Marcus and her bbw lover

Marcus and her bbw lover
Laura, his girlfriend of about two months, hadn't been treating him the way he wanted to be treated. He really loved her when they were together, but she had this tendency to do things that made him feel like he did not fit into her life or her future plans. She said that he did, but he could feel the difference between what she said and how she acted. He had been down this path before, with one of his college girlfriends, so he was well positioned to recognize when he didn't fit into a girl's life. At first, Marcus used to cry when he had to say goodbye to Laura. Now, he cried on account of how she treated him.

He pressed the buttons to enter Laura's number into his cell phone, and then hit SEND. She answered after three rings and he knew it was "go time".

The conversation lasted for more than two hours. Laura put up a fight, but Marcus already knew that she would. He knew that no girl who wanted a boyfriend enough to have one would ever admit that a boyfriend didn't fit into her life plan at that moment, so he soldiered on through her resistance.

The biggest problem was that Laura had never had a boyfriend before. She'd been on dates and had always wanted a boyfriend, but she didn't have her first boyfriend until she met Marcus online at age 21. Marcus was 26, and it wasn't lost on him that the age gap could have been to blame for their incompatibility. He was a homeowner and had steady income; Laura was still in college and she seemed to be going way above and beyond what she really needed to do, in her studies. He could hardly blame her for wanting to do well in school, but when she vanished for three weeks to take a summer class that had nothing to do with her major, on the other side of the country, and then ignored many of her opportunities to remain in contact with him, he decided that the relationship had to end.

Marcus found the hardest part of breaking up with Laura to be that Laura really hadn't done anything seriously wrong; she simply wasn't meeting his needs, and he knew that he wasn't meeting hers. Laura obviously needed a man who was a lot less needy and/or a lot less attached than Marcus was. He had found out, the previous year, that his old college girlfriend who acted like he didn't fit into her life had gotten married. He didn't know the man she married but he did know that many men like to do their own thing for the most part even when they are married. He figured that that was the kind of guy she got, and also that that was the kind of guy Laura needed.

When Marcus pressed END on his phone, he no longer had a girlfriend. Laura cried when he broke up with her but he reminded her of how much he had cried over her and how she gave the appearance of callously ignoring him at those times. She had her excuses but his go-to line was that she always managed to do everything she had to do, and more, relating to her college classes, no matter how crazy or inventive she had to be to get it done; therefore, she could have done the same for their relationship and he didn't feel like she did.

He started crying again. He knew he had done what he had to do, but he'd had unusually high hopes for this relationship. He'd dated many girls in his life and he really felt like Laura was "the one" for a while. Obviously she wasn't, and once again he found himself single, wondering just how much longer it was going to be before he would find the right one.

Marcus was still a virgin, because he was brought up by strict parents who made it crystal clear that one should not have sex before marriage. On top of that, he was Christian, even though he did a lot of things that violated what the Bible said. He was a virgin pretty much in name only, having done everything sexual that he could have done except for vaginal and anal intercourse. It drove him nuts not being able to have sex, which he'd wanted to do since age 13. Many times he wondered why God had to be so strict about that. He saw plenty of other unmarried people who had sex and said that it enhanced their lives. Secretly, he was envious, and part of him worried that God would see that in his thoughts and send him to hell for it.

He began texting away on his phone, sending messages out to friends and family who he thought would want to know that he had just broken up with Laura.

Julia was the first to respond. She asked if Marcus was okay, and he said he was as okay as he was going to be under the circumstances. They exchanged a few texts about Marcus's conversation with Laura, and then, seemingly out of the blue, she sent him this message:

"So would you consider giving me another try?"

Marcus and Julia had briefly dated in February. They met online, started talking on the phone the same day, and met in person as soon as they could. He had high hopes for that relationship too, if for no other reason than because of how beautiful she was. He still remembered having to put on an act when he first saw her walk through his front door, because he wasn't sure how this girl he'd just met would react to him telling her the truth - that she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life. This being 2006, photo and video sharing was in its infancy, and all that Marcus had seen of Julia before meeting her was a grainy video that gave him very little usable information about what she looked like. He could tell that she had brown hair, a face that was much more vertical than horizontal, and glasses. That was it.

Their relationship lasted for less than three weeks because Marcus felt that Julia wasn't comfortable with who she was. This was another problem he had encountered a lot. Marcus loved really big women, and he found that they generally didn't love their appearances anywhere near as much as he did. He was tired of the women who thought they were ugly, and had no patience left for them. Julia wanted to be with him but she seemed self-conscious every time she was out in public. Marcus knew that someone of her dimensions - six-foot-three and well over 400 pounds - would attract a lot of stares, but he wanted her to accept that. He tried to tell her why people pick on others but she didn't seem to get it, so he ended the relationship.

There was one big reason why Marcus was not happy to end that relationship though. Julia turned him on more than anyone ever had. She was the first taller woman he'd ever dated; he stood only six-foot-two and weighed barely 200 pounds. He remembered being in college and having masturbation contests with his buddies; whoever could jerk himself off to the most orgasms in 24 hours would win. It was self-reported and the winner never actually won anything, but it was during one of those contests that he hit six times in 24 hours. He tried for a seventh time and couldn't do it. But when he was with Julia, they used to talk somewhat dirty to each other over text message, telling each other what they wanted to do to each other, and during one day of especially steamy exchanges, he jerked off seven times in less than the 16 hours he was awake. Marcus had wanted to have sex since age 13, but nobody had ever driven him as crazy with lust as Julia did. Knowing that Julia was also a virgin made it all the hotter for Marcus when he thought about her, because he knew that they would both lose their virginity to each other if they had sex.

Now Julia was asking for another try. She and Marcus had never totally lost touch, and he did like talking with her. Marcus continued the conversation and focused it on the issues that made him want to break up with her. She said that she had thought a lot about what he had said, over the previous three months, and she realized that she had been stupid when she was with him. He knew that he was in a vulnerable spot, being "on the rebound", but she was saying all the right things. Figuring that he didn't want to let a potential good thing slip away, he made plans to meet up with Julia next Saturday. They lived five hours away from each other and he played music at a church, so the only day he had available to meet was Saturday. He didn't mind, though, because that plan gave him a week to talk with Julia and do his thinking, and cancel the plan if he wanted to.

The days went by, and Marcus didn't want to cancel the plan. The more he talked with Julia, the more he thought that she was a lot more comfortable in her own skin and that he wanted to be with her. On Friday night, he wrote up a letter that he intended to give to Julia when he saw her. The letter talked about some things he had recently gone through and some of his needs, and asked Julia if she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Marcus was so excited on Friday night that he could hardly sleep. Early Saturday morning, he fired up his Dodge Spirit and drove off toward their planned meeting place. Halfway between where they both lived was approximately Brookville, a little town along I-80 in western Pennsylvania. There were a bunch of truck stops at that exit, as well as hotels. They had met there once before, so the town was at least somewhat special for them.

He rolled into the parking lot of the Super 8, almost a half hour earlier than he had planned to meet Julia there. He hadn't wanted to be that early, but he couldn't sleep and he didn't run into any traffic obstructions along the way. He checked into the hotel, finding himself lucky enough to have reserved a room that hadn't been used the previous night, and then paced around the parking lot with his heart racing. It was a nice morning, as most of the mid-June mornings were in western Pennsylvania.

Then he saw Julia's car pull up. She drove a big Ford Crown Victoria and he knew it by its Ohio license plates. She parked and got out as Marcus walked toward her at a fast pace.

Julia was as beautiful and sexy as Marcus remembered. She wore a purple short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans that were skin-tight on her enormous ass. She was the textbook picture of a pear-shaped woman. Her face and feet gave no indication of how big she was. She had 36C breasts, a large belly and huge thighs. The widest part of her figure, by far, was her ass. The last time he'd seen her, he noticed that she wore a size 36 in pants, which barely kept her ass contained, fit her thighs, and left no indication of what her calves looked like.

He had no idea why she'd wear jeans in the middle of June, but he couldn't deny that she looked amazing. She saw Marcus coming toward her and began running to him. The way Julia jiggled and shook when she ran was a huge turn-on for Marcus, but he only had a couple of seconds to watch before they came together in a hug. Marcus' hands didn't overlap much, wrapped around Julia's lower back.

And then they kissed. Their lips and tongues showed each other how much they wanted to be with each other that day. The lust and the passion were on full display for anyone in the immediate vicinity. Marcus got a rock-hard erection almost immediately, and Julia felt her nipples get hard and her vagina start lubricating itself. They both wanted each other badly and privately cursed the "no sex before marriage" clause in their religious beliefs.

They went up to their hotel room, put their bags down, and then started kissing again. Neither had to talk about what was happening; Marcus turned Julia on as much as she turned him on. They opened their mouths and rubbed their tongues against each other, and Marcus put his hands on Julia's ass. She hated her huge ass, or at least that's what she had told Marcus in times past, but he loved it. He pressed his hips into Julia's as they kissed, so that he could get some rubbing sensation on his throbbing erection.

Julia was the first to make a motion toward the bed. She sat down and centered her body on the bed, and Marcus joined her. They kissed again, and Marcus' right hand slid over the rolls of flesh on her torso, up to her breast. He gently squeezed her breast and felt her hard nipple against his palm. Julia slid her left hand down and felt the bulge in Marcus' shorts, and Marcus moaned. He put his left hand down to lean on it, and slid his right hand down. He stuffed it into the cleft between Julia's stomach roll and the roll below the waistline of her pants, found the button, undid it, then started working the zipper down. Julia brought her left hand over to grab her pants and help him.

When Marcus had pulled the zipper all the way down, he put his hand under Julia's panties and wriggled it down to where he could touch her clit. Julia spread her legs a bit to make it easier for Marcus, and he found that she was almost soaking wet. Without breaking the kiss, he began rubbing Julia's clit with his middle finger, and she leaned her body back a bit to give Marcus a better angle.

Julia's moans of pleasure became faster and higher pitched as Marcus continued to rub. She loved the way he made her feel, even though, unbeknownst to Marcus, she still had no idea why someone as good looking as he would want an enormous woman. He never said anything disparaging about her, though, so she accepted that he did like her body at least enough not to question him about it in that moment.

Higher and higher her pleasure climbed, until a soft "UHHHH!" showed Marcus that she came. He didn't stop, and within a minute she had two more orgasms.

He slowed down and Julia started taking over. She unzipped his shorts and pulled them down, and then she pulled his boxer briefs down far enough to expose his erection. She put the fingers of her left hand around it and felt how hard he was. It was just as she remembered from the last time they'd seen each other, more than three months ago.

She ran her fingers lightly up and down his erection a few times, and then put her left hand into her crotch to gather up some of the lube she had generated. She wiped it on Marcus' dick and then put her hand back for more, and did that cycle four times before beginning to rub his dick with her lubed fingers. Marcus put his arms around Julia and moved his hips as though he were thrusting into Julia, even though he was only thrusting into her hand. She maintained a grip that was just right, and it took less than thirty seconds for Marcus to cum into Julia's hand with a muffled groan.

Julia got up and washed her hands, and they both put their clothing back to rights. When Julia came back into the room, she sat down on the bed next to Marcus and they put their arms around each other. Marcus pulled the folded-up letter from his pocket and gave it to Julia. She read the letter and choked up, because Marcus had such beautiful things to say. She didn't think that he had any ulterior motives behind his words, and she readily agreed to be his girlfriend again.

They sat and talked for a while, and then decided that they wanted to get up and do something. They'd made no plans, but Marcus had brought a basketball. Rather than play basketball right away, they chose to eat an early lunch at the Country Pride restaurant integrated into the TA truck stop. They were done with lunch by 11:30, and decided to check out the little shops in town.

Marcus and Julia drove into the center of Brookville in Julia's car. Marcus thought that his Spirit was an unusually roomy car, but it had nothing on Julia's Crown Vic. She liked the Crown Vic because it fit her both lengthwise and widthwise. When they got into town, they parked and got out to start walking. Brookville was a nifty little old-fashioned town and everyone seemed nice. Marcus bought Julia a fake rose and she loved it.

All in all, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Julia was happy to have Marcus back in her life and Marcus felt comfortable with Julia. They went back to the hotel room around 3:00 and started making out again, which quickly led to pants coming off. This time, they kept their underwear on, and Marcus got on top of Julia with another rock-hard erection. He moved his body back and forth on top of her, rubbing his erection on her crotch over their underwear, and soon he came again with another muffled groan. He didn't care about the load he shot into his underwear.

They stayed in bed and talked for a while longer before deciding that it was time to play basketball. Marcus went to his car and grabbed the ball, and then they went off in Julia's car to a court they'd seen as they drove through town the previous time.

Marcus didn't see how someone Julia's size would be able to move around well enough to be much of a challenge on the basketball court, even though he wasn't especially good at the game. However, she surprised him. They played one-on-one and horse, and she proved to be more tenacious than he imagined. The game enabled them to rub up against each other frequently and they both enjoyed it. Many times, a basket was rewarded with two points, and one passionate French kiss. Marcus won the games, but they both got a good workout and were quite sweaty by the time they stopped.

In the evening, they decided to go for pizza. There was a Fox's Pizza Den in town and that was one of Marcus' favorite chain pizza places, so they went there. While they were waiting for their pizza, an unwelcome reality check jarred Marcus. The TV in the restaurant was playing The Wedding Singer, and though Marcus wasn't paying attention to the TV until this moment, he paid attention when Adam Sandler started singing "Grow Old With You". That song had been a special song for Marcus and Laura, and hearing it caused memories of the good times he had with Laura to come flooding into the forefront of his mind.

Marcus didn't let on to Julia that that's what happened in the privacy of his mind, and she didn't realize anything had happened. They finished their food and then went back to their room. Within seconds, they were all over each other. This time, they took their pants and underwear off completely. Marcus loved the sight of Julia's bare bottom half. Sometimes, he was truly amazed by her figure, because he'd never seen anyone who looked like her before.

Marcus worked Julia up to another three orgasms in a row with his finger, and he humped into Julia's lubricated hand as before and shot out a third load into her hand. Their plan was to spend the night together, and then Marcus had to leave early in the morning to get to church in time to play for the service. Julia turned the TV on and they watched Food Network shows for a couple of hours before trying to go to sleep.

Julia positioned herself on her side and Marcus cuddled up behind her, when they tried to sleep. Marcus had his arm around Julia and she took up his entire one-armed embrace. He knew that he loved the feeling of Julia's body next to his, but he hadn't forgotten the song. "Grow Old With You" was still going through his head. Marcus knew he had some things to work out for himself.

His day with Julia had been great. She wasn't acting like she had before, and he felt that she probably was more comfortable in her own skin. She didn't shy away from him taking her picture, and she didn't try to keep them from going out in public. A better day with Julia was unlikely ever to have happened, he reasoned. He snuggled up closer to her and she briefly gripped his hand a little harder. He was safe. He was comfortable. He decided to try to go to sleep.

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