Big pleasure - Bbw sex story


Big pleasure - Bbw sex story
To understand my Wife and I is to say we have an interesting sexual dynamic. She and I are extremely physical and well connected as sexual creatures but we both have reservations about how others see us. Im a bit of a shy wallflower, a nerd, never particularly popular with the ladies but likable, approachable and a great lover despite my reserved nature in public. My wife Michelle however would be classified as a big beautiful woman. The emphasis clearly on beautiful. Dark curly hair and deep ocean blue eyes with full lips and a gorgeous smile, and despite a few extra pounds an hourglass shape, full D cup breasts, and frankly the best booty you have ever seen on a white girl, plump, full and shapely, everything about her is sexually alluring but she hasnt always felt good about herself despite what I see.

Our journey in new sexual discovery started a year or so prior to the events of this story. Michelle and I had an opportunity to travel without our children. This was a rare special occasion so we decided to enjoy ourselves at the hotel bar one night, and by enjoy I mean drink to excess. As the Rum and Cola flowed my wife got flirty with two gentlemen at the bar, one in particular a square jawed handsome British man in on business. My wife left my side for about twenty minutes and sat directly next to him. He bought her a drink and at one point I could see how intensely he was staring at her. She was wearing a black blouse with a nice low cut that showed just a little of the black satin bra that provided a subtle barrier to her ample flesh. As he looked at her, she took the hint and leaned close and whispered in his ear, I have no idea what she said, but I know she had her hand on his "lap"... When he got up from his bar stool he blushed, and you could see his erect penis through his dress trousers. He walked up to me smiled and said, "you had better keep an eye on her, feisty one! I wish I could take her to my room, you are lucky man, have a good evening"... And with that Michelle and I stumbled to our room, fucked passionately and went about our business as if nothing happened.

See, I couldnt stop thinking about it. What if I would have invited him up to our room? What would it have been like to watch my wife with another man? She seemed so alive, so overjoyed that this handsome stranger took notice.

A month or so passes and I finally find the courage to confide in my wife about my new feelings. "What if I would have invited him up" I ask her. She plays it off, "Honey, you know I only desire you"...

Time passes and I cant escape the fantasy, it haunts me, it consumes me. The idea of sharing her, watching another man take her... Its all I think about. When we have sex Im thinking about it all the time now. I ask her again, more direct, I say, what if I found someone. She plays it off... "Nobody will be interested, Im fat, nobody wants me"... I objected telling her that was completely untrue and Id find her someone attractive and arrange a meeting somewhere and take it from there. Intrigued she says okay, but "I need to see the pics and approve him first". I agree and I head to craigslist to post a personal looking for partner to share my wife for an erotic evening. I posted a description with a couple PG-13 body pics.

Many men answered, one in particular we both liked. He seemed mysterious but he was about our age, shared some common interests and seemed polite and in the pictures he sent he had a fit body, great abs, and a long cock that mushroomed out to a thick head with a deep ridge, my guess about 8 inches long. At least a solid inch longer than me and his head was thick but Im thicker down to the base. She was intrigued by how different we were in build and size. She agreed to meet Mike with me.

We arranged a babysitter and met Mike at a bar directly across the street from our home, this way if we hit it off we could get a little liquid courage in us and arrive home safely. My wife and I arrived at the bar first. She wore a blue low cut blouse that set off her eyes, and she wore sheer cut pants that showed her ample bottom while still looking classy. She did her makeup to incorporate some eye shadow and lip gloss in a way that made her look like she could do a cosmetics add. Subtle touches but I know when she is putting in the extra effort. She was nervous and excited for the meeting. Two drinks in she started to worry if he would show but just as she states her concern I get a text. Hey man, Im walking in... And there he was. Despite it being a sports bar and a bit of a dive he dressed respectfully. Good button down shirt, dress slacks. He wanted to impress her. We started off all talking together over drinks, mostly about local sports, what our kids were like, his experience with threesomes and such. He would answer with little detail, somewhat of a mystery man, and honestly, I think that is how my wife likes it.

I whispered in my wifes ear to make sure she was comfortable, I told her I was going to the rest room, and if she wasnt sure about Mike to give me a signal walking back. As I walked back she was sitting closer to him, eyes locked, both paying close attention to one another. The signal was not needed. As I returned I ordered another drink for everyone and said, perhaps this should be our last before heading to our place? They both smiled, and he asked if he may kiss her there in the bar in public. I didnt hesitate, I was all in on this adventure. I said, please, enjoy one another...

What was interesting despite his asking, she was the one to initiate the kiss, standing up from her bar stool and putting her hand on his shoulder she leaned into him and they exchanged a series of long passionate kisses. When they disengaged she turned and looked at me like she was a kid who just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar before dinner. My heart was racing, I was flush, I was a rush of emotions, some anxiety, fear, but mostly turned on that my wife felt sexy. We finished our drink together and I paid the tab advising Mike we would head back to our home and he could follow us.

In our vehicle I kissed my wife and told her how special she was to me and that she should only do this if she was completely certain this is what she wanted. She confirmed that she couldnt wait to fuck us both, she needed it, like she was "sexually awakened" as she put it.

Once we were all together in the house we wasted no time. Mike and Michelle engaged in a kiss standing together and I stood behind Michelle kissing her neck and cupping her breasts from behind. My firm erection against her backside, I took charge and turned her towards me so I could kiss her as Mike felt her from behind for the first time, I lifted her shirt and without hesitation Mike unclasped her black satin bra from behind and in a fluid motion she was topless before us. Her ample D cup breasts free with perky pink eraser nipples and large areola. Mike cupped her breasts and savored her neckline as I worked my way down with my tongue to her stomach so I could further disrobe her pulling down her pants and panties revealing all over her to this erotic stranger. On my knees I explored her moist slit with my fingers, she was clearly excited, extremely excited, wet and swollen, I knew she would orgasm many times this night.

I decided to back away and be a gracious host to our guest allowing Mike to experience Michelle organically on his terms for a bit. They faced one another locked in a deep kiss, his hands eagerly exploring every soft curve as Michelle began to unbutton his shirt one by one planting soft kisses along the downward trail. Each one getting closer to the source of his growing excitement. With the shirt completely undone she pushes his hands aside as she unhooks his belt looking up at him, she unbuttons his slacks, slowly unzips him and frees him from his prison. Fully erect before her she kisses the tip and traces a line with her tongue from the base to the end of the shaft for the first time, then she firmly wraps her fingers about the base and takes him into her mouth for the first time. Mike has a very prominent ridge where the shaft meets the head of his large erect cock and Michelle is focused on drawing her tongue across it in short swift strokes knowing this is a pleasure zone for him given his response. He warns her very quickly that he isnt sure how much of that he can endure and decides to take charge, tugging at her hair gently and demanding that she go to the bed.

In the bedroom I decide to challenge Mikes endurance a little and rather than offer him immediate relief from my wifes very willing and skillful mouth, I spread her legs and decide to give her an excited oral orgasm before he enters her the first time. My wife is most responsive after having her first clitoral orgasm before intercourse, she becomes more sensitive and G Spot orgasms follow easily once the first is achieved. Michelle is soaked and swollen and Mike is kneeling near her face so she can continually tease his cock while I do my magic, lapping at her slick clit with my tongue I feel her crescendo building to a firm climax... She moans as she has trouble focusing on our guest. As she nears climax I insert a finger and curl it up towards her G Spot for good measure as I feverishly swirl my tongue against her clit, and with that, the first release of the evening. She shudders with raw excitement, sensitive to the touch I offer her swollen and slick slit to Mike.

Mike thick and hard pulls a condom from the pants he carried to the room with him. He covers his member with anticipation, my wife grasping his shoulder as he enters her for the first time. Inch by inch he starts slowly, their eyes locked the entire time, and then the pace builds, a rhythm, both of them in tune together. At this point my anxiety is less about her enjoying Mike more than me and more about me finding a way to participate without interrupting their raw sexual chemistry. They fit together, him cupping her breasts, massaging them while looking into her eyes with each deep thrust, her moaning, clutching his muscular backside pulling him into her with each thrust. This goes on for several minutes, Mike has good endurance and has been disciplined. I ask my wife to change positions to her knees so I can enter her from behind. Mike removes his first condom of the evening and we spit roast Michelle together, me fucking her from behind, and Mike enjoying her mouth.

Michelle is so swollen and wet I can feel it dripping down my scrotum. Suddenly a shudder, "Ohhhhh!!" she yells loudly and climaxes all over my cock I feel a warm gush as she cums around me. She disengages from me looking for relief but I offer none, as she lays on her back I instruct Mike to take her again and this time, treat her like shes yours, take her hard. He takes another condom, covers his shaft and this time he gets closer to her, lays on top close so he can feel her warm soft sexy curves. Both working up a little sweat, my wife with her legs wrapped around Mike, clutching his ass while Mike has one hand on her neck and another tightly grasping a breast squeezing it as he thrust harder with more intent. Tongues intertwined the passion is at a fever pitch when Mike asks "Michelle, may I cum on you, Im so close, Fuck you turn me on!". Michelle obliged and seconds later Mike rocked his whole athletic body back in one fluid motion removing the condom, without a stroke from his own hand he began to spurt, first couple streams thick and making it all the way to her breasts, the rest covering her soft stomach. Mike excused himself for a moment to take a shower, looking completely spent.

As Mike left the room, I ran my fingers across my wifes body feeling the proof of sexual satisfaction that Mike left on my bride. With it covering my fingers I placed them on my wifes parted lips to watch her savor his semen. Her looking me in the eyes romantically without hesitation I mounted her, my cock in dire need of the same. As I pumped inside her she came again, shuddering she smile and told me that while Mike was fantastic I was the only one that knew her body, and the only one that made her cum. Turned on in a way I could barely contain I spilled my seed deep inside her. I fell over her completely spend physically and emotionally as Mike re entered the room me on top of my wife he stood at the end of the bed and she looked up to see his semi erect penis. Laying back she looked up and kissed the head lovingly as he immediately followed to kiss her softly for one last time that evening. Looking at me he said "Thanks for sharing" and quietly got dressed and left.

Michelle and I talked about it the next morning. We both agreed it was a fantastic experience that we wanted again. Michelles biggest takeaway was a renewed self confidence about herself as a sexual being. She started dressing sexy, doing her makeup, eating better and exercising more. She became confident that she could do anything, and it improved our own relationship. This was only the beginning of a beautiful series of sexual adventures

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