My Mature Fat Queen

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta
My Mature Fat Queen
From the very first moment I laid eyes on Doreen Shields she became an obsession; something about that big, beautiful, mature woman just grabbed me and made me notice her charms, shaking all thoughts and images of other females out of my mind. I immediately closed my little mental black book -- that is, all other females that I'd been admiring, pursuing or thinking about pursuing simply disappeared off my 'to do' list. I was between girlfriends at the time and I made an instant decision about who I wanted to fill that void.

I'd been living in the new neighborhood for about a month before I discovered that a guy named Stan who was employed at the firm where I worked, also lived there, not far from my new home. After the discovery Stan and I soon started hanging out together. In the mornings we both got a lift to work, he from his mother, and me from my older brother; but because both drivers' knock-off time was an hour later than ours Stan and I would often take a bus home in the afternoons, together, except on the days when I have university classes in the afternoon; I'd been juggling work and classes for two years.

I had dropped by Stan's home one Saturday morning to collect a DVD when my eyes were pleasantly shocked by the sight of an absolutely stunning vision of loveliness. She was a big woman, more than six feet tall, maybe six two or three and looked to be about two hundred-twenty pounds, if not more. As I looked at her the words, buxom, voluptuous and amazon came to mind. I settled on amazon.

She was a caramel colored black woman of indeterminate age and big in all the right places -- boobs, hips, thighs and ass. She was wearing a white stretchy tube top without bra for support of what must be size thirty-eight or forty knockers. I could clearly see the stout, brazen nipples, looking like they wanted to jump right through the tube. I could also see the areola imprint on the left breast because it was wet -- she'd been washing her car. An added attraction was that the top stopped short of her navel -- a mouthwatering dent in the amazingly flat stomach. That belly reminded me of women I'd seen in the Southern African countries, who in spite of being big, even fat, had these nice flat stomachs.

Below the top she wore light blue spandex tights that snugly hugged a massive lump of feminine glory between thick, round thighs. The tights stopped about six inches above her shiny-smooth knees and I found myself staring longer than was decent and also thinking indecently that if I got my face between those thighs I'd eat that pussy till she bawled. Although she must have noticed my inappropriate staring she didn't seem embarrassed or annoyed, and when she fixed her big hazel eyes on me I simply melted.

I'm not usually timid around females, but that woman's unique beauty and raw sexuality was so aggressively intimidating that I found myself feeling like I was pimply faced, socially awkward high school boy. I was actually feeling shy.

Her greeting was warm and full of interest as we introduced ourselves. My fingers melted in adoration of her soft warm clutch as we shook hands and it wasn't until I felt her gently withdrawing hers that I realized I hadn't let go of her hand. I don't know what got into me but I simply blurted out an awkward question that had to do with her physical appearance.

"Mrs. Shields do you know if your fore parents are from Southern Africa," I asked.

She smiled and said, "I don't, but I doubt it. The slaves brought to this part of the world were primarily from West Africa. ... Why do you ask?"

I was feeling even more awkward now as she looked at me, waiting for my answer.

I stammered, "I ... I ... can't help noticing ... how flat ... your stomach is ... just like the women in those countries ... even the fat ones"

"Are saying that I am fat?" she asked, seemingly amused, the nostrils of her long, straight nose flaring.

"No ... no mam ... not at all ... you're not fat, you're big ... I mean ... thick ... I ..."

"I know what you mean ... it's alright, and I'll take it as a compliment, thanks ... also, thanks for that bit of info about black women's body type in another part of the world," she said, and laughed sweetly, looking at me like I was some strange specie.

She added, "Seeing that you're so observant, does any other part of me look like that of women from anywhere else?" she asked.

She looked at me, standing with hands on ample hips, chest stuck out. I felt my usual boldness stepping out of the brief shell of shyness that it had creeped into.

"I can tell you about the entire package, Mrs. Shields ... there is no other woman like you ... you're amazingly beautiful," I exclaimed, letting my eyes travel all over her body.

"Thanks, again," she said with a little giggle.

She continued, "You're sweet, and I like the bold way in which you express yourself ... boldness is an admirable quality ... Stan is finally keeping good company. Feel free to drop by anytime, he could learn a thing or two from you."

She turned and walked away to get back to washing her car. Looking at her retreating body it felt like her rolling ass was attached to my cock by some invisible string, for I felt it jerk and stretch out as if being dragged by the big, beautiful woman. As I stood waiting for Stan to come out I found myself glancing at her every few seconds, and every time she smiled, my heart lurched.

She was indeed beautiful, and everything about her was big and challenging. Her mouth was wide and full lipped, the sides curved upward in a template of a permanent smile. Her short cropped, curly, brown hair had generous streaks of grey that looked great but caused confusion about her age.

One day about a month later, Stan and I were walking in from the highway where the bus had put us off. Sometimes we used the short drop taxis that took persons from the highway into the housing area, but at other times depending on the weather or our funds we would do the fifteen minute walk-in to our homes. We had been walking for about three minutes when a vehicle pulled up alongside us. It was Stan's mom in her bright red Nissan x-trail SUV. This had happened a couple of times before, when she'd come home earlier than usual.

"Hop in guys," he said cheerily.

I quickly opened the door and jumped into a back seat. Stan kept on walking.

"Oh, oh, somebody is still mad at me ... we had a little disagreement this morning ... he can be very stubborn at times," she said, a bit of worry in her eyes.

She drove the vehicle and stopped alongside him.

"Come on Stan, get in the car," she pleaded, but he kept on walking.

She continued to drive slowly alongside him.

"Stan stop being so stubborn and get into the car ... why do you have to embarrass me like this," the beautiful woman said, looking defeated.

"I will get out," I said, starting to open the door.

"No, you take the lift, I will walk." Stan said.

"No, you stay in the car honey," Mrs. Shields said at the same time.

"Let him be miserable and stubborn all by his damn self," she added.

She stuck out a pretty pink tongue at him and drove off. I would have liked to latch on to that tongue with my mouth.

"He's just like his damn father ... I'm glad that he, at least, is out of my life ... as for my baby, as infuriating as he is, I couldn't do without him around, especially now that I'm single and my other child, his younger sister is abroad studying," she said looking around at me.

It was the first time I was hearing about Stan's father and sister. He'd never mentioned his dad before and I never asked. I also thought he was an only child. So she and her husband are separated, I said to myself -- good news.

She mashed brakes suddenly.

"Come up front, I don't like talking behind my back," she said.

The moment I opened the door and looked in, my heart lurched at the sight of her big, creamy thighs, exposed generously by an up-riding skirt. I used the excuse of putting on the seat belt to get a good look at them. As I sat down I found myself leaning forward a bit and glancing through the side of my eye to get a look further up the skirt. I felt that if I leaned far enough I'd get to see her crotch.

"Sorry about that little outburst about my ex-husband ... please forgive my indiscretion ... I shouldn't be airing dirty family laundry like that, but Stan's attitude just upset me," she said softly.

"It's alright, we all lose control at times when angry ... and like everything else in life, one thing leads to another ... and please, you are much too beautiful to be carrying such a pained look on your face, so crack those pretty, yummy lips and give us a smile." I said confidently.

She laughed, and said, "You like to flatter this old girl, don't you ... but thanks, I appreciate it ... you're so sweet, and you seem so wise for your age."

"What's my age?" I asked.

"I don't know, you tell me."

"Twenty-five," I informed her.

"Really ... I was thinking much younger, twenty or twenty one. Stan is twenty two."

"It happens all the time ... because of my size ... this puny body and baby face on a five foot six frame kinda fools people ... I'm a little man," I said chuckling.

"Yeah, it does," she said, turning her head and looking me all over.

I noticed she had chosen to take a longer way to my house than was necessary, and was driving slowly. She had taken me home twice before, so she knew how to get there.

"How old do I look?" she asked.

"Forty ... forty two," I said

She laughed hilariously and said, "There you go flattering this old lady again ... look at my hair ... see all those grey streaks ... actually, I'm fifty."

"It's not flattery, you really do look like forty or thereabouts, and if you're really fifty, you're the most beautiful fifty year old in the world."

I then added, "And I do look at your hair, but I know things are not always what they appear to be ... although, on the other hand, some things are exactly what they appear to be ... absolutely beautiful," I said, turning and looking at her big juicy melons and then into her sparkling hazel eyes.

"Oh my god, Akeem, you're a handful and mouthful ... stop it, you'll make me run us off the road. My head is spinning and you've got me blushing all over."

Just then she pulled up in front my home. I looked down at her thighs.

"I believe you, your thighs are all red, Mrs. Shields."

"Boy, get out of this car," she said pushing me playfully.

We both laughed.

"Let's come to an agreement ... from now on whenever we are alone together do call me Doreen. And if you find yourself thinking about me, think of me as Doreen, that's my name ... After all, I'm not even Mrs. Shields anymore," she said, smiling.

"Thanks for the privilege Doreen ... I think Doreen will be swimming around in my head a lot, because I do think of you often."

"That's nice," she said, simply, looking down.

"And remember what I told you," I said.

"What's that darling?" she asked, looking at me with those bewitching eyes.

"Keep a smile on that lovely face ... don't let Stan get to you. If he behaves badly just give me a call and I'll come over and lecture him on how to treat beautiful mommies."

She said, "I'll do that, what's your number?"

I called out the digits and she quickly punched them into her pink Samsung.

"Enjoy the rest of the evening dear," she said, smiling so sweetly, my cock jerked.

Two days later I got a text that read.

Everything's back to normal, and there's been a smile on my face since we were last together ... this text is not from the girl down the hall ... it's from the happy old lady.

I replied,

Same here with the smiles ... I don't encourage texts from girls ... my preference is for women ... big women.

I ended with an emoji with a wink and stretched out tongue. She replied with a shocked face emoji followed by one with a broad smile.

The next day, Saturday, I was on the street on my way to catch a bus -- I had classes at university -- when I heard my phone alert. It was Doreen calling.

"Hi sweetie, I'm trying to guess what you could possibly be doing on this lovely Saturday morning," she said in a soft seductive voice.

"Apart from thinking about a certain lovely, thick lady whose house I'm just about to walk pass, I'm on my way to catch a bus."

"I'll pick you up at the bus stop I am preparing to go out too," she said.

I was standing at the bus stop for about two minutes when her car pulled up. I got in and was instantly dazzled by her sweet perfume and freshly creamed thighs, a good portion of which was outside the legs of her short, pink cotton shorts, the crotch of which seemed to be struggling to contain her woman bump. I just couldn't keep my eyes off it. She was also wearing a lighter pink and white halter top which seemed willing and ready to release her heavy boobs at the word go.

"You look sweet and fresh, Doreen," I said.

"Thank you ... you look good yourself."

My eyes were aimed at the tempting mound between her thighs. A minute later she started laughing.

"I see you like my shorts," she said.

"Yes, they're nice."

"I knew you would like them," she replied.

"You wore them for me?" I asked

"What do you think?"

I gave a smile as an answer, then leaned forward and gently rubbed the dashboard of the car.

"This is a really nice car, Doreen," I said.

She smiled and asked, "You have a license?"

"Yeah, it's in my wallet -- I drive my brother's car sometimes."

She pulled into the corner of the road, got out and walked around to my side.

"Hop over, driver," she said.

I got into the driver's seat and eased the car into the traffic, as she watched me, smiling.

"What else is nice?" she asked.

I glanced sideways and said, "Nice earrings."

She quickly reached up and took off the pair of gold earrings. She leaned over and put them into my shirt pocket.

"They're yours. You can keep them with you all the time to look at whenever you think of me -- anything else nice?" she asked, smiling impishly.

"Nice blouse."

She reached behind her neck and loosened the halter top. She took it off and threw it into my lap. I glanced quickly at the big boobs in pink and white lace bras, struggling to keep them from falling out.

"What else, darling?" she asked, in a very soft and sultry voice.

"Nice bubbies." I gushed quickly, my heart beating fast and cock jumping.

"Well, now we have a problem ... as much as I'd love to I can't very well take these off and hand them to you," she said, making a mock sad face.

"A little compromise?" I whispered.

Without saying a word or looking at me she gently lifted one then the other breast out of their cups, letting the creamy melons tumble free. I turned my head and looked at the breakfast delight of large brown areolas looking like little pancakes with stout chocolate chips in the middle. My mouth watered, my eyes popped and the car swerved into the middle of the road, barely missing an overtaking vehicle. With fluttering heart I managed to control the car and get back into my lane.

"We'd better postpone this game," Doreen said, as she scooped up the blouse from off my lap.

'Just one little thing, tho," I said.

I pulled out of the lane and stopped the car, partly on the shoulder and partly on the grassy side of the highway. I turned around and quickly lifted one of the fleshy delights with one palm. I lowered my head and took the excited looking nipple into my mouth and sucked on it tenderly. I let my other hand drop between her thighs which she quickly drew apart, allowing me to cup the spongy mound. As I sucked on the nipple my hand stroked and pressed into the soft bump. She moaned loudly and rolled her hips. I felt her hand reach across and grab my erect tool, squeezing it gently.

"Where are you going?" she asked in a sleepy sounding voice.

"I have a couple of classes at UG that I can't afford to miss and a paper to submit -- today is the deadline," I said, through lips wrapped around a chocolate nip.

"Damn ... an extended postponement then, I guess," she said in a disappointed voice.

She gripped my cock hard, and then leaned over, dislodging my mouth from the breast. She nimbly unbuttoned and unzipped my chinos and dragged my hard cock out. Her head came down and my head went into her mouth. She sucked on it for about ten seconds before releasing it.

"I want something to keep me until resumption of play after the postponement ... will five minutes make you late?" she asked.

I shook my head, as eager as she for something to keep me as well.

"I hope no one who knows my car stops to check on me," she said, giggling, before lowering her head.

She began licking and sucking on my cock, sexy little mewing sounds coming out of her stuffed mouth. I managed to lean over and slide a hand under the leg of her shorts, she bent a knee and spread wide for me. It was a task -- a tight fit -- but I got two fingers to go past her lips and lodge inside her pussy. All I could do was barely move the fingers about a little but she complemented by making quick snapping jerks of her big hips.

Five minutes passed and she was still sucking on the cock with quick bobbing head, hoping to make it spurt. She moved her mouth away and grabbing hold of the cock, pumped it furiously urging it to fire off. My fingers were being bathed in gooey stuff from her pulsating pussy as she jerked her hips wildly, seemingly trying for a double whammy -- a, his and hers orgasm. She stopped the pumping and resumed sucking, her wide mouth and full lips tight around the cock. Another five minutes went by and once more she shifted to vigorous pump action and I felt the creeping buildup. When she realized from the telltale tensing of my body that I was about to cum she quickly lowered her mouth and took the blast.

As I shot my first load in her mouth I eased my fingers from her pussy and sent the lubed up middle finger into her tight anal passage. She sucked and dragged every drip of cum from my cock, swallowing hungrily. She continued to wriggle against my finger in her ass, but after a while abruptly stopped.

"If you wait on something to happen with me, you'll miss a class ... I can wait for another time ... you've already given me more pleasure than I've had in three years," she said, looking at me sweetly.

I eased my finger out her ass and she leaned over and kissed me with a flickering tongue that had remnants of my semen on it.

We tidied up and I drove off.

"Where are you headed Doreen?"

"Nowhere ... I came out just to give you a lift after you said you were going to catch a bus ... where could I be going in these?" she asked looking down at her short shorts.

"That was nice of you Doreen," I said.

"Well, one nice thing led to another," she replied.

She threw back her head and laughed, then leaned over onto me. I put one arm around her.

"So, you'll be pretty much tied up for the rest of the day ... too bad, you could have gotten to drive this nice car ... Wherever you wanted, for as long as you wanted," she said.

"Does that invitation extend into tomorrow?" I asked.

"It's elastic ... it could stretch that far if you want."

"I want ... badly," I said, feeling like the luckiest man in the world.

"You haven't taken anything to eat with you," she said, looking at my file folders and note book.

"I'll get something from the canteen," I said.

"I can bring you lunch ... if you don't mind ... just tell me what time you'll have a break and I'll be there," she said looking at me earnestly.

"You don't have to put yourself to all that trouble ... that will be too much driving," I said.

"I don't mind, I have an entire day with nothing important to do ... you will be doing me a favour ... giving me something purposeful to do ... please." She pleaded.

"Ok" I said, thinking it would be nice to see her again later.

"I'll be in the parking lot with your lunch and everything else," she said, giggling.

About thirty yards from the campus gates I turned into a narrow mud road between a playfield and a wide canal. I parked the car under a big tree. I glanced at my watch.

"We have fifteen minutes ... throw back your seat," I said.

Looking at me with wide open eyes and a surprised but pleased look on her face, Doreen eagerly reached to the side of the seat and got herself into a reclining position. I clambered over and quickly pulled her shorts and panties down, leaving them around one leg. For a few seconds I gazed between the thick, juicy thighs of the beautiful and well-toned mature woman, deeply enjoying the sight of her fat vulva with its surrounding, neatly kept, and low mat of brown hair with grey patches. I fastened my face onto the fleshy delight and after a few preliminary licks of the thick lips, went straight for the clit.

Doreen lifted one leg onto the window opening and spread the other one wide over to the driver's seat. Her hand came down and gently massaged my afro as I sucked on her clit. She made titillating little hisses and whistling sounds through her pretty lips as I sucked and she wriggled her big, fine ass. I had pulled down my pants, so, just as she started cumming, I moved up and stuck my cock into the twitching pussy and drove it all the way in as she jerked and trembled under me.

When I pulled out of her she was still breathing hard and smiling brightly.

"Oh my god Akeem ... that was so beautiful ... and I like how you put your cock in me at the right time ... so I could cum with you inside me ... thanks baby, that was so good, I haven't felt this happy and fulfilled in ages" she managed to speak between halting breath.

I looked up and saw a security vehicle turning out of the campus gate. We quickly got into action and got our respective pants on just as the vehicle pulled up alongside us. There was a middle aged male and a younger, but matronly looking female guard inside. The lady looked at my student badge and shook her head.

"Yuh know dis kinda behavior is not allowed, sir," she said, then looked at Doreen with hostile eyes.

"I'm sorry mam," I said in an apologetic voice.

"You should be young man ... and you madam ..." the female guard said.

Before she could get any further with her intended attack on Doreen, the other guard interrupted, in what was an obviously fake-stern voice.

"Okay, okay, y'all get moving ... and don't let me see dis kinda thing happen again ... yuh hear me? he said.

I looked at him and he winked, a slight smile on his face.

At the gate another guard approached the car. Doreen was bent over, head almost to knees. He asked to see my badge and I showed it to him.

"You know you violated campus rules," he said.

"Yes sir, but it was an urgent matter, something that had to be looked after right away ... it won't happen again," I spoke softly, in what I hoped was a conspiratorial manner.

"Is the lady also a student?" he asked, obviously messing with me.

"No sir, she's just giving me a lift," I said.

"I bet."

He smiled and waved me on. As we drove off I heard the lady in the security vehicle make a harsh remark.

"These old women, eh!"

"Did she call me an old woman?" Doreen asked when we were in the parking lot.

"Don't bother with her, she only saw your hair ... and she's probably just jealous," I said.

"Anyhow, you handled that pretty well ... seems like I have an expert on my hands," she said.

"I'm no expert, I just tend to react well in tight situations."

"Oh, tight situations ... I'll remember that ... I just might come up with a tight situation of my own and put you to the test," she said and laughed.

"Maybe you shouldn't bring the lunch, the same bunch might be at the gate," I said.

"I don't give a damn about what they think. I'll be here with your lunch," she declared, stubbornly.

She leaned across and kissed me, poking her tongue into my mouth.

The next day, Sunday, I was checking my message box every ten minutes or so to see if any text from Doreen had slipped by without me noticing. When it reached eleven o'clock and no text came, I sent one.

Hi baby, the invitation still holds? I'm ready when you are.

Honey, I thought you'd never ask. I didn't because I didn't want you to feel pressured. You can leave now, I'll pick you up in the street before yours.

She was wearing a tapered, off shoulder, above the knees, gold and green dress with buttons all the way down the front. I guessed it was intended to be knee length, but because of her height, had failed.

When we reached the highway and she got out the car for me to take over the wheel, I couldn't help admiring her. I would never have imagined that a woman her size and age could look so good in a dress like that.

"Well, the car and anything in it is yours to do with as you deem fit, for the rest of the day ... and way into the night if need be," she declared.

"That's the best offer I've ever had in my life," I replied.

"Anything nice?" she asked, as I drove off.

"Nice dress," I said, hurriedly.

She laughed heartily.

"There's not enough room for me to maneuver, so I can't take this off," she said.

"Well let's find the room ... I want that dress off of you."

She adjusted the seat and leaned back. I looked down and observed that the dress had ridden far enough up for me to get a glimpse of lime green panties hugging the tempting crotch. She stuck out her tongue and me and then winked and slowly passed two fingers over the bulky mound.

"You're a seductress," I said.

"Don't you like it that way? She asked.

"Very much."

I took her to a hotel outside of town. Inside the room she kicked off her gold sandals and immediately plopped down on the bed.

"Damn, I've been without a man so long, I'm trembling like a little girl ... it's been more than three years ... by now my hymen must be half way grown back ... did you feel anything in there yesterday? She said and then started laughing.

"What, such a fine looking, sensual woman and nobody grabbed you up." I said in a surprised voice.

"After my husband walked out on me and then asked for a divorce, I was hurt and wallowing in self-pity for a long time. By the time the divorce was final I'd managed to get over it and ready to move on. Turned out it was not as easy as I'd thought," she explained.

I was, by then, kneeling in front of her unbuttoning the dress from the bottom up.

She continued, "There was this one guy, my age, that I fell for last year, but before we could get intimate I found out he had lied about his marital status. That turned me off completely; how could a grown man be so silly. The thing is I would have let him take me even though he was married, if he had told me so. I was that horny I would have given it to anyone I really liked, married or not. Since then I hadn't met anyone I cared to let into my heart or anywhere else ... until you came along."

I told her to stand up while I worked on the rest of the buttons. When I was finished she sat back down on the bed, still in the loosened dress.

"I'm not kidding myself, I know this won't last forever, maybe not even for long but I don't care, I like you and I'll let you have this and me for as long as your interest lasts," she said, patting her crotch.

She spread her legs and stroked her plump lime green mound while licking her juicy red-lipsticked lips. Smiling slightly, she pulled aside the leg of the panty and revealed her freshly, clean shaven mound. Of the hair I'd seen only the day before, there was just a little v above her vulva remaining. The lips were large and thick and folded to the sides neatly. She rubbed the pussy gently then eased a long middle finger into it.

I got out of my clothes then I made her stand up while I undressed her completely. When I was finished she walked off and walked around doing little catwalk poses. She knew how to turn a man on. I stared in amazement at her beautiful, shapely bulk -- the big boobs, now free, hung low but in an attractive way. They glowed and shone from full solid flesh, there was no slack or wrinkled skin. Her big ass and upper thighs were a marvel with their few and slight cellulite and dimples. The round lower thighs also glowed, looking marble-like and sensually inviting. I followed her as she walked, like a panther stalking prey.

Looking me in the eyes, she walked backward toward the bed and slowly sat down.

"Come baby boy, here's a tight situation for you to react to," she said.

As I walked to the bed she reached for the purse that had been lying there. She unclasped it and took out a little bottle. I stood in front of her and watched in a daze as she held my hard tool with one hand while she squeezed oil from the bottle onto it. She used both hands to lather my cock thoroughly with the oil. She then handed me the bottle and climbing into the middle of the bed got onto her hands and knees, back arched inward, big ass high. I climbed onto the bed and kneeled behind her.

I was dumbstruck -- I couldn't believe this big, beautiful, magnificent creature was inviting me to bugger her -- even before I'd fucked her pussy, save for that brief insertion the previous day. My cock responded vigourously, bucking hard as if trying to slap my abs.

I aimed the bottle and squirted oil into the deep crack and onto the puckered bump, then I applied drops to several spots on her big bumper. I covered the bottle and threw it to the floor and set about lathering all over the big ass, the insides of the crack and then on to the wrinkled entrance to her dark hole of desire; the ultimate gift.

I centered my cock between the big hills of flesh, pressing against the entrance. I remained there for a few seconds and then with gentle care and precision I parted her anal lips and eased into her glory hole. Her entire body trembled.

"Owwwoooo!" she cried out.

I pushed forward again.

"Aaaaaaaaah ... mmmmmmm!" She uttered, trembling again.

I remained still for a moment and then I slowly and carefully eased the entire length of meat stick into her. Her body jerked and she grunted. I gripped her hips and I began to move inside her, back and forth with slow deep strokes. After fucking her ass like that for several minutes, I picked up the pace a little bit, making quicker but shorter thrusts as she moaned in enjoyment of the mixture of pleasure and anal stress. I didn't want to cause her any excessive pain or fatigue -- in spite of her size she was still a woman, deserving of gentle handling -- so I was careful with my strokes, maintaining a precise and steady rhythm inside the big bottom that was bouncing ever so sweetly.

I released the hips and leaned back, now only rolling my hips, no thrusts, just a steady grinding against the marvelous ass. I felt the muscles in her walls contracting and loosening against my wood and then she was moving against me, rolling the big ass marvelously. She dropped to her elbows and quickened the pace, now adding a bucking movement to the roll. I leaned forward onto her back and reached for her big bubbies, I massaged them lovingly as she worked under me.

She got back onto her hands and spread them as well as her knees wider, lowering only her boobs and chin onto the mattress. It looked like she was doing some kind of funny pushups. I'd never seen a woman position herself like that to be fucked before, and found it very stimulating; looking at the big backside that I was joined to, I felt like my cock was growing bigger inside her ass hole.

I passed my hands under and between her thighs, brought my hands up and gripped her in the groin area. I began a steady quick jabbing. I heard her breathing become heavier and I sensed that she was getting ready for a blast off. I moved one hand to her clit and teased it feverishly between thumb and forefinger, keeping it in a tight hold. Her body shook, she cried out and then she was bucking wildly in the throes of an orgasm. I gripped her tightly, staying with and inside her as she drained emotions.

I pulled out of her and brought her to the edge of the bed on her back. She bent her knees, lifted her legs and held them back. I re-entered her ass. I leaned forward and she wrapped her hands around my neck as I pounded her hole, dropping sweat onto her equally sweaty body as she lay there on her back, happily taking the onslaught on her little hole.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth pursed, looking much like much like an anus, pulling air into it continuously, sometimes making a whistling sound. I reached down and inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy, curling and opening them inside the sweet chamber as I plugged away at the ass. Suddenly my resistance broke and I started to fire semen shots into her anal well. I pulled out and fell back onto the floor, looking up at the big ass dripping cum fluid.

I climbed back onto the bed and lay beside her, both of us breathing hard. She turned onto her side and threw a big leg across my small body, then she raised up and started kissing me. Our mouths and tongues played together for a long time. We got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower together.

When we returned to the bed she threw herself onto it, moving to the centre of it, throwing arms and legs in a spread-eagled position. I moved to the foot of the bed, standing in the centre, between her spread legs. My eyes took the enticing image of big, beautiful womanhood. The big boobs spread across the chest, the fleshy by flat belly, narrow waist, wide hips, stout thighs, the little v patch of hair and the plump, high pudenda with its fluffy lips looking that a Hydnora Africana flower. It was an amazing sight that made my cock immediately spring to attention.

"Shit!" I exclaimed.

"What?" she asked, confused and concerned.

I said, "This is beautiful ... the most beautiful sight I've ever seen ... I wish I could lock it, just as it is, into my memory so I could look at it every day."

She looked at me dreamily, noting and enjoying every word I uttered in praise of her loveliness.

"Don't move," I said anxiously.

I walked over to the little table on which I'd placed my phone, took it up and came back to the bed.

"Akeem, I don't think you should do that ... it's not safe ... I can't let you ..." she said her eyes full of doubt and concern.

"Please, Doreen, there's nothing to be alarmed about ... this is for my eyes only, when we're not together ... this will never get to the internet or any other person's eyes ... trust me please ... you are my queen I'd never do anything to displease you," I pleaded.

"Oh ... I don't know ... I" she said, clearly tormented by indecision.

"It's ok, baby ... there'll be no regrets ... I promise," I said as I raised the phone.

Her eyes searched mine and I could see that they as well as her face was softening, relaxing. A little conspiratorial smile appeared.

"What the heck ... I've given you so much already ... take the damn pictures, if it will add to your happiness ... I'm not married, I'm not rich and I'm too old and stubborn to be bothered about blackmail or what other folks would say ... just hurry up and then come and stick that fine young cock in my pussy," she said cheerily.

I took shots from the foot of the bed and from both sides. She surprised me by suggesting I get some back shots. She placed herself in a number of back view positions, including the one in the funny pushup stance. Then she turned on her side and drew her knee up letting me get some shots of her fat puss peeking out from between the ass cheeks.

"Good, now, move that table to the side of the bed and set my phone in position to record us fucking ... I want something to look at too, when you're not around," she instructed.

She went back to her original, thoroughly spread-eagled position and I crawled between her marvelous legs, centered my cock and drove it all the way in with two powerful thrusts.

"Oooooooh ... aaaaaaaaah ... yesssss! She cried out, as her big bubbies bounced on her chest.

"I think your hymen has grown back some ... you're as tight as a virgin ... you sweet fucker," I said.

She made a loud, appreciative howl and grabbed my hips.

"Break it down baby ... fuck it up," she whispered.

She closed her eyes, pressed her teeth together and parted her wide lips in a passionate grimace. I lowered myself almost flat on top of her, and taking both big bubbies in my palms in a firm grip, I began to thrust slow and deep in my mature amazon queen, listening to her make encouraging and appreciative little sex sounds and talk as my slim agile body moved on and in hers. I wined and wriggled and rolled my hips in a nice slow rhythm in her, and she reciprocated with her own matching dance beneath me. She raised her big legs and I got on my knees and let her place those mighty, sexy columns on my slim wiry shoulders.

"I hope I don't crush your collar bones, my little baby," she said laughing.

I pressed forward, driving her knees down to her chest as I moved my wiry, flexible hips in quick short jabs, poking away at the insides of her fat pussy. I upgraded to deeper thrusts, then returned to the sharper jabs, but this time with increased rhythmic pace. She lowered her legs and suddenly became like an enraged woman. She wrapped her heavy arms around me and began a lusty, violent jerking and rolling under my busy body, sometimes threatening to lift me right off of her by the force of her massive hips and groin. I lay still, my cock pinned in her, allowing her to totally dominate proceedings with her passionate underneath ride.

She lifted me and threw me over onto my back, easily, like I were a doll, and straddling my slight body, grabbed my cock, centered it and dropped down hard, knocking the wind out of me; but I loved it. Her mighty inner thighs gripped my sides and she continued her enraged, wild-woman ride, this time from above, bouncing and grinding and rolling with amazing energy. Grunting and howling all the time. She leaned forward and brought her bubbies to my face.

"Bite my nipples, honey ... chew on them," she begged.

I did as she wished, chewing on each nipple, alternating every couple of minutes as she rode, showering me with sweet sweat. She began a quick back and forth dragging on me with her cock-filled cunt and made me jump and open my eyes, my mouth full of bubby meat, as she shrieked loudly and began trembling under the sweet tickle of another orgasm. She managed to remain lodged in me as she shook toward the conclusion of her ecstatic release.

Once again she easily lifted me, rolling over onto her back without losing the cock. She bent her knees and raised her legs. I grabbed the hips and pounded away furiously and soon felt the tingling signals of an orgasm.

'Come between my bubbies," she cried.

As I felt myself about to come I pulled out and moved up to plant my wood in her cleavage. She lifted the chunks of flesh and wrapped them around my staff, trapping it there as I made my last few thrusts before blasting away, spurting against her chin, neck, nose and cheeks. She stretched out her healthy looking pink tongue and licked the creamy stuff running down her nose. She swallowed, then dragged me to her face where she took my cock into her mouth and sucked it dry.

A little later as we lay side by side clasping hands and breathing deeply in the afterglow, I heard her soft voice.

"I hope I didn't turn yuh off ... I'm not too wild for you?"

"Nah ... I fucking loved it."

"And me?"

"I love you too ... more than yuh pussy."

"Good ... with luck I think I can hold that love for both, for another ten, fifteen years ... at least I'll try," she said seriously.

"You do that and with luck I'll hold you and be fucking you for another ten fifteen years after that," I declared, earnestly.

She turned over and kissed me and then slid down to my flushed middle and took my soft cock tenderly into her mouth.

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