Guy hooks up with BBW in restaurant


Guy hooks up with BBW in restaurant
Lucas Brown is the name. A tall, good-looking young Black man from Georgia. I attend the prestigious Georgia Tech Institute of Technology on an academic scholarship. My dad Derek Brown is a policeman. My older brothers James and Nicolas are firemen in Atlanta. Our mother died giving birth to yours truly. We all live in a nice duplex together down in Atlanta. That's as far as the fa?┬žade of normalcy goes in my life. Underneath the mask of intellect and responsibility, I'm a sexual hedonist constantly on the prowl for sexual adventures of the extreme kind. Yeah, that's me in a nutshell.

I got a question for you. What gives you pleasure? Maybe you like to play a sport, watch television, surf the Internet or write. Traveling might be your thing. We've all got some form of special interests. For me, my special interest has always been anal sex. I'm obsessed with it. It's a time-consuming fascination. You could say that I've got an anal fixation. It's a craving that I will do anything to satisfy. I've always had this deeply personal and decidedly special interest. While it's considered taboo in some places, it's something I have enjoyed many times, with women of all races, shapes and sizes. I must seek out partners willing to participate in this act. I have no other way to fulfill my needs.

This fascination of mine has led me many places. Like the bedrooms of women from here to Calcutta. Presently, I'm in the bathroom at Dunkin Donuts. I'm standing there, with my pants down. And I'm not alone. Postured on all fours is some woman I met a few minutes ago. She works at this place. We clicked and decided to hook up. Turns out she's into the same things I am. Her name is Trish, or so she told me. She's a plain-faced, green-eyed, plump woman from Dayton, Ohio. New to ATL. We just met and already I'm doing her. Trish is biting her lip as my hands grasp her large breasts. Her plump body shakes, and not from any southern earthquakes. Nah, she's quaking because of my hard black dick which is currently buried in her asshole. I thrust into her, hard and fast.

Truth be told, I'm not even that attracted to Trish. She's not my type. Then again, I don't have a type. The only requirement I have when dealing with a woman is that she needs to be into anal sex. That's all I need. Oh, and a fine butt helps but that ass has got to be willing to get penetrated. I don't much care about her personality, looks, special interests, career or history. I don't even care about her health. She could be Miss Congeniality or the Wicked Witch of the west. It's all the same to me. Sex with me is a want, it's a need. No more emotion attached to it than a trip to the can. All I want is her ass, for a few moments of pleasure. I always get my way. So, I bent Trish further down so that her big butt stuck in the air as I rammed my cock down her dark tunnel. She grunts as I fuck her ass. All around us is the disgusting smell of the women's bathroom. Yes, the ladies room was messier than the men's bathroom by far. The only reason we're here is because the men's room was occupied.

I stopped playing with Trish breasts and placed my hands on those wide hips of hers as I continued ramming my cock down her asshole. Oh, man. This was the stuff right there! There's nothing in the world I love more than to thrust my cock into a big woman's extraordinarily tight butt hole. Yeah, big women have the tightest backdoors in the world. That's why I love them so much. Oh, by love I mean the backdoors, not their owners. Don't get it twisted.

As I explored the anal cavity of Trish, she furiously masturbated, thrusting her fingers into her sopping wet pussy while getting drilled in the ass. I watched her pleasuring herself, a curious thing to watch, to be sure. Oh, well. Pussy play has never been my thing. I much prefer the back door. I continued fucking that ass of hers, hard and fast, until its vise-like tightness proved too much for me and I finally came, sending my seed deep inside her. Trish gasped as my seed erupted within her. Her body trembled some more and I held onto her tightly as delicious spasms rocked us both. She turned around and looked at me, a wicked smile on her face. I grinned. Yeah, this was fun. Grinning, I pulled out of her, then pulled my jeans back up. Silently, we readjusted our clothes and left the ladies room. As we exited together, some old woman who was sipping on her coffee gave us a horrified stare. I winked at her, and headed for the door. Trish went back to work.

In all likelihood, I would never see her again. And you know what? I'm absolutely fine with that. We had a good time. It was mutually beneficial. We don't need to get all up in each other's businesses. We don't need to mess with each other's lives. It was a good time. A half hour of fun. That's it. Let's move on. People need to get over their personal blockage and hang-ups when it comes to sex. That's the way I see life. Sex is just sex. A physical need no different from urinating and defecating. It simply has to be done. With my good looks and appeal, I find no shortage of partners and that's fine by me. Having indulged my midday lust, I'm heading back to the dorm to prepare for tonight's Criminology class.

I've got a test to prepare for. see how easily I slide away from a random sexual encounter and back into my usual digs? If all men and especially women on this planet could do the same, the world would be a better place. Less crime and definitely less stress. Oh, well. Got places to be and things to do. See you around, folks.

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