You look like you're gonna cum a fucking bucket-full, wonderous Wallachia, you are so fucking cute."

Lost in sensation I had no reply. Whatever had happened in my life before this, I was now hers. Not a bad shake. This is why it surprised me when she leapt off me. I sat up, head spinning to see her lying facedown on the foot of the bed.

"I remember there being talk of loving my big sexy ass?" She said in a sing-song voice. Her confidence was now in full sway as she shook her hips back and forth, the mounds of fat clinging to her hips quaking. She looked back with a wicked grin, challenging me.

I dove at her ass, grabbing at each cheek while I planted a firm kiss into the meat of it. I roughly massaged the flesh kissing as much as I could, which wasn't much despite my best efforts. I stared down for a moment while kneading her abundant hindquarters, watching it squish under my touch. I looked up to see Adria biting down on the blanket in front of her. She was loving it. Time to give her something she'll really love. I hope.

I spread her cheeks, revealing her cute little hole, pink and clenched tight.

"Wait, what--" She began, which quickly switched to a moan as I landed tongue first on her sphincter. "Just remember--" She called out between grunts, "Anything you do to my ass, I do to--" she grunted again, "--yours!"

I couldn't focus, I was tracing her muscle-ring, giving gentle licks between. I still groped at her cheeks while trying to hold them apart as best I could while I worked. I thought there was nothing better than being smothered between her thighs. I was wrong. I decided to have a little bit more fun and moved my left hand down to her thigh. As I continued slobbering on her asshole, my free hand felt the slickness of her pussy. After a quick moment I found her hood again. Timing was everything here, just as I found her clitoris my tongue probed into her rectal canal.

Her muscles clenched on my tongue as she cried out. "Fuck, how do you fucking know all this--" Her question was cut short as I found the right melody to play on her clit while exploring her ass. She hadn't used this orifice in what was at least sixty years by my guess. In some ways that made it hotter. I continued to lick hungrily at her clean and unforgotten insides.

"Fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum with your--" The undead venus was cut off as she followed through on her words. Her muscles, front and back, tightened as she yelped out cries of pleasure for a second time. When it was finished I removed myself from her wonderful rump gasping.

Without missing a beat, Adria flipped over and hovered quickly to be fully underneath me. "Fuck me until you cum harder than you ever have in your life, that's an order," she said, staring at me with a new need. A far more emotional one. I think she's falling for me.

I lined up and returned to her loving tunnel. I locked my arms around the back of her neck and kissed this beautiful beast with all the passion I had. Her legs locked around me, and in seconds I was building to orgasm again.

"You're so fucking amazing," I gasped out. Was I falling for her? Fuck it, it wasn't that bad.

"I'm gonna milk you of every load you've ever dreamed of having," She shot back, eyes closed intensely. "You're mine now, and I'm gonna make you cum--unh--until you're bone dry." She opened her eyes halfway, as if expecting me to retreat.

"That's if you can still--oh god--think straight after everything I'm gonna do to you," I smiled at her, "I've still got plenty of--fuck--tricks left to play." She smiled back and I realized I had actually fallen for her. Oops.

The consequences of this cou--fuck fuck FUCK! I pulled the now fully warm vampire into me as I came. My body shook, every muscle was on fire while my brain went blank. The sensation of pleasure appeared and disappeared from random parts of my brain like fireworks. Blasts of semen rocked out of me into Adria's innards. It felt like a firehose, leaving my dick physically sore. Can vampires really get pregnant or is that a myth? The fuck if I care. When my vision returned I collapsed onto my elbows, gulping for breath, sweat pouring off of me.

Adria lifted me gently, pulling me out of her. I wasn't fully aware of what happened, but I ended up laying on a pillow while she curled up next to me, shaking herself from the intensity. I pulled her close to me, like a safety blanket and closed my eyes.

"Quick nap... " I muttered, "...round two..."

"I know baby," My new lover purred, "Rest up, I'm not going anywhere. I love y--"

Silence followed her slip.

"Love ya' too," I muttered as I blacked out.

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