Fat mom for christmas

Fat mom for christmas
I daresay, it"s a sad, head-nodding shame that there are very few black incest stories posted on here. Now I don"t mean to be racist or anything, but this site does need more black incest stories, and lucky for those who agree with me, that"s mostly what I write. As for the story, this is actually a continuation of my Black BBW Mom story, taking place sometime after it. So if you haven"t read that story first, I recommend doing so now. It might make things a little easier to understand here.

Another thing, if you send me an e-mail telling me you like my story and don"t get a response right away, it"s not because I"m ungrateful. I appriciate all the feedback but most of the time, it"s because I"m busy. With that being said, I give a big "thank you" shout-out to all who like this and my previous stories and all my haters can get the third finger.

And please people. I do welcome negative feedback and don"t get me wrong, I take negative feedback very well, but the comments left on my last story (Black BBW Mom) were just plain rude and ignorant. I very well understand that my stories aren"t the best, but just consider all the time i take out to write what I write. And if you are going to leave tasteless comments like that, at least have the balls to log in or leave an e-mail address so I can respond. Bottom line: If you have something negative to say, there"s is still a nice way to go about saying it. If you"re trying to discourage me from writing, you"re failing... BIG TIME!

Writing is my number one hobby, and it"s basically my 90% of my entire life. There"s not a chance in hell I will give that up all thanks to haters. To all the non-haters, enjoy!

It was a grizzly, pitch dark, December, Saturday night, a bit past 7 pm. The special day of December 25th was quickly approaching. The mother and son, Loretta Darby, and Maxwell Darby agreed to see a movie tonight, and so they got dressed and ready. In the living room of their home was a tall Christmas Tree adorned with many large ornaments and bright lights with a crafted angle up top.

Loretta had the body any man would die for. Thick frame, large boobs, large belly, thick round pussy, large booty, and large thighs. What else could a man want?

Loretta came downstairs, dressed in a tight black shirt, so taunt against her thick busty body, and with a drawing of cat"s head stretched across her large breasts. Her tight black shirt was thin enough for anyone to make out the butterfly designs of her favorite white cotton bra, as well as the bulging brown breast meat. She wore a matching pair of pants that were also tight and were made very easy to see the pink and white striped panties visible through her pants.

Maxwell stared at her. He was never so in love with anyone ever. She greeted him with a flirtatious smile, then, Loretta went back upstairs to her room and she lightly swung the door until it met the arch, not closing it all the way.

Loretta took her lotion and squirted some onto her hand. With the other hand, she pulled up her shirt to unleash that chubby stomach of hers and she rubbed that fat belly, gracefully applying the lotion to her stretch-mark-scarred tummy.

Loretta rubbed her chubby, flabby belly in round circles, over the dark diamond hole for a navel.

Maxwell sneakily walked over to the door to spy on his mom though the thin opening, because a woman with a big fat belly would fascinate him. Loretta finished and she took a glance out the window to see the pitch darkness. She walked over to the window.

Loretta leaned over window seal, looking out at the darkness of night, and with that broad killer bottom poking right out for Maxwell"s pleasure. She had the booty any man would kill for, one that was shaped like a huge, poke-out oblong oval. What was doing him in even more was seeing the huge V beneath her pants. Huge rump, cellulite, see-through clothes, cute panties? This couldn"t get much better than this for him. To his fascination, Maxwell fantasized about inserting his swollen cock in between her impressive cheeks.

Maxwell slowly entered the room and advanced to her. Loretta heard the footsteps of her son approaching but she did not turn away. When he just got close enough, she felt as Maxwell spontaneously placed his hand over the right cheek of the warm softness of her large bottom and rubbed both cheeks, caressing her massive booty flesh. He just couldn"t resist. Maxwell, using his two index fingers, traced the outlines of his mother"s panties, from the sides down. He then gave Loretta"s broad bottom somewhat of a hard slap, causing both cheeks to jiggle.

"Stop touching me like that!" the shy mom, finally protested as she pressed her body forward.

"Can I grab your titties then?" he deviously asked as he reached his hand over, under her arm, reaching for her breast.

Loretta shook away, pushing Maxwell away. He took a few steps back and Loretta sat down on the bed. Maxwell just would not give up! He admired his mother"s breasts. He just did. He tried again, his hand slowly reaching for her tits. In shyness and modesty, Loretta crossed her arms over her breasts covering them as though they were exposed.

"Maxwell!" she said the name firmly. "I know I got big titties that you love so much but these are your mother breasts!"

"Just let me cop one feel!" Maxwell begged.

"No." she said.


"NO!... Now come on and get out "fore we be late for the movie."

Then, Loretta and Maxwell left their home to go to the nearby theater. Loretta drove them there, and for the whole ride, Maxwell"s eyes were fixed on his mom and they went nowhere else.

They got their tickets, snacks, drinks, etc. and they were seated somewhere in the back of the dark theater. Maxwell sat to the left of Loretta. He didn"t take much interest into the movie and instead stared at his mother, deeply in love with her cubby round facial features, her makeup, her eye shadow, those plump lips, not to mention those enormous tits. Maxwell failed to contain himself. He very slowly advanced his hand to her chest.

He gently and softly squeezed the erotic softness of her tit. They both felt the hardness of her nipple building up underneath the palm of her hand. It was the coldness of his hand from being outside that was hardening her nipple. Maxwell felt his mother"s body rise as Loretta released a deep breath to the chilling touch.

Maxwell looked into the eyes of his mother, but she was too busy staring at the theater screen. You could tell by the sad look on her face that she felt very much violated by her own son, but she didn"t protest nor say a word. She was too shy to.

Maxwell pushed his mom"s legs apart, opening them. The palm of Maxwell"s other hand met her thick thigh. Right through the thin fabric of her clothes, her leg felt the chilling coldness of his hand and it caused her legs to quiver. His hand slowly grazed to her inner thigh and it moved toward her crotch. He just loved how round and fat her vagina was. He wanted to screw that thing so bad! But not in here of all places.

Maxwell widened his legs, and his right knee met his mom"s left knee. Loretta, feeling this, looked down to see the huge tent in his black pants. Just then, Loretta imagined her son plunging his hard-as-steel cock plunging deep in and out of her pussy and she imagined it feeling really good.

To Maxwell"s luck, Loretta was getting horny. She finally wanted her son touching her in "those places". Her eyes navigated back over to the movie screen.

Loretta peeled up her black shirt, flashing her big white bra in pubic. Maxwell"s head descended down to his mother"s chest, and he sucked on her tit, over the cotton fabric of the bra, and his tongue met her nipple. Loretta breathed heavily as she felt her son"s tongue circle around her nipple

About an hour and a half later, they went home after the movie. When they returned home, Loretta removed her black shirt right in front of Maxwell"s eyes, flashing him that big white well-filled 48gg bra they both love, and that her titties wobbled beneath. Then she removed her black pants, wagging that massive plump bottom back and fourth, giving Maxwell a huge hard-on. Loretta was now in her bra and panties. Her boobs and pussy looked so inviting.

"Now tell me, baby..." said Loretta in her deep voice. "What do you want for Christmas?"

"To like your pussy..." confessed Maxwell. "It looks like it"s gonna be sweeter than candy y"know."

"Your wish is my command." said she, finally. Then, she got down on the carpeted floor, her breasts wobbling under her bra, and she was laying down for him with her legs wide opened.

Maxwell advanced to her and his fingers stroked her clitoris for a good minute or two. As a result, Loretta felt the erotic sensation dominate her and she moaned in sexual delight.

Maxwell wrapped his mouth around Loretta"s big beefy pussy, right over her panties. The tip of his tongue met her clitoris. It tasted light straight fabric, but that was okay for Maxwell as he circled her pussy meat with his tongue, making his mother hot. She groaned and let out loud sighs as she felt the energy take over her.

Loretta dug into her white bra and pulled out her huge heavy tit, for her son to admire that wide black areola of hers. Her large bag of flesh swung heavily across her chest. Maxwell"s heart throbbed in delight. It almost felt as if he were to have a heart attack. Loretta turned herself around and got on all fours. That behind on Loretta was so appealing, so eye-catching, so inviting. Maxwell pulled down his pants, and unleashed that cucumber-thick cock and pushed it in between those gigantic bubble mounds of cellulite fat.

Loretta"s butt was so big that it swallowed Maxwell"s long and swollen cock. He pushed his hard erection in and out, back and fourth, and the both of them felt the erotic energy. It may had been cold outside but they were hot for the longer they kept this up. Both the mother and son enjoyed this moment as Maxwell slowly banged her harder and harder. Then, Maxwell would feel the cum shoot out of him, blasting in between her delicious cheeks and flooding that big booty of hers. The whiteness even dripped down onto the carpeted floor. They took a minute to release their last hard moans and they went to clean themselves up. For a strange reason, Loretta seemed to grew to like having her own son look at her and touch her in certain places, let alone screw her. She even felt good about herself being that she granted her son a Christmas present! For the both of them, it felt like Christmas night thought it wasn"t the 25th yet. For had it been, it would"ve been the best Christmas ever.

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I've read some of your stories before. Is that a pic of your mom?

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