Plumper fixer


Plumper fixer
Iâ??m Sam, 43, divorced over 10 years now. I am 5â?? 10, 175 lbs, brown hair and eyes, and have been told I am easy on the eyes. I work as a supervisor in a large warehouse that handles medical supplies, all over the counter stuff. I also flip homes as a hobby. My dad was in construction and taught the business and trade.

I make a pretty good living just from my normal job and I do pretty good flipping houses. I will, on occasion, do some remodeling too, but prefer not doing that. When I was married, I did flip a few homes, but the ex got pissed because I did not make enough to suit her. She was a bitch on wheels and very self centered. Somehow we lasted 8 years, lord knows how, I know it wasnâ??t because of the sex, because she could care less about sex and was usually one and done, with no imagination.

Since the divorce, I vowed never to marry again, and if I felt a woman was getting to close, I would end it. But, finding pussy in this day and age is pretty easy, and many of the women now a days, just want a sex buddy, which is exactly what I like. But recently, I havenâ??t had time for women because I had put my off time into a house I was flipping and I just finished it up in December. That took about 8 months to handle.

It was now January, and I figured it was time to mingle and find me a partner. Then one day, I was at work and a guy that works with me, Jim, asked if I had any free time to look at his mother in laws master bath. Now Jim is 28, a good guy and has worked for me for 10 years now. I have met his wife, Mary, who is 24 and a cute and definitely sexy girl.

â??So Jim, what exactly does she want done?â? â??She wants to tear out the bath tub and replace it just a shower, a new vanity, toilet, and counter top, and a new floor.â?, he said. â??Why donâ??t you do it for her?â? â??Shitâ?, he laughed, â??I have no clue on how to do stuff like that.â? I just laughed and said that I usually donâ??t do remodels, but for him, I would at least take a look at it and see. â??Itâ??s not a cheap thing to do.â?, I said.

â??Oh, I know, but she has the money to do it, and I have seen your work, so I know it will be done right.â? â??I will help, where and when I can too.â? To me, that means heâ??ll help take a few things out to the garbage, but thatâ??s going to be about it. Plus, I work alone and prefer doing it that way.

I thought about it and decided to at least look at the job. I didnâ??t have anything going on now., and I usually wait until spring to buy a flipper. I told Jim to set up a time to meet with his wifeâ??s mom, but, he was going to be there with me. He agreed and set up a time for that Saturday,

I went over to Jimâ??s so I could follow him over. I knocked on the door and Mary answered. â??I am so glad that you are going to look at this Sam.â? â??Thatâ??s cool, but I havenâ??t taken the job yet.â? â??I know, but mom doesnâ??t know where to turn to get this type of thing done. Sheâ??s been in that house now over 20 years, and trust me, it is quite dated.â?

Now Mary is definitely a looker. 5â?? 4 , maybe 120 lbs. Great ass, especially in jeans, and I have seen her in short shorts too, so I know the ass is quite nice. She has a nice rack too, C cup, and looks quite firm. If she fucks, half way as good as she looks, Jim is definitely a lucky guy.

I followed Jim and Mary over to her momâ??s. She loves in the next town over from Jim and myself, so it was a short ride, of maybe 15 minutes. When we got there, Mary introduced me to her mom, Ann. Ann, I come to find out, is 48, 5â??4, about 140 lbs. Not fat, but her ass is a little bigger than her daughters. She too, has a good 36 C size breast. She is not model gorgeous, but she is quite attractive, with brown, shoulder length hair, pretty hazel eyes and a great smile.

Let me put it to you this way, â??I wouldnâ??t kick her out of bed, thatâ??s for sureâ?. Annâ??s house was a typical bungalow style, with two bedrooms down, and hers upstairs. It has a pretty dated kitchen and dining room area, and that could use a makeover for sure. If I was to flip the house, I would tear it all out, remove a wall to open it up more and add new cabinets and flooring.

After we sat and talked, and she tried to explain what she wants, she led us upstairs to the master bath. To get there, we had to pass through her bedroom, which was nice, and definitely a womanâ??s. Big king size bed, with tonâ??s of throw pillows on it. The bathroom was very nice sized, 10 x 8 foot, which is big for a bathroom, with a big closet in it.

After looking it over, and listening to her say what she would like, I said it could be done, and probably would cost about 6 grand, barring any unseen bullshit that sometimes come with these types of baths. â??6 grand is what I have budgeted for this, so I am fine.â?

As we talked, she would touch my arm, or shoulder, so she is one of those touchy feely types. I wouldnâ??t mind touching her sometime, I thought. We went over everything she wanted, like a double sink, and a big shower, new tile floor and toilet. I could see why the toilet. It was a light blue thing, looked quite ugly actually. I asked if she wanted a granite top for the vanity. She said fine, if it is in the budget.

After we finished, we went back downstairs to her kitchen and she got us all beers and we talked some more. I said I would work up a model for her and a price and we made arrangements for meeting this coming Tuesday.

I saw Jim on Monday and he said Ann is so happy this may happen. I asked about her and he said, â??Well Ann does date, but doesnâ??t have anyone right now. She doesnâ??t date them long either. If she thinks a guy wants to get serious, she drops him quick.â? I laughed and thought, wow a female version of me. Jim then said, â??Yeah, she just wants to go out, and if she feels he is ok, she go to bed with him. She is very open about her sex life with us.â? And laughed.

I met with Ann on Tuesday evening. She just got home from work, in which she is an accountant, for a local accounting business. Right now is tax time, so they are quite busy, but she said she likes to leave by 6pm, the latest. I told her what I think about the job, itâ??s cost and showed her a mock up on my laptop. She was extremely happy.

â??Now, I am bonded and asked if you have a problem with me having a key to get in, since I am done with work by 2:30pm weekdays? â?? â??Oh no, Iâ??ll get you oneâ?, and she left and came back a minute later with a key. I said I try to work during the week and maybe some Saturdays, but I usually donâ??t on Sundays.

â??That works for me. I work Monday through Friday, and half days on Saturdays.â? â??Well good then, I will order the stuff I need then, and start Thursday with tearing out the old stuff.â? â??Wow, that quick huh?â? I laughed, and said, â??Yeah, I donâ??t like to waste time, yours or mineâ?

As I talked with her, I couldnâ??t help but check her out. She had on a black skirt, that came to mid thigh and a cream colored, button down top, that showed just enough of her 36C breasts. She has nice legs, and is quite a pretty lady. She definitely doesnâ??t look in her late 40â??s. Maybe I could get lucky with her, at some point.

So I started working nightly at her place. When ever she arrived home she would change into sweats and sweaters, but she still looked pretty decent. She always came upstairs and chatted with me. Offered me dinner, but I usually brought something with me.

About 4 weeks into the project, she came home, and changed into those yoga pants, all the women are wearing of later. They were black, and she wore a pink polo, that really showed off her assets. If she had any undies on, it had to be a thong, because her ass looked unconfined and the pants rode right up her crack and when she stood there talking with me, her camel toe was quite pronounced.

Damn she looked hot in that outfit. She did, on a few occasions, flirt some with me. And would ask questions about my dating habits. That night she was making tacoâ??s and asked if I wanted any. I said, sure, figuring I could get to see her more in this outfit, which was making my groin stir some.

We talked about past people we dated and she then told me about why she got divorced. â??I was married to the ex for 10 years then. I came home from work early one day, and saw his car there. Mary was still in school and not due home for another 2 hours.â? â??I thought it strange him being home. So I came in and didnâ??t hear anything down here, so I walked up the stairs and into the bedroom, and there he was, balls deep into this little tramp, just fucking the hell out of her.â? â??Wowâ? I said. â??Yeah, I come to find out, she works for him and was 22 at the time.â?

â??all I could say was â??Really, in our bed you fucking bastard?â? â??I know I shocked the hell out of them and he rolled off of her so fast. She jumped off the bed and grabbed her clothes and ran downstairs.â? I asked, â??what did he say.â? â??Nothingâ?. â??Just got up, dressed, went to the closet, got out his suit case, filled it with his clothes and stuff and left.â? â??Needless to say, I divorced shortly afterwards, which really hit Mary hard.â?

â??I could see if I was a bitch, but in my eyes, he hung the moon for me. I did everything a wife should do, And when it came to sex, he never heard no from me. Christ, I love sex too. 4 to 5 times week we made love.â? â??We even toyed with the idea of swinging. We have friends who get into that and asked us.â?

â??By the way, you can swear around me, because I do a lot.â? then chuckled. I did not know what to say to her, except that I was sorry for him treating you that way. â??Thatâ??s why I donâ??t date much and if I do, I never let a guy to close to me.â? â??If I feel he wants more than going out, and an occasional romp in the bed, I end it.â? This is definitely my type of woman, and judging how she is dressed tonight, she may just want that romp.

I told her about my ex, and what a bitch she was, and probably still is. Nothing I did was good enough for her and always bitched about everything. I tried to make it work, but you can be beat down so much and you just have to say fuck it. As for sex, we were lucky if we did it once a week, and towards the end, it was nonexistent.

I also told her that I would never marry again too. â??Once bitten, twice shyâ? â??Why go through that again, no matter how much you think you love them.â? â??but, if I really felt the right one came along, I may try it one more time.â? Ann laughed and said, â??well you are a better person than me, because for that to happen, you better hang the sun, the hell with the moon.â?

After we ate, I decided I better get home. I did go home and masturbate, thinking back to how she looked. Truth be told, I had been doing it quite a lot now, just thinking of her.

The next night, I heard Ann downstairs with someone else, talking, and laughing. About 10 minutes later, they were standing in the doorway watching me work. Annâ??s friend, Pam, spoke up. â??Nice job.â? Then she looked at Ann and said, â??Damn, heâ??s hot looking and can build things, oh my.â?

Ann introduced us and then had some small talk. Pam says, â??when you are finished here, I have a bunch of things that need fixed and wouldnâ??t mind watching you work, in fact, do it naked.â? , then laughed. Ann smacked pam on the arm and told her to knock that off or sheâ??ll scare me off.

After Pam left, Ann told me some things about her friend, who lives just a block away. She is divorced now, almost 8 years. Her husband decided he wanted a man for a partner. They were the couple her ex and Ann were thinking of trying swinging with. Pam is 53, 5â?? 7, 120lbs at best, rather skinny, with blond hair and small boobs, roughly 32bâ??s. Not my type, but doable. Ann laughed and said, â??if you take her up on her offer to fix things, sheâ??ll probably want more than just house items fixed, if you know what I mean.â? I just laughed it off. Although I am still hoping Ann needed some things â??fixedâ? on her.
That Friday, I was finishing up putting in the floor tile and started the subway tile in the shower. The shower was 5 foot wide and I had built in shelves in 2 places for all of her shampoos and stuff. We picked out a light gray tile, but also a dark gray for a border around the shelving unit.
It was about 6:30 when Ann showed up from work. She came into the bedroom then over to doorway and said what a rotten day it was. She looked tired, but at the same time, really pretty. She was wearing a dark blue skirt, that hung mid-thigh, showing off her legs nicely. Her thighs are a little thick, but not fat at all. She was wearing a light blue, button down top, with the first top 2 buttons undone, and had on a pearl necklace too that rest comfortably in her cleavage.

I looked up at her, and said, â??wow, you look fantasticâ?. She laughed, but said thanks. I was hungry and really wanted to spend time with her, so I asked if she would like to go out and grab a bite to eat. She thought for a second, then said â??sure, but let me change.â? â??No, go as you are, you look beautiful.â? I said. â??Oh stop, I am not all that.â? â??well, in my eyes you are and would love to be seen in public with such a lovely woman.â? She blushed some, but said ok.

I asked her if she liked burgers, and she said she hasnâ??t had one in a long time, she mostly eats chicken, but a nice burger sounds real good tonight. So I told her about this sports bar / grill that makes one of the best and you build it your way. She was game.

Off we went, and when we parked my truck and started walking in the parking lot, she slipped, just a little, so she grabbed onto my arms and I steadied her and we walked in arm in arm. The place was crowded, but we did not wait long.

As we ate dinner, we talked about many different things. Her raising Mary by herself, from when Mary was just 9 years old. I told her you did a fantastic job of it, because I have always found Mary so nice, polite and energetic. We also found out that we both like, being outdoors, like camping, fishing, swimming and stuff like that. We both like some of the same TV shows, but neither of us, is the type that lets TV rule our lives, and neither of us likes the reality shows they have on now, and we both love watching the different fixer upper shows on that one channel.

After we finished eating, we both drank a beer and I asked her if she ever played darts. â??No, always wanted to try it, just never have.â? â??Good, then let me show you how.â? We went over by the dart boards and I explained how it is played, depending on the game.

Her first couple of attempts to throw the dart, wasnâ??t close to hitting the board. So I got behind her and held her throwing hand in mine, and wrapped my other arm around her waist. My head was next to hers and I could smell her perfume she had on. Damn, I wanted to just kiss her then. I showed her how to throw it, and she was getting better. She asked me to show her again, and I did, but this time, her butt pushed back into my crotch. I was already half hard, just being close to her, but when she did that, the old blood started pumping harder to that area. She had to have felt my cock all hard.

She started getting the hang of it. We laughed and joked around, and she was always touching me, in between throws. It was a little past 10, when she said she better get home, because she had to work tomorrow. I hated seeing the night end, but we left and I took her home. It was starting to snow lightly, and the forecast said we might get a Norâ??easter rolling in over the weekend, but the weather is never accurate here.

I walked her up to the door, and we went inside. She took off her coats and threw it over the chair, by the door. She came to me and said, â??I had a great time tonight, and thank you.â? â??I did too and thank you for goingâ? I then leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed me back, so I knew she wasnâ??t going to freak on me.

â??I was wondering, would you like to go out tomorrow evening for dinner and maybe a movie?â? â??You mean, like as in a date?â? â??Yes, exactly as a date.â? I then leaned back in and kissed her again, but this time, her lips opened and I started to probe her mouth with my tongue. She moaned slightly, then pulled back and softly said, â??Yesâ?. Then her arms went around my neck and I pulled her in and we started kissing again, but this time with more passion. Our tongues danced over each other.

Her body was tightly against mine as we continued to kiss, and I could feel my cock swell up, wishing I could just sweep her up in my arms, and take her to bed. But, being somewhat smart, I broke the kiss and said I better get going. She sighed a little and asked if I was coming over tomorrow and I said yes, probably around 8am. She said she would see me when she got home after 1pm.

When I got home, I showered then climbed into bed. My cock was raging and all I could think of was her naked, laying in bed, with my head buried between her sweet thighs, licking away. Took me no time at all to cum, just thinking about her.

I got up about 6:30, did the usual business, then went to the kitchen and made coffee. I looked outside and a nice little storm was going on. Already 6 inches on the ground. I turned on the TV and saw the weather. The Norâ??easter did arrive and they were calling for 12 to 18 inches by morning tomorrow. Damn, we might not be going out tonight after all.

I decided I would shave now, then looked down at my crotch area and said, shit, I better give that a touch up. About 6 years previous, I dated a lady who liked the whole area shaved smooth, and I have kept it that way ever since.

I packed up a bag then with clean clothes for tonight, plus a set for tomorrow, just in case all goes well and I stay the night, plus my shaving kit bag too. It was now 7:30, when I left. It was a slow go, even for me with a 4 wheel drive pickup. When I arrived at Annâ??s I noticed no tracks in her drive, and now assumed she hadnâ??t left yet.

I went in through the back door, which leads right into the kitchen. When I stepped in, my mouth hit the floor. Ann was up on a step stool, reaching for something, but what she was wearing made me cock hard as a rock. Ann was wearing a short, red silk robe, and as she was reaching, only covered her half exposed, naked ass. As she turned to look my way, I diverted my eyes, so I wasnâ??t caught looking at her.

I set my bag down and removed my coat, as she came back down the stool. â??Good morning Sam. I didnâ??t expect to see you today, with the weather like it is.â? I laughed and said, â??shit, itâ??s just snow and my truck goes through just about anything.â?

â??My boss called and said for me to stay home today. No reason to drive in this crap, so here I am. I was just about to make coffee and some breakfast. Want to join me?â? I said sure. â??Nothing fancy, just some bagels and cream cheese.â? I personally would have loved to eat something on her instead. She didnâ??t seem to wigged out over last night, so that was good. We gathered up our breakfast and she suggested moving to the couch.

We ate in silence and watched the weather channel. When she was finished with her bagel, she say her coffee down. She was sitting on the end of the couch, legs curled up under her, and the robe was showing lots of her thighs, which I would have loved spreading and licking her to multiple orgasms.

â??Look, about last night.â? Oh shit, I thought, may be last night wasnâ??t a good idea after all. She must of read my face because she said, â??oh stop, itâ??s nothing bad.â?, then continued, â??last night was great, and the way you kissed me set me on fire. But, I am also glad you acted like a true gentleman and did not pursue it any farther.â? I started to say something, but she said, â??wait, hear me out first.â?

â??Sam, I was so close to pulling you upstairs and us getting naked and fucking our brains out.â? â??But, I smiled when inside, when you said you better go.â? â??Then I lay in bed half the night wondering why we didnâ??t.â? â??I know I told you I did not want any type of relationship with a man, but, for some reason, I can see us as lovers and great friends, and if it builds from there, so be it, I am not going to fight it.â? â??I want to be your lover, if youâ??ll have me that way.â? Well, I guess I should quit thinking and start listening more.

â??Ann, I too had trouble sleeping last night, and when we were kissing, I wanted so bad to take you upstairs and just ravish your gorgeous body. But I was afraid you would freak out.â? Ann just smiled. â??I would love to be your lover and see where this may lead. Who knows, we may not like each other sexually, and that can happen, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.â? â??We seem to be compatible in many areas, so letâ??s see how we are in bed.â?

She took my cup, and set it down on the end table, then crawled into my lap and started kissing me. There was such fire and passion in her kiss. Our tongues explored each otherâ??s mouths, as our hands went exploring each otherâ??s bodyâ??s. My one hand found her one breast and started rubbing it. Her moanâ??s were soft, yet sexy. Her hand found my crotch and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

â??My god, you are so hard Babyâ?. â??I think it is my partner who is making me this hard.â? I was rubbing her nipple now, which was hard and sticking out a good inch from her mound. She moaned louder as I rubbed it. We were still kissing and she said, â??I needâ?? you,, to..know..â? as we kept kissing, â??I love.. talking.. dirtyâ?? I also.. love.. hearing it.. It really.. turns .. me.. onnnnnnnnn..â?

She stopped then, stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me up. â??Letâ??s go upstairs, where we can play the day away in comfort.â? We started walking up the stairs and her robe slipped off, exposing her sex ass to me. â??God, you have a sexy ass Ann.â? â??You mean fat ass.â? â??No Baby, a great sexy ass.â? â??well, it is all yours to play with all you want, and thank youâ?. I too, was stripping as we went up the stairs. By the time we reached the bedroom, all I had on was socks and my boxers.

When we got in the room, I quickly shed the sox, and Ann came up and pulled down my boxers. Her hand went right for my cock, which was standing at attention. She gripped it then started stroking me softly. â??mmmmmmmmm, you are so big.â? I must say, I am not that big. A good 7 inches, but thick, like a corn cob in thickness, and no woman has ever complained, well, except for the ex, but she hated sex.

She led us to the bed, got on, and laid on her back. I lay next to her and took her in my arms. Our kisses were passionate, and wanting. We both knew what we wanted, and nothing was going to stop us from achieving pleasure now. As we kissed, her hand went back to my cock, and started stroking it again. My one hand found her ass, and squeezed it gently, then let my fingers roam to her crack and let them run up and down, and when they would brush against her puckered little hole, she would moan louder. So ass play was good with her I see.

Ann then gently pushed me to my back and started kissing down my neck, then my chest, stopping to lick and suck each nipple. Then she ran her tongue down my stomach to my waiting cock. She started licking the shaft slowly. Up and down, and the whole time, her eyes were locked on mine. I moaned out in pleasure. Then she licked and sucked my balls. â??God Sam, I love this no hair look and feel, damn it is sexy.â? She came back up my shaft and took the head into her hungry mouth. I could feel her tongue all over the head, which was making me harder.

â??Baby, I love cum, just so you know.â? I just moaned and I was getting close. â??Ann, please stop for now, I donâ??t want to cum yet. Let me save that for later.â? â??Oh Ok, but promise me at some point, youâ??ll let me have it all.â? â??yes, I promise I will, but later.â?

I pulled her back up to me then rolled her over and laid on top of her. Kissing her more. I could taste my pre-cum, that was still on her lips. I then started kissing down her neck, then on to her boobs, which were still pretty firm, considering she is 48. I licked around her dark pink areolas and then sucked in her hard nipple. She moaned out loudly as I did this. I then licked over to the other and did the same, with Ann moaning more and more. I pushed her tits together and put both nipples in my mouth, and Ann lifted her ass off the ground and gasped hard and had a small orgasm.

I traced my tongue down her belly, stopping to lick her belly button. Although not a flat belly, she had this tiny roll and I knew she was self conscience of, so I paid homage to it and licked a great deal there. Her moaning was increasing, the close I got to her sex. Her aroma was breath taking and I couldnâ??t wait to lap up every drop of her girl cum she would expel from that sweet pussy.

When I got to her mon, there was a small rectangular patch of brown hair, no more than an inch long. â??God you sexy Ann. I love the small patch.â? As I kissed and licked it, she said, â??I did it late last night. It was a forest down there, but I had this feeling you and I were going to fuck today, more so tonight, but i wanted it to look its best.â?

I started kissing all around her pussy now, but not actually touching those lips and definitely not her clit. Her clit was quite pronounced and showing. I sucked her thighs, leaving hickies on both inner thighs. Then traced my tongue to her taint, and downward to her asshole. When my tongue flicked acrossed it, I heard â??Ahgggggggggâ?, so I knew she like that. I would come back to that later today.

I came back up and started licking her labia. Sucking and kissing both lips, then sticking my tongue in her soaking wet slit. God she tasted so good. â??Oh fuckkkkkkk Sam, that feels soooooooo good, eat me, please, donâ??t stop and eat me.â?

I kept licking and teasing, and when she got close to cumming, I would back off and slow down. â??Fuck, you tease. Please make me cum soon.â? She yelled out. I dipped my tongue in her slit deeper now, tasting the flow of her juices. She was ripe for cumming, and I continued doing what I had been doing. She arched her back and growled, â??Oh damn, I am cummingggggggggggg, Fuckkkkkkkkkkâ?.

Juices flowed from her as I ate every drop I could. Although not a squirter, at least not yet, it was a good amount of girl cum flowing from her pussy. She was pushing her [ussy hard into my face, so I continued to lick and suck her pussy lips. I know she wanted me inside her, but I wasnâ??t through with eating her.

This time I took a finger and ran it up and down her slit, making sure it lightly brushed against her clit, which sent a shock wave through her. I was sucking her one lip when I pushed my finger in. â??Ahggggggggg, yessssssssssssssss.â? Her hands were holding on to my hair, pushing my face tighter to her snatch. I was finger fucking her good now, and she was panting hard.

She was getting close again, so I inserted another finger and really started finger fucking her tight little hole. Her muscles grabbed my fingers and were almost sucking them in by herself. My mouth latched on to her clit now, and my tongue danced softly against it. â??FFFFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK Yessssssssssssssssâ?.

I started working my fingers more and sucking her clit. I wanted her to cum hard, and when she did, I was going to bury my cock deep inside her. Another minute of this ministration and Ann yelled out, â??Oh My God, I am fucking cummingggggggggggg you bastardâ?. Her ass rose off the bed, and her whole body was shaking now. Her moans were so loud. Luckily the house was closed up and the neighbors couldnâ??t hear us.

My cock was so hard now, knowing I gave her a great cum. As her body settled back on the bed, I kneeled then lined the head of my cock up with her wet slit. â??Shitâ?. â??Whatâ? she asked. â??Condomâ?. â??Oh fuck that, I am safe, hope you are tooâ? â??I amâ?. â??Good Fuck me now, but go slow at first, itâ??s been over a year for me.â? â??I will, plus itâ??s been almost 9 months for me and I want to savor every second of this.â? Ann just smiled as I started pushing in.

Her pussy was really tight, and extremely hot, but after a good 30 seconds, I was all the way in. â??My god, you fill me up so fucking good. Donâ??t move for a minute, let me feel just this.â? I kept my weight off of her, and leaned down and kissed her. My face was coated with her girl cum, and she started licking my chin and cheeks, and seemed to enjoy her juices.

I started pumping slowly in and out. As I pulled back, I would take the head to where it was almost all the way out, then plunge back in.â?Godddddddddddddd, you feel so good.â? She moaned out. I kept that up for a couple of minutes, then she said, â??Faster Baby, and harderâ?

I crooked her legs at her knees, over my forearms, adjusted my stance and started fucking her harder now, and faster. â??Fuck.. yes.. thatâ??s it.. harder.. babyyy. Fuckkkkkkkkkkâ? You could hear our skin slapping together with each thrust. Her pussy muscles were grabbing my cock, trying to hold it captive.

We were both moaning loud now. â??God Ann, your pussy feels so hot and like velvet to meâ? â??argggggggggg, god .. keep. Going.. just.. like.. thisâ?? oh fuck.. I am.. almost.. thereâ?

â??Annie, I have to cummmmmmmmmmmâ?. â??Oh god yesssssssssss, shoot your cum deep inside me, cuz I am going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmâ? I started shooting rope after rope of cum deep into her cervix. Her body once again, stiffened up and started cumming. Her legs went around my back, and her hands gripped my biceps hard. â??Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,â? is all she said, tossing her head side to side.

Our orgasm seemed like it lasted forever, but only lasted a minute. I collapsed to my elbows, keeping my weight off of her. Her arms went around my neck and we kissed, as our orgasms started to subside. The bed had to be soaked from all of our juices.

My one arm went around her neck and one hand on her ass. I rocked us twice then flipped her over so she was on top. As I was doing this she said, â??what are you,â? and then â??mmmmmm oh yeah, my favorite wayâ?â??

â??My god, you are still pretty hard in me, and oh so deep.â? I chuckled, â??I think it is my partner, who I think is beautiful and the best lover I have ever experienced.â? â??well, thank you, but, I have never orgasmed so much, or so hard, with any man I have been with in my life.â?

My hands went to her ass and started squeezing those lovely cheeks. â??You do really like my ass, donâ??t you?â? â??Oh yeah, it is perfect for me.â? â??Mmmmmmmmmm, please continueâ? Ann sat up now, and placed her hands on my chest, and was grinding on my groin area. Her pussy was so damn hot too, and my cock responded by getting harder.

â??I donâ??t know who taught you to eat a woman, but I want to meet her and kiss her. My god, I have never been eaten by a man so good.â? Hmmm I thought. Thatâ??s the second time she has made a comment about a man doing it to her. So I wonder if she has been with another woman. Maybe something to ask later.

â??Ann, you taste divine too. I really mean that, I could lick your juices all day and not get enough.â? She giggled and said, â??Iâ??d let you eat me all day too. Your tongue drove me wild. I feel like a teen again.â? â??Seems like the older I have been getting, the hornier I am getting too, but havenâ??t found a man to match my stamina. I hope I found one now. Sure seems it.â?

â??Well, if we canâ??t do this, my tongue will take over and satisfy your needs.â? Ann leaned down, and started kissing me again, very passionately too. As we kissed, we started fucking more. â??God, I love your cock. It fills me so good.â?

We fucked for another 10 minutes until she said, â??Oh god Sam, I have to cum again. Cum with me.â? As she sped up the pace, I started matching her downward thrust with my own thrust inside of her. We were both grunting loudly, nearing our orgasms. â??Cum Baby, cum for me, shoot it deep inside me.â?

I started shooting inside her again. â??Take it Sweetie, take my cum.â? That set Ann off as her pussy muscles gripped my cock hard, her hands grabbing my arms tightly, as she ground her pussy into me and was cumming. â??Oh fuck, cummmmmmmmmmmminggggggggggggâ?

Her body convulsed and then collapsed on top of me. I held her tightly as she began to pant and start coming back down from her high. My body felt totally spent, but in a good way. As her head lay next to mine, I could hear her moaning and taking in deep breaths.

My cock was starting to deflate now, and soon it would exit this wonderful pussy, it has been in for more than an hour. I flipped her over again, kissed her lips, then moved directly to her pussy. â??what are you doing?â? â??Cleaning up my mess, me ladyâ? â??No wayâ? â??Yes, way. Lay back and enjoy.â?

I licked her pussy for the next 5 minutes. She was leaking big time, and I could tell she was pushing it out of her. I took a bog lick and scooped up a big load. Kept it in my mouth, then moved over her and showed it to her. She opened her mouth and I dripped into hers, then we kissed, long and hard.

After breaking the kiss, I rolled off of her and she said, â??holy Christ Sam, that was the most erotic, kinkiest thing thatâ??s ever been done with me.â? â??Hope you liked itâ? I said. â??I love the taste of our mixed juices, but that one was a first for me. Who taught you that?â? â??Just did it one time to someone, who thoroughly enjoyed it, plus, my mom always told me to clean up any mess I created.â? And smiled at her.

â??well, mothers always do know what is bestâ? she said. â??Iâ??m hungryâ? she said. â??Let me go fix us some lunch. We canâ??t live on cum all day.â? As she started getting off the bed, I spanked her butt cheek. â??Ohhhhh, spank me baby.â?, then chuckled. â??God, I feel bow legged.â? I laughed and said, â??give me a few more hours and I will make you bow legged.â? She turned back to look at me and said. â??Promise?â?

I got up and followed her downstairs. She used the bathroom first, then me. When I came out, she was fixing sandwiches and some ice tea for lunch. It was almost 11:30, so we were going at it for over 2 hours. I went over by her picture window and open the blind a little ways and looked out.

It was full blown blizzard going on. You could not see across the street. The houses over there were barely visible. â??Wow, come look at this.â? Ann came by me and said, â??Holy shit, this is badâ? Ann flipped the TV on to a local channel, and of course the news was on.

We sat on the couch eating, watching the news. All the cities put out an emergency, saying they wanted no one on the roads, unless it was an emergency. The storm was expected to last until at least tomorrow afternoon, if it didnâ??t stall out over us.

â??Well, there goes our date tonightâ? â??Not so fast Busterâ?, she said. â??Iâ??ll cook us dinner, then weâ??ll watch a movie, or two. Then go back upstairs and let me have my way with you, again.â? â??Plus, I have this feeling, you will be spending the night, so it is a win, win for us.â? â??Of course, I had already made up my mind I wanted to share my bed tonight with you.â? â??Iâ??d love to spend the night with you.â?

We ate the rest of our meal and she curled up next to me. I said to her that I was going to work some though. She said good, but donâ??t tire myself out. She was going to do her weekly cleaning down here, which, by the looks of things, would take a whole 5 minutes. She is very clean.

We then went upstairs, with me picking up my clothes as we went. I hugged her one last time before putting clothes back on. Ann threw on a pair of yoga pants. This time they were blue, and a sweatshirt. Trust me when I say, who ever invented yoga pants was a real perv. They hugged her ass and pussy so nicely. They separated her pussy lips clearly. I doubt she would wear those, without panties, if others were around.

I got to work finally, but it was hard to concentrate on what I was doing. I kept thinking back to this morning and some of the best sex I have ever had in my life. â??Christ, where was she before I met my ex? Iâ??d still be married I bet, if it was her.â? My plan was to finish with the subway tile in shower today, and maybe grout the floor, but I am not too sure that will all happen today.

As I worked, Ann was downstairs cleaning, then came upstairs and started in her bedroom. Her phone rang, and I could see her sitting on the bed just chatting away. I couldnâ??t hear all that well, since she was talking softly, but I did hear her say, â?God, it felt so good and I felt so aliveâ? â??Yeah, all day if I could.â? So who knows who she is talking too. After she hung up, her phone rang. â??Damn, sheâ??s popularâ?, I thought. A minute later I could hear, â??No way bitch. I donâ??t share.â? Then laughter. I bet she is talking to her friend Pam.

After she hung up, she came into the room to see how I was doing. â??Wow, this looks so niceâ?. â??It will look even nicer once I am doneâ?, I said. â??Why the bench seat?â? â??Thatâ??s for you for when you go to shave your legs and such.â? â??Oh wow, I like that. May be you and I can try that out on each otherâ?, then smiled seductively.

She then went on to tell me that her daughter called and told her it was about the same by them, which is only 15 minutes away. But, Jim would be over tomorrow to plow out the drive. She said, â??yeah, Mary said they got up, saw how bad it was out, and went back to bed. But I know those two, they were doing what we did earlier.â?, and smiled. â??Wellâ?, I said, â??if she is anything like you, Jim is one lucky man, thatâ??s for sureâ?.

â??Oh, he knows he is. And I told him that if he ever strays, like my ex did, I will hunt him down and cut his balls off and feed them to himâ?, and chuckled. Which I truly believe she would too.

â??The other call was my friend Pam, you met her last week.â? â??She was checking up on me and is now jealous that you are here with me.â? â??Trust me Sam, sheâ??d jump your bones in a heart beat, if you let her.â? I had to laugh at that, and said, â??Iâ??d have to be willing, and I am not, so no worries thereâ?. Ann just smiled.

I was finishing the last two rows when Ann came back in and said, â??How about eating around 6. It is already 4:30â? â??6 sounds fine. Let me finish this up and if you donâ??t mind, can I use your shower, when I am done?â? â??well, since you donâ??t have much body hair to clog my drains, then yeah, I guess you canâ?, then giggled.

I finished up about 30 minutes later, and then cleaned up my mess. I trudged downstairs to get my bag. It was moved, so I asked Ann where it was, and she said it was in the spare bedroom next to the bathroom. I got my stuff for shaving, and then body wash and shampoo. I shaved first, then got in the shower. About a minute later, the shower door slid open and there stood Ann, naked. â??Need a back wash?â? â??Only if I can do yours tooâ?.

When she got in, we embraced and kissed, long and passionately. Of course my cock swelled up, just by her holding me. â??My god Ann, you are so beautiful.â? â??will you stop with that. I am ok looking, but hardly beautiful.â? â??I never lie Ann, and you are absolutely beautiful and very sexy tooâ?

She thanked me, then dropped to her knees, and took my cock into her mouth. I was powerless now to this woman. She sucked and licked me all over and her mouth was amazing. â??Baby, you need to stop, or I will cum soon, and I want to save it for laterâ? â??Ahhhh, I was hoping for an appetizer before dinnerâ?, she said. We finished showering, then dried off. I put on a pair of black, silk boxers, which met with her approval. I was starting to reach for my pants when she said, â??No, just wear those the rest of the evening please.â?

She then ran upstairs and was back down in a minute, wearing a t-shirt, and nothing else. Her nipples were straining to be released, and she lifted the bottom of the shirt to show me she wasnâ??t wearing panties.

She had set the table, which included candles, and we sat down to chicken cordon bleu, and a noddle with cream sauce. It was delicious. The only light we had was from the candles, and she looked radiant in that light. I had to keep telling myself that this is just friends, who happen to have great benefits.

We ate and talked about so many things we like and dislike, but nothing sexual. It was like a date, see what your prospective partner is like. She is funny and loves to laugh. I had to be careful, because I could see myself falling for this woman, big time.

We finished dinner and I helped her with cleaning up, which she was very appreciative for. She got us some beers and said letâ??s go find a movie on TV. After settling on the couch, with her curled up next to me, and a big throw blanket over us, we put the TV on. The weather channel was showing Cleveland and the storm of the year that was happening. They said it may continue well into the night tomorrow, because it was now stalled over us, and most of Ohio and western Pa.

We then settled on a show called â??Flip or Flopâ?, it was on that home channel. They are a young couple who buys homes that really needed fixed, them sell them for a huge profit. Ann asked, â??isnâ??t that what you do?â? â??Yeah, but I only pay like 80 grand for a place, dump about 20 grand into, or less, then hope I can sell it for 115 or 120 grand, so the profit isnâ??t like they make.â? â??Plus they are in southern California, where everything cost more.â?

â??True, things do seem to cost more there. But, they must have money already, to be able to buy such expensive homes.â? She said. â??I think this house would go in the 400 grand range out there, easily.â? â??No way, this is an old house and not that bigâ? â??so are some of the houses they fix up, so yeah it would.â? She chuckled and said that she thinks the girl, Christine, is the brains of the outfit and really great looking tooâ?

Then Ann laughed and said, â??you know, I could become your interior decorator, and work with you, and weâ??ll get our own showâ? I laughed and said, â??well, you are just a pretty as her, and you do have fine taste, but I would be afraid weâ??d be running behind schedule all the time because of my need to have sex with you all the timeâ? Ann giggled, and asked, â?so would that be a bad thing?â? â??Nope, but if we want to show a profit, we couldnâ??t do that much.â?

â??Such a kill joy, you areâ? she said. Ann looked up at me and said, â??this has been the best first date I have ever been on, and it will only get better later tooâ?.

That show ended and a movie came on. It was some comedy that wasnâ??t to bad. About 9pm Ann said sheâ??d be right back, but wanted to know if I wanted another beer, because she was going to have wine. I told her wine would be good for me too.

I didnâ??t see her come back until 5 minutes later , when she handed me my glass of wine. My jaw had to have hit the floor, because standing before me was the sexiest woman I ever laid eyes on. She was wearing this blue and black lace teddy, that stopped at her waist. A thong, made out of the same material, and it hardly hid her sex at all, and black thigh high stockings.

â??well, I think you like what you seeâ? she giggled. â??My god Ann, you are the sexiest woman alive, bar noneâ?. She handed me my wine and folded on to the couch and I placed the blanket back over us. She kissed me then and said thank you. â??You make me feel so sexy, so I wanted to show you how I feel right nowâ?.

My hand snaked its way through her thighs until it came to her pussy. My finger dipped inside, and as it did she let out a gasp. â??My god, baby, you are soaking wet.â? She smiled at me and said â??yeah, I know, you made me this wayâ? Her hand found my cock and grabbed it, â??mmmmmmmm, I think something needs my touchâ?. She leaned down, pulled my cock from its confinement and started licking the head.

â??Ohhhhh that feels so good Annieâ? She let the cock pop out of her mouth and said, â??Letâ??s go up to bed, then we can have funâ?

We headed up to her bed, and as soon as we entered the room, her thong came off, as did my boxers. She crawled up on the bed, lay down and spread her legs wide, â??see anything you like?â? â??Yeah, every inch of youâ?.

I wasted no time and started feasting on her pussy. I had to have her juices in my mouth, now, and I went for it. My tongue drove inside her. Her moans were loud, â??Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssâ?. I sucked each lip, then attacked her clit, and once I did that she yelled out â??Fuck, eat me baby, eat me all nightâ?

Now I wanted to see how she liked having her ass eaten, so I spread her cheeks more, to give me better access to her little brown hole. As soon as my tongue came in contact with her hole, she gasped and moaned. My tongue started licking all around it, then I started to penetrate her ass. â??Yessssssssss, oh yesssssssssss, eat my ass you bastardâ? Fuck, her dirty talk was such a turn on for me.

As I ate her as, I inserted 2 fingers into hot sex and started finger fucking her pussy. I kept this up for a few more minutes, and judging from her breathing, and her ass lifting off the bed, she was close to cumming. As I was doing this, she had her tits out of the garment and squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

I shifted now from her ass to her clit again, and replaced my tongue in her ass with my other hand finger. When my lips started sucking her clit in, she lost it. â??Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkâ? she yelled out, â??I am cumingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggâ?

The combination of both holes with fingers in them and my mouth attached to her clit, put her over the edge. Her ass came way up off the ground and she started shaking as her orgasm took hold of her body.

â??Ughhhhhhhhhhh Sam, fuck you make me feel so goodâ? â??Stick your cock in me and Fuck Me Nowâ?

I kneeled up and rubbed my cock on her slit, getting it wet, which was easy, seeing she just gushed out a gallon of cum. I then stuck it in, fast this time. â??Ughhhhhhhhhhh, just like thatâ? and we started fucking. Her legs came around me and I started pounding her pussy.

â??Thatâ??s it, just like that, make me your slut and fuck me good and hardâ?. I was in good shape but I knew I couldnâ??t keep this pace up, but I did last almost 10 minutes of hard fucking. Our skin would slap together with every thrust into her body. My cock was stretching her tight hole and hitting her cervix.

Her moans were unbelievable and then she stiffened again and came hard. Her body started shaking, head rolling from side to side, as her orgasm consumed her whole being. I hadnâ??t cummed, and I was still hard as a rock inside her, as I collapsed on top of her.

â??My god, you are an amazing lover Sam. You take me to places I have never visited before.â? Panting now, I said, â??sweetie, it takes both of us to make it good, and you are the bestâ?.

I rolled off of her and she snuggled up to me, as we calmed ourselves down. We lay there silent for a few minutes, and then her hand reached down and lightly grabbed my cock. â??Oh my god baby, you are still hardâ? â??I know. I guess cumming those 2 times earlier is making me last a long time tonightâ?.

She put her head on my chest and said, â??can we talk for a minute?â? Uh oh, I thought, this will end after tonight. â??I just want to be open and honest with you and hope you will be tooâ?. â??Okâ? I said. She then asked, â??how many women have you been with?â? â??Over the years, 11 of themâ?, I said. â??Really? I thought for sure moreâ? Ann said

â??I have been with 8 guys since the divorce. 5 of them never made it past the first time in bed, because they wanted more. 2 of them lasted almost a year a piece, and I never stayed the night with them.â? â??I wouldnâ??t because of Maryâ?. The last one was for about a year too, and he didnâ??t want anything but some fun and sex, but, he also lied to meâ? I asked â??how so?â?

â??I was out with Pam one night and saw him at a restaurant with another woman. I kind of got pissed because he told me he didnâ??t date others.â? â??so I walked over by him and said hi.â? â??he then introduced me to his wife. I was nice and said hi, and just turned and leftâ?.

â??needless to say, I never heard from him again.â? â??Please tell me you are not marriedâ?. Knowing she was serious, I hugged her close to me and said, â??No Ann, I can promise you I am not marriedâ?

â??Good. If you were and you lie to me, I will cut your balls off and feed them to youâ?. â??Ouchâ?.

â??You seem to be an open minded guy.â? I said that I was. â??Wellâ?, then she got quiet. â??I have been with a woman, and still see her on occasion, sexuallyâ? I wanted to laugh, but I knew sheâ??s get mad at that.

â??Ann, what you do, is not my business, nor anyone elseâ??s. If it brings you pleasure, then go for it and enjoy life.â?

â??Really? You are cool with that?â? â??sure, why not? I am not your keeper. Hell I am hoping for a second date with you.â? She laughed and said, â??second date huh? Well, I think that is a good possibility because I really like you, like you a lot.â?

â??So you donâ??t think of me as weird because I am bi sexual?â? â??No sweetie. It is kind of hot knowing it.â?

â??The one lady I dated about 6 years back, the one who got me to shave down there, she was bi as well, and we played with another couple she was friends withâ?

Ann gasped, â??Oh my, you were a swinger? Donâ??t think wrong of me, but that would be so hot to be involved with, or at least a 2 girl, 1 guy 3someâ?

â??Why would I think wrong of you? Everyone has fantasies. Just not that everyone tries to fulfill them. But if you ever want too, Iâ??d love to be your partnerâ?

â??Mmmmmmmmm, something to ponder.â? Then she asked â??do you masturbate?â? â??Yes. Up until 6 weeks ago, maybe a couple times a month.â? Ann giggled and asked, â??the last 6 weeks?â?

â??Just about every night I leave you, especially last nightâ? Her hand was now rubbing my hard cock more. â??I do too, a lot now as well, and yes, last night too. You have no idea how close I was to pulling you upstairs and fucking your brains out.â?

â??I would have welcomed that, but, I think we made up for it today, so far.â? And then kissed her forehead. She giggled and said, â??yeah, I guess we have.â?

Giggling now, she asked, â??would you masturbate one day for me, as I did the same for you?â? â??sure, I would really enjoy that.â?

She pushed herself up and then swung a leg over me, grabbed my cock and guided into her waiting sex. â??This time, I really need to know something. Please make love to me. Passionate, no dirty talk, love making. I need this Sam.â?

â??Like this?â? and I pulled her down to me and started kissing her. We got a good rhythm going, and never once broke our kiss. Our tongues danced over each otherâ??s, and also explored every nook and cranny of our mouthâ??s. We both moaned a great deal too.

We lasted almost 15 minutes of slow love making, and I didnâ??t want it to stop, but both of us were needing release. Ann came first, and then I followed. My cock spurt a large quantity of cum, deep inside her. She finally broke the kiss and said â??Oh god, that was amazingâ?

â??That is the first time in years, and I mean since my ex wife, that I made love to woman.â? â??Good to know. Same for me too. I havenâ??t made love to a man, where I give him everything since my married daysâ? she explained.

She was still on top of me and my cock was finally shrinking and I could feel our combine juices running down my balls. â??God, I am so tired now Sam. But I need to go to the bathroom.â?

Ann got up, and so did I. we started heading downstairs and I asked, â??where should I sleep, the couch or spare room?â? She stopped, and turned towards me and said, â??you are kidding right? After what we have experienced today. Do you really think I wouldnâ??t want you in my bed?â?

â?? I want to be in that bed, but I wonâ??t assume anything. Itâ??s been a long time for either of us to actually sleep and wake with someone in our beds, so I donâ??t want to push an issue.â?

â??My, arenâ??t you the gentleman. Of course I want you in that bed tonight, and any night we go out on a date.â?

After both of us taking care of our bladders, we padded up to the bed, and got in. Ann turned off the lamp and snuggled next to me. â??And Yes. To a second date, and hopefully many more after that tooâ? We kissed and both feel asleep in no time.

I was awakened around 7:30 by a warm feeling over my cock. Ann had her mouth all over it. She stopped and looked at me and said, â??morning baby. I need some proteinâ? She went back to sucking me off. God, she felt great and this time I was going to cum in her mouth. About 5 minutes later, I warned her that I was about to blow. She sucked harder and was stroking my cock too with her hand.

â??Oh goddddddddddddddddddddâ? I said as I shot load after load into her hungry mouth. She drank most of it down, except for a good mouthful when she finished. She crawled up on me and kissed me deeply, sharing my cum with her kisses.

â??God, that was so good, and you are so kinky Sam. What other kinky things do you enjoy?â? â??Only time will tell my dear. This is the fun about dating and exploring.â?

We kissed and lay there for a few minutes. Ann said, letâ??s go eat some breakfast. We padded down the stairs to the kitchen where Ann made eggs and bacon. Outside, it was still nasty out, high winds and blowing snow. There had to be at least 20 inches on the ground.

The weatherman said it should end later tonight, but expect another 6 to 8 inches on top of what we already have. The ban is still in effect and they are already closing schools for the next day, which is Monday. Ann heard the report and looked at me, and smiled, â??Oh darn, looks like I have to put up with you again today and tonightâ?. I laughed and said, â??such a shame too. Iâ??m sure you are getting tired of seeing me here.â?

â??I hope you donâ??t really believe that. I am looking at this as we are on a mini vacation, up in a cabin, secluded from everyone else, and we are getting to know one another better, and I couldnâ??t be happier.â?

I smiled at her and said, â??The only thing missing is a fireplace and roaring fire, with a soft rug in front of it to make love onâ? Ann sighed, â??can you build one of those too?â?

â??Sure, right where the entertainment center is. They have those ventless gas log types, then build around that, and get a flat screen TV for above it. No biggie.â?

â??Damn, when can you do that? I really mean it, that sounds heavenly.â? I chuckled, â??let me finish one project before I start another.â? â??I am going to hold you to thatâ? she said.

In my mind though, I have this feeling once this project is done, sheâ??ll come up with a reason for me not to see her again, based on her past history. For me, this is the first woman I donâ??t just want to use for sex. I really like her and we mesh well together, besides the bedroom. But, I am not going to have any expectations going forward, just let life lead me where it needs to go.

We ate pretty much in silence except for wondering if weâ??ll get out tomorrow for work. We finished eating and I helped clean up, which she really appreciated. She made us each another cup of coffee and said letâ??s go sit on the couch. We did and she pulled the blanket over our naked bodies.

â??Sam?â?, â??yes Annâ?. Her face was serious looking, so I figured this was it, time for the talk. â?Look, what we did yesterday, and this morning has been great, I mean truly awesome, and when you made love to me last night, that tipped the scales in my mind.â?

â??you were sweet, passionate, caring, and made me feel like I was the only woman in this world for you. In the past, and it could have been who I was with, I never had those emotions like that. With them, it was strictly sex, pure, unadulterated sex.â?

I started to say something, but she put a finger to my lips and said, â??Shushâ?. â??At first I really didnâ??t think you were interested at all in me, and I tried too, by flirting. I even called Jim one day and asked if you may be gay.â? I chuckled at that remark. â??3 weeks ago, I was so horny and wanting you, I almost changed into that teddy and was going to seduce you, but, I thought better of it and figured if you were interested, youâ??d let me know, and Friday night you did.â?

â??I know I am rambling, but I am scared. Scared that once this project is over, I wonâ??t ever hear from you again. If thatâ??s the case, then so be it, and we move on. Weâ??ll use what time we have and enjoy ourselves. And when itâ??s over, please, donâ??t call, or come over, just act like we never even met.â?

â??But, if I am someone you really believe you can date, and see if it goes farther, than just the bed, and be happy being with, then let me in and I will let you in. You donâ??t have to say anything right now, in fact if you do want this, then make love to me the time you believe this is something you want to move forward.â?

Ok, I wasnâ??t expecting all that, but I was pleasantly surprised, seeing we both try to hide our hearts from others. Did I want her like that? Yes, but, it will take me some adjustment to give all of me to her, or anyone. But, I really should never judge her, based on my ex, for that isnâ??t fair to her, nor I.

I stood up and reached for her hand. She got up and I led her up to the bedroom, the whole time not saying a word. We reached the bed, and I took her into my arms and kissed her. Ann started to say something but I put a finger to her lips, like she did me. I picked her up and gently lay her on the bed.

I then crawled up on the bed, spread her knees apart, and laid on top of her. I looked her in the eyes, and leaned in and kissed her, passionately as my cock split her wet pussy, like it had eyes of its own.

We made slow and very passionate love for the next 15 minutes. There was no rush to anything, in fact I never had the built of feeling, like you get before cumming. Ann did cum, twice, and all she did was gasp and then moan both times, but I could feel her body tense up and her pussy get real tight around me.

After her second orgasm, I slipped out of her and put all my weight on my elbows and looked at her. She had tears running down her cheeks. â??I really, really like you Sam. It has been eonâ??s since someone made love to meâ?

â??Does that answer all your questions and feelings on how I feel about you?â? She smiled up at me and said, â??Yes. And I hope we do that a lot more too, god you made me feel so special.â? I kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, and then her lips, telling her, she is so special.

â??Does this mean I canâ??t be naughty and slutty anymore?â? â??Christ, I hope so Sweetie. You are amazing like that too, but nothing tops your love makingâ?. â??Well, Good, because I like being that way tooâ? â??I want to try everything with you, except pain and potty stuff, ewwwww, gross.â?

â??Annie, Iâ??ll do anything you want to do, no matter what it is, as long as it is with you and you get pleasure from itâ?.

â??Sam, you didnâ??t cum this time.â? â??Ann, you have pretty much drained me since yesterday morning. I am in my 40â??s now, and not some 25 year old who can cum on demandâ? and then chuckled.

â??Does our age difference bother you at all?â? â??No, not in the least. You definitely donâ??t act or feel like a 48 year old, hell I know some women in their 30â??s that donâ??t have your stamina.â? â??Plus I am saving it for later, wheni want to try something with youâ?

â??Oh yeah? What would that be?â? â??Iâ??ll show you later missy. A good thing is always worth the waitâ?

I rolled off of her and lay on my side, facing her. She rolled to face me too. â??Be patient with me Sam. This is all new to meâ? â??I will Ann, because it is new for me as wellâ?

We lay there for another 10 minutes an di told her I was going to work in the bathroom now. â??Itâ??s Sunday, and I thought you didnâ??t work Sundays?â? â??I usually donâ??t, but if I donâ??t get up and work, it wonâ??t get done and I know you want your bathroom back, and if I lay here long enough, Iâ??ll ravish this gorgeous body of yours againâ? â??Mmmmmmmmm, ravish away lover.â?

I got up and Ann said she was going to wash clothes. She told me to give me my clothes that I had been working in, but I informed her it was hard to work naked. â??MMMMMM, I think I would like that sightâ?, she giggled. â??If you do that, Iâ??ll take a pic and send it to Pam, to make her jealousâ? â??You are so badâ?

She did take my underwear and socks and I got to work. I was going to grout the floor and the caulk around the shower base. But, seeing how much of a pain in the ass it is to run downstairs to the bathroom, I figured I would grout around the toilet area and sink area, and install those, then finish up grouting. That is if Ann left me alone long enough.

Luckily, the toilet and sink base was already upstairs, off in a corner of her bedroom. I did the grouting first. Then set the toilet. Luckily, I had no problems setting it, connected the water supply and tested it out. Then I grouted around the sink base. This is a double wide that she said she really didnâ??t need, but I explained for resale value, it was worth it.

I then put together the sink, which was white, and did look good against the slate gray plank tiles. This took me a while do get plumbed up, but in all, less than hour spent with it. I had recently had the granite top delivered, and brought upstairs. Now this sucker was heavy. Si laid it down on the carpet and slid it over by the door.

I was going to try and hoist up myself, but thought better of that, since that piece was about a grand in cost. When I bought it, it put her well over budget, but I was decided to do it anyways, and now thinking about it, I was not going to charge her labor, so she is well within budget.

I called down to Ann, to have her help me. She came up, wearing that short red robe. God, she is sexy in that. I laughed and asked, â??is that the dress code for the day?â? â??Yep, but naked would be better, but I didnâ??t want to distracted you too much.â? â??Can you give me a hand lifting this up?â?

â??Sure, I will try.â? â??If you donâ??t think you can do it, Iâ??ll wait and have Jim help me next time he is over.â? â??No, I think I can, or least letâ??s tryâ?

I brought the step stool over and moved the top so most of it was in the room, save a good foot outside to rest on the stool. I picked up that end and had her position the stool under it, so now it would be easy for her pick up. I went to the other end and picked up and started moving the end towards the counter top. I had her pick up now and walk it about a foot, just enough for me to set my end down on the top and ran to her and took over. We both then walked it into place.

Now this whole time, Ann was dressed in only that cute little red robe. But we did manage to get the top on the vanity. I went ahead and got one of the sinks, got it set into the counter top and then started hooking up the faucet and drain line.

Ann was sitting on the stool, just chatting away. I told her that sheâ??ll be able to use the toilet now and also have water for washing her hands. As I lay under the sink, making connections, she got quiet, and when I looked out, thinking she left, but boy was I wrong.

She had her legs spread and was playing with her slit and clit. Of course, being the perv that I am, I had to watch. â??Like something you see Mr. Reynolds?â?, then moaned a little bit. â??You do like to make things hard for me, donâ??t you Ms. Kline?â?

â??Well, judging from the bulge in your pants, I think I have accomplished my mission.â? I scooted out from under the sink, crawled over to her, spread her legs wider and started licking her slit and quit. She gasped, and said â??oh yeah, lick me right thereâ?.

As soon as she said that, I quit and went back over to the sink to finish up. â??Whyâ??d you quit? That was feeling so good, and it has been what, 7 or 8 hours since we played.â?

â??Oh, Iâ??ll finish what I started, as soon as I am through hooking this in. give me 5 more minutes.â? Ann pouted a little and then said, â??well you better, because I need a good licking and fuck.â?

I finished a few minutes later, tested the faucet and drain, all was good to go. I walked over to Ann, asked for her hand, and helped her up. Then I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder, in a fireman

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