My first time with a BBW Shemale


My first time with a BBW Shemale
I was at the club on a saturday night and didn't really expect anything different to happen that night oh boy was I wrong, happily wrong. I was sittin at the bar gettin drunk as hell and this voice from behind me and says " hey big daddy can I sit with u ? " I look up and I see this fine, phat, thick, lightskinned woman lookin right at me. Me bein' a BBW lover and partial to light skinned black women she was a wet dream cum true.

I said sure u can sit here baby if u tell me your name. She says " my name is passion, whats yours daddy ? I told her and we start to chat about things we like and stuff like that when outta nowhere she says " daddy, I gotta be honest with u I haven't had sex in 3 months and I am about to explode ". I tell her that it's a coincidence because I hadn't had any GOOD sex in about the same amount of time.

Then she says " do u wanna get outta here and go have some fun at my apartment ? I was drunk but not falling down stumbling drunk, so I said hell yea baby let's go and when she got up from the chair I saw the biggest, roundest ass I had ever seen so Im like rock hard jus lookin at that ass so I kno Im amped to fuck her at this point.

We get to her place and we start kissing at the door which gets me super hard
She says " I got some drinks in the kitchen if U interested" I'm drunk so I tell her I wanna fuck u so bad I don't need any more drinks. She walks over and kisses me some more and I pull out my dick to show her how hard and phat it is. She grabs it and strokes it a little, then stops and says "Let's go to my bedroom daddy" She pulls me in the bedroom by my dick which is throbbing now.

When we get to the room she turns to me and says " daddy I have to tell u something but please don get mad at me" I say tell me I won't get mad.

She says " Im a transsexual daddy ". When she said it I had so many things rush through my head. I had secretly masturbated to shemale porn since I was in my early 20's and had the best orgasms from doing so. But she says " If u don't wanna do this I would understand ". And before I knew it the words " let me see that dick " came outta my mouth so fast I almost thought someone else said it.

She pulls her dress up and her panties down and pulls out a phat ass dick. I ask her how big it is as I start to stroke it and mine at the same time, she says " its 9 inches fully erect baby but im a bottom ". I didn't know what the whole top and bottom thing was until she explained it to me.

So as Im kissing her and stroking our phat cocks she says " I wanna suck your phat cock daddy ", the she starts off slow then she lets her saliva build up as she picks up speed. I can't believe Im into it but she was suckin my dick so good I couldn't stop her, neither did I want her to. As she gets faster and faster with every jerk of her neck, my dick gets sloppier and sloppier (and I LOVE it sloppy wet). She even lifted my legs and started lickin my ass which felt SO FUCKIN GOOD !! Then she gets up and says " now it's YOUR turn to suck me daddy ". Now I had never sucked a dick before, but I had always fantasized about givin a sexy shemale some good head. So I lay her down on the bed and then I start suckin her big dick lickin her balls, deepthroating her dick all the way down to the balls. She grabs the back of my head and starts fuckin my face and I let her. She was balls deep in my throat and I LOVED it. Im so into it I don't even realize someone is watching us, and when I finally do, I look up and I see her roomate, a sexy chocolate shemale BBW friend standing in the doorway strokin her dick (which was even BIGGER then hers or mine ). I said damn baby how long u been standin' there ? She says " I been here since u started suckin her dick daddy And I wanna fuck that mouth too " . I asked her waht her name was she says " my name is Ms candy stick daddy ". So I tell her to come over to the bed and she walks over with her massive dick in her hand ( I swear it was like 12 inches ) She was strokin it with both hands so I start off by suckin her balls while passion went back to suckin my dick.

She slapped me in the face with her big fuckin dick and it made me so hot I tell her to fuck my mouth. She grabs the back of my head and shoves her dick in as far as it can go. She starts to fuck my mouth and Im in passions throat and Im in BBW shemale heaven. Ms candy stick showed my mouth NO MERCY!!!! I almost deepthroated her dick but she was just too thick but I tried my hardest to get that big dick all the way down my throat. Sow hen I stopped eatin her huge cock passion says " come pound this phat ass daddy " I tell her to bend over and when she does I started eatin her phat ass which drove her crazy. And as I was eatin her ass ms candy started eatin mine. I was in shock that my first shemale experience was with 2 hung, fine, BBWS and how fast everything was going. So when I stand up I shove my phat 8 inch dick in her waiting ass. I went in balls deep and she lets out a scream that was full of pleasure and pain.

But she didn't tell me to stop, so I proceeded to fuck that phat ass while me and ms candy kissed and talked dirty to each other. She said " I want U to fuck me like this too daddy " I told her to get ready because I was gon pound her ass deep too. I told her to bend over on the bed in front of me with passion between her legs, and when she did I started eatin her ass and fuckin passion at the same time. I had both of them moaning and loving my tricks. Both of their dicks were rock hard. So when I pulled out of passion I told ms candy to sit on my dick. She didn't hesitate, I sat on the bed and she sat right on it and was bouncing all that ass on my dick. Passion comes over and shoves her dick down my throat and fucks my throat deep. She starts moaning even louder and moans out DADDY IM CUMMING !!!! I tell her to shoot it all in my face, Next thing I kno she shoots one the biggest loads of cum right in my face. Like peter north big, she drowned me and I loved it, so much so that I could feel myself about to explode in ms candy's phat ass. I say ooh baby u makin this dick cum, She hops off my dick and sucks it all out of me, every drop of cum. Ms cany looks up at me and says " ummmmm yummy cum baby" and swallows my whole load ( which was pretty damn big too ). Me and passion wanted to help ms candy cum so we sat her down on the bed ( me with passion's cum still all over my face) we sucked her dick great, we tag teamed that phat fuckin' cock. Passion would work her shaft while I would lick her ass and we would switch. I could feel ms candy's balls gettin tigther and she lets me kno she's cummin, I return the favor and I sucke all that hot cum outta her massive dick. I swallowed her load too ( we all had huge loads that night). But I didn't have enough energy to leave so we all slept in passion's bed. I have NEVER had as much fun as I did with those sexy big dick bitches. I hope we can do it on video so I can record it for everybody

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