Fattie sister gets it from behind

Fattie sister gets it from behind
It was still so amazing to realize I was doing these "dirty" things with my brothers. I was so turned on by the entire incest concept. I loved feeling so uninhibited with my brothers. I enjoyed them looking at my naked body with lust in their eyes. It was such a turn on, knowing that my tits and my puss excited them and made their dicks hard!

Alan's dick was throbbing in my mouth, as I sucked and licked him. Slowly I would lick my tongue over the head of his shaft, then down to his balls, then back up again, where I would suck the head into my mouth with loud slurping sounds. As I continued working on Alan's dick, I felt Robbie move close to me. His hand found it's way underneath me to caress my big tits that were swaying back and forth. His other hand began caressing my plump ass.

I could hear Alan moaning as I sucked him and Robbie was moaning as he played with my tits and ass.

"Oh sissy, I love your big titties and your big ass" Robbie groaned. "I like watching you suck our brother's dick too."

I felt Robbie's hand move between my legs, spreading them open. He moved his hand so he could reach between my pussy lips. He spread them apart and found my pussy hole. I was already so hot and wet.

"I want to play with your pussy, sissy" Robbie told me. " I want to finger your cunt."

All I could do was moan since my mouth was full of Alan's dick. I moved my ass toward him giving him an invitation. As I did that, I felt him insert two fingers into my pussy hole. I humped backward to receive them. It felt so good! Robbie began working his fingers in and out of my puss and I began to suck Alan in rhythm to it. Robbie was very close to me and I could feel his dick rubbing against my leg. I moaned loudly when I felt it. I needed it in my pussy so bad!

Robbie must have realized my need. He removed his fingers from my cunt, and moved behind me. I knew then, he was going to mount me. We were going to do it doggy style!!!

"Sissy, I'm going to give you some dick! I'm going to fuck you like a doggy!" Robbie said as he spread my legs and moved between them. He took his dick and pressed it against my pussy lips as he mounted me. I was eager and opened up for him. I felt his dick head against the entrance to my pussy hole. With one hump, he pushed it in and filled me with his big dick!

I had raised my head from Alan's dick for a moment and cried out in ecstasy.

"Ohooh! Ooooh! Robbie, fuck me! Mount me and fuck me like a doggy!

I cried out. "Yes! It feels so good!

"Sissy, suck me, suck my dick!" Alan begged. "I'm going to cum Sissy. Keep sucking me!"

I returned my mouth to Alan's dick sucking it hard. I felt him throbbing and I knew he was going to shoot his wad soon. Robbie was fully penetrated in my pussy and was humping me slowly. That gave me time to suck Alan off.

I glanced over to the mirrors on the wall and loved what I saw. What a hot picture. Me, on my hands and knees, big tits swaying, with one brother fucking me like a doggy and my mouth sucking one brother's dick.

"Oh sissy, don't stop, don't stop!" Alan was moaning. "I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming sissy! Make your baby brother cum sissy!"

I was sucking hard as I felt the first squirts of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I prepared myself for more and soon my mouth was full. I began swallowing most of it, but there was so much it soon was dripping out of my mouth.

Alan's body was in spasms as he finished cumming in my mouth. Alan's dick fell from my mouth and I continued to lick the cum off of it. Robbie was still humping me slowly, letting me finish Alan. When I was done, I raised my head up and said, " Fuck me Robbie, fuck sissy's pussy!"

Alan moved to where he could play with my tits while Robbie humped me from behind filling my pussy with his big cock. My tits were swaying back and forth as we humped.

"Yes sissy, swing those tits for me, swing those big titties." Alan instructed me. "Let baby brother fuck you like a doggy!"

"Hump her Robbie, Hump our sissy!" Alan told him.

Robbie began humping me harder and faster; we had a great rhythm going. We both were grunting and groaning with pleasure as he pounded his big dick in my pussy hole.

Alan reached under me and found my pussy. He spread my lips apart and started rubbing my clit. It felt so good. I knew I was going to cum soon.

"Robbie, fuck me! Fuck your sissy, baby brother. Make me feel good!" I told him. "Make me cum Robbie. Make sissy cum!" He was humping me harder and Alan was rubbing my clit faster and harder. I couldn't hold it any longer. I started bucking and humping wildly as my orgasm took over.

"YES! YES! I'm cumming! Sissy is cumming! I cried out. I felt my pussy juice begin squirting on Robbie's dick. I felt him throbbing in my pussy.

"Me to sissy! I'm cumming too, Sis. I can't hold it! Robbie groaned loudly. "I'm going to shoot my wad, sissy. I'm going to fill your pussy full!

I felt his dick begin shooting out his wad filling my pussy full of his cum.

He had grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and pulled me closer in order to penetrate my pussy deeper.

I felt my baby brother's cum filling my pussy up and dripping down my legs. I fell forward onto the bed, Robbie falling on top of me. His dick slipped out of my pussy, and lay between my ass cheeks.

Alan lay beside us, watching us as our orgasms subsided. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Robbie moved off and lay on the other side of me. I turned to him and he kissed me on the lips too. I lay there between my two brothers, naked, their arms around me. Our naked bodies pressed together in a lover's embrace.

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