Plumper fucking on the beach

Plumper fucking on the beach
The girl looked up quickly and turned slightly away, hands defensively covering her middle. She needn’t have bothered. I had always liked curvy girls and when I had come around the corner of the narrow overgrown trail that led down the hillside to the secluded beach I had stopped to admire her.

For a couple of minutes at least I had feasted my eyes on her. Like me she looked about eighteen or nineteen, blonde hair and pale freckly skin, bulging curves under a too tight one piece blue swimsuit. She was lying on her stomach when I rounded the corner. One side of the bottom of her suit had ridden up the left cheek of her ass. It was vast and white, wet from swimming like her thick long curly hair and lightly goose-pimpled from the breeze. Then she sat up, faced away from me still. She had untied her top to get the most sun on her back she could and as she pulled it up I could see the side of one firm but pendulous breast, nipple hard and puffy in the open air.

My heart was in my throat and I took a moment to collect myself before my greeting.

I walked forward past her to the water, pretending not to notice the way she was futilely trying to cover her ample charms. She was a big girl with thick thighs, bulging tummy and a wide pale back.

Her eyes were suspicious in her pretty freckled plump face. "Is this your beach? I’ll leave."

"Please don’t. Its not mine, I don’t think its anybody’s. I didn’t know anybody even knew about it but me." I crouched by the water’s edge and smile reassuringly back over my shoulder at her.

She seemed to relax slightly. She was sensitive about her weight, I could tell. She’d probably been teased a lot and an empty beach at the bottom of a hidden trail would be appealing to her.

"I don’t want to intrude. My family’s had a cabin by this lake for years, I’ve been coming to this beach since I was a kid." I picked up a flat rock and skipped it across the water. "Its nice isn’t it."

I smiled at her again and she tentatively smiled back. "I’m Sharon."

We talked some more. She was there with her parents who had just bought a cabin about half a mile around the lake and she hadn’t met anybody in the little cabin country community surrounding the lake yet. I knew the people who used to live in her family’s new place and I told her what to expect from her various neighbours and what sights to see in the area. She had relaxed in the face of my friendly interest and when I hauled my beach towel out of my knapsack she lowered her eyes and shyly invited me to lay it out next to her.

"Sure Sharon, but I have to change into my trunks, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here."

"Go ahead, I won’t look." She smiled at me and turned her head away.

I turned around myself and pulled my windbreaker over my head. I was built ok for a eighteen year old. I had a barrel chest and was broad-shouldered and I had long muscular legs from a long winter spent cross country skiing. I’d cursed my Dad’s exhausting new hobby when he’d dragged me out every winter morning during the Christmas break, but now I was glad I’d done it, I inclined to chubbiness myself.

As I unbuttoned my jeans, I heard the slightest noise behind me, I was suddenly convinced she had turned her head and was watching me. On the spur of the moment I suddenly decided not to wear my underwear under my trunks like I’d planned to. I was still a virgin, but I’d read a lot of my older brother’s pornography and was lately in a constant state of horniness. The hot sun, the open air and Sharon’s lush body in the too tight swimsuit were making my heart beat like a hummingbird’s wings.

Slowly I hooked my fingers under both jeans and underwear and with my back still turned, I lowered them. There may have been the slightest indrawn breath, or it might have been the wind. I bent over to pull of the pants, standing slightly akimbo, legs apart.

My naked ass was turned to her, my cock stiffened a little in the cool breeze and at the thought of her staring – if she was staring.

I straightened and pulled up my t-shirt, turning as I did so it was over my face as I turned to face her. Through the thin cotton I clearly saw her gazing raptly at my crotch and then quickly turning her head in her arms before the shirt left my head. I stood looking at the back of her head, her unnaturally still form and grinned. God, was I about to get laid?

She kept her back turned while I pulled on my trunks, only turning back as I stretched out next to her on my towel. "Hey." She said softly, eyes meeting mine shyly.

"Hey you." I said back and smiled.

We talked some more. She was smart and funny. I could tell she was normally probably defensive and sarcastic in pre-emptive self defence. That was how I dealt with the screaming monkey house of high-school too.

With each other though, it was like we spotted that the other was one of our own. One of the pack of the smart ones who didn’t fit in, and didn’t particularly want to. We held our fire and just talked. About music, movies, the kids we hated, the kids we liked. Pretty silly stuff but we were establishing points of reference. People define themselves through pop culture. What we loved told the other who we were.

It was a summer thing, hyper-compressed, we even told each other the awful truth: we were both virgins, too shy to get anywhere with the kids we went to school with. We laughed over it a bit, but her eyes dropped shyly as she told me and she smiled.

I leaned in and kissed her, during a lull in the conversation. It was an impulse and I almost regretted as I felt her stiffen, but she quickly relaxed and enthusiastically kissed me back. Her tongue insistently pushed into my mouth and swirled around my own. I reached up one hand and cupped her breast through the tight nylon of her swimsuit. The nipple hardened and poked my palm.

We pulled out of it and smiled shyly at each other.

I shared my sandwiches, she shared her orange.

As the sun rose to full noonday brilliance, I pulled some sunscreen out of my bag and started smearing it on my legs.

"Ooh, I should have remembered that, I’m gonna burn."

"You can have some of mine, I have lots."

I finished my arms and legs, my chest and my face and handed her the tube. She took it and frowned, but there was a gleam in her eye.

"What about your back?"

I shrugged. "Can’t reach it. Guess it’ll burn."

She squirted a big dollop of white cream into her hand "Lie on your stomach."

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I stretched out on the towel, resting my face in my crossed arms. The handful of cream was cold at first as she began to rub it into my back. I hissed in a breath.

"Is it too cold? I’m sorry."

She began rubbing vigorously, down my back and around my shoulders. I relaxed under the kneading pressure.

After several minutes, she stopped and I was about to ask her if she was done, when I felt a weight on my lower back. My cock jumped under me as I realized she was straddling me.

She could reach my whole back now, and her hands rubbed deeply into my shoulders and down my sides to my hips. I could feel the weight of her ass on mine, after a moment I realized I could feel the heat of her crotch through her suit where it rested on the base of my spine. My cock throbbed.

She rubbed the sun block into my back for several minutes, we were completely silent too – neither of us said a word. She stopped and disappointed it was over, I felt her weight lift off of me. She was only turning around though, I looked over my shoulder and saw her broad back and her ass sitting backward on mine she had spun around and was leaning over and rubbing the now warm white cream into the backs of my legs.

She started at my calves and slowly worked her way up to my thighs. Soon her fingers were brushing up under the bottom of my shorts and I was biting my lip to keep from moaning with pleasure. Her breath was deep and quick, I heard it catch in her throat once as her fingers worked into my upper legs. I spread my legs slightly and her fingers dipped lower into my inner thighs. My shorts were loose nylon and not very long, I felt her fingers graze the mesh underlay repeatedly. At one point she rubbed one thigh vigorously while the other rested on my ass, fingers resting on my balls through the trunks.

Finally she go off and stretched out next to me again. I turned my head and watched her rub the sun block into her arms and legs. We had both gotten quiet and her eyes didn’t meet mine as she rubbed the white cream into her chest, her hands sliding around her plump curves, up to the base of her neck and down her cleavage under her suit.

Finally she lay on her stomach leaving the tube of lotion sitting in the sand between us. She reached up and her hands disappeared under her hair at the back of her neck. She lay the strings from her suit top on either side of her neck.

It was silent and hot on the beach. We could hear the light breeze in the trees and the water lapping against the shore. I sat up and squeezed some sun block into my hands and rubbed them together vigorously. With one movement I swung my leg over her hips and began rubbing her bare shoulders. She moaned slightly.

I was straddling her just below the bottom of her suit, my crotch just over her big pale ass. I leaned forward to rub her shoulders and my crotch grazed her butt. She moaned again, almost inaudibly. I crouched forward some more and my hard cock in my trunks nestled firmly into the cleft of her lovely wide ass. It felt amazing.

She had to feel my aching hard-on nestled between her cheeks. She was breathing fast and her skin shivered under my hands. I started rubbing up and down her sides, from her outstretched elbows, under her arms and down her back as far as where the suit began again. I let my fingers graze the sides of her breasts rocking forward as I worked the lotion into her skin, my cock digging into her soft ass with every surge. I felt her lift her ass against me and the bulge in my trunks nestled deeper into her crack.

After a while I scooted back so that the backs of her knees were under me, she made the slightest disappointed sound as my crotch left its position over her ass, but I knew what I was doing. All my thrusting movements had pushed up her suit bottom so that it was bunched in her crack and her wide white ass cheeks were almost completely exposed. She reached back a hand to adjust her suit and I caught it and leaned forward gently pushing it back down. She gasped slightly and her ass rose a bit. She didn’t try to adjust her suit again.

I leaned back and squirted more cream into my hands, rubbing them together to warm it and feasted my eyes. I had been fixated on big girl’s asses as long as I’d felt anything sexual at all and her ass was everything I had ever dreamed of.

Her cheeks were white and goose pimpled slightly, blushing pink starting to spread across them. Her suit was almost completely bunched up in her crack and under one edge the slightest hint of fluffy hair stuck out. There was a snap in the crotch of her suit and I had never known a girl’s swimsuit could have that, I nearly came right there at the sight of it.

I leaned forward and began rubbing her upper thighs with the cream. Silently she spread her legs slightly. I lifted one knee and then the other and she stretched her legs out again and then I was kneeling between her legs.

I leaned forward rubbing the lotion into her ass cheeks. The skin of her ass was cooler, from being under her damp suit and the muscles jumped under my hands. I began rubbing them in circular movements, spreading her ass-cheeks even wider, she was gasping now and raising her hips into my hands.

Greatly daring I ran my fingers under the suit at her lower back and pulled it up so that it was pulled tight over her crotch and ass crack. She moaned again, and spread her legs even wider. More hairs were exposed, curling around the bunched up suit bottom.

Impulsively I bent forward and kissed one creamy white ass cheek, rubbing my face into its cool white skin. She gasped and pushed her hips up and my face was buried in her crack.

The sweet smell of sun block mixed with young female, the feel of the bunched fabric under my lips, her soft gasping breaths all together made me crazy horny. I grabbed both cheeks and pulled them apart as I rubbed my face in her fat young ass. I felt the snap of her suit under my chin and bent down and grabbed it in my teeth.

I pulled gently and slowly, so that she knew what I was doing. When she felt me pulling on the snap, about to expose her most intimate places completely, she froze for a second and then deliberately pulled down with her hips and the snap popped open in my mouth.

She slid her knees forward lifting her ass up while still hiding her face in her arms. The front of the suit fell away exposing her plump wet pussy to me. Her lips were pink and swollen, only the slightest tuft of light blonde hairs surrounding her sweet young mound, moisture beading in the short curling blonde hair. I lifted the back of her suit out of her crack and pushed it aside and now she was completely exposed, arched and spread in the hot sunlight. Her puckered asshole was pink and clean with the slightest tuft of soft blond hair surrounding it. I spread her cheeks again so I could take in everything, all the treasures nestled between those plump white thighs and curving pale ass.

"Lie on your back."

It was the first thing she had said for several minutes and I quickly lay back on the towel. She threw her knee over my head and then her pussy was suspended over my face and I felt her tugging on my trunks.

I lifted my ass and she pulled the trunks down my legs – at the same time I pushed her suit up over her shoulders and she lifted first one arm and then the other. The discarded suits ended up on the other towel and we were both naked.

I felt her hot breath on the tip of my penis and it stiffened before she ever touched it. I looked down and lifted my pelvis, pushing my cock in her face. She rubbed it over her cheeks and forehead, she rubbed her nose and mouth into my curling pubic hair and I found myself moaning.

I watched as she licked up my cock, swirling around the shaft like it was a popsicle. She licked around the swollen tip and then began stabbing the tip of her tongue into the hole where pre-cum already oozed. I watched her reach up her fingers to spread the tip of my cock so the urethra entrance was as wide as possible and she could get almost the whole tip of her tongue into it and I moaned and almost blew my load right there.

With one movement she had the head and almost halfway down the shaft in her mouth and began sucking up and down while her hands played with my balls.

I returned my attention to the beautiful sight above my head. Her lips had swollen outward and she was dripping wet. I lifted my head and began to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips. She moaned softly.

I swirled my tongue around her pussy, I could feel the heat emanating off it – though my own body was racing with heat from my penis in her mouth up my chest and across my face, I felt like my whole body was throbbing in time with my racing heartbeat. I could hear Sharon slurping as she thrust her head up and down on my cock.

I lifted my head and thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, her juices pouring into my mouth, my nose buried in her sweet smelling ass. She moaned around my cock and her thighs shook. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy and swirled it down to the tight pink little hood over her clit. The tip of her clit was already protruding. I reached up and gently pulled her lips apart with my fingers and swirled my tongue around and around her stiffening clit. Mountains of pornography were finally paying off the hours invested into them. She was almost humping my head now, she had taken my cock out of her mouth and was gasping, head down hot breath on my balls. I lifted my knees and she nuzzled under my balls making little sounds of pleasure.

I pulled her clit between my lips and sucked hard.

She shrieked and clenched my head between her thick thighs. Then her hips relaxed and she crouched lower over my face. She sucked my balls into her mouth and swirled them around in her mouth grunting softly as I sucked rhythmically on her clit.

She spasmed again and again until I released the stiff pink nub from my lips and swirled my tongue up her lips, dipping into her pussy. She went back to nuzzling under my balls as I continued swirling upward lingering over her lips then cautiously inching up her crack itself. I knew what I wanted to do, I’d read about it, stroked my young cock fantasising about it and I wanted to try it – even if it risked freaking her out.

I heard her gasp as I swirled my tongue around her puckered ass, giving her plenty of time to get used to the sensation. Then I flicked her asshole itself with the tip of my tongue.

She started, and then hunched over me even more. My face was now buried between those sweet white ass cheeks and I began rhythmically rimming her puckered asshole. I felt it spasm under my tongue tip and I reached up my hand and began rubbing her clit between my fingers.

She moaned and I felt her sphincter relax slightly and aching all over with lust I pushed my tongue tip into her asshole. It clenched down on it and I could feel her panting breaths under my balls and into my own ass crack. I wiggled the tip into her as her pink ring clenched it.

Suddenly I felt her arms pushing back on my thighs. She was a strong girl and in moments she was supporting herself on the backs of my thighs, my ass raised into her face. I kept lathering her ass with my tongue not daring to hope, and then to my delighted shock I felt her own darting tongue tip sliding down from my balls and swirling around my own ass.

Without a moments hesitation she plunged her tongue deep into me and suddenly we were both tongue fucking each others assholes.

I was moaning now and my cock was throbbing. With one last stab of her darting, wriggling tongue deep into my ass, she lifted her head and lowered my hips and plunged my cock deep into her mouth again.

With her hot mouth swirling around my cock and my face buried in her fragrant crack I could hold back no longer and came in hot surges, and she gulped down each hot load as I shouted wordlessly into her ass.

We lay there for several minutes, she sucked my softening cock, almost nursing it, she was laying her full weight on my chest her hips sprawled over my face as I kept swirling my tongue up and down her ass crack.

My cock had started to harden again when she took her mouth off of my cock and looked back over her shoulder at me. "Do you have any condoms?"

I didn’t and felt a stab of frustration that I’d lost my chance to lose my virginity.

"I don’t want to risk getting pregnant…" She paused and her voice lowered. "Would you like to put it in my bum?"

My cock jumped and she chuckled and nipped at the tip. "I always put a finger in there when I play with myself, I was really pleased when you started licking it."

She pulled herself to her knees and resting on her shoulders with her big beautiful ass in the air she reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide.

I knelt behind her for a moment thanking my luck for finding a hot fat girl with the same anal proclivities I had. Then I leaned forward and licked the hot crinkly rosebud again till it opened under by searching tongue. I dripped a mouthful of spit into her crack.

I straightened up and brought my hips up to her ass. First I rubbed my cock against her clit and she sucked in a breath as I dragged the tip back across her hot wet slit, her juices coating it.

I rubbed the head against her tight puckered asshole, then slowly started pushing the swollen tip into it. Sharon gasped and clenched down then slowly relaxed. The tip pushed in with an audible pop and her ring clenched down on the shaft right under the head and she yelped.

"Do you want me to pull out?" I asked, not moving.

She shook her head emphatically and pushed back against me. It was tight, so I scooped up the sun screen again and squirted a dollop of cream onto my cock.

I slathered the creamy lotion into the shaft and around her anal ring where it was clenched around the head of my cock. I pulled out my cock head with a pop and Sharon made an unhappy sound, but she moaned as I smeared more cream into the tip and then slowly pushed it into her tight hot ass again. Slowly I began working my cock, harder, more engorged than I ever remembered it being, in and out of Sharon’s bum. She moaned and gasped ecstatically as I went deeper and deeper into her. It was hot, almost painfully hot in her tight virgin anus. I reached around and rubbed her soaking pussy, and then began to rub her clit in time with my strokes between her wobbly white ass cheeks.

Sharon gasped and her sphincter clenched then relaxed. She pushed back hard and suddenly I was buried in her backside to the root. I began fucking her in deep strokes and she grunted low and guttural in time with my thrusts. Even the fact that I had just come couldn’t keep my excitement from growing uncontrollably as I fucked Sharon’s tight fat white ass.

"Fuck my ass Steve….! Ram that big cock up my bum….!Ohhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddddd….!"

Her words pushed me over the edge and I groaned loudly as I came again, this time deep into Sharon’s asshole.

When I could think coherently again, I realized I was collapsed across Sharon’s prone and gasping chubby body. My penis had softened, but it twitched as she clenched her sphincter suddenly and it was squeezed out.

I shifted slightly, so that I wasn’t crushing her and Sharon and I dozed there for awhile drying in the hot afternoon sun.

When we woke up we waded out into the waves of the little hidden cove of the lake and swam and washed in its cool water. We drifted together in the water and kissed deeply, chest deep and slippery in each others arms.

We agreed to meet at our secret beach again tomorrow. We spent the rest of the summer meeting every day until her family had to leave.

They lived hundreds of miles away and I never saw her again after that summer.

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