Cyber romance with BBW


Cyber romance with BBW
I drove 4 hours just to meet her. We spent a long time on the Internet chatting and emailing back and forth. We knew each other's interests and enjoyed talking about them. We even moved to speaking on the phone. That's when I mentioned I would be close to where she was. She, and it was a complete shock to me, asked me to visit her and stay at her place for the weekend. How could I say no?

The 4 hour drive seemed to take 24 hours. I had never seen her picture and she had never seen mine. All I knew is she was a BBW and all she knew is I wanted to meet her. I spent the entire drive wondering about her. What does she look like? Will she like how I look? Am I wearing the right clothes? What would we do? Would we get along once I got there? The questions beat my mind into a frenzy of worry.

She told me to meet you at a parking lot near where you live since your house was far out in the country and I'd never find it by myself. I figured this was true, but also I figured this as a way out for both of us. If the spark just didn't happen.

I pulled into the parking lot. Her car was the only one there. I parked next to her and we both stepped out together. Instantly I knew the drive was worth it. You stood before me in a beautiful full-length skirt and tight blouse. She was more beautiful than I could have hoped. Her black hair fell across her shoulders, the wind swaying it slightly as if angels were playing with it. Her eyes, blue, deep, and sensual pierced me to my soul. Her lips, full, deep, and red almost beckoned me to kiss her on the spot.

"Hi," she said, "I'm Laura, and you must be Kevin." My mouth dry, but I was able to croak out a "Yes."

"Well, do I get a hug?" She asked? Without hesitation I moved towards her. Embracing her full body in my arms. I could have stayed in this parking lot, in her arms for hours. Feeling her breasts push against me, her full thighs rub against my legs. Yet I broke the embrace, embarrassed as my cock began to throb and grow with the feeling of her body. I hoped she didn't feel it. I didn't want her to think I was some pervert from the net.

"Follow me back to my place, I've made us dinner and I have a nice bottle of wine open and breathing." She said stepping into her car. I followed her, she was right, there was no way I could have found her house by myself.

He house was an old farm house in the middle of no where. Rustic and warm. We stepped inside and she invited me to sit down at the table. She started dishing up dinner.

"I hope you like pot roast." She said as she laid two dishes on the table. It could have been a bowl of cereal with old milk at this point, as long as I was near her I could care less. She poured a glass of merlot for each of us. We ate and made small talk through dinner. We spoke of my drive, her house, our jobs, the oddity of meeting on the net.

We finished dinner and we both cleared the table. I helped her wash the dishes. Every now and then her hand would touch mine as she handed me a dish or a glass. This spent shock waves through my body. Who would have ever thought washing dishes would be so exciting. We moved into the den and she put on some light jazz. She lit candles and poured each of us another glass of wine. We sat together on the couch, and I felt her move close to me. I turned my head to look at her and saw her looking directly at me. My heart skipped, and then started to beat fast as I moved closer to her to kiss those lips that excited me so much. Her lips met mine and we embraced. Slowly I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. This feeling made my cock spring to life almost uncomfortably stretching against my jeans. My hands explored her back and her hands teased my hair.

She let out a small moan as my hand slowly caressed her beautiful full breast. Her hands caressed my chest. She broke the kiss and said "Let me get a little more comfortable." With that she went upstairs. I listened as she opened drawers and moved around in her bedroom. After what felt like forever she started back downstairs. She emerged wearing a sheer negligee. It was black and silky. Forming to her full perfect body. Pushing her bountiful breasts up and forming the most delicious cleavage. I longed to be between them. She spun around in front of me. Her ass, big and luscious, swayed as she turned. "How do I look?" She asked? "Incredible." I answered as I rose to meet her. We embraced again and this time there was no way I could have hid my erection as it pushed against her ample body.

"Shall we move upstairs?" She asked. Without an answer I took her hand as she guided me up to her room.

She laid on her bed, looked at me and said, "Strip." In a forceful tone. I did as I was told. Slowly removing my clothes piece by piece. As I did I watched her. She stroked her breasts as she moaned her approval.

"I feel kind of alone, being the only one who is naked." I said. She removed her negligee with a quick movement. She laid before me in her naked glory. Perfect. Her ample body looked so inviting. Her beautiful breasts, round stomach, and her amazingly plump thighs. I laid down with her and our bodies intertwined. Each inch of our flesh connected. My lips sought hers as we kissed passionately. My hands caressing her fleshy thighs and stomach. I was in heaven. My lips kissed her neck and I whispered to her; "Laura, you are so sexy...I want you so bad."

"Then take me." She said.

My lips drifted to her beautiful breasts and I licked and sucked every inch of them. My hands caressed her sex. Feeling her wetness. I fell down her body further. Kissing her stomach and kneading her beautiful thighs. The scent of her sex was amazing and I knew I had to taste it. I moved between her thighs. Licking and biting the inside of them. Feeling her jump with each nibble. Teasing her with my tongue. Slowly closing in on her mound but moving away with a deep exhale on to her quivering clit. She bucked her hips towards my mouth hoping to catch my lips against hers. Finally I approached her mound with my tongue. With a jolt of electric passion my tongue flicked her clit. She inhaled a deep sigh and exhaled a sensual moan. I probed her sex faster and deeper. Her hips gyrated around my face as I held her thighs.

Bucking wildly against my face she started to moan, "Ohh Kevin...mmm I'm going to cum." This made my licking all the more urgent. I needed to taste her. I grasped her fleshy ass and buried my face deep into her. She bucked wildly and screamed "I'm going to cum... you have to stop!"

"Why?" I asked between her legs.

"Because I squirt." She said. With that I dove into her sex ferociously seeking that great prize. "Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck." She screamed, "I'm cumming!" With that a torrent of love juice showered my face. I almost came with her. The feeling of her warm sexy thighs, and the flood of cum was incredible.

She handed me a towel for my face and laid back spent. I wiped my face and moved next to her to spoon her ample body. Her body quivered in my arms making her body jiggle against me. My erect cock straining between the cheeks of her ass.

"That was incredible!" She sighed. "But now It's my turn." She turned me on my back and started to kiss and suck my chest. Her hands stroking my hard cock.

"mmmm." She cooed. "This looks like it could use some attention." She dropped between my legs and started licking my erect shaft. Up and down. Caressing my balls as her licked and sucked. I watched her sensual lips part as she slowly began to devour my cock. Slowly her head moved up and down the length of my shaft. Her blue eyes locked onto mine as she proceeded to give me the most incredible blow job. Her finger teased my asshole as she sucked. Feeling her finger near my asshole I jumped. She giggled. She hummed as her mouth drew up and down my shaft. "You are so good." I said. "Wait," she said, "I get better." With that she climbed on top of me and put my cock inside her. I was mesmerized as I watcher her full body towering over me. With each time her body slammed into me I was closer and closer to cumming. Her body rippled as she moved. Her head was thrown back as she fucked me. There was no other way to describe it. This big beautiful woman was fucking me and fucking me hard!

"Are you close to cumming?" She asked.

"You first." I said. And gazed deep into her eyes. Almost on cue she screamed with an incredible orgasm that drenched almost my whole body in her juices. She moved off of me. "I've got a special way to make you cum." She said. She put my cock, purple with passion, between her beautiful cleavage. Pumping my cock between her tits she said "Come on Kevin, Come on lover. Cum all over my tits. Let me feel you hot cum all over them." That's all it took. I exploded with the most intense, longest and loudest orgasm of my life. My eyes clamped shut as I pumped between her tits and screamed. Jet after jet of cum flew out of my cock and all over her. What seemed like 15 minutes of straight cumming. I opened my eyes to see her kneeling in front of me, her tits, neck and face covered with my cum. "That was amazing." We both said in unison.

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