Vacation with Sharon

Vacation with Sharon
I guess the term "it's a small world" really is true. You never know where you might meet people who know you. A reality which I confirmed on my recent vacation in Colorado.

After a long day of sightseeing in Colorado Springs and the Denver area I headed back to my hotel for some much-needed rest.

I seem to remember stumbling towards the bed but not much after that. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I woke up at 11:52pm, surprised at how downright chilly the room had gotten with only a small window fan.

Sleeping nude on the East Coast during the summer months is an, almost, necessity. Sleeping nude in the mountains of Colorado, without the blankets, was proving to be a bit nippy to say the least.

I figured I'd take a quick hot shower to bring my body temperature back up before I went back to sleep. Moments later I discarded that idea when a trickle of water dripped from the showerhead.

(Reminder to self ‚?? Change rooms in the morning or hurl obscenities at the hotel maintenance person. Maybe both.)

I thought momentarily, and then wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out the front door of my room. Three floors below me was the community hot tub. Empty. Devoid of people. All to myself and my freezing body.

I looked back at the clock. 12:02.

I had no bathing suit and a pair of boxers would be next to nothing when it was wet.

I looked back outside. I saw and heard no one.

I went back and grabbed my room key and then headed for the elevator. A minute or so later I was standing next to the hot tub.

I quickly scanned for the controls and the water temperature.

104¬į. I normally like it a tad hotter but right about then I didn't care.

Punching the button for the jets I heard the satifying "WHOOSH!!" as the pulsating streams came to life.

Dropping my towel near the tub I quickly entered and found a seat where multiple jets massaged my body and restored my lost heat.

I was only in the tub about two minutes when I heard the padding of feet coming towards the tub deck and up the steps. A moment later a woman's startled voice said, "Oh excuse me. I didn't expect anyone to be here."

Fortunately the jets had formed a bubbling carpet over the water's surface or she would have been even more startled.

She hesitated at the top of the stairs as if unsure of whether to proceed. She had obviously been swimming, and even coming from the hotel's indoor pool, she had to be cold.

The slight shiver in her body was a dead giveaway but the fully defined nipples pressing against her bathing suit was what had drawn my full attention.

"Don't worry about it. That's why it's called a community hot tub", I laughed cheerily. "More than one person gets to use it at the same time."

Relieved she quickly walked into the tub and sat directly across from me.

As she bent to step into the tub I had a chance to quickly look her over. Early to mid-40's. Medium brown hair. 5'6". Maybe 5'7".

A black one piece bathing suit neatly wrapped an excellent cleavage, large belly, wide hips and an expansive ass that I'd have sold an arm and a leg to rock my cock against.

A tattoo of a rose on her ankle, crossed by an ankle bracelet, completed the vision.

I was actually sorry to see her sit. Just watching her get into the tub had hardened me considerably.

We did the usual small talk thing. Her name was Sharon. She was visiting a brother in Bailey. She was just as amazed as I was at how cold it gets in a hotel with no air conditioning.

I could see she was warming up. Not just from the tub but to the conversation.

When I told her my name was Don she looked at me quizzically and asked if she knew me from somewhere. As much as I would have liked to say yes, I couldn't place her at all. After a brief litany of people and places, with no connections, we decided that we must not know each other.

I could tell though that it was still bothering her as she was sure she knew me from somewhere. I figured the old Oklahoma City joke might be worth a try.

"Wait a minute", I piped up deadly seriously. "Have you ever been to the airport hotel in Oklahoma City?"

"No", she sighed. "I've never been to Oklahoma City. Ever."

I looked at her momentarily as if I was trying to remember where we could have met.

"Hmm", I said. "Neither have I. Must have been two different people."

She paused momentarily and then laughed heartily.

"Don't quit your day job", she laughed.

She looked a bit flushed.

"Wow. I know I haven't been in here long but I'm hot", she said as she looked over at the thermometer.

"I know", I chuckled. "I thought that the moment I saw you".

Sharon was definitely taken aback. Her head snapped back and she leveled her gaze directly at me, studying my face.

I could see the moment of recognition as it exploded onto her face. Her cheeks flushed a deep red and her mouth did a double "fish-flop" as she tried to speak.

"I do know you", she finally said. "You're Don Stone. I've seen your picture."

Now it was my turn to register shock. I wasn't sure if her knowing me was a good thing or a bad thing. I didn't know if she was going to run screaming from the tub, or drown me if I got any closer to her.

"Where would you have seen my picture?", I asked innocently.

If it was possible her face flushed even redder and despite her claims of being hot she was shivering like a trout on a hook.

"I've seen your picture on the‚?? ummm‚?? internet. I've read your stories. I've ummm‚??" She was at a loss for words.

I was tempted to look over at the thermometer. With a face as red as hers she had to be driving the temperature up. She was certainly driving mine up as I realized where she would have seen me and read my stories.

I decided not to make any move towards her. I figured that if I moved a muscle she was going to bolt like a rabbit. I figured talking was the best course of action for now.

"You've read my stories", I softly said as I attempted to lock her eyes on mine. "Did you like them?"

Sharon seemed to calm down a bit as she saw that I was not moving towards her. Her eyes finally found mine and I could see, even before she answered, that she had enjoyed the stories.

"Were they all true?", she asked incredulously.

"I write fiction for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others", I explained to her. "There are scenes and real-life instances that I use to make the story fun and believable. I have a great deal of fun writing them. I hope you've had a great deal of fun reading them."

Sharon looked deep into my eyes to see if I was telling her the truth or if I was "pulling her chain".

"Do you really like women like‚??", she stammered and took a deep breath. "‚??like me?"

Sharon had folded her arms across her breasts in an obviously defensive move. I figured it was now or never.

"Do you mind if I move over next to you?", I said; my eyes never losing their lock on hers. "I can prove to you what I like, and don't like, if you'll let me."

Sharon shivered a bit more but she never uttered a sound. I began to slowly move my way over towards her, sliding my butt across the smooth tub seats. I knew if I stood and exposed myself to her she would be out of the tub like a shot.

Sharon shivered almost uncontrollably but I could see excitement building in her eyes as I inched closer to her.

Excitement, yes, but also apprehension. She still wasn't sure about me.

Finally I had moved to the other side of the tub. I sat about a foot from her. My left knee was against her right knee. If we had been out of the water her knee knocking against mine would have sounded like machine gun fire.

I placed my hand on her knee and gave it a brief squeeze.

"Don't be scared", I said as soothingly as I could despite my rising excitement. "You asked whether I like women like you and I told you I'd prove it to you. You have to trust me though."

"I'm sorry", Sharon finally managed to squeak out.

"Nothing to be sorry about", I reassured her. "You don't know me from Adam. I just want you to relax. You and I will get to know each other at your pace."

Sharon smiled at me and spoke a bit stronger.

"Okay. It's just that its' been a long time since any man has acted like he wanted to be with me."

"Sharon", I said as I looked straight into her eyes. "I'm not acting. I really want to be with you."

With that I stood up and turned towards her, leaning across to kiss her fully on the lips. Her eyes stayed locked on mine.

Sharon's arms uncrossed from her chest and I felt her hands slide across my sides and across my back as I moved closer to her.

Bent over as I was, my lips contacted hers, just as my cock and balls contacted the top of her right thigh. I could feel the jolt through her body as she tightened her body.

"You're naked!!", she exclaimed with a mix of surprise and amazement.

Her eyes left mine and looked quickly down towards the water.

"Do you mind?", I asked with genuine concern.

I really hoped she didn't. I would have left her alone, but a night of skin cream and my right hand just weren't going to get it at this point.

Sharon looked back up at my face. The mixture of emotions there was hard to describe. Sadness, excitement, fear, lust, shock, and joy. All at the same time, or in such rapid fire succession that the emotions were indistinguishable as separate and distinct feelings.

"You really want ME?", she asked tears starting to well in her eyes.

"I really, really want you", I said as I finally moved to complete the kiss we had started moments before.

Sharon's mouth opened as our lips connected and our tongues intertwined in a sensual dance of pure passion.

My cock and balls continued to slide across the top of her thigh. I was getting harder by the minute.

I felt Sharon's hand come down on top of my prick as it slid back and forth. She pressed it down harder against her skin.

Finally she broke off our kiss and asked me to sit back on the edge of the tub.

"I want to suck your cock Don. Ever since I read your first story I've wanted to suck your cock."

I backed away from her and moved up the tub stairs so that I could sit on the edge facing her with my legs dangling in the water.

Sharon's eyes were glued to my throbbing pole as it cleared the water and bounced before her.

Sharon started to advance on me when I stepped back into the water and moved in front of her.

"Oh no Babe", I said as I placed my hands on her shoulders.

Sharon looked at me questioningly.

"Not with that suit on. I want to see you in all your glory", I said as I pulled the straps off her shoulder.

Sharon started to pull back away from me.

"I'm not sure Don. I haven't been naked in front of a man in almost eight years. I'm not sure you'll like it."

I stepped forward and pulled Sharon towards me tightly, pressing my rock-hard cock against her belly.

"Sharon", I said to her as I kissed her forehead. "My vacation plans have changed for the week. There's just so many mountains, trees, and animals you can see on a vacation."

"Unless you have other plans, and I know you plan on spending some time with your brother, I intend to slide this cock into and onto every inch of your body that you'll allow me to visit."

I continued before she could interrupt me.

"Now, I can attempt to do that through your clothing, and I can attempt to guess what you look like as I do it. My cock will be rubbed raw and I won't be worth much in a very short amount of time."

"In fact my cock already hates the feel of your bathing suit. I would much rather slide it over a large and luscious belly any day of the week. Of course; it's your decision."

Sharon looked like she was about to faint.

"Help me take it off Don."

I pulled the straps off her shoulders and pulled the suit downward to release a magnificent set of mammary glands. Large, soft, with dark aureoles crowned by stiff button-like nipples.

I stopped momentarily to take each nipple into my mouth to suckle and savor it.

Sharon cooed her appreciation.

I continued pulling the suit down to her hips, kissing and licking her breasts as I did.

Once the bathing suit was pulled to her hips I stood up and pulled her close to me again. I rocked my pre-cum spitting prick against her exposed belly.

"Oh yeah Sharon. That feels much better than the bathing suit."

Sharon's eyes were glazed over. She spoke in a daze, her voice hoarse with lust.

"It does Don. I like the feel of your cock on my belly. It feels so slippery and nice."

I was beginning to rock harder against her belly, pushing tighter against the softness of her, enjoying the feel of my throbbing prick slipping and pistoning against her.

Sharon was beginning to enjoy it too.

"You love my belly don't you Don? You want to cum all over it. All over me, don't you?"

I couldn't answer. I continued to piston my cock against her; lost in the sensations of my raging spike burrowing against the pillow-like softness of her. Loving every second of dragging my ball sac across her satiny skin.

My precum was free-flowing making each stroke, each slide, each snuggle of my cock against her, an exquisite and marvelous moment of excitement.

"I want you to cum on my belly Don. Please cum on me."

Sharon's breathing was starting to quicken. She was as excited as I was, perhaps more.

"Fuck my belly Don! Fuck me! You know you want to! You know you want to coat me in cum!"

Sharon's voice was starting to rise in pitch and volume. Any other time I would have been a bit concerned that it would carry in the open space around the hot tub cabana, but I was beyond caring at this point. I couldn't have done anything if I'd wanted to.

I was pulling Sharon against me as tight as I could. I could feel the cum welling up in my balls. It wanted release. Sharon was right. It wanted to be on her.

Sharon's fingers were digging into back and the top of my ass as she helped pull me in as tight as she could.

"Fuck me Don!! Fuck Sharon's belly like the slut she is!! Fuck her good and hard and give her a glob of hot seed you fuck!!"

Sharon's entire demeanor was changing before my eyes and I was loving it. She was no longer the shivering, scared woman I'd first encountered. She was a woman in control, making me do HER bidding.

"FUCKING HOT SEED ALL OVER ME DON!! I WANT IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!", she practically screamed at me as she dug her fingernails into the top of my buttocks.

I lost it. My balls let fly with a good solid burst of gism.

We were so tightly pulled together that I could feel it forming a bubble of hot sticky goo between my cocktip and the skin near her belly button.

My cock spasmed over and over releasing jet after jet of the cream she so desperately wanted, and I so desperately wanted to give her.

"OH GOD DON THAT'S WONDERFUL. SO FUCKING GOOD!! SO FUCKING GOOD!!" she hissed at me through clenched teeth.

We held each other close and I continued to rock against her until the last vestiges of cum had dripped from my deflating member.

I stroked her back; kissed her neck, her ears, her cheeks, and her lips. If I could have I would have stood there all night holding her like that, but we both seemed to realize that the heat of the tub, coupled with the heat of our passion was becoming too much for us.

It was Sharon who spoke up first.

"Don we need to get out of this tub and cool down."

As much as I hated to do it, I let her go.

She started to move over to the stairs of the tub.

I looked down and noticed a glob of cum floating on the top of the water. I quickly scooped it up.

"Hey. Wait for me. You forgot something."

I quickly came up behind her and reached my cum-filled palm around her to cup her right breast. I squeezed it leaving the glob of cum dangling from her nipple.

"You know Sharon. You're right. I do want to coat you in cum", I laughed. "But first we have to get rid of this."

I grabbed the bathing suit and pulled it the rest of the way down her legs.

Sharon didn't fight me a bit.

I watched her ass as she continued on up the steps and out of the tub.

As I followed her out of the tub I called out to her.

"That ass and I are going to have to get better acquainted. It's already making me hard again."

Sharon stopped and turned around to face me. The glob of cum on her right nipple dangled precariously like a piercing. I could see a silvery streak of still wet cum on her belly.

Sharon reached down and cupped her breast. Cum oozed through her fingers as she squeezed and massaged it onto the nipple. Her other hand slid across her belly massaging the cum into her skin.

Her smile made my cock jump.

"Let's cool down in the pool. After we're cool I think this ass would like to get acquainted with you too. It may need some heating up if you're up to it. You coming?"

She didn't have to ask me twice.

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I loved the story. Couldnt tell if it was fiction or nonfiction, but whatever it was, it made my cock hard and my heart race. If someone as controlling as her came up to me i would be real excited. good job on this article!

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