Bbw femdom story

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Bbw femdom story
Joan Wise, the mighty "warrior" of women wrestling must have
really been pissed the other day. I told her that I had been
renting her video taped productions rather than buying them
directly from her. Told her the prices she was charging was too
high simply to see her ladies take on some middle aged over
weight male weaklings. Sure they trounced their male
opponents, but who couldn't. I must have got her goat. After
calling me a dozen or so four letter words she challenged my
manhood and invited me to her club to "see for myself." Whatever
that meant.

I arrived at 7pm, on the next Saturday. In all honesty I
really was excitied to meet Ms. Wise and engage her in a match.
At 5'10" and 155lbs I was in good shape. Though in my thirties
now, I still remembered wrestling techniques from my highschool
wrestling days.

Joan answered the door to her NY apartment. Allowing me in, I
couldn't help but notice her sizing me up (and down). "Not
backing out are you?" I asked. "Humph" she replied, "You're not
wrestling ME. I only wrestle proven opponents. You are going
to wrestle one of our newer club members. She's pretty good but
needs more practice." She showed me where to hang my clothes
then motioned towards the door to the adjoining room. "You'll be
wrestling Sylvia Steele. If you can beat her two out three
times I will let you rent as many videos as you want for a year.
But if she beats you, you must buy one of my videos every month
for the next year. Deal?" I agreed.

Stripped down to my trunks, I walked into the next room. Joan
close behind. Entering I saw that the room was wall to wall
wrestling mats. Some weights and exercise equipment were
stacked neatly in one corner. The walls themselves were covered
with photos of her club ladies. Some were simply shots of nice
looking women posing for the camera flexing their muscles.
Most, however, were of actual matches between these females and
their male opponents. All of these depicted her ladies
dominating the males. It was evident that Joan (and probably
most of her friends) either hated men or got incredibly turned
on by defeating them in these matches. Some photos showed a
gleam of joy in their face as they stood over their victims,
foot placed squarely on the man's chest or face. In others the
males were obviously screaming in pain or humiliation as the
women used their thighs to squeeze them into submission. Several
large photos saw two extremely attractive females sitting atop
their defeated foes. They were pinning their opponents by
sitting on their faces. Each lady was looking directly into
the camera, flexing their muscles as if to say "that will teach
them who's boss!"

Lost in the sense of power eminating from these walls I was
jarred back to the present by Joan's voice asking "not backing
out are you?" Turning to face her I saw that same gleam of joy
in her eyes. No, I wasn't backing out, but I did begin to have
some different thoughts about the whole affair.

My interest in female wrestling began years before my puberty.
Why I've always been fascinated by this activity is unknown.
And may never be known by me. Some say it starts when a child
accidently sees his or her parents engaged in sexual
intercourse. The child misinterrupts the act as one of
aggression. That may be the case with me. All I know today is
the very thought of females wrestling males excites just about
every sexual gland in my mind and body. I had never actually
wrestled a woman competatively before. I was looking forward to
what was to come. In fact, I was rock hard with excitement.

"Better watch out, or that 'thing' will get you in trouble."
Looking down at my hardon, Joan continued, "my girls are
trained to take advantage of that weakness all you males have.
If that pops out while you're wrestling, Sylvia's gonna grab it
like its never been grabbed before and lead you around the mat
until you beg her for mercy. Consider yourself forewarned."
Interesting thought, but I wasn't really worried. I was
confident in my ability to out wrestle a woman. I was
expecting to have some fun and maybe even work up a sweat.

"Ok, what are the rule?" I asked. Joan smiled, and replied,
"Honey, there are no rules!" "Yeah" began my reply, "but how
will you know when there is a pin." Her response caught me off
guard. "Sweetipie, we don't wrestle to pins in this club. We
wrestle until one or the other gives up. True wrestlilng is not
just ability and strength. Its stamina and WILL POWER. And
there is no stronger will power than female power. My money
says Syvlia is going to wrestle you into submission and force
to say things you won't want to say." "Oh yeah, like what" I
challenged! "You'll see...You'l see."

Turning back to the center of the room, I saw my opponent.
Sylvia looked to be 22-24 years old. Blonde shoulder lenght
hair. Slightly permed. She looked to stand 5'7" and maybe 125
lbs. I had 3" and at least 30lbs over her. But I had to admit,
she was tightly muscled. She wore a two piece spandex exercise
suit. Her tanned skin was accented by the black suit.

I approached her. She stood in the middle of the mats, with
hands on hips. Looking into her eyes she appeared to be looking
straight through me. Moving from her eyes I gazed to her lips.
Soft and red, slightly parted lips turned upwards in a mild
smile. God, I rather fuck this woman than fight her.

"On your knees wimp!" Pointing to the mat, Sylvia's command was
so exact I found myself ready to obey. Catching myself, I could
only manage a weak "No way." I moved closer to her and gently
reached up to her shoulders expecting to grab her and push her
to the mat. Remember, I had never wrestled a woman before and
wasn't quite sure how to act.

Before I knew it, she moved into me, took my right arm with her
left hand. Quickly she grabbed my waist with her right arm and
suddenly turned her hip into my bare stomach. Snapping my body
over her hip she literaly threw me down onto the mat. With a
Thud! I landed. Breath jarred from my lungs. Before I could
focus she pounced and pinned my arms to the mat. Using only her
arms to hold me down she laughed and said "I'm only using my
upper body now, wait until I use my strength." She was right.
After a few moments of struggle I found I could not escape. Now
I began to worry.

Repositioning herself over me, Sylvia wrapped her legs over
mine forcing my legs in a split. Clearly she was more flexible
than I. I tried to prevent her from stretching me but my leg
power was no match against hers. I had always heard that the
female legs and thighs were stronger than the male. Now I had
proof positive. She had my arms pinned squarely on the mat and
now she was pulling my legs and groin apart. The pain became so
great I had to yell, begging that she stop. "What? I can't hear
you" she whispered into my ear. "Oh, please stop" I remember
begging. She could have made me say anything she wanted.
Instead she released her holds and stood up. No question, she
had won the first fall.

Now I had an idea what I was up against. I was not about to
take the second fall lightly. After a few minutes we were
ready. I met her in the middle of the mats. Again she ordered
me to my knees. Again I refused. But this time I came at her
hard and grabbed her the same way she had grabbed me in the
first fall. This time I was going to flip her to the mat. I
positioned myself exactly as planned. When I moved my hip to
gain leverage she remanouvered her body and somehow countered my
plan. Again she flipped me to the mat. This time I quickly
moved out the way and onto my knees. She jumped me and we began
to wrestle!

She knew the moves. For every move I made she countered. She
was fast and slippery. I started to get winded. She remained
calm. It registered that she was stronger than I, had at least
as much ability, and now had more stamina. I knew that if I was
going to win I had to make my move now.

Facing each other on our knees I moved swiftly into her, ready
to perform a 'fireman's carry'. Grabbing her arm with one hand
I lowered my shoulder and grabbed for the inside of her leg.
With leverage I could put her over my shoulder, lean back and
flip her down onto the mat in a pin. No way did I ever expect
what came next. When I went to grab her leg she jumped back
(still on her knees), grabbed the top of my head forcing it
down towards the mat. She released that hold, jerked her other
hand free from my grasp, reached around my back and grabbed my
stomach with her hands and arms. Taking a deep breath, then
releasing it with an "urphm" she lifted me up off the mat,
UpsideDown. I was completely helpless. Even though the match
was not over I knew that I was beaten. I knew that there was
now nothing I could do to defeat her. It would only be a matter
of time before I verbally gave up.

With my head a few inches off the mat and my legs standing
straight up in the air, Sylvia laughed, "now I'm going to have
some fun." Releasing her hold, luckily I fell to the mat in such
a way as not to injure my head or neck. Turning me on my back,
Sylvia had me pinned again. This time she moved up onto my
chest and then lowered her bare midsection onto my face. "Lick
it" she ordered. I complied. I had too. For nearly a minute I
licked. She laughed, moaned, sighed. No question she was
relishing her victory. In the background I heard Joan say "way
to go girl. Make him beg."

Rolling off my outstretched body, Sylvia placed me in a scissor
hold with her calves wrapped around my ribs. Squeezing hard she
ordered me to lower my trunks and "grab [my] cock". "What, are
you joking?" I replied. Her reply came in the form of a steel
cable squeeze. "No I'm not joking. Now grab your cock and
start yanking." Wincing in pain I obliged. "Faster" she would
say, each time squeezing even harder. "I'm not going to stop
until you come" she laughed. Squeezing harder I began to yank
faster. Soon I came all over my bare chest. Sylvia laughed,
Joan clapped. I relaxed.

Sylvia got up and walked towards the doorway leading out of the
room. Joan came over and threw down some paper towls so I could
wipe myself. Disposing them in a waste bucket I got up. Looking
at Joan she reminded my that I owed her some money. She then
motioned towards the door instructing me to grab my clothes from
the other room and leave.

On my way out of the wrestling room I was stopped by Sylvia
when she positioned herself in the middle of the doorway.
Smiling, hands on hip, she simply stood there, not saying a
word. Puzzled, I looked at Joan. "She wants you to kiss her
feet. I suggest you do it." Sylvia earned it. If that was what
she wanted I knew I must comply. She had defeated me fair and
square. If she wanted to rub it in there was nothing I could
do to stop her. I certaintly did not want to feel her scissor
hold again. At least not that night. Kneeling, I gently kissed
both feet. She stepped aside and let me pass. Saying goodbye,
I dressed and left.

The next morning my ribs hurt. I was all smiles though!

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