Cheating Muslim wife gets gang banged after hours

Cheating Muslim wife gets gang banged after hours
Fatima Zahra is a hijabi wife, teacher and a mother of 2 kids, however, this is just the start of who this Indian bitch is since she is the above only when her husband is around. Her other side is a wild, sex-crazy MILF with a massive, seat-swallowing ass that covered 2 guys when she sat on their knees during orgies at the school she worked in. Fatima's size attracted many as her figure-hugging abaya gave onlookers a great view.

The Indian MILF wife was always jumping from dick to dick after her marriage; she even had her own website where she did many scenes: mostly interracial. Her fair, North Indian looks made her hot property of underground porn; thick cocksucking lips and deep brown eyes while she blew rods, twerking her massive ass and giving the middle finger to the camera: directed at her husband. Long, straight black hair pulled by her lovers as they rammed and slammed her oversized shitter. It has seen double and even triple penetrations.

Fatima wore her porn attire under the abaya; composed of either leggings and tight tops that show off her gigantic, borderline inflated tits or a tight skirt that is begging for its life when the Muslim MILF walks, massive ass straining the fabric. Like any other everyday slut; Fatima wore heels and boots so her ass moves twice as much. Her slutty moves earned her a "friend" a year later: one of the cleaners at school who was as beta as a beta can get (still more alpha than her husband) who walked in on her sulking once. (After her husband called her and gave her shit about being home late) Sweet-talking himself to her fat ass on his lap as she tried to demonstrate her perfection/her claims she deserves better.

"Look at this body!" she moaned "Don't you think it deserves better?!"

Friendly hugs turned into full-blown face-sitting, breastfeeding sessions: started with her friend either grabbing her tits or hugging her ass from behind: showering it with kisses and spanks. Sometimes, the beta guy would hide under her desk and as Fatima taught her class, he would caress her gorgeous, boot-clad legs and thick thighs; even going as far as biting them. Since she was way bigger and a fat bitch the beta guy sat on her knees as she wrapped her arms around his skeletal physique and showered him with kisses during some of their meet-ups. He loved getting crushed between her thick thighs as she stroke his hair and moaned.

One day, after the classes were done, Fatima walked out of the school to her car; only to be grabbed from behind.


Fatima's mouth was covered so she let out a muffled scream, she felt something very hard and familiar brushing up her ass.

"Teasing me all that with your elephant shitter, now you get what was coming to you!"

The guy suddenly picked the Indian BBW like she was his bride, Fatima didn't resist; she was getting wet and excited at the thought of getting raped.

Moments later, Fatima was shaking her ass in a dark alley as 3 more guys showed up; all had rock-hard dicks at full attention; ready to rip her apart. She was in nothing but her hijab and knee-high boots, shaking her ass in circular motions; she knew many liked how she did it.

"Damn, she is fucking HUGE!" She heard behind her.

Fatima was getting all the more turned on as she heard more comments about her size; her pussy was getting wetter and wetter then suddenly, she felt a sharp slicing pain on her ass.

"Yeah! Look at that ass shake!"

She saw one of the guys produce a horsewhip; Fatima couldn't help it anymore; she turned around, jumped on the guy, knocking him over and she was now sitting on his dick; pulling him closer to a kiss.


The guy grabbed her huge ass and thrust up, Fatima started gyrating on his massive erect pole; her face went from an angry, impatient BBW to a slut experiencing absolute bliss as her shitter got a good massage. The guy clearly began to get into her, with inhuman strength, he picked Fatima up as he picked himself up; she was literally riding his dick, ass in the air, legs on his shouter.

The guy has developed a semi-crush on her, kissing her boots and caressing her waist as he pumped her.

Fatima got her rage back, she screamed "FUCK OFF!!! I JUST WANT YOUR DICK!!!!"

The guy pumped harder and moments later, he relieved himself into her ass; her body was getting limp as his cum covered her inner walls. He set her down and as she wanted to let fly another rant; another guy plugged her mouth with his own dick; much bigger than the previous one.

Fatima started gagging, tears filled her eyes and fighting the urge to puke, she worked his dick like she was in her porn shoot. Bobbing her head and not using her hands, she sucked his snake like a pro she was.

"Fuck, look at this chaste Muslim bitch suck; like she is born for that!" the guy exclaimed as he stroke Fatima's hijab.

The guy finished in her throat, she pulled the rod out, spat on it and as she jerked him off, she screamed: "MY HUSBAND DOESN'T FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The other guys closed in and touching her heavenly body, they slowly shoved her into their minivan and got to work.

Fatima was in porn for years but she never took this much dick at this rate; it was practically non-stop raping in every hole she had; including one guy trying to jizz into her eyes and nose. The BBW wife got impaled several times to the point of her ass starting to leak streams of cum as she farted as dicks got dislodged.

"Let's get her knocked up!" one guy yelled. "She's married anyway!"

Fatima was overflowing with sexual desire, she jumped on that guy as he finished and impaled herself on him; she crushed him as their lips locked and his hands went back to where they belonged; on her sweet huge Indian ass. She leads a long make-out session to ensure he was turned on enough to fill her up; the guy needed no convincing, he got to work and jackhammered her pussy. Another guy went into her ass, roasting her like a huge pig she literally was.

Several months later, Fatima's kids had a sibling and her husband was none the wiser. She still fucked and sucked her way through life as the guys became her fuck buddies; showing up at her door when the husband was gone. They loved her for her body and beautiful face; ready to take their dicks with extreme rage. That became her new gimmick in porn.

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