Chubby mom and Enzo, her dog

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Chubby mom and Enzo, her dog
My sex life has always been full of everything except what I really wanted, which is simply a loving physical relationship with a woman who would appreciate me for who I am. Someone who would love me back. What you see in the love romance movies.

One evening a friend of mine, Karl dragged me to a party at his mothers condo. She's a full sized gal. Very pretty face. Her chubbiness looks good on her thighs that taper down to cute, sexy little ankles. I was standing there imagining if this hefty gal could actually ride up and down on my cock without squishing me, when Karls ex girlfriend suddenly showed up, who we later found out was at the invite of chubby mom.

Most of the people at the party were in their four- ties. I always loved the "older gals" , fantasied allot about them. But never had the nerve to start up with one. Well the party ended about one am. Karl and I were too tired to drive the twenty miles home and decided to crash there as we had been doing since high school.

Karl sent his ex on her way with a really nice juicy kiss.
And He was out like a light in two seconds.

I was used to my own bed and just laid there. I couldn't fall asleep and decided to see what left overs were in the fridge. I could hear his mom moving about and saw that the light was on on the second floor.

She must have heard me fiddling about when she came down to ask me why I didn't eat anything during the party and invited me up to her room to chat because we might wake Karl.

We gathered some left over shrimp cocktail and some diet cokes and she flopped about on her bed until she found a comfortable position, cross legged. She was tan, so chubby and cute. And had such beautiful fingers and feet.

She acted as if sex were theee farthest thing in the world from her mind. She asked my opinion about the breakup between Karl and karen. I mumbled some- I don't really know bullshit. And then she asked me about my love life. I told her that as always it's been slow.

She said "look under the bed" I have a toy box under there"

Reaching under I found a black pilots case with an array of different dildo's, vibrators and butt plugs.

All she said was, "your cute" wanna play?

I was hard in a second.

I have no idea WHERE I GOT THE NERVE. But I said to her. I'm much too freaky for you to handle.

She smiled and answered " I don't think so" " I do things that you couldn't handle"

"Yeah right" was my reply, and she said " you have to promise me two things"

You'll never tell Karl or anyone else And you won't put me down"

I told her that I would never put her down and with that she went downstairs, opened the back door and let Enzo her pet boxer inside.

I could hear his heavy dog breathing as he followed her up the stairs and into the bedroom.

She closed and locked the door.
Enzo must have known exactly what his job was because he, like me, had an instant HUGH BONER.

SHE BEGAN STROKING IT And it began leaking. My head was spinning with lust as I leaned over and began tongue kissing Enzo, who had terrible breath. She laid him on his side with some force and began sucking the dogs big cock.

She leaned over and kissed me with lustfull wet kissies and went back to the dog. I asked her if I could do it too amd she abided by making room for me and we both sucked and licked the dog kissing at the same time.

Then I moved and began licking her very wet pussy. It was completely shaved and smelled like piss.

I loved it. She was moaning as I licked and sucked her clitoris fingering her vagina and anus. She commented that if women my age knew how good I was at that, they would be lined up around the block.

Enzo came in her mouth and I begged her not to swallow yet but to cum swap with me. She moaned approvingly. And I was surprised that the dog cum mixed with her saliva with salty like a mans.

Yes I had been fucking and sucking Karl since we were in Junior high school. And knew well the taste of his delicious cum.

The dog began licking my ass as Karls mom and I were kissing with his cum. She was laying on the bed and I over her with my ass in the air.

I slipped into her wet and warm pussy like butter. My cock was so hard and horny and I began fucking it in and out of her faster and harder.

I turned us over and put her on top of me and though she was a little heavy, she knew what to do and was sliding, not grinding. In and out, in and out. Leaning over and kissing my mouth with the dogs cum.

After an hour of this she said "fuck me in the ass" and turned over.

As soon as I began stroking her anus with my cock I could feel it about to blow and told her so.

Suddenly, with the speed of a linebacker she twisted around pulling my cock out of her ass and sucked on my now shit covered cock as it began pumping out thick wads of my cum.

She said WOW THATS SWEET. I knew that it was as I am a diabetic and it really does taste sweet, not salty from my medical condition.

I could smell shit and it turned me on even though I was expended and lay there motionless.

After a while I told her that I refuse to end the evening without satisfying her CUMpletly. and said that I was sweet and accepted my offer Just as Enzo began to become aroused again..

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