My fuller-figure wife and her old, fat mother in my bed

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta
My fuller-figure wife and her old, fat mother in my bed
When I met Caroline, I fell in lust with her before I fell in love with her. She was dressed in high heels, nylons, a tight skirt which finished above the knee and a tight, low-cut knitted top. Caroline has large beasts, her tummy pleasantly rounded, but her best feature of all is her beautiful, big bum and thighs.

When I met her mother, I saw instantly where she got it all from. Dorothy was built exactly the same way, but slightly taller and with a larger tummy. Like her daughter, Dorothy's bum and thighs were magnificent, She dressed less formally, usually in loose fitting summer dresses but nearly always with tan-coloured nylons and high heeled shoes.

Caroline was still living with her parents when I met her, but they were relaxed about me spending time there including staying overnight in Caroline's room. What became apparent was that they were relaxed about plenty of other things too.

My relationship with Caroline developed quickly and passionately as we explored each others' preferences. Her large build and elegant dress sense were a huge turn-on for me, and I delighted in taking off her outer clothes and exploring her large body through ample bras, deep suspender belts which covered her round tummy, and best of all, nylon stockings which came very high up her big white thighs.

What I learned quickly about Caroline was that she was unable to achieve orgasm with a man's penis inside her, instead preferring stimulation to her nipples and clitoris. I would do this as a prelude to intercourse, either with my fingers or with my tongue. Also, she liked to finger herself to a cumshot while I watched, sometimes urging her on with the use of language and sexual swear words which she loved. Often while masturbating, she liked me to tell her sexual stories about previous lovers, taking particular delight when I related tales of my sexual relationship with a former landlady and her husband, both 44 years my senior.

Our sex was lust-filled, erotic and often frantic. The best part for me was that foreplay was like acting out a fantasy while making her cum her spunk. Each of her orgasms lasted for ages, during which she was loud and vocal, either crying out loudly or shouting dirty words like "fuck me, I'm coming, fuck me, fuck me, you dirty cunt, I'm doing it now, right now in your mouth..."

After this, she was so well lubricated that I always slipped easily inside her and fucked my cock up her dirty hole until I unloaded my own filth inside her big belly. During my cumshot, she would sometimes use the same sort of foul language to me to heighten the intensity of my cum. On some occasions, when she chose to masturbate herself in front of me, I would take my cock in my hand and wank it up and down while watching her. Very often I couldn't hold on and the sight of her big tits wobbling, her nipples being rubbed and tweaked, her big bum and fat thighs, and her middle finger wanking away side-to-side on her clit was all I could bear, and as she brought herself to climax I would shoot my filthy blobs over her vagina, her wanking hand, her stocking tops and her fat thighs.

Despite having all the erotic sex I could manage, I remember being transfixed by her mother's bum, tits and legs. She was more than 50 years old, and as she was a big lady, when she sat in her armchair in the drawing room, she would have her legs wide apart, forced open by her ample thighs as larger ladies sometimes do. This gave the casual observer a magnificent view of her stocking tops, a glimpse of thigh and sometimes even the gusset of her knickers. She was perfectly aware of this, and jokingly told me I was a pervert and that I shouldn't be looking up there. This was said jovially, often while Caroline and other family members were in the room, much to everyone's hilarity. What they didn't know is that in stealing a glimpse of Dorothy's forbidden up-skirt, I was fuelling a fantasy which I thought about during masturbation.

In this relaxed atmosphere, I mockingly called Dorothy 'mum' as Caroline did, and over time it stuck to the extent that I hardly ever used her Christian name, choosing instead to call her mum as if she were my own mother.

Over the coming months, a few things happened which only added to the heady sexual atmosphere when Dorothy was around. Firstly, I went to the family bathroom one afternoon for a pee, but as I opened the door, I saw Dorothy lying down in the bath rinsing her hair in the water. Her eyes were closed and her ears were under the water line and she had no idea I was there. I froze for a few seconds before backing out through the door, but in the time I was looking I had a very vivid picture. Dorothy's legs were bent at the knee, and wide apart, and as she lay back her pelvis was thrust upwards to the top of the water. I got an uninterrupted view of her hairy cunt stretched wide open and the pink inner lips swollen in between, much like Caroline's are after masturbation. Dorothy's huge tits were flattened by her posture, and were flopped down to the sides of her big chest and looked to be floating on the surface of the water. My abiding memory was her enormous, flabby thighs parted with her knees bent as she lay there massaging her hair.

I closed the door behind me and said nothing to anyone about it, but secretly my wank-fantasy had been fuelled again, and while I fucked Caroline later that night I pretended it was Dorothy spread out under me. It was too much to bear, and I started to cum up to my cumshot immediately. As I did so, I looked Caroline in the eye, and pretending I was speaking to Dorothy, said "I'm spunking up you, you dirty fat cunt". I had never had a cum which had lasted such a long time or produced so much filthy sperm. As I fucked my cock in and out of Caroline's cunt slit I could feel the cumshot running out of her fuck-hole and down over my balls and her bum hole onto the bed.

After we finished, Caroline commented that I was getting more and more adventurous in bed, and that I shouldn't stop as she enjoyed it as much I did.

Another thing that happened was one night after a party for a friend of ours in the local pub, Caroline and her dad decided to walk home at about midnight. I told them I wanted to stay and talk to some friends, and unbeknown to me Dorothy had stayed behind as well and was talking to the couple who lived next door to them. Their names were Brian and Leslie, and she was quite tall, well built and 'statuesque'. Brian was shorter, balding but well built and very outgoing. Over the months I'd come to know them quite well, as they socialised with Dorothy and Jim, Caroline's father, on a regular basis.

Eventually, I set off on the 10 minute walk to Dorothy and Jim's house to join my beloved Caroline in bed. As I approached the house, I could see two people in the driveway at the side of the house near the back door. They were hidden from the road, but as I walked up the drive I could see that it was Dorothy with Brian from next door, and they were locked in a passionate embrace. She was leaning against the side wall of the house, he was leaning against her kissing her fully on the open mouth, and at the same time, his hand was up her dress rubbing her through her knickers. Her large legs were open as wide as they'd go to allow him access, and he was rubbing his groin against her fat thigh.

I froze, eyes wide open, not knowing whether to proceed, withdraw, cough to announce my presence or just stand and watch. After only a few seconds, Dorothy noticed me, stopped kissing, pushed Brian's hand out from under her dress, and simply said "Hello, you're back soon."

They straightened their clothing, and Dorothy gave Brian a peck on the cheek, said goodnight, took my arm and led me to the back door. I was in shock and had still said nothing. As we went inside, to my surprise, Caroline was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, so I said hello and sat down not really knowing what to do next. Eventually, I managed to say "where's your dad?" and Caroline replied that he was next door with Leslie!

I could hardly believe what was going on, but at the same time I was jealous that Brian had managed to kiss Dorothy, the object of my fantasy, and not only that but he'd got his hand up her dress to rub her cunt area through her big knickers. And now Caroline's dad was doing god-knows-what with Leslie from next door -- this was all too much! After a few minutes, Jim came in through the back door and kissed Dorothy as if nothing had happened. They said goodnight to Caroline and me and headed off upstairs to bed. After this, nothing at all was ever said by anyone about the incident.

The other truly bizarre thing which happened at around that time was one Sunday afternoon after we'd all been to the pub and had lunch and were sitting around the kitchen table in Dorothy and Jim's house. Jim was out, but Caroline and I were there with Caroline's sister and brother.

Like the rest of us, Dorothy had consumed a few drinks over lunch and the usual silly talk was coming freely from us all. Caroline's sister told us she'd been to a saucy undies party run by a friend of hers, and that she'd bought some erotic lingerie for the bedroom, and a vibrator! We were all fairly stunned, not by what she'd bought but by the fact that she'd chosen to tell us! But that was nothing compared to the amazement when Dorothy told us she had two vibrators! One was an old black and gold one which she and Jim had bought in a sex shop in town, and the other was a recent purchase from a similar naughty-knickers party and was in white plastic, the end of which went up and down as it vibrated. The description left most of us stunned but amused, and Dorothy couldn't understand why we were so shocked. With that, she got up from the table, went upstairs and returned a few moments later with the white vibrator in her hand and passed it round the table for us to inspect!

The girls were interested in the length, girth and the vibrating and thrusting motion that it made, but Caroline's brother and I were just too embarrassed to join in. Eventually, I took the vibrator and studied it closely, secretly hoping to find some signs that it might have recently been up inside Dorothy's cunt hole. I saw nothing, and handed it over, but agonised over wanting to smell it for traces of her vaginal aroma, and even to lick it to see if there was any cunt residue from its last wank-off session.

Later that day, I went to bed with Caroline and in a frenzy, tore the clothes from us both, and with no ceremony threw her on her back on the bed, climbed between her fat legs and fucked my prick quickly and harshly up her stinky slot. As soon as it was inside, I looked into Caroline's eyes and said "Your mother showed us her plastic cock...". With that, my sticky white filth spunked up out of my cock deeply into Caroline's fuck hole, jet after jet squirting up into her belly as I jabbed it hard in and out of her vagina.

Out of breath, I rolled off and told her I was sorry it was so quick. She replied that it was OK, but was surprised I had been so turned on by her mothers sex-toy. I was embarrassed and said nothing, but Caroline looked at me suspiciously and said "You don't fancy my mother do you?".

I denied that I did and pretended to be shocked at the question, but Caroline wasn't fooled. She took my penis in her hand and said "I know what my mother's like in that department, I don't mind you fantasising about her or trying to get glimpses of her knickers, but just make sure you save your prick for me. I said nothing, but just held her tightly and we both went to sleep.

Within two years, Caroline and I were married and had bought a house about 10 miles from Dorothy and Jim. We went over for Sunday lunch one day with the other family members and were told by Dorothy that Jim was to retire early and that she and Jim would be selling the house and emigrating to France. Having got over the surprise, we offered our congratulations and quickly moved on to practicalities. We offered them a room in our house if they sold up before their house in France was available, and sure enough within 2 months they had their furniture in storage and had moved in with us.

It was relatively straight forward with them being there, and the big advantage came with me re-kindling my sexual fantasies by gazing longingly at Dorothy's big, deep cleavage, her high hemlines, her high heels, nylons, her muscular calves and her big bottom and thighs. She would always sit in her accustomed pose, legs apart affording the view I'd first seen more than two years ago.

My wanks were dominated by fantasies of doing what Brian had done that night, with his tongue in her mouth and his fingers wanking her on her knicker-covered slot. Or of her fucking her own cunt hole with her big vibrator, sometimes with her smaller one lubricated and nudging up at her big bum hole as she fingered her clitty just as Caroline did. When I imagined Dorothy coming to a loud and vulgar climax, I always shot my own load, usually uttering filthy words to heighten the pleasure.

At bed time, Dorothy sometimes changed into a t-shirt-style nightie which was terribly short, and which when seated allowed me to see the full extent of her knicker gusset stretched tightly over her gaping cunt, the outline of which I could see clearly through the material. Black pubic hairs poked out in abundance from both sides of her gusset betraying the unshaven bush beneath.

My wank fantasies were supplemented by my recommencing an activity I'd not done since I was a lodger in a North London house. I would look in the laundry basket for Dorothy's worn and soiled knickers and lick and suck the gusset while wanking myself off furiously. The heady aroma and acidic taste were fantastic as I imagined I was sucking the cum juice out of Dorothy's hairy cunt hole, or lapping away at her clit while fingering her cunt and bum holes to bring her off to her spunk as she bucked and writhed on the bed. I would finish by pumping my thick dollops of sperm into the gusset while uttering filthy swear words which in my imagination were directed to Dorothy -- "you dirty fat old cunt, I'm spunking it all out into your dirty cunt hole, you dirty fat bitch, you old cunt, fat old slag full of men's sperm you filthy fat old fucker..."

The knickers, often with stockings included, were replaced in the laundry basket with my filthy, smelly cumload in the gusset.

It transpired that Dorothy and Jim moved to France, but within two years Jim tragically died of a heart attack, after which Dorothy sold up and moved back to England to be near her family. Naturally, we offered a room to her while she got her affairs straight and she moved back into the room she's shared with Jim before. In the event, she stayed with us for almost two years as she got things sorted out for herself.

She got over Jim's death remarkably quickly, and re-made old friendships with people she'd left behind when emigrating, but she told me that being on her own left her feeling left out when all her old friends were in couples. As time wore on, she started to dress in her previous inimitable fashion with heavy make-up, tarty-looking tight jumpers stretched over her massive breasts, acres of cleavage on display, tight skirts, nylons and high heels. Alternatively, it was short summer dresses with low-cut fronts showing off her bra and breast flesh for all to see. I was convinced she would soon hook up with some gentleman suitor, but she never did, she just enjoyed dressing up and going out for a good time. She was nearly sixty and more than 30 years older than me, but I had soon re-discovered my fantasy world of sneaky glimpses of her underwear, wanks and spunk shots into her knickers, and fucking it up my wife while imagining I was doing it to Dorothy.

Since the very early days I had called Dorothy 'mum', and still did so, but one day she asked me about it and started a peculiar conversation with me that left me absolutely reeling.

Caroline was out for the evening, and Dorothy chose the moment to ask why I called her mum, so I explained how it started, and that it was a term of affection. She then stunned me by asking something else entirely -- "why is it that you enjoy looking up at my knickers, and down my cleavage?"

I froze and went cold -- of course there's no reason she wouldn't have noticed me looking but to just come out with it like that put me in an excruciating position. I attempted to explain it away "Well," I started, "how could I ignore a beautiful woman like you in such close personal proximity" I said laughing nervously. Secretly my mouth was dry and I was trembling.

She went further "If you enjoy looking at me sexually, it's OK, we're both adults and it's a free country, I just find it odd that you look at me sexually but still call me 'mum.'"

I hadn't looked at things this way before, and she'd really caught me without explanation. Put the way she put it, it did seem odd, and it suddenly felt as though my sex fantasies had, for years, been somewhat incestuous. I said nothing, but got up to go to the kitchen, and stood at the sink absent-mindedly drying dishes as I thought about what she'd said. Suddenly, Dorothy appeared behind me and I turned round to tell her I couldn't really explain it. I didn't get the chance. Instead, she came close to me and put her finger up to my lips to silence me.

She spoke softly "It's alright, you don't have to say anything, I think it's nice -- it's a real compliment to an old lady"

As she stood close to me, I could smell her heady perfume, and looking down I could see her big cleavage and her enormous bra. Her breasts and belly were pushing against me and I felt a strong erection rise involuntarily in my trousers and press back against her.

"What are you looking at down there, you dirty boy?" she asked smiling, not really expecting an answer. She went on "I think it's sweet that you call me mum, and I don't mind if you fancy me, but I'm only human..." She left that hanging on the air for me to draw my own conclusion as she put her head down on my chest and wrapped her arms around me. I responded by holding her and giving her a reassuring cuddle, and eventually she pulled away we moved apart.

Dorothy turned to walk away but hesitated and said "Sometimes, I can hear you and Caroline in bed at night," and continued with "I can hear the dirty words you both say to make each other cum." Well, that was it, my embarrassment was complete, and I gave up being humble.

"Dorothy I don't know what to say, you must be outraged that I should talk to your daughter that way."

"No, silly, It's a real turn on for me," she said. "Jim and I used to do the same, it always finished him off when I used to talk dirty." She continued "While we're confessing, I know how much you like to come in my panties in the laundry basket, I always know when I come to wash them. That's a real compliment too, you know."

I simply looked at her, apologised for my behaviour and made to leave the room. As I walked past her, she took my arm to stop me and put her hand straight to my groin. "There," she said, "Now we both have something to be embarrassed about, don't we!"

We went to sit down in the drawing room, me on the sofa and her in her armchair, and we talked openly and without inhibition about our respective lives. I confessed to my attraction to her large, curvaceous body and sexy undies and she told me she had long since held the desire to go to bed with me, and that my calling her mum only served to heighten her sexual arousal at the prospect.

As she sat in her armchair opposite me in her usual pose, I could see her tan-coloured stocking tops, a large area of white thigh and the gusset of a pair of big white knickers. She smiled as I looked up her skirt, and she teasingly raised the hem and opened her legs further to give me a better look. "I know you like to see that, you dirty little boy," she said, "It's OK, you can look all you like, I enjoy it too."

"Oh, mum", I managed, and sank to my knees on the floor in front of her, placing my hands on her big stocking-covered thighs. She smiled and whispered words of encouragement.

"That's it you naughty little boy, touch mummy's stockings down there, touch me up you dirty little boy."

This was heaven, the culmination of years and years of fantasising about it were about to come true. I explored higher and put my fingers gently on the cunt of her white cotton panties. I could feel her dampness coming through the gusset, and I could smell the aroma of her cunt that was so familiar from my laundry-basket wanks in the bathroom.

She moved her large bottom to the edge of the armchair as she sank lower into it, and wrapped her fat legs around my waist. I fumbled to open my trousers and let my cock spring out while she reached down and pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side to show me her dirty fat cunt covered in a thick bush of long black hair. My cock popped straight into her cunt hole and I leaned forward into her, kissing her fully on her open mouth. My left hand went to her giant tits where, through her substantial bra, I could feel very large nipples standing up like bullets under my fingers. She started to speak.

"Ooh, that's it my dirty little boy, give me a naughty fuck, fuck it in me harder you dirty little boy."

I required very little encouragement, and being unable to hold it back the situation overwhelmed me. "Mummy, can I come in your cunt please?" I said meekly. I needed no reply, as my sperm load was already shooting off inside her dirty fuck hole. Squirt after squirt was shooting off up her old cunt as she spread her fat legs open for me, high heels pointing upwards. All my dirty dollops had blobbed off into her wet vagina, and I sank down onto her substantial belly and chest in a state of emotional exhaustion.

I kissed her fully with open mouth and tongue for several minutes, and eventually stood up and pulled my things up over my limp cock. She stood up too, straightened her clothes, took my hand and led me to my own bedroom. Without a word, she undressed me, lay me down on the bed and cleaned my cock of its spunky residue with a tissue, taking very loving care over the operation. When finished, she took her jumper off over her head, removed her necklace and bracelets, then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She took down her silk underskirt and reached behind herself to unclip her huge bra which too fell to the floor. She stood in front of me with her enormous breasts sagging down towards her belly, and her white panties over a black suspender-girdle which stretched tightly over her big tummy. Her tan-coloured nylons were old-fashioned and finished high up her big, fat thighs which bulged out over the stocking tops.

She slipped off her high heels and pulled down her knickers to reveal her cum-filled vagina with its substantial bushy covering of black hair. She knelt on the floor beside me as I lay on my back on the bed watching her, unable to remove my gaze from her big, sexy body. She took my penis in my hand and gently wanked the floppy cock up and down and began to speak.

"Now then, my dirty little boy, what would you like mummy to do to you, hmm? I'm feeling very randy and I've not had a cum yet, I wonder if that's something you could help me do? What does my little boy think?"

I only managed "Yes mummy, anything you want." She continued to wank me gently up and down and said "This must be our secret, and as long as we keep it between ourselves, we can have a beautiful sexy time together and do anything your fantasies desire."

I looked at her and said "Please mummy, may I cum in you again?"

"Of course my dirty little boy, I'll make sure you fill me up with your dirty seed every single day." As she wanked me, her other hand wandered down to her slit and fingered away at the fleshy lips between her fat thighs. Her breathing became heavy and she closed her eyes as she wanked me. My cock responded to her touch, the foul language, her fat old body and the sight of her fingers gently masturbating between her cunt lips. Once I was fully hard again, she stood up, climbed on top of me and guided my cock into her spunky hole for a second go. As she fucked herself up and down on my penis, she reached down with her hand and fiddled her clit with her middle finger, exactly as Caroline did. Her eyes closed, she became flushed and within a few minutes she was doing her dirty filth all over my cock. As she spunked off to her orgasm she quickened her fucking motion and shouted "You dirty little cunt, you dirty little cunt..." over and over again. It was all I needed and I blobbed off again into her fat, wet cunt hole, all my jets of sperm squirting out into her dirty old vagina hole.

Our orgasms subsided and she slid off and lay next to me on the bed. "Our secret," she reminded me.

She took her clothes, and kissing me goodnight, left the room and went to bed.

Caroline returned about an hour later and I had to pretend to be asleep, lest she desire a fuck which I could no longer provide.

The weeks rolled by and turned into months and eventually into the two years for which Dorothy stayed with us. In that time, Caroline and I had our first child, a girl to whom we gave the middle name Dorothy, and of course my 'fuck mummy' and I continued our frantic sexual relationship.

We fucked each other in various stated of undress, in every room in the house, and did almost every sexual thing we could think of. I loved to lick her cunt as a prelude to fucking it up her hole, and she felated me and allowed me to cum in her mouth, always with heavy lipstick on her wrinkly old lips. I loved lifting her summer dresses from behind, pulling her knickers aside, and slipping my prick up the wet slot between her fat stocking-covered thighs. It gave me a view of her bum hole, her fat arse and thighs, her stockings, knickers, and her high heels straining on tip-toe to meet my fuck thrusts. Always, I would be talking dirty and calling her my mummy, while she responded, calling me her filthy little fuck boy, and encouraging me to finish inside her with squirts of my filthy seed.

Sometimes, her fantasies extended to telling me to cum up her hole and make her pregnant, and despite her age and obvious inability in this respect, it spurred me on to a hard cumshot as she shouted "come on you filthy little cunt, make me pregnant with your dirty dollops, fuck me a baby up my wet cunt hole. You dirty little boy, come on fuck it up me and give me a baby, make me pregnant with your disgusting sperm, you little cunt..." and so on she would go, getting more obscene each time we fucked.

After two years with us she moved into a flat nearby, and although we kept up a sexual relationship for years, I suspected she had other gentleman friends whom she was entertaining in the bedroom. That was OK with me as long as I got my share of 'mummy fuck' sex.

After she moved out, Caroline and I resumed our relationship more fully than we had done for many years. My sexual predilection, however, lay with large women many years my senior, and on a couple of occasions we indulged in 'swapping' with couples much older than ourselves. It wasn't the same however, and I continued to see Dorothy, my 'fuck mummy', until we moved away with my work. Now, it's rare that we get together, but when we do it's just like our first time again, with me calling her my mummy and her calling me her filthy little boy.

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