A young baker and his BBW neighbor spend more time together

A young baker and his BBW neighbor spend more time together
Mrs. Riley and I had spoken a few times since our first encounter. During those brief conversations in passing, we arranged to meet at my apartment on the following Friday. It would be the first day our schedules allowed since "Cherry Pie Day", as we"d come to call it. Each of our conversations was ended with a kiss. My arms would naturally move to circle her neck while hers would pull me in snuggly around my waist. The more often she hugged and kissed me, the more I wanted to be pulled in close to her. She was so soft and I smushed into her body so lovingly. It"s impossible to explain how comfy and safe feeling it was in her arms.

When Friday finally arrived, I was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on special cake I planned to feed to her later that night. I called it a Chocolate Explosion Cake. She had told me once she couldn"t resist chocolate. So I was going to make the chocolatiest cake ever. Three layers of German chocolate cake, each layer bathed in a dark chocolate liqueur, the individual layers were each frosted with a heavy chocolate buttercream and then the assembled cake is heavily frosted in the same heavy chocolate buttercream. The frosting alone had well over two pounds of butter and more than 10 cups of powdered sugar. It was an extremely rich and chocolatey cake.

It had been a rather hot day, and any time I used my oven, my apartment shot up a few degrees. So, I was naked under my apron. My basic white apron looped up around my neck, tied behind my waist and covered me to my knees. Most of my chest was also covered by the bib, but my arms, back, a slit of my bottom and from my knees down were all exposed.

I had the radio on, like I usually did when I baked, and was dancing along with whatever was playing. I had no idea Mrs. Riley was even in my apartment until I spun around while "singing" into a spatula. She had snuck into my apartment using the key I slipped under her door after our first encounter.

My eyes popped wide open when I saw her standing there watching me. She looked beautiful in that flower printed blouse and black slacks. I stopped dead in my tracks and blushed like crazy. She was smiling widely and began clapping her hands, encouraging me to keep dancing. Blushing and feeling a little foolish, I kept on dancing and singing for her while I finished the cake I"d prepared. I kept my dancing simple, just moving with the beat of the song. Then, my all-time favorite song came on and I couldn"t stop my hips from swinging from side to side and losing myself in the music. Mrs. Riley sat down at my dinner table and began chanting "Take it off! Take it off!" Reaching back, I slowly undid the bow on my apron. I left it hanging around my neck for a while, kept on dancing, and began to apply a thick second layer of icing on the cake.

Having her watching me had really turned me on. And the more turned on I became, the harder I ground and wiggled my hips. After I"d finished the second layer of icing, I spun around to face her, and slowly pulled the apron up over my head but kept it covering my body. Looking right into her eyes, I dropped the apron and I danced for her. I danced the naughtiest dance I could. My hips ground around, my back arched deeply and wiggling my bottom around like crazy. I gave any dancing girl on the internet a run for her money. Mrs. Riley watched my every move. I don"t think she was expecting me to perform for her like I did, but it felt so good to do it.

I took a new package of chocolate chips and began pressing them into the sides of the cake until it was nearly covered in those little chips. While still swinging my hips and dancing along with the music, I unwrapped a half a dozen different candy bars and dumped them in the food processor. After chopping them down to size, I sprinkled the mixture over the top of the cake and gently pressed it into the frosting.

I danced over to Mrs. Riley, stood right in front of her and danced my very best. Wiggling my hard penis and bottom around. When she told me I was a tease, I raised my arms over my head while facing her, moved to straddle her left thigh and sat down on. I wiggled and humped myself against her thigh. She laid her warm, soft hands on my hips and pressed me down even harder against her leg. I barely summoned the willpower to get away from her without squirting all over her slacks!

Rising up off of her thigh, my penis was oozing its excitement while I danced back to the counter. I carefully picked up the cake and a single fork. Still dancing, I made my way back toward her. Slipping between Mrs. Riley and the table, I scooted myself up on the table and wiggled back until the edge of the table was at the bend in my knees. Spreading my legs as far as I could, I set the cake down between them.

Mrs. Riley"s eyes wandered from my eyes to the cake, to the fork in my hand and back to my face. I didn"t plan it, but my penis was nudging against the cake that sat between my naked legs. And she didn"t miss that fact before telling me, "Sweetie, the cake looks delicious and so do you. But there is no way I can eat that whole cake, so don"t even think about it."

I dipped the fork into the center of the cake and pulled out a large bite. "Who said anything about eating the whole cake? Just a snack, a little something to tide you over until dinner." I moved the chocolate covered fork to her parted lips and fed her the first bite. It was easy to tell that she liked the cake by the expression on her face and the sounds she was making.

After swallowing it, and telling me how sinful it was, "If you somehow get me to eat this entire cake, I"m going to drag your skinny little butt to my Weight Watchers meeting so you can explain to them why I"ve gained so much weight."

I whimpered and felt my penis throb. Biting my lower lip I squeaked, "That seems fair."

"You are a naughty one aren"t you? Maybe I"ll take you to that meeting dressed just as you are. I"m sure all of those full-figured women would love to have you prancing around passing out cupcakes in your birthday suit."

Biting my lower lip, I couldn"t stop my hips from pushing my penis further into the cake as I whispered, "Well I do make a pretty good cupcake." The idea she had put into my head was by far the most erotic and arousing thing I could imagine. My penis was throbbing wildly and leaking like a faucet. The more it throbbed, the more it became coated with the chocolate from the cake.

Before she could say anymore, I dipped the fork back into the cake and pulled out another large bite. When she opened her mouth to say something, I slipped it in. Smiling, I flipped my leg up and over the cake and scooted to the floor. Standing before her, I took two fingers and wiped the frosting from my penis. Leaning in, I offered my fingers to Mrs. Riley. She smiled and parted those lovely plump lips and sucked my fingers clean. Not wanting this to end with a premature orgasm on my part, I stepped away and got two large glasses and filled them both with whole milk. Returning to the table, I set the glasses down and got back into position with the cake between my spread legs. Scooting in until my very excited penis was laying against the chocolate frosting.

She took a drink from one glass to wash the cake down and before she could do anything else, I fed another unusually large bite from the center of the cake. We worked ourselves into a rhythm as I scooped bite after bite of the cake into her mouth. She rested her hands on my bare thighs and let them wander up and down. I stopped feeding her every few bites so she could get a drink, but never long enough to say anything. She scooted in close, leaning over the cake and staring into my eyes as I fed her, I think that was so she didn"t see how much she had eaten.

Eventually, both glasses of milk had been emptied and the cake was reduced to a pile of crumbs. Mrs. Riley looked very full. But I could smell her excitement. When she looked down and saw what she"d eaten, she moaned softly. I raised my hand and wiped a little glob of chocolate frosting from her lips and slipped my finger into her mouth.

In that sultry voice of hers, she replied, "If I wasn"t afraid of another woman steeling you away from me, I really would take you to my meeting."

I whispered back to her, "Don"t tease me."

"I"m not teasing."

We sat there staring into each other"s eyes for several moments. The sexual tension could have been cut with a knife. My feelings for Mrs. Riley were quickly becoming more intense. I was falling deeply in love with this woman who was old enough to be my mother. In a soft voice I said, "You are so beautiful."

Mrs. Riley moved the tray and fork from between my legs and set them beside me on the table. She then had me lay back. While still sitting in her chair and not breaking eye contact, she leaned in between my spread thighs and began licking my desperate penis. My penis almost looked frosted, I"d been squirming around so much and wiggling it into the cake. And feeling her warm mouth on my penis was beyond description. It felt perfectly wonderful. No one had ever done anything like that to me before.

With my extremely limited sexual experiences, I was ready to squirt at any moment. But Mrs. Riley was careful not to get me too excited. Although she was thorough and soon my penis and balls were perfectly clean. She then had me lift my legs up. I"d somehow gotten frosting between and behind my thighs. She was diligent with her tongue and made sure to lick up every trace of frosting. Before letting me lower my legs, she looked up at me, smiled and the lowered her head and licked the wrinkled hole of my butt!

The first thought to shoot through my brain was, "I"m really glad I showered before I began baking!" Never in a million years could I have imagined how intense that would feel. I literally saw fireworks explode before my eyes. Feeling her face down there, dragging her tongue across my most private place was truly life-changing.

After tickling my wrinkled hole to the verge of making me squirt, she stood up and took the tray, fork and glasses to the sink. She turned back to me and held out her hand. I placed my hand in hers as I slipped off the table onto my bare feet. She took me in her arms and kissed me. I thought it would be weird for a moment, her having just licked me "down there", but it wasn"t at all. It was a slow, gentle, loving kiss. I could taste the chocolate on her lips and tongue. I pulled myself close to her and snuggled against her soft body. Even as the kiss came to an end, it didn"t stop. We kept kissing each other"s lips, with soft bunny kisses.

Mrs. Riley spoke first, "Give me 30 minutes, then come across the hall to my apartment dressed just as you are. You won"t need anything, not your ID, not your phone, not your room key, nothing. I want you to come to my apartment with nothing at all."

A million different scenarios began to run through my mind and I hesitated. When I did speak, I mumbled out my worries and concerns. She smiled, reached up and undid the top two buttons on her blouse. The cleavage she exposed was mountainous. Those twin globes of perfumed, pale white flesh, squeezed together so exotically. I was in awe, I"d never seen more than what her modest street clothes left exposed. Her cleavage was mesmerizing.

"30 minutes, just as you are. Understand?" after uttering that question, she turned her wide hips and walked to my door. After swinging it wide open, she walked across the hall and into her apartment. I stood there for several moments before realizing she had left the door to my apartment wide open. And I was standing there hornier than I"d ever been and completely naked.

Those 30 minutes passed so slowly. I tried to keep myself busy by washing the dishes and tidying up my apartment. But that took all of 10 minutes! I then decided I"d take a shower and get cleaned up. I shaved my face, even though I didn"t need to. My facial hair was so sparse I barely needed to shave once a week. I carefully trimmed my pubic hair with my clippers. I"d heard that short pubic hair makes your penis look larger, that wasn"t true in my case. It still looked as petite as ever. But I did like my pubic hair neatly trimmed.

I showered and washed myself from head to toe. I had to be very careful not to wash my penis too much. It was still extremely excited and it wouldn"t take much to set it off. I did spend a few extra moments washing my butt. If Mrs. Riley wanted to kiss me there again, I wanted to be extra clean!

After drying myself off, I began to think about what might occur that evening. I may officially lose my virginity! Or maybe we"d sit together and watch a movie. It didn"t matter what we did. All that really mattered was that I"d be with the woman I was falling deeper and deeper in love with. And being naked around her was a huge plus too! I was surprised that I felt so comfortable around her. Running around naked wasn"t something I imagined myself doing. But being around Mrs. Riley made me feel so special and desirable, I really loved being naked while in her company. The way she looked at me sent chills shooting through every cell of my body. I briefly imagined being without clothing at all times while with her and nearly squirted my excitement where I stood.

When the time finally arrived, I approached my door and froze. The realization that I was about to leave my apartment without anything, not my clothes, my keys, my wallet, nothing, finally set in. I could be trapped in the hallway if Mrs. Riley refused to open her door! What would I do? I quickly set that fear aside and turned the knob and opened my door. I poked my head into the hallway and when I saw no one, I stepped outside of my door and let it close behind me. I stood there for several seconds while the exhilaration of being naked in the hall outside of my apartment struck me like a wave. It was a crazy feeling and I almost hoped some of my neighbors would see me like that.

Biting my lip, I took the three steps across the hall and softly knocked on Mrs. Riley"s door. She called out in a soft voice and invited me inside. As I turned the knob of her door, I glanced up and down the hallway one last time. That deep urge for someone to step into the hall and see me quickly passed after I crossed the threshold into Mrs. Riley"s apartment. As her door closed behind me, my body trembled with excitement.

The main room was dimly lit by candles and smelled of flowery perfume that tickled my nose. I stood just inside her doorway, completely naked with a very stiff penis and debated on what I should do. Just when I was about to venture further into her apartment and try to find her, she called out my name and told me she was in her bedroom.

I tip-toed across her living room and down the hall to her similarly lit bedroom. When I stepped into that room, I discovered she wasn"t there. From behind the closed master bathroom door, she told me to get on the bed. Biting my lower lip, I did as I was told and laid back on her king-sized bed. There were 8 pillows propped up against the head of the bed. All those pillows and the frilly comforter were perfectly white. The smell of potpourri hung in the air. It reminded me of my mom"s bedroom.

After I"d gotten comfortable, the bathroom door slowly opened and I saw her immense silhouette in the glow of a nightlight from inside the bathroom. The curves and rolls of her body were perfect. While standing there facing me, I could see the outline of hair, neck and shoulders. She stood perfectly still as I gazed upon the shadow of both her boobs on either side of her body. The way her figure sloped into her waist then out even farther to her hips was mesmerizing. Not a bit of light was visible between her thighs and those thighs were proportioned to her waist perfectly. She was simply beautiful.

Neither of us spoke a word as she approached. When she crawled up onto the mattress, the weight of her body sunk the mattress in deeply and I couldn"t stop myself from rolling toward her. We worked together until she was on her hands and knees, with me directly beneath her. Her stomach and boobs hung down and surrounded me in a soft, warm cocoon. With her hands on either side of my head, she leaned down and kissed me. In a soft, seductive whisper, she said, "I think you should be on top." After kissing me again, she went on to say that our current position may not work. She then rolled herself onto her back and spread her legs.

I"d never been so horny before. I was about to make love for the first time. And it would be with a woman I loved. My penis was throbbing so hard and leaking its juices. I got up on my knees and crawled over one of her thighs. While straddling one of her big thighs, she lifted that leg just enough to smush my penis against it. "You are excited, aren"t you? I can feel you leaking on me."

I giggled and moved the rest of the way between her legs. The feeling of those soft, warm thighs against my sides was so comforting. I wiggled up and kissed her just as passionately as I could. My hands wandered to her boobs and I explored every inch of them with my fingers. I kissed my way from her lips to her neck and on down to her breasts. I held those massive globes in both hands while I kissed, licked and sucked on them. The longer I suckled from her breasts, the hornier I got. I was in heaven.

After what I thought was enough foreplay, I reached down and aimed my penis around where I thought it should go. I felt her soft, curly pubic hair against me and the warmth coming from between her legs was extremely inviting. I pushed my hips forward and felt her warm moisture around my penis. When I pulled back so I could thrust into her, she giggled.

"Sweetie, you aren"t in yet. You were sliding around the outside. Here let me help you." She reached down and took my penis in her hand. Feeling the touch of her fingers was almost too much for me to bear. But I managed to hold off from cumming. She gently guided me toward her sex. When I felt the moisture and heat from her again, I couldn"t stop myself. My back arched deeply, I made squeaky noises that I can"t explain, my eyes squeezed shut, I fell on top of Mrs. Riley when my toes curled up and my penis squirted its cum. At the time, I wasn"t sure if I was in or not. As I twitched and spasmed on top of her, I heard and felt her giggle.

While still in the throes of my first real sexual experience, Mrs. Riley whispered, "That was adorable. I"ve never been with anyone who was so excited to make love to me." Right after saying that, she realized how upset I was for cumming so quickly. In a split second, I"d ruined my first sexual experience. She wrapped her arms around me and held me against her body. She whispered things in my ear to calm me down. Things like how she really did think it was cute and how it wasn"t anything to worry about. I was beginning to calm down and forgive myself for what had happened when she said, "Sweetie, this isn"t the last time we"ll be together, it"s only the first. You"ll have lots of opportunities to make love to me."

I perked up when I heard that. I raised my head and looked down into her eyes. And whispered, "Thank you for understanding."

She smiled warmly, reached up and held my face in her hands. She guided my lips to hers and we kissed. It wasn"t exactly passionate, but it was filled with love. It was a long, slow and gentle kiss. There was no urgency at all. And during that kiss, I squirmed against her. Before the kiss ended, my penis was hard once again.

"Oh my, you"re ready to go again already? Why don"t I try being on top this time?" She rolled me onto my back and got up on her knees. She quickly wiped up my mess with some tissues she kept on the bedside table. After tossing them in the trash, she found me laying perfectly straight and hoping I wouldn"t cum so soon again. I whimpered when the bed shook and she straddled me, her enormous boobs hanging down on either side of my face. I scooted my head beneath one of her breasts and took the nipple in my mouth. As I sucked and licked, the nipple stiffened to become the size of my thumb to the first knuckle. And even in the dim light, I could see her areola was close to dinner plate size.She moaned softly as I sucked on her nipple. With her nipple still caught between my lips, she reached down and slowly guided my penis into her sex. The feeling is still unexplainable. Sucking gently on her nipple and having my penis in the loving warmth of her pussy, I was breathing in gasps and my hips were trying desperately to buck under her weight.

Mrs. Riley rolled her hips forward and I felt my penis slide all the way out of her. She smiled down at me and said, "Well, that isn"t going to work. Let"s try something else." She reached down and guided my penis back inside her. She then sat up straight and pulled her breast from my mouth. Straddling me with my penis inside her sex, she rolled her hips and my penis popped out again. This time, she only smiled when she reached and slipped me back inside her. She sat upright and with one hand she held her belly up and the other hand reached down and began touching herself.

"I"m sorry Sweetie, but you have me so horny, I really need to cum. This shouldn"t take long, then I"ll give you the orgasm of your life."

I laid there perfectly still looking into the eyes of my goddess. I"d obviously never seen a woman touch herself. It was such a private and special thing to do. I felt touched that she was comfortable enough with me to let me watch her do that. Even in such a dimly lit room, it was such an erotic thing to see. When she began to moan and grind herself down against me, I whispered, "I love you."

She stopped what she was doing, leaned forward so her boobs were holding my chest down. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "I love you too." She leaned down farther and kissed me. While I kissed her back, my arms looped up around her neck. I squirmed beneath her when she began to slowly grind herself against my very stiff penis. I wasn"t inside of her, it was laying flat against my body and she was humping herself against it. Wet, sloppy sounds filled the room. Her wonderful, musky aroma filled my senses and I never wanted this to end. I wanted Mrs. Riley to be on top of me forever.

I found myself to be quickly approaching my second orgasm. And in between gasps for breath, I whispered that she was beautiful. I told her she was the sexiest woman I"d ever met and I was so grateful that she"d entered my life. I opened up my soul to her while I lay pinned beneath her weight.

She didn"t say anything in reply. Instead, she increased the pace in which she humped herself against me. I really hoped she was nearing her orgasm. Because I couldn"t hold out any longer. My body wanted to thrash about and twitch uncontrollably. But her weight kept me perfectly still, pinned between her and the mattress. The only thing that moved were my toes. And they curled up in tight little knots.

I squealed in a high pitch and gasped for breath when my penis exploded for the second time. I whimpered and struggled to hump up against her. But I was trapped and I"d never felt so loved. I lay there in post-orgasm bliss and watch Mrs. Riley finally achieve the orgasm she deserved.

I felt every muscle in her body flex and her back arched. She began to shake uncontrollably which made her body jiggle in the absolute sexiest way. The moan that left her lips seemed foreign. It was in such a deep tone it didn"t sound like her at all. Her eyes popped open toward the end of the event and looked down upon me. Before her last twitch, she said, "You are the best thing to happen to me in a long time!"

I think I saw tears in her eyes, but before I could confirm that, she leaned down and kissed me again. This kiss lasting longer than any of our previous kisses. At times it was desperate and passionate. Then it would slow down to a loving, caring, wonderful type kiss. And then it would get loud and wet sounding again. It was amazing. And the whole time I lay trapped beneath the love of my life.

Mrs. Riley eventually rolled off of me. When she did, I wound up rolling toward her due to her weight on the mattress beside me. We both giggled a little and I soon found myself straddling her thick thigh and laying on top of her soft body. We lay like that talking about anything that came to mind. But our conversation kept coming back to the feelings we had for each other.

The next morning, I would wake up still in her arms. I would find myself in her apartment without a thing to wear. I would need to ask her for the key to my apartment. Although I knew I"d be in no hurry to go home. I wanted to spend every moment for the foreseeable future completely naked with her. The last thing I remember doing before drifting off to sleep was sucking on one of her oversized nipples while casually humping myself against her soft warm thigh.

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