A bed and breakfast with extras

A bed and breakfast with extras
It was getting late and I was tired from driving all
day .On the outskirts of the small town I started
looking out for signs of bed and breakfast that where
normally found on the outskirts of most English
towns. Right enough I found one almost right away
standing alone with a small garden and the B&B sign
hanging outside. I parked up off the road and knocked
on the door.

It wasn"t too late and a middle-aged woman of what
looked like Spanish decent opened the door. She had
dark hair and coffee coloured skin and was dressed
well enough in a long pleated skirt in navy and a
white blouse buttoned to her round neck. She had a
pretty face and looked like the type of woman who"s
sexy and slim when you first meet her but after a few
years of marriage expands into an overweight round
Latino. She must have been only five-foot tall which
made her look fatter than she was and if her breasts
hadn"t been so big she could have passed for just

Yes she did have a room and would I like dinner and
breakfast was all I got out of her before she showed
me to my clean warm room. I was happy to be able to
lie down for five minutes but quickly fell asleep
only to wake up a couple of hours later. It must have
been 22:00 and I was hungry now and cursed myself for
perhaps missing dinner.

I made my way down to the dining room on the ground
floor, I think I was the only guest as the place
looked empty and I saw no other cars outside. No one
about in the dining room so I headed towards the
kitchen to see if I could find the landlady again. As
I approached the half open door I heard the
unmistakable grunts and groans of sex and stopped in
my tracks to listen. What was going on here then?

A little after dinner fun for the kitchen staff. I
sneaked a look into the room and holy shit the sight
before me stopped me in my tracks. The landlady was
bent over the kitchen table with her skirt up over
her arse and there was a middle-aged man behind her
fucking her hard and fast.

From where I was he had his back to me but I could
see her massive hips on each side of his small ass as
he fucked her. Her coffee-coloured arse checks where
wobbling about as he did her and he was panting and
groaning more than she was. It was coming to an end I
saw as he pulled out at the last minute and shot his
load all over her black stockings and arse.

When he stepped away I got a look at her open pussy,
it was bigger than any other pussy I had ever seen
with big fleshy lips that stayed open when he pulled
out leaving a dark hole. He had come all over her
stockings and I could see spunk running her leg and
soaking into the silk. I couldn"t see any knickers
about and sure enough she stood up right almost
straight away letting her skirt fall back down and
moved away from the table to the sink to continue
what it looked like he was doing before he came

The man zipped up and coughed before saying into his
hand "Ah thanks very much miss Rogers, same time next
week then," and without another word he left through
the back door.

It was then that I noticed the box of food shopping
on the floor that he must have delivered. Sex for
food! Not so shocking but Miss Rogers didn"t look
like she was short of money. Just then she looked
around and saw me, if see was worried I had seen her
she didn"t let on but just smiled and said, "Ah there
you are, fall asleep did we."

The hungry look she saw in my eyes was not classic
hunger but pure lust. The little show I had just seen
and the sight before me had me on fire. Miss Rogers
didn"t have time to close the buttons on her blouse
completely and I catch a glimpse of one of her
breasts, not completely nut enough to see they where
fucking huge the rest was down to my imagination. She
quickly understood and casually closed the remaining
buttons without a bat of an eyelash.

"I presume you"ll want your dinner then," she said
and went to pick up the large box of freshly
delivered food bending over from the hips and giving
me a view of her wide arse and hips.

I knew for a fact she had no underwear and there was
only her skirt between her big pussy and me. My cock
was standing out hard in my pants just thinking about
it and I had to move quickly to one of the kitchen
chairs to hide my embarrassment.

"Your in luck I"ve just been delivered," she smiled
at me as she unpacked the box. Just been shagged I
thought but tried to get the taught out of my head.
She moved about the kitchen as if I wasn"t there
preparing the food, a sandwich from the looks of it
and despite my efforts I couldn"t get the fact that
her bare pussy was only meters from me and that she
had spunk running down her leg as we spoke.

What she did next really made me believe I was
hallucinating, she reached behind her and pulled her
skirt up over her big arse and tucked it into the
waistband of her skirt. I was sitting there looking
at her big arse and chunky legs, knickerless and come

"Your not going to be able to eat with that hard on
are you?" she asked in a matter of fact voice and
carried on working on my meal.

What was this? I didn"t know what to do. Did she want
me to just go over and fuck her like the other guy
must have?

She must have understood my hesitation as she turned
around and looking me in the eye began to open her
blouse. There they where in front of me again only
now she had her blouse open and I was looking at her
massive tits wrapped in a lacy white bra that looked
three sizes too small. The two mounds where spilling
out over each cup and I could see the dark brown
shadow from her nipples.

I sat in shock like an idiot just staring at her. She
reached around and in a second unclasped the bra
holding her two tits up. They sagged down immediately
and came into view, she had left the bra sitting on
top of them and just pulled her blouse open on each
side. I had never seen anything like them except in
magazines but these looked far better.

She then slowly pulled up her skirt in front until it
was bunched up over her tummy that was round and went
down over the mound just above her pussy that had a
mass of black curly hair. She walked over to me and
stood inches from me still holding her skirt. She was
so close I could smell her sex musky and sweat at the
same time. I reached up and cupped one of her massive
breasts in my small hand feeling the full weight for
the first time and lifting it up as I did. It was
smooth and warm to the touch and when I brushed my
finger across her nipple I felt it respond and
stiffen large and rubbery.

She smiled down at me and took a step apart so her
legs where wider apart. I reached my hand over and
touched her pussy for the first time, running my
finger down the curly mass until I reached her clit
and pussy lips. It was hot to the touch and wet from
her last little episode or from excitement now, I
didn"t know and didn"t care.

Her breasts where almost at eye level and when I
leaned over to take her nipple in my mouth she moved
back her blouse to give me better access. I sucked
her big hard nipple into my mouth sucking deeply and
running my tongue all over it in my mouth. I heard
her moan softly and she put her hand on the back of
my head pulling me into her breast squashing her
flesh onto my face almost covering it entirely.

I had by now worked her pussy open wide and was able
to push two fingers into the meaty recess with ease,
it was soaking wet and my fingers where trenched in
seconds. Her hips twitched as I worked in and out
still sucking and biting her nipple. My other hand
was running up and down her stocking clad legs moving
around to feel and squeeze her huge arse checks.

I could not take much more of this so I stood up
opening my pants as she watched and taken my cock out
into the open. It was rock hard and stuck out like a
flagpole. She reached out and took it in her podgy
hand working the skin back to let my knob out. It was
slick with pre come oozing out of the slit on top.
Man I was about to burst with excitement. I couldn"t
believe how worked up I was with this middle aged
overweight lady. I could have come there and then but
held back as best I could.

"How about I give it a little suck?" she asked not
waiting for my reply as she slipped to her knees
before me and guided my hard cock into her open
mouth. Fuck could she give head!

I watched in awe as her head bobbed up and down my
shaft coating it with saliva and taking my whole
length deep into her mouth. I could see her heavy
breasts sway as she moved and before I knew it I was
humping my cock into her willing mouth building up
speed until I was fucking her mouth like a pussy. She
stopped before it was too late and continued to jack
the skin up and down looking up at me with her
lipstick smeared off her lips. "I knew you where
watching me with Mr. Johnson," she purred pumping my
cock with her hand. "I just didn"t think you would be
interested in an old lady like me," she continued,
"looks like I was wrong."

With that she popped my cock back into her mouth and
resumed sucking with gusto. Yeah she was wrong which
surprised me more than her but there I was and all I
wanted now was to feel my cock slid into her big
pussy and watch those meaty pussy lips suck my cock
in. She must have read my mind because she stopped
sucking me and stood up, her face was flushed red
from effort, "I hope you can do better than poor Mr.
Johnson, the man can never seem to manage any more
than a minute or two."

She let her skirt drop to the kitchen floor and then
removed her blouse and bra leaving just her stockings
and suspenders and shoes. I could now see the rolls
of fat under her breasts and when I reached out to
run my hand over her tummy I found it exciting me
even more. She climbed up onto the kitchen table and
lay back opening her legs wide as she did. With her
left hand she moved open her pussy lips exposing her
wet pink hole for me but she didn"t stop there, with
her hand now on her pussy she began to play with her
clit rolling it between her fingers as if I wasn"t
there looking.

I couldn"t resist stooping down to kiss her open
pussy below her busy fingers and before I knew it I
had my tongue working its way in and out of her used
pussy. I didn"t care if there had been another mans
cock their not 20 minutes ago and within a minute my
face was covered in pussy juice. She was in heaven
now her fingers a blurs as I licked sucked and bite
her open wet pussy, she came in a flood of pussy
juice right onto my face. I had to hold her legs open
for her as she lost control with her orgasm ripping
through her.

Only when I felt her relax did I stop my onslaught
and stood up to look down at her. She was still
panting and her whole torso was flushed red. "Do you
want to give me your big hard cock now young man?"
she said smiling. Holding my cock in my hand I rubbed
it up and down her now slimy pussy lips making her
gasp with anticipation. "Do you want my hard cock you
little slut," I said with a smile.

"Oh yes, I want it please. Fuck me, but do it hard."

When I slid into her it felt so hot my cock was on
fire. She let out a loud moan as my cock filled her
pussy and when I started pumping it she started
coming right away trashing he head from side to side.
I was feeling her tits and running my hands over her
fat belly squeezing it like it was a breast. Her fat
was turning me on.

My cock was a blur as it pounded in and out of her
wet open cunt making the whole table shake. "Fuck me
harder you little pervert," she panted.

"Dirty cock hungry bitch," I said through gritted
teeth. It was so wet now my pubic hair was matted
together and I was having trouble keeping it in her

"You like my fat pussy boy?" she asked looking up as
I fucked her.

"Oh yeah! I love your big fat cunt and those big
fucking tits," I replied pounding harder.

"Can you please fuck my asshole now it"s been so
long," she purred up at me.

Holy shit this was too much for a man to take. I
pulled out and stepped back to watch as she climbed
up onto her feet again facing me. She then turned
around and offered me her big arse, which was slick
between the crack from her pussy juice. She leaned
forward onto the table pressing her big tits down
onto the surface and waited for me to get on with it.
I moved up behind her with my cock in hand rubbing it
up and down her crack to get it nice and wet.

"Please don"t wait, put it in me now!" she commanded.

When I pushed my cock up against her tight asshole
she pushed back impatiently and with almost no
resistance my cock popped in about an inch. Not
moving I waited for her to get used to it but she
wanted it badly and pushed back hard making my cock
slid all the way in. It was fantastic tight and hot
and I could see everything clearly my cock squeezed
tightly into her hole.

"I need it hard boy don"t fuck about," she panted
almost on the point of coming already. Holding her
hips tightly I began to pump my meat into her
building up speed until I was fucking her with nice
long strokes.

"Yes that"s it fuck my big arse," she panted gripping
the sides of the table for support. "Harder please I
want it hard," she pleaded.

Her big arse checks where wobbling all over the place
now as I slammed into her as hard as I could rocking
the table and making her scream out, "Yes like that!
Hurt me with your cock, hurt me!"

I reached up and grabbed her by the hair pulling her
back towards me so she was forced to lift her torso
up off the table. Her big tits flopping about now
free to move. I held her tightly like that as I
fucked her tight hole.

"Like that bitch?" I asked and gave her arse a hard
slap with my free hand.

"Oh yes! Spank my arse. I"m coming!" And she was
bucking about making me pull her hair harder.

I was really reaming her arsehole now and my cock was
ready to explode, "I"m going to come now you filthy
whore," I panted.

"No wait I want it in my mouth," she said in a panic
pushing me off her and turning around to face me. She
grouched down taking my cock in her hand and the
filthy bitch started jacking me off pointing my cock
at her open mouth franticly.

I couldn"t take it and shot my load all over her face
before she sucked it into her mouth to finish me off
sucking my balls try whilst jacking my cock at the
base. "Take it all you filthy whore!" I said as the
last drops shot out of my cock onto her face.

She held my cock and smeared it all over her face
rubbing my spunk into her skin mixing her make up all
over the place. I have never had such a fuck in all
my life and just collapsed into the nearest chair

She sat on the ground looking up at me with a smile
on her face and said in a cheeky voice, "Next time
your in town bring a friend I could get used to this

I could hardly wait to see Miss Rogers again, I had
done nothing all day as I couldn"t get her out of my
mind. She had said I should bring a friend the next
time I was in town but here was I almost there and in
the car. With me were two of my work mates who had
insisted on coming with me after I told them of my
last trip at Miss Rogers. I warned them she was old
and very fat but they wanted to come anyway. I
telephoned the day before to tell her I was coming
and to expect more then just me. To which she said
there was room at the inn for as many as I wanted as
it was the low season.

However when she opened the door she looked shocked
to see three men standing there looking expectant
with nervous smiles. She wasn"t dressed like a slut
as I had hoped but rather stiffly in an ankle length
black dress that hung from her shoulders covering her
completely. It was the kind of dress fat girls wear
to hide their true size but always advertised the
fact that they where fat anyway. I never understood
why women did that.

She invited us in and remained very quite as we
followed her into the house. She was all business
showing us to our rooms and asking if we wanted
dinner etc. The boys where looking at me a little
disappointed and waiting for my go ahead.

I don"t know what I had expected and I was now a
little worried I had misjudged the situation. Miss
Rogers was not exactly cold but she wasn"t the wanton
bitch in heat that had sucked my cock the last time I
had seen her. I told the boys to go clean up before
dinner whilst I went to look for her. I found her in
the kitchen working on the meal just like last time.

Then I remember it was it was Thursday like last time
and when I saw the box of food on the counter I knew
her Mr. Johnson had been by. I moved over to her and
stood very close behind her. I ran my hand across her
big arse feeling for a panty line and finding none. I
did find the straps from her suspenders.

"I see Mr. Johnson"s been by," I said keeping my hand
firmly on her ass.

"Been and gone thank you," she said stiffly.

"So you"ve already had your first dose of cock of the
day?" I said moving closer to her ear.

"Will you let me work here please," she replied.

"I will just as soon as I"ve fucked that lovely fat
pussy of yours," I said moving one hand around to cup
one of her enormous breasts through her dress. She
wriggled away from me quickly and moved off to the
other counter busying her self. If she wanted to play
coy that was ok by me.

I opened my pants taken out my cock that was half
erect and moved back up behind her. I pushed her
forward pressing my cock into her soft ass and
pinning her against the counter top. Using both hands
I pulled her dress up quickly and pushed forward
again now feeling flesh against flesh. I was right
she wasn"t wearing panties and my cock slid up
against her bare soft arse.

"I don"t think this is such a good idea," she said
and tried to move away from me again.

"I"m not asking you to think." My cock was hard now
and I managed to push it between her ass checks where
it disappeared into the folds of flesh. I pulled her
hair back making her arch her neck back to me and
began kissing her neck softly. My cock was up against
her hot pussy and I could feel the heat and wetness
as I moved in back and forth.

"What about your friends? Shouldn"t we go to your
room?" she asked in a whisper.

"You told me to bring a friend next time, I brought

Just then my cock found its target and I felt it push
past her pussy lips and slid in an inch or two. The
high heel shoes she was wearing put her at the
perfect height and after shifting just a little I
managed to shove my cock home sinking all the way
into her wet cunt.

"You"ve had some cock today already haven"t you?" I
asked jabbing my cock in deeper this time and getting
a soft moan out of her at last. "Did Mr. Johnson fuck
you on the table again," I insisted. I was now able
to fuck her properly and she was responding to me
pushing her giant hips back at me and leaning
slightly forward.

"Yes he came by and fucked me, she replied.

"Did he make you come?"

"No he..." that"s all she could manage as I speeded
up slamming into her with some force now. It felt
like he had come inside her this time as her cunt was
soaking wet. I looked up to see John one of my mates
standing at the kitchen door with his cock out
jacking off silently.

"Ah John there you are I was wondering when we would
see you," I said through gritted teeth. Miss Rogers
looked around quickly and as she couldn"t get away
from me she did try to pull her dress down to cover
her big exposed arse. I pulled at it instead lifting
it up more until it was up over her massive bra. I
got catch there but gave way to come off over her
head leaving her standing there with my cock rammed
up her cunt.

John gasped at the sight and moved over to us with
his pants around his ankles. From behind I was able
to unclasp her bra letting her huge tits flop into
view for John. She wouldn"t look up now with shame I
imagined but it didn"t matter as John helped himself
to a hand full of breast.

I started fucking her harder now turned on because
John was there. Her tits where flopping about and her
arse was too from the force of the pounding it was
getting. "Suck my good friends cock slut," I ordered
pulling her by the hair until she was off the counter
top and leaning down to his cock. He helped out at
this point taken her by the hair and ramming his hard
cock into her mouth. She started sucking him expertly
bobbing her head up and down each time I rammed into

When I leaned over to look at her from the side I
could see her huge tits hanging down and her big
belly hanging almost down as low it was fantastic.
John was having fun now pumping his big cock into her
mouth and holding her by the head so he could ram it
in faster to match my trusts.

"Suck my cock yeah filthy fat whore," I teased
pulling out and slapping her face with his cock. She
held her mouth open trying to cram his cock back

"What"s her pussy like man?" asked John grabbing
handfuls of tit as he did.

"Hot wet and slick as fuck," I answered, "but she"s
such a slut I love it."

The poor woman"s legs gave way as she had a huge
orgasm rip through her sparked off by our filthy talk
just like last time. She wanted to hear as much fuck
talk as she could getting off more and more. I pulled
out and we eased her onto the kitchen floor hands and
knees style like a dog.

John kneeled down in front of her and returned his
cock to her mouth and I rubbed my cock up against her
puckered asshole.

"You want my cock up your arse whore?" I asked
already pushing the head in.

"I want you all to fuck my big arse one after the
other, I want you all to shot your spunk up my arse
too," she panted pushing back hard ramming my cock up
to the hilt. My balls slapped against her pussy as I
began to fuck her ass hard and fast.

"Look at that whore go man," John managed before
pulling out and spraying spunk all over her face and
hair. That was the moment Pete came in, he too was
naked and sporting a hard on.

"Fuck me like a dog you bastard," Miss Rogers shouted
out coming again from the fucking her ass was

"Hey man let me fuck the bitch," asked Pete coming
over to us. I pulled out of her arsehole leaving it
wide open and Pete moved up behind her and slipped
his cock which is bigger then mine into her well used

She let rip a loud moan, "Yes fuck me with your big
cock!" she looked up at me then said, "Come here and
come in my mouth."

She didn"t need to asked twice and moved over to her
head, I jacked off my cock at her face and the slut
just opened her mouth wide letting me push it in and
out. I slapped her face with my cock every now and
then before slipping it back into her mouth. Pete was
getting into it big time holding her heavy hips and
pounding his cock into her stretched asshole.

John was hard again now sitting on the floor beside
us jacking off enjoying the show. He came over to
join me and we both took turns slipping our cocks
into her open mouth. She even managed to put both
cocks in her mouth at the same time. What a sight it
was to see this fat slut getting ass fucked and
ramming two cocks into her mouth. After a couple of
minutes she stopped sucking us and announced she
wanted something else, "I want to feel two cocks in
me at the same time."

We all agreed and decided to move into the sitting
room where it would be more comfortable. Pete sat on
the sofa and Miss Rogers sat on him impaling herself
onto his cock and covering his face with her massive
fat tits. I moved up behind her and rubbed my cock up
and down her crack as Pete began to fuck her cunt. I
then moved my cock up against his and slipped it into
her pussy alongside his.

We both had our cocks in her pussy now and they went
in no problem. "Oh yes! Fuck my fat cunt with your
cocks!!" she screamed out to which we did, moving
together driving our cocks into her with force. I
pilled out and jammed my cock up her arse then giving
her hole a good fucking too.

John climbed up on the sofa and offered her his cock
to suck. She grabbed his meat and started sucking for
all she was worth. We where all close to coming now
and I had an idea for a grand finale. We lay her on
the floor with her legs wide open and we then all
kneeled around her head and jacked off over her face.
She loved it keeping her mouth wide open and trying
to get our cocks into her mouth, "Come on you
bastards don"t make me wait, I want you to spunk all
over me!"

I came first shooting wad after wad of hot spunk all
over her face neck and hair. I was still firing when
Pete and John both started shooting too. I had never
seen to much spunk in my life and Miss Rogers had
trouble keeping her eyes open as there was spunk
flying everywhere.

With her mouth open we managed to get quite a bit
into her mouth, which she swallowed like a hungry

The three of us stayed with her for two days and we
had her every which way possible. At one point we
even managed to get two cocks up her tight arsehole
and double fucked her until we both came up her arse.
The boys both agreed that older women where nice but
older fat women where even better.

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