Bbw Sex Adventures


Bbw Sex Adventures
The dark street was lit with sharp blue and white flashes as an undercover cop car screeched to a halt. The group of hoods scattered, the tall, blonde leader dropping the girl he was dragging by the hair.

"Freeze! Police!" the cop began to chase after the youths his gun drawn, leaving behind the bleeding, sobbing girl to curl into a tight ball on the broken sidewalk. Two other police cars arrived, sirens wailing, lights flashing as cops tumbled out and moved in to join the chase. One officer stayed behind trotting over to the girl. He knelt beside her and began to urge her to move to the warmth of his car.

The officer began fixing up the many scrapes and cuts of her flesh. "Nothing too bad..." he stated. She sat covered in the blanket he had given her but it didn't help, she continued to shiver. Her eyes roved over the clean military look of the blonde, blue-eyed cop as he talked softly to her, wiping away blood as they waited for the others to return. She tried to offer replies but could barely hold her brain still to listen to him.

The first cop, plain clothed, returned dragging a skinny white boy along with him. The officer forced the kid into the back of the other police car, then sauntered over. His face showing the adrenaline excitement of the chase, caused the cop administering to the girl to chuckle. "Having a good time detective?" the blonde cop gave an award winning smile up at the huge black man. The detective smiled back, his handsome face creasing slightly to show off a dimple in his left cheek. If I didn't know better,Ashley thought sarcastically to herself, I would think I was in some cop movie. She eyed the overly handsome faces and physiques of the two officers.

She had been in the city for a total of three weeks now. Her roommate had told her to meet her at a huge party supposedly in some warehouse in the old industrial section of town. Ashley had raced home from night class, dressed in her only party dress and tried to make it to the rave by eight.

The printed out directions from a map site online led her in a complete wild goose chase all over the city. She had begun to run out of gas and was going to call her roommate when she realized she'd forgotten to switch her wallet and cell phone from her backpack to her dress purse. She finally had to park on as well-lit a street as she could find and wait until someone arrived. Then she'd ask for help, otherwise she'd have to wait until morning came before she would feel safe enough to walk in search of a store or gas station.

But, within an hour, a gang of young strung out thugs had found and circled her tired old Volvo. A tall, blonde guy with meth sores on his cheeks and chin leaned against her window and ordered her from the car.

"I don't have any money!" she shouted as she tried to shrink into the seat. "I left my purse at home!"

The blonde man smiled what probably once was a sexy smile, but now was more of a death grimace. "Baby. It's not your purse I want." His pale eyes moved over her slowly. "It's your pussy."

Ashley stared back not knowing what to do. "Please..." she began to beg.

The blonde looked away and made a motion to one of the others. SLAM! A huge thug snarled as he began to pound the hood of her car with a crow bar. SLAM! SLAM! CRASH! Her window shattered and an arm reached in to open her door.

She was screaming as the skinny thug, surprisingly strong for his stringy frame, dragged her from the car. "Come here sweetheart! Let's make love!" the group laughed cruelly as he clutched her to him and began groping her, his mouth biting and kissing her face. She could feel others groping her as well, as the leader fisted her hair painfully and forced her to take his kiss with her mouth as he pressed her pelvis tightly to him, forcing her to feel his swollen cock tightly pressing against his pants. Lights flooded the street as a car moved into the run down block. The thugs moved towards it, shouting threats to keep moving and brandishing their various weapons. For a moment she caught a glimpse of the frightened dark face of a man as he quickly sped his white Buick away from the violent scene.

"We need to move this party to a more private spot, don't we my love?" the leader yanked away so hard she stumbled and fell. He grabbed her by her hair and began to drag her to a nearby alleyway, when the undercover cop came onto the scene. The little, old man had called the police.

The other officers had brought in another thug and had him secure in the other police car as they began to ready to return to the precinct.

"Alright, Ashley, let's get you home." The undercover officer was kindly ushering her into the undercover police vehicle. A large, black Grand Am. "Where is home?" he asked as he settled in beside her.

And she realized her mind had gone completely blank. "I...I don't remember!" she stammered, surprised herself. "I've only been here three weeks. I'm sorry!"

He chuckled "hmmm... well, how about a phone number."

"Oh yeah..." she started to recite her roommates cell "469, 5...8 no 3... oh crap!" Ashley's eyes were wide as she stared at the officer. He was staring back at her, not annoyed like she was assuming, but actually admiring how pretty she was. Her eyes were huge, a dark greenish brown and set so far apart that any further she would have looked like a freak. but hers were just enough to make her strikingly beautiful. Her pale heart shaped little face looked stricken with worry.

"It's alright, honey." Ben smiled down at her softly. "It happens a lot actually." He started the car "tell you what we're gonna do. We are going to get us a bite to eat. Perhaps having a full tummy would help you to relax." He moved the car into the street.

The officer placed a paper dish of Thai food in front of her. He settled in the seat across from her. "Best Thai in town." He stated as he began to grab chopstickfulls of food and toss them into his mouth.

She watched him a moment and tried her own set of chopsticks "I've never had Thai food before." She said displaying her obvious lack of skill concerning the pair of sticks.

Ben chuckled and rose to grab her a fork.

"Actually they don't even use chopsticks in Thailand. But these guys have em anyhow. You've never had Thai. So where is it exactly that you're from?"

Ashley took a second delicious mouthful of the potato and peanut dish. "Oh my god. This is amazing..." she exclaimed, rolling her eyes with pleasure.

Ben smiled and nodded. "Of course it's nothing like real Thai from Thailand itself." He said non-chalantly.

"You've been to Thailand?"

He looked at her sideways. "Yeah..." but she didn't say what usually came next, a comment about the sex trade. "I've been a lot of places. Iraq most recently."

Ashley's eyes squinted at him.

"Military. I ended up a corporal in the Marines. I served in the war for 5 years. I got back two summers ago." Her forehead furrowed, due to her being unsure how to talk to him about his time at war. She knew it sometimes affected the veterans pretty badly. But no words would come out and she felt stupid. He returned to his meal. "And now you answer my question." Ashley's smile faded. She wasn't used to telling people her where abouts. But he was a cop. A big cop. And very much used to getting what he demanded.

She poked at her plate for a bit. "Montana." She said softly. She raised her head "My grandmother died a year and a half ago and I finally just left when I got a letter back from the college. I came down here to get far away and to go to school."

He nodded in reply

She smiled shyly and returned to her meal. While she ate her food he looked her over. Her long hair was a mess from being styled with sticky hair products then yanked about by the thug. It gave her a wild look. The dark color was almost a mahogany that set off her face perfectly. Though a bit young, nineteen, she was perfect: a bit chubby with curves for miles. Big breasts, large rounded ass and a nipped in waist. She had a pretty pert nose with a sweet dusting of freckles. When she smiled she had a slight buck tooth look that he was finding more and more adorable. Closed, her mouth looked made for the porn industry; overly plump lips in the shape of a sweet bow. Detective Jensen's pants were quickly becoming way too tight as his cock began to insist for its release.

"And your father?" he continued with her uncomfortable subject. "Where's he?"

She chuckled sardonically. "Well, now I'm not really sure which one of the 16 men was my dad. It was part of the cult." Her eyes were distant now and Detective Jensen waited, having seen the look before. He knew if he said anything the memory and her communicating with him would be gone. "Women were basically cows that any of the men could breed with, if they chose. I would probably have three kids by now if my granddad hadn't come with the CSD and forced them to let me leave. He and about ten other various relatives came and took grandchildren or nieces and nephews away." She tilted her head "I haven't even told my roommate that." She said rather surprised. "I'm pretty ashamed of it, actually."

" reason to be ashamed of where you're from, darling." The term of endearment sent a shiver through her and flooded her sex with a jolt of desire. He looked at her for a moment and she noted how gorgeous his eyes were. Thick black lashes and a bit of dark almost black pigment outlined his lids giving him a predatory feline look.

He sat back, having finished his meal. "Well, it's probably about time we found out where you live. Any ideas now? Of course, you can always just sleep at my place." Ben was shocked as the words actually came out of his mouth. He shut it with a snap. Ashley looked up at him. They sat there for a long while in silence, their eyes following the contours of each other's face as if they had been lovers for a while. Both starting to realize that they were very much attracted to each other. Ashley blinked, now aware of what had just taken place.

She blushed and thought quickly of an escape. She rose out of her seat "I have to use the restroom." She said softly. Ben nodded and watched as she asked at the window where to find the bathroom. She ducked around the corner into an alley. Ben sat a moment sipping his water. He sighed, stood, and tossed a tip to the cook in the window before he followed Ashley into the alleyway.

Ashley was waiting outside the beaten door of the nasty restroom when she saw a large solid male silhouette walk towards her. She knew it was the detective the moment he rounded the corner. Her eyes were lowered seductive when he came under the dim, slant of lamp light.

He came to stop in front of her, towering over at 6 foot 4 to her 5 foot 5. "It's a dangerous place." He stated, letting her know part of the reason he had followed. His eyes watched her pink tongue peek out and lick the top of her mouth, leaving her plump lips wet and glistening. His breath was becoming harsh as he imagined that plump little mouth stretched taut around his thick cock. She bit her upper lip and let out a slow exhale. He grabbed her arm then her waist, crushing her against him as she slipped her hand behind his head, pulling him down to her expectant mouth.

It felt like his hands were everywhere. His mouth was hot, strong and persistent as he pressed it against her mouth, and she was not resisting.

Her kisses were not experienced, he could tell, but her ravenous insistence equaled his and drove him maddeningly forward. She made soft feminine moans as her hands moved over him, feeling his broad back, his muscular arms beneath his leather jacket, while his mouth tried to taste all of her; her throat, her ear, her cheek, her mouth.

Ashley was surprised to find that the top of her gown was pulled down to her waist and the detective's hands were forcing the cups of her bra to the sides to release her heavy, plump tits. Her nipples now exposed, she gasped at the feel of his hot mouth on her cool skin. His mouth sucked and pulled at her soft, puffy nipples until they were bright, pebbled peaks. "Ohh!" her exclamation had the hint of a sob at the overwhelming sensation, as he lapped her now saliva slickened tits.

Again she was startled at his smooth, quick abilities as she realized one of his hands was now beneath her skirt and stroking her inner thighs "detective?" she asked barely above a gasp, as she had a moment of awareness. He raised his head, his beautiful dark eyes flickering onto hers in response. She could see the predatory lust that seethed beneath them and knew he was almost beyond his ability to stop. She gave in, pulling his head down to a kiss. Her weak protests were now gone.

She felt his large hand pressing against her pussy with only her thin panties the barrier between. She shuddered as his fingers massaged her swollen mound. Ben pulled away to watch her face as he caressed her. He could feel her cunt beneath the cotton cloth now soaked with her desire. His fingers gently but firmly pressed between her covered labia as he watched her face bunch up with pleasure. "Ashley." He said softly. Her eyelids fluttered open. "You're a virgin." He stated. She sucked in a bit of air in surprise, her eyes now wide.

"How did you..?" he moved his fingers in a slow, practiced caress, showing without words his extensive knowledge in the area of sensual manipulation and causing her head to fall back. "Yesss..." she answered him in a low, breathy groan. He pressed his face against her throat, now exposed, breathing in her scent as he slid his fingers beneath the fabric of her underwear.

The man opened the door to the restroom, and stopped. He was coming down from a recent high and could only sway and stare at the hot spectacle before him. A plump, curvy, white woman, her large breasts bared as she moaned beneath the attentions of a hulking, black man. Neither noticed their audience, as they writhed in the dark vacant alleyway. He carefully shut the door and moved into the shadows to watch.

Ashley groaned as Ben squeezed and pleasured her puss, his mouth at her throat, kissing tenderly in the soft contours of her sensitive flesh. His hand was clenching her skull as his other hand was carefully sinking beneath her waistband and plundering the softly furred recesses beneath. Fingers stroked the cleft delicately for a bit, then slid inside to explore her sodden inner lips and clit. He groaned along with her as he stroked her sensitive bud. "oh god..." she cried softly as he began to quest for her release; stroking, pressing, rubbing the tiny head and wet lips.

He growled and now possessed with his goal, he lowered himself down to kneel, and yanked her panties down in such haste, he tore them. not apologizing he tossed them aside. She feebly protested trying to cover herself. Gently but firmly he pressed her hands to her sides as he viewed her pretty, delicate pussy for a moment. His fingers squeezed her soft plump mound, then spread the swollen furred lips, dripping with her lust.

He pulled her hips toward him, forcing them apart as he pressed his mouth to her cunt in another type of kiss. Ashley whimpered and mumbled as he held her tightly still and his dangerously talented tongue played upon her virgin puss. His fingers continued to explore, parting her to make it easier for his mouth to gain the little bud and suckle it between long licks and nips of her bared inner lips. He knew he had her. Her pussy now swollen, a rising whine came from her throat, and her hands were intermittently pushing and pulling his shaved skull as the new sensations beat against her addled brain.

A brief thought hit Ben reminding him that he was technically still on duty, and this was breaking a huge amount of rules, but he quickly shoved it away.

Ashley's head lolled to the side as something began to rise from where his mouth insisted on torturing her. She slowly raised her arms over her head clawing and gripping the sooty, greasy bricks as if she were going to fall. He pressed his fingers into her tight little twat and began to fuck her with two of them. He smiled around his working tongue as he felt her pussy begin to quiver and her juices begin to flow onto his mouth and hand. "Oh...oh...Ohhhh!" Ashley was no longer aware of how loud she was as the detective brought her to climax. Her hips crushed against his head as she pulled his skull in tighter.

"YEEEESSSSSSS!!!" she came, her cunt crashing in waves against his mouth. He groaned, enjoying the sweet undulations of her pussy on his lips and tongue, as he lapped and suckled to keep her orgasm continuing as long as possible.

Now spent, he felt her body begin to crumple, and he rose gathering her into his arms as he gave her a taste of her own juices with a soul rendering kiss. He held her there a moment as she slowly gained her senses, panting at the onslaught of sensation.

Ben heard a noise and lifted his head to look. He glared at the pasty, greasy man who was watching them with a gross smile on his face. "Fuck off you little shit!" the detective spat, releasing the girl and moving threateningly at the man, his hand instinctively heading to the gun beneath his jacket.

Ashley quickly corrected her clothing and turned away flushed and embarrassed.

The junkie blinked up at the dangerous tiger like eyes of the huge man, and decided it was definitely time to leave.

Ashley was hugging herself as she began to move out of the alley. She relaxed when she felt the detective's large hand at the small of her back.

"Sooo..." his deep, soft voice was instantly comforting. "Let's get you home!"

Ben removed his jacket and placed it around her shoulders as he guided her back to his car. He started it and began to back up. Ashley clutched the jacket to her tightly, enjoying the smell and feel of it as she looked out the window. Smiling to herself she turned bashfully towards the cop. "ummm...detective?" she began.

"Yes?" he said a broad smile upon his lips.

"What's your name?"

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