A femdom agreement between husband and wife

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A femdom agreement between husband and wife
Ryan Wickett arrived home from his Saturday morning workout to find 3 large women sitting on his living room couch, none of whom he'd ever seen before. "Hellooo...?" he said, offering a greeting and asking a question at the same time, a half smile breaking onto his face.

He directed a quizzical look at his wife as she kissed him hello. "Baby, this is Kathy, Bonnie and Eva," she said, indicating each one, and each in turn gave a smile and a little wave or other acknowledgment that she was, indeed, the named visitor.

All three stood as Ryan stepped forward to shake hands. "Hello. Nice to meet you. My pleasure. Welcome." He repeated their names and looked them each over quickly as he took their hands.

Kathy and Bonnie appeared to be sisters, though Kathy was obviously several years older. They shared identical facial bone structure (very round, with huge cheeks that threatened to force their eyes shut), skin tone (pasty white) and hair color (dishwater blonde). Both women wore dresses that somehow appeared expensive, but mostly shapeless; no doubt, intended more for discretion than glamour.

They were tall, as well as fat. Ryan judged Kathy to be close to six feet, with Bonnie only an inch or so shorter. Kathy was a bit thinner, if you could use that term, but probably still weighed 250 pounds. Bonnie seemed to be even heavier. Her saving grace was that she was actually pretty. Ryan was struck by an image of what her face would look like if she were 150 pounds lighter, but the thought was quickly detoured when he grasped her clammy, wet hand. He had to consciously refrain from wiping his own hand on his pant leg after letting go.

Eva was clearly Latina, with gorgeous brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a blindingly white smile that contrasted strongly with the deep tan of her skin. Her huge tits were packed into a too-small jersey knit blouse that was cut far too deeply. He guessed she was rocking at least 8" of cleavage. Her nipples were doing their best to bore thru the material, and shake his hand of their own accord. She caught him looking, pushed her chest out just a bit more and gave him a little wink. Her handshake was firm and confident, and she held on longer than necessary.

Weird as the encounter was, Eva's little wink caused the slightest twitch in Ryan's pants, and his smile grew just a shade wider.

"Well, it's nice to meet you ladies. What brings you to our home?"

All three looked to Ryan's wife, Dina. "I met these girls at that book club I joined last week, and I told them about our arrangement." She pulled a handful of hundred dollar bills from her pocket and waved them at him. In an instant, he understood.


He and Dina had been together more than 10 years, dating for 3 before getting married. They had always been very open with each other about how they felt in the bedroom, what kind of things turned them on, what turned them off, etc. Both valued the open communication.

They shared with each other that the idea of additional partners was exciting. Ryan admitted that he loved prostate play, and had a fantasy of sucking a cock. Dina wanted nothing to do with anal, herself, but would be very open to women joining them in bed.

But, the big reveal was Dina's desire to be a mistress. She loved the idea of playing the dominant role, at least once in awhile. And Ryan admitted that being completely at her command would be a huge turn-on. He loved the idea of turning over control, and she loved the idea of taking it.

And so, they played with the concept, trying this and that, here and there, and shortly after they were married, came to an arrangement; on the first and third weekends of the month, Dina could call the shots. No matter what, no matter when, no matter where, she was in charge and he had to obey. If he refused, he was punished.

Tied up and spanked until his ass was raw, then forced into chastity until Dina's next time at the wheel, it was not something Ryan found enjoyable, and he had only had to endure it twice. Since then, he'd been quite the obedient servant on her weekends.


"Your clothes are on the bed," Dina said. Ryan knew not to hesitate, and headed to the master suite.

He'd showered at the gym, so that part of the process was already complete. In the bathroom, he brushed his teeth and his hair, then dabbed a little cologne on his neck and just above the base of his cock.

On the bed were the items he was expected to wear, and he began to dress. First, a latex cock ring. He and Dina both loved how it helped keep his cock full, and he often wore it, regardless of whether or not they had anything planned. He loved how his cock felt, and she loved the looks it helped generate from both men and women.

Then, black Lycra shorts, nice and tight, to show off his enhanced bulge. Next, a black bow tie (this one snapped in the back; he'd never learned how to tie a real one). Finally, a crisp, white dress shirt with gold cufflinks.

This was one of their favorite outfits. They had experimented with different kinds of footwear, from cowboy boots to flip-flops, but in the end, had just decided he would go barefoot, especially at home. The final touch; a black, Phantom of the Opera-style mask.

Ryan stood in front of their full length mirror to make a final check. At 6' 3", tanned and toned, with jet-black hair, he knew he looked good. A couple of flex poses to bring some blood to the muscles, and it was showtime.

While Ryan was getting ready, Dina had put on some Barry White music. The money she was waving around meant that she'd pimped him out, and he knew he'd be earning his keep this weekend, especially since fat women were a real turn-off for him.

He walked back to the living room, where he was met with wide eyes and wider smiles. Both of the sisters flushed, pink running quickly from their faces down their throats, and beneath their conservative necklines.

"Grrrrrrr," growled Eva. "Woof!"

All three women had glasses of wine in their hands, and Dina encouraged them to drink up. "Come on, ladies. Empty those glasses. You'll want both hands free."

Eva downed her Chardonnay in a single gulp, then began to dance her way toward Ryan, who now started to sway, as well. Eva brought both hands to the neckline of her blouse and pulled it back, setting her sweater puppies free. Then she reached for those big brown nipples, pinching. She clearly wasn't shy, and Ryan smiled.

She went straight for his cock, reaching under the front tails of his shirt. "Oh!" she said, then shot a hungry-eyed look around the room at the other women. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.

By the time the other two arrived, uncertainly stepping close, Eva had one hand on Ryan's ass, the other still on his cock, and was grinding her crotch against his thigh.

Kathy had taken a position opposite of Eva, but slightly behind Ryan, and was running one hand over his chest and stomach. Bonnie was the least confident of the group, and was just dancing directly in front of him.

Ryan was getting hard, of course, and taking a calculated risk, reached for the back of Bonnie's head. He grabbed a handful of hair, and her eyes went wide as he pulled her in. She moaned into his mouth as he shoved his tongue past her lips, searching for her tongue. He tasted the wine she was drinking.

When she finally responded, clumsily licking at his tongue, he stiffened it. Then he pulled her head back. Instinct caused her lips to close around his tongue, and Ryan now pulled her head forward again. Then back. Forward. Back. Soon enough, Bonnie made the connection. She was getting face-fucked!

Now, she started making little half-moan, half-groan noises, and began to bob on his tongue of her own accord. Her hands went around his neck, and Ryan felt the mush of her body press against him.

Another hand was now on his ass. Kathy was emulating Eva, and now had both hands south of his waistline. The one in front was gently squeezing his balls.

Eva was still feeling his ever-stiffer member and grinding harder against his leg. Ryan brought his hand to her crotch. The denim of her designer jeans was damp. That was all it took for Eva to release his cock. Now, both hands went to her waist, unbuttoning and then unzipping.

She stepped quickly out of her pants and reached for Ryan's hand, pulling it back between her legs. Since Bonnie was still dominating his face, Ryan couldn't see Eva, but he felt the wet pussy she guided his fingers to. He slipped one, then two between her lips, and she ground her clit against his hand.

Kathy's hand had taken the spot vacated by Eva's, and she was stroking the outside of his shorts, between his cock and her sister's belly. Ryan tried to locate her, reaching back with his free hand. He eventually made contact with her spongy skin; Kathy had obviously shed her dress.

Ryan couldn't tell exactly what it was he was holding, but she soon corrected that. The hands that had been exploring his cock and ass now moved to his bicep, and she began rubbing her tits back and forth across his arm. He could feel the nipples hardening. She must have been emboldened by watching Eva's actions, because Ryan now felt a naked pussy being pressed against his hand.

Under other circumstances, this would have been an incredible turn-on for him, but these women were all far too big for his taste. Dina, who stood at 5'1", barely weighed 100 pounds, but Eva, the smallest of the three, probably tipped 190. Ryan's cock, now without stimulation, deflated somewhat against Bonnie's body.

His tongue was getting tired, and beginning to hurt. This woman was trying to suck it out of his head. He pulled it back, and she just looked up at him, completely at a loss as to what to do next. It was at that moment that Ryan decided she must be a virgin. Nothing else explained her total cluelessness about kissing, etc.

Dina, who had been watching the action, now stepped in, and Ryan was grateful. "Okay, ladies. Let's give him some air. Come on..." She pulled Bonnie away and sent her toward the couch. A naked Kathy followed, but Eva was working on an orgasm, and didn't pay any attention.

Ryan could now give his attention fully to one woman, and he began to finger her in earnest. At the same time, he bent down to suck on one of her massive breasts. Eva groaned and used one hand to help feed her nipple to him, the other stroking his hair.

When Eva's legs began to shake, Ryan guided her to the floor. She whimpered her discontent with the removal of his hand from her cunt, but wasted no time laying down. Ryan positioned her pussy toward the women on the couch, then knelt next to her. Now he had full use of his hands, and he reached for her sloppy wet pussy again, pulling on her lips, dipping a finger inside, circling her clit.

She had one hand on the boob opposite Ryan's position. The other went straight to his balls and cock. As she built towards orgasm, Eva became more and more vocal. "Oh fuck! Oh God! Si! Si! Yes! Fuck me! Oh, shit! Make me cum!"

Ryan pumped two fingers in and out, now. He could feel the muscles of Eva's vagina squeezing down. As her body started shaking, he reached for her clit with his other hand, rubbing quickly back and forth.

That put her over, and all of them watched her quiver and shake for a solid minute. Her body was round, but solid, and she made Ryan think of a bowling ball with legs. And tits. Huge, brown tits.

When it was over, he brought his fingers to her mouth. She cleaned them, looking into his eyes, and playing with her breasts. Clearly, she wanted more, but there were others to attend to.

On cue, Dina took over. "Wow. That was hot!" She motioned for Ryan to stand. "Why don't you give us a little show, Honey?"

Barry White was still setting the mood, as Ryan started moving to the music. Dina had made him practice dancing alone - this wasn't the first time she'd made him perform - and Ryan swayed seductively, even as he helped Eva up from the floor. He lead her to a seat next to the others, then started a slow strip, just out of their reach.

Eva wasted no time in reaching for her pussy. Ryan smiled at her, and began unbuttoning his shirt as he moved suggestively in front of her. She closed her eyes when the feelings got too good, and he moved to a position in front of Kathy.

She was naked, both hands holding her own tits. They were sizable, but not as big as Eva's. She was clearly turned on, but seemed frozen in place, watching Ryan move.

He gyrated slowly as he finished releasing the buttons of his shirt and pulled it open, revealing most of his chest and abs. The shape of his dick was also clearly visible, now, and Kathy reached a hand out to touch it.

Ryan stepped a little closer, but intercepted her hand, bringing it instead to his stomach. Kathy giggled like a schoolgirl, then brought her other hand up. She leaned forward, reaching as far up his chest as she could. She'd never felt a male body like this one.

Ryan let her explore, and removed his cufflinks. He tossed them, one at a time, to Dina. Then he pulled away from Kathy, moving more to the center of the room. Kathy's tits hung down, nipples pointing at the ground. He diverted his eyes, and concentrated on his dancing.

After a bit, he looked to Bonnie. She was still fully dressed, and engrossed in his performance. Ryan noted that she was staring at his crotch, and he danced his way over to her. He forced her legs apart, then held out his hands to her.

Bonnie put her hands in Ryan's, and he brought them to his stomach, just as he had done with Kathy. But Bonnie was transfixed, and her hands just slipped to his hips.

'This might be fun,' he thought, as he slowly fucked the air in front of Bonnie's face. As he began to imagine his cock sliding in and out of her virgin mouth, he could feel it grow in his shorts.

Ryan pulled Bonnie's hands from his hips, and guided her off the sofa and onto her knees in the center of the room. She was totally compliant; almost a Stepford wife. He made sure the two of them were perpendicular to the others, so they could see.

Now he brought her hands to the back of her head, and she interlaced her fingers without being told. Ryan hooked his thumbs carefully into the waistband of his shorts, and smiled toward the women on the couch.

Eva smiled back, broadly, and nodded her head. Clearly, she was having fun. She was casually petting her pussy. Both of Kathy's hands were in her crotch, but her belly blocked them from view. Still, Ryan knew he had her attention.

Bonnie's tits pressed against Ryan's legs, and his prick was only inches from her face. She was transfixed as he slowly pulled the Lycra downward, but just as his member was about to make an appearance, he pulled it back up.

Ryan took a short step back, gyrated some more, then moved back. He pulled the waistband down again, this time pushing his cock down with it, and exposed every inch of flesh, down to the base of his cock.

He flexed his hips toward Bonnie's face. His hard-on pressed against its bonds, and he brought it agonizingly close to her mouth, only to pull back one more time. Again, he brought the stretchy material back into place.

Now he reached for Bonnie's hands. He put them onto his hips, and hooked her thumbs into the waistband. She looked up at him, and he nodded. As she nervously pulled his shorts down, he reached to cover his stiff cock and his balls with his hands. He was excited about how this was playing out.

In a few moments, he had stepped out of the shorts, and was completely naked, except for the bow tie. He had one hand holding his nuts, the other shielding his hard-on. Bonnie was waiting for direction. She was shaking with nerves when she looked up at him.

He only needed his eyes to make her bring her hands back up behind her head. When she did, he looked again to the others, wondering if they, too, were as blown away as he by what was happening. They were. All eyes were glued to the scene.

Ryan looked down at Bonnie and stuck out his tongue. She understood, and did the same. Now he turned slowly around, backed up until he made contact with her tits, again, then bent forward. His ass was a few short inches from Bonnie's protruding tongue.

He looked back at her. She was staring at his bunghole. He caught her eye and gave her an expectant look. Gingerly, she moved her face forward, and the tip of her tongue dipped between his cheeks.

But, she did nothing more. Ryan looked back, again. He could only see one eye, now. He made an exaggerated licking motion for her, and she complied. Nice. Now he reached one hand back, wiggling his fingers at her. Bonnie put her hand in his, and Ryan guided it to his hip. Thankfully, she needed no additional help to bring the other one from her head.

Ryan gave up covering his cock, in favor of bracing himself, hands on knees. Excited sounds of appreciation from the sofa, now, as they got a glimpse of his package. He leaned back, and Bonnie finally woke up.

He felt her tongue begin to move, licking slowly and tentatively, at first. Even though she obviously had no idea what she was doing, it felt great. Then she started to get into it, and she picked up her pace, as well as deepened her reach, trying to get at his hole.

Ryan bent farther forward, now with his elbows on his knees, giving her as much access as he could. Bonnie pulled on his hips, driving her tongue out. She licked voraciously at Ryan's ass.

He gave her several minutes, and Bonnie did her best. Much as he wanted to let her continue, Ryan could tell by glancing at Dina that this was more about putting on a show than it was about him getting off.

He straightened, again covering himself with his hands, and turned to face Bonnie, again. He smiled at the women, conspiratorially. Eva clapped. Kathy lifted one of her jugs to her mouth. Dina licked her lips.

Ryan moved the hand holding his balls, letting them drop, and pushed his hips out. This time, Bonnie went to work without prompting, licking at his sack.

"Suck my balls," he told her. "Gently." She complied, taking one after the other into her mouth. "Take 'em both." Bonnie opened wide and sucked his balls in. It was an amazing feeling, warm and wet. Then, she began to play with them, rolling them on her tongue. "Oh, yeah. Atta girl." Ryan closed his eyes to enjoy. This was getting good.

When Bonnie snaked her tongue outside her mouth, flicking at his taint, Ryan knew it was time to change gears. He pulled back, and the air felt cool on his wet scrotum. "Ladies," he said, addressing the others, "come join your friend."

They stood. Eva practically ran to kneel next to Bonnie, her tits swaying ponderously from side to side. Kathy took her cue from Eva, and knelt next to her sister. Dina stood behind the others, just a spectator.

Ryan now had both hands holding his hard crank. To this point, none of them had gotten a good look. Watching their faces, he moved his hands downward, first revealing the head. It was an appreciative audience.

He stepped in front of Kathy, and she leaned forward to lick his cock head. He gave her a minute or so, then moved to Eva, who tried to push his hands down further with her lips. He resisted, and she sucked hard on his knob.

Now it was Bonnie's turn. Ryan stood in front of her and slid his hands down and away. She was transfixed. A deer in headlights. No one moved. Until Dina reached over Bonnie's shoulder, pointed the hard rod at Bonnie's face, and pushed at the back of her head.

Then they all watched, as the young woman tasted her first dick. Ryan stood, hands on hips, looking down at Bonnie's face. She looked almost scared, but experience said that she'd get over it.

He let her move at her own pace, and at first, she just kissed it, then looked up at him, as if asking if she was doing it right. He smiled his approval, and she kissed it again while looking into his eyes.

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