Black SSBBW takes the virginity of her young BBC neighbor

Black SSBBW takes the virginity of her young BBC neighbor
I could not believe that I had worked a hundred and sixty hours in the past two weeks and then they finally decided to give me a day off. I had worked here for the past twenty years and since I was one of the most dedicated employees that worked here, they sometimes give me the most difficult clients here at the nursing home since they knew that I didn't take shit off of anyone. I mean the clients loved me for the most part but they still knew that they better respect me at the end of the day.

Even in my neighborhood everyone knew me. Everyone knew me by the name of Miss Roberta because of the fact that I might be only forty-five years young, I still had a nice body for someone my size. I stood right at 5'10 and weighed around four hundred and twenty pounds. I was an hourglass with a little bit of sand on the top and bottom. The last time I measured myself I was around a 44G in the bra about a 38 in the waist and an easy 66 in the hips because I had a fat ass and some thick thunder thighs that made lightning every time I decided to go for a walk. I had a nice brown skinned complexion with a million-dollar smile and my hair was always kept up to date just like my wardrobe. I cleared around eighty grand a year without including overtime and my husband of the past twenty years was a sweetheart that was the father of my two children was a lawyer, but something was missing from my life. To be blunt I needed some dick.

When I got home my husband was usually too tired to give me any so I either had to use my finger or reach into my nightstand to get some pleasure before I went to sleep which really got on my nerves. I had gotten into the habit of watching porn at one time but at the same time that was getting old. I needed to have the sweat, touch and the rough pounding of a man that no toy could give me. I just needed the real thing.

I had just gotten back from getting my car serviced and I backed into the driveway and looked at my next door neighbor's house to see that it was a different car in the driveway that I had never seen before.

My nosy ass couldn't go without seeing who it might be. It might be someone lost or they might have some family that came out of town and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I locked my Suburban behind me and walked across their freshly cut grass and up the walkway and onto the porch and rang the doorbell followed with a couple of knocks. The cool summer breeze blew through my sundress and I could feel the cool air touch my nipples which I would rather be a man's soft lips and warm tongue wrapped around my hard areolas that needed some attention.

I looked through the house and saw the living room and front rooms were clean and empty. I checked the whole bottom floor and saw that it was spotless before I headed upstairs. I looked around the guest room before I made my way to the master bedroom to see it was empty as well until I found the son's bedroom and listened to the sound of hard thrusting and a girl with a shrill voice screaming like he might be pounding the shit out of someone but I had to see it for myself.

I slowly eased the door opened and saw my neighbor's son beating his meat that looked like it was around nine inches long and thick! His head looked like it was wearing a football helmet it was so big! He was going at it like he was trying to rip it off he was pumping it so hard! My pussy got wet watching the youngin stroke himself with his mouth gaped wide open with his eyes shut while the young white guy pounding the shit out of the thick black girl.

I hadn't seen him in years and he had grown so much! Even though he was laying on the bed with his legs wide open, I would guess he was about 5'6 and weighed maybe a hundred and thirty pounds. He had his long curly hair in a man bun and the brown skinned black guy didn't have his glasses on and without a drop of facial hair looking like he was still in high school. I guess he didn't have any toys growing up with the size of that thing in his pants. He had me wondering if me might still be a virgin because he looked like he had never had any pussy before.

I remember his mom saying he was going to college in another state but I forgot he was an adult now which meant he was legal! MMMMMM

I didn't say anything as I walked over to him quietly to make sure I didn't make a noise and started to massage his balls as I worked my way up to his shaft and started to massage his shaft myself and started to slowly pump him. He let out a light groan of pleasure while I stroked the shaft that felt like it was growing in my hands. I was jacking him off with one hand while I squatted down and reached between my legs and started running my fingers over my hairy fat pussy that needed to be licked, kissed and fucked until I couldn't take it anymore. I must have made him feel good because he turned his meat loose while I did all the work! I had him squirming in pleasure and slowed it all the way down while the veins in his dick stood at attention for me.

When he opened his eyes, he looked at me with a look of fear and embarrassment and I couldn't do anything but look at him with a smile because he was enjoying it despite knowing that my magic touch was what brought him the pleasure that his body was asking for.

"Brian, let's keep this between me and you. Can you be honest with me?" I asked him as he nodded in agreement.

"Can you keep a secret?" I asked as he nervously nodded.

"Are you still a virgin?" I asked him as he nodded shyly.

"Do you like big women?" I asked as he nodded with a hint of a smile.

"Are you going to eat Miss Roberta's pussy?" I asked him as he nodded.

"Do you want Miss Roberta to suck your dick?" I asked him while I continued to pump his dick.

"Are you going to keep this between me and you?" I asked him as he nodded with a promise.

"Are you going to keep this between me and you?" I asked him as he nodded confidently.

I could tell that he was probably tired of me asking him twenty-one questions before I took his huge head in my mouth and started bobbing up and down on him. I wrapped my long and skilled tongue around his head and started sucking and slurping on him to watch him squirm in pleasure like someone who got a good gossip on the church parking lot and didn't know what to do with it because they were so caught off guard. I wrapped both of my hands around the young gun that was not leaving his head until he pleased me. I know that he might not have wanted to at first but he had no other choice. He was going to lose his virginity to Miss Roberta and he was going to like it. Hell he might like it more than me. I sucked him a little bit longer before I came all the way up and kissed him on the tip of his dick before I stood up and pulled my long flowing dress up around my waist and showed him my hairy pussy and fat pussy lips.

"Do as I tell you baby." I told him as I walked closer to him while I freed my massive mammary glands and showed him what tits looked like up close and personal before I crawled onto his bed and pulled him on top of me with my legs wide open.

"Suck on my nipples like they are a lollipop." I told him as he took each one in his mouth and sucked on them nice and slowly with a shy and cautious wind like he might hurt them. I knew that it would take a little while to build up his confidence but little by little he was going to become more dominate and commanding in the bedroom when the time came but for the time being I was training him on how to pleasure me.

"Damn that feels good baby." I moaned while I ran my hands over his head and over his tensed up and shy lean frame. He might have been skinny but he did have some muscle mass on him. He continued to suck on my nipples while I slowly nudged his head down until his head was almost between my legs which was exactly where I wanted him.

"Lick my clit like a popsicle and suck on it like you did my nipples." I told him which he did as I spread my pussy lips for him. His long tongue reached places I didn't know a tongue could reach. He sucked and wrapped his tongue around it so many times that I felt like he was trying to whip my pussy like batter. Baby boy might have only been licking pussy for a minute but he was already better than some of the men twice his age who claimed they were getting pussy all the time! The way he took his time and sped up before he slowed it all the way down let me know that he was enjoying it. His head was bobbing up and down to the point it was like he was putting his neck into it. I rested my meaty thighs on his broad lean shoulders and as he continued going on me until I couldn't get enough of his tongue. If he kept going the way that he was going he was going to have me cumming and I could feel one on the way if he kept going what he was doing. He made sure that he was putting his all into his first time and when he rolled his tongue against my clit like he was speaking Spanish that shit sent me to another world. I clamped my thighs shut and squeezed his head as he refused to let up on me.

"OH SHIT BABY! EAT ME JUST LIKE THAT! OH MY GOODNESS BABY! DON'T YOU DARE STOP EATING THIS PUSSY! EAT ME JUST LIKE THAT! OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES BABY! YES! OH SHIT I'M CUMMING!" I cried out as he continued licking my throbbing pussy while he was suffocating with his nose barely exposed so he could get a little bit of air.

As I slowly turned his head loose while I rode the wave of my orgasm until it subdued, he must really like eating me out or I taste really good because he didn't waste any time shoving me what he could do with his tongue. He put his head all the way down on me and put my knees to my chest and started tonguing my asshole.

I had never had anyone do that to me before but that shit felt so fucking good! The way his tongue went around the rim of my asshole made me shiver in pleasure and then he licked all the way up my ass crack until he reached my tailbone and came all the way back to my pussy and shoved his tongue all the way inside of me and stuck it in a few times before he wrapped it around my clit a couple of more times before he sealed it with a kiss and came back up and looked at me with a mix of hunger and lust in his hazel brown eyes.

"Put that dick in me baby." I commanded as he stroked himself a couple of times and slowly pushed his head inside of me and slowly pumped it as he worked every inch of him inside of me.


All the sexual frustration that I had bent up was starting to fade away. All this dick I had sliding in and out of me was fucking all the stress away. I was hollering out in pain at all of the pleasure that I was feeling. Each time he went inside of me he slammed all the way down to my cervix which felt so good! I might be a big girl but I showed him how flexible I was with the way my legs were bent back like a pretzel. I was squirming while he was hammering away inside of me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held him there as he didn't even need my instructions. I was holding onto him and he didn't even take time to slow down so that I could catch a second wind! I felt like I was going to cum all over his dick again.

"OH YES BABY! OH! UGH! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING BABY! OH YES BABY! I'M CUMMING BABY! FUCK YOUR PUSSY BABY! THAT DICK IS SO GOOD I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GET IT EVERYDAY! SHIT BABY!" I cried out as I unfolded my legs and wrapped them around his waist while he wrapped his arms around my waist and slowed down and slowly worked that dick deep in me and made sure that he hit all the right spots.

"WORK THAT DICK BABY! WORK IT IN ME BABY!" I commanded as he didn't waste any time showing me what he could do with his dick. He was fucking me like this pussy was his time clock and he wanted to ride it and then clock some overtime with the way he was laying that dick on me.

"Let me get on top baby!" I told him as I held onto him and rolled him onto his back and slowly grinded on top of him. His dick felt amazing inside of me while I rolled my hips while I was on top of him. His face was priceless as I grabbed his hands and rested them on my wide hips and ran my hands over his chest while I picked up the pace. He was moaning and enjoying the way I fucked him as I reached back and ran my hands between his legs and over his thighs so that I could bring him some pleasure as well. As I bounced up and down on him I ran my hands between his legs while he was getting the ride of his life and I leaned down and buried his head in my cleavage like I was trying to smother him and I could tell that he liked that.

I might be a big girl but I wanted to show him how well I could ride a dick. I wanted him to think about me everytime his dick got hard. Everytime he wanted to eat some pussy I wanted him to think about licking my clit. I had his balls tensing up and I clamped my walls shut and refused to let his dick go as I rode it a little bit longer.

"You like that baby! You like the way I put that pussy on you baby! You like the way I control that dick baby! You like that don't you!" I moaned as he nodded in agreement until I couldn't ride him any longer.

"Get your pussy from the back baby." I told him as I got off of him and did a little big of a light twerk as I backed it up for him and broke it down for him a little bit as I spread my legs and reached back so that I could play with my pussy while he watched in amazement.

"Put your dick back in here and show me what you can do with it baby." I told him as I licked my lips and showed him how badly I wanted it.

In one quick motion I spread my cheeks and gave him the best view of my huge ass so that I could engrave a memory of me inside of his mind. I wanted to mindfuck him a little bit as I felt the heat from his huge head press against my opening. I needed him inside of me and he slowly pushed it in and pulled back out before he pushed it in a little more and a little deeper and did a couple of more times before he pushed it all the way inside of me and started pounding me.

"OH YES BABY! POUND THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR PUSSY BABY! SHIT!" I cried out as I he hammered away at me. He was looking at me hungrily while his balls smacked up against my clit and that shit had me on another level. I don't know if I needed to be fucked and it had been that long or if he was doing something new but that dick was sending me to another dimension. He had his hands on each side of my wide hips as he continued fucking me as long and deep as he could until I couldn't control myself anymore. His dick felt like it was growing in length because I have had a lot of dick back in my day but I had never been fucked like this before! He would pull back all the way out again and shove it back inside of me with force and aggression like he wanted to take the reigns and show me who was in control! I felt a couple of hard whacks across my ass that made me yelp in pleasure because he was so forceful and aggressive with the way he was fucking me and I was loving each and every bit of it. I couldn't control myself as I dropped my head in the middle of his bed but it didn't matter because he pulled back on my hair as he hammered away at my pussy until I felt one coming back on me.

"OH YES! FUCK! FUCK ME BABY! GIVE ME THAT DICK BABY! DON'T YOU DARE STOP FUCKING ME BABY! FUCK! OH YES BABY! I'M CUMMING BABY! I'M CUMMING BABY! OH FUCK! FUCK ME BABY! OH SHIT! OH GOD YES BABY! FUCK!" I cried out as his long rod struck thunder inside of me to the point that I was squirting on his dick and I hadn't squirted on a dick in years! His rock hard abs were toning my ass along with each spanking and I could feel his dick beginning to throb.

"Baby cum in me baby! Cum in me! Give me and and every drop of your cum baby!" I cried out as he continued hammering me with all the pent up aggression he had inside. After a couple of more hard thrust I felt him release a huge wad of cum inside of me that left me shaking in the middle of his bed. Damn his dick felt good!

I looked up and watched him go to his bathroom and clean himself off and threw on a pair of loungepants.

I slowly rose to my feet and waddled to the bathroom to clean myself up. I had to made sure I looked presentable when I came out of the house because I didn't need our neighbors drawing conclusions.

"Baby what are you doing later today?" I asked as I fixed my dress and hair.

"Probably just do some studying." he told me as he walked with me down the steps and to the front door.

"Here is my number. It goes to an app on my phone. Anytime you are alone and you don't see my husband's car you can come over and I'll make sure that you are more than happy when you leave." I assured him with a smile.

"I look forward to it. Did I do okay for my first time?" he asked me curiously.

"Hell yeah baby!" I exclaimed as I reached in for a hug and he hugged me close to him and grabbed my huge ass to my delight and kissed me like he was ready to go for another round.

"If I didn't have housework and have to cook my husband's dinner tonight I would let you bend me over right now!" I exclaimed as I grabbed his flaccid erection one last time as I opened the door and walked out and headed back to my house aching for him to put it back inside of me again.

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