Super Sized BBW Needs Attention


Super Sized BBW Needs Attention
I was browsing the ads on one of the internet dating sites . The one that caught my eye was titled SSBBW Needs Attention ! I"ve always loved big women and this one lived very near me so I read the entire ad . She wanted someone that loved extremely large women . She said that her husband wasn"t up to the job of keeping her happy . She wanted someone that liked kink and was available during week day because she didn"t want her husband to know what was going on . She was 6"3″ and 425 pounds . Blonde with a big ass and she wanted to be tied up and raped and ass fucked . She was also interested in spanking and wanted to visit an adult book store . I responded that I was interested and sent her a picture of my cock saying that she could suck it whenever she anted to . I was careful to tell her that I was a foot shorter than her but that I loved big women . I gave her my e-mail address and my instant messenger name so she could send me a reply without having to go through the web site . Later that afternoon she sent me an instant message asking if we could meet for coffee in half an hour . I said that would be nice . We met at on of the local coffee shops . She had said that she would be in the parking lot in a purple truck . I went up to the window of the truck and knocked she got out and said lets get some coffee and doughnuts and chat a bit . We went in and found a table that was far enough away that no body could hear what we said . Do you think you can handle me she asked . I"m sure I can I said . I like it rough and fast she said I don"t care much about foreplay I want you to tie me up and have fun doing what ever you want. You have to use condoms but you can fuck any hole you want . Cool I said I"ll handcuff you first then tie you up and stick a dildo up your cunt and fuck your ass . Does that sound like what you want ? Exactly ! She said with a big smile . I have to be home in an hour so we can"t do anything today but tomorrow morning he goes to work at 6 am and won"t be home until 4 in the evening. Good I said where would you like to meet ? Well I can"t do it in my apartment people would know . Do you want to go to the colonial motel or my trailer . She smiled and said the Colonial would be cool . Great I said do you want to meet there or somewhere else . She frowned and said that truck sticks out like a sore thumb is there some place where I can park it like a mall ? Yes I said lets meet at the north Utica shopping center at say 10 am . Good she said . I looked at my watch and said do you want to go to the adult bookstore now and pick out a dildo and some other toys now ? Her pale face turned bright red and she said yes lets do that now .
I drove her to the store . She said I"ve never been in one of these places before . Don"t worry I said nobody here will care what you do here . We went in and she was like a kid in a candy shop . I bought her two dildos , a vibrating egg and a paddle to slap her ass with . She asked what was over on the side where all the men go to . I told her that it was peep show where you watched porno movies in a booth by feeding the machine quarters . Cool she said we will have to do that sometime . Works for me I said . You had better get going home I said . I brought her back to her truck . She kissed me and said I"ll be there tomorrow at 10 . Good I said and we both left .
The next morning I went to the parking lot and there was her truck . I opened her truck door and she got out and locked it . We drove to the motel and I paid and signed in . We went to the room and turned on the porno on the TV . Cool she said . I laughed and said do you want just plain sex the first time or do you want to be raped ? I want to be tied up and fucked . Ok I said . I quickly pulled her arms behind her back and handcuffed her . Then I her legs to the bed legs so her legs were spread wide . I pushed her skirt up over her back and ripped her panties off . She started to beg me to stop , I knew it was an act she had told me that she would do that . I put a ball gag in her mouth to shut her up . I stripped my self . I had taken a Viagra earlier so my cock was hard and ready . I put a condom on and lubed one of the dildos and sipped in into her cunt . You cheap shit I said, she had said that she liked to be verbally abused , Your pussy hair is black and your claim to be a blonde . I wonder if it tastes like a blonde cunt . I licked her clit as I pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt . It tastes pretty good for a fat bitch I said as she came . She squeezed the dildo so hard that it popped out ! Why you loose cunted shit I said I put the dildo back in and the added the second one . See if you can pop out two dildos you whore. She wiggled her huge ass as I worked both of the dildos at the same time . She came again but the dildos stayed in her this time . Well , well I said lets see what else I can do . I lubed her asshole up and slowly pushed my cock in her hole . H ad to get in an awkward position to do that because her ass was so big . She squirmed and the pushed back as I finally got my cock all the way in . She came on the first stroke and pushed back so hard that she knocked me off balance and my cock out of he asshole . I said Oh to much cock in you ass bitch ? I pulled her down so he knees were on the floor and put my cock back in her ass . She came again before I was completely in her ass . I started to stroke and she was cumming often and hard . I had used maintain which desensitizes your cock so you can stay hard longer and between that and the Viagra I was humping her ass for a good six minutes before I was ready to cum . I pulled my cock out and took the condom off and pulling the gag out of her mouth I stuck my cock in her mouth and said eat cum you fat bitch . I came and she swallowed it with a smile on her face . When I took my cock out of her mouth I asked her was that what you wanted ? Oh yes it was great she said ! Good I said now you need to be spanked I said and put the ball gag back in her mouth . she grinned as best as she could . I took her top off and remove her bra . Small tits for such a big broad I said and licked her nipples . I took the paddle and slapped her nipples a few times . Then I turned her over and said your have been a bad girl letting me fuck your ass . The dildos were still in her cunt but I ignored them . I paddled her ass until it was bright red . My cock was had again . I took one of the dildos out of her cunt and put it in her ass . Then I turned her over and lubed her tits and started to titty fuck her until I came over her nipples . I the removed the ball gag and told her to lick the cum off her nipples or I"ll leave you here all tied up . I pulled one nipple to her mouth and then the other . She licked both of them clean. That was exactly what I wanted Rick she said . Master Rick to you bitch I said . We both laughed . I untied her and took the cuffs off . She took the dildos out of her ass and cunt . You can keep those I said . No she said if my husband finds them hell leave me and I"ll have to get a job . My cock was getting hard again . Well bitch I said then give me a blow job . She grinned and said Yes master Rick . She was one hell of a cock sucker ! when we were both dressed she said we have to do this again . Yes we will I said .

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