Mom fucks het 26 yr old son!


Mom fucks het 26 yr old son!
well let me tell you how it all started . I was on the way home from baseball practice and I get a call from my mom asking me to buy her some pads. This was very unusual for her to ask me because she ususualy gets my dad to get stuff for her. But any ways I go to the walmart by our house grab two tnings of pads and left. When i got home I sat the pads in her bathroom and went to tell her i got her pads. so i checked everwhere but i couldnt find her. so I went to the upstairs bathroom and walked in and she was mastrabating in the tub . I was about go out but she stoped me and said wait and she stood up and shut the door behind me while i staired at her huge tits . she then unziped my pants and pulled out my cock and slowly started mastrabating me while I grabed her vagina and slowly moved my hand in and out.

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This is a true story that took place several years ago.<br />
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I have a friend, Chuck, he's in his 60's and retired. We get together every now and then and fool around. He loves to sucyoung girl topless