Pleasure with two fat women 2.

Pleasure with two fat women 2.
Two bottles of Coors light and then she dished up everything and we ate. She"d put a full steak and half of her own on my plate. It was delicious and I congratulated her. She told me she"d wanted to add some green beans but couldn"t find any in the refrigerator.

When we"d finished I thanked her again and asked "Now then. What"s for dessert?"

She seemed flustered and said "I didn"t find anything to fix. I"m sorry."

"Oh you brought it with you." I said and stood before pulling her chair back away from the table and then dropping to my knees in front of her. "It"s right here." I said as I spread the bottom of the robe she"s added after her shower.

She was surprised and speechless as I nudged her knees apart and then settled against her still damp thighs and moved my chin against her smooth naked mound. In a moment I used my tongue to separate the lips and trace their insides ensuring each inner lip fold was pleasured before I moved forward again and found her clit.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked timidly.

I only said "Uh huh."

"Jennie always told me you did this but I"ve never had a guy do it to me. I can feel why Jennie loves it." she said and then was mentally lost except automatically clutching my head in her hands while pulling me tighter as she began humping against me.

Joi has a different taste. It isn"t sweeter than Jennie and perhaps I"m partial to Jennie but I still liked it. I could sense Joi"s incredible interest in the new and different and the way it drove her to climax again and again. She raised her legs and I felt them lock behind my shoulders as she slid forward even closer against me and I felt my face awash in her needs as her thighs tightened on each side of my face.

When I"d finally slipped back I cleaned her as meticulously as she"d twice cleaned me and then I sat back and watched her. Her legs were still over my shoulders and they were trembling and she was breathing hard but her moaning had ceased. I watched more than ten minutes but didn"t want to disturb what she was feeling as I left her legs in place.

Finally she began stirring and when she opened her eyes she smiled wanly and then with great effort moved her legs back to the floor.

"Everything you do is intense and makes me realize what I"ve missed. Someday I"m going to find a guy like you and maybe I"ll tell you and Jennie about our lovemaking too." she smiled and put her hands under my jaw and lifted me to kiss while her tongue explored the taste filling my mouth.

"Was it okay? Did you like it?" she asked with a worried look.

"Of course I liked it." I answered with a wink.

She seemed to be absorbed in the event and it was all she talked of and asked questions about over the next thirty minutes. When I finally stood we did the dishes together before retiring to the living room. We watched television for more than two hours before I asked if she wanted to use the guest room that night.

She laughed and then told me "Jennie said if the guest bed had been changed even the tiniest amount she was going to skin us both alive when she got back home then she made me promise to spend the nights in bed with you."

Jennie had thought of and planned everything I thought and then I went in and took a shower. When I came out Joi was already naked in bed and smiling at me. She spoke quietly and said "Do you usually have sex again in bed before you go to sleep? Jennie didn"t tell me."

I climbed into bed on my back and then after a few quiet minutes I turned toward Joi and said "Up on all fours woman."

She giggled but wasted no time in assuming the position.

The smell of her now and the position from where I kneeled behind her I could have sworn she was Jennie but then things were different. Not only were Joi"s tits bigger but she didn"t have Jennie"s refined moves. Jennie has a unique way of snapping her hips to the side when she"s fully involved and then dropping her ass to force my cock to ride her g-spot. Joi responded eagerly but until she decided her major orgasms were over she only drove hard against me. When she finally was ready to force me to cum she rotated her hips almost like a belly dancer and it felt as if she was rotating completely around my shaft. It forced me to climax faster than I"d expected.

After cleaning me she clung in a sweet spoon to my body and we drifted off to sleep. Around three that morning she woke me with another deep-throat BJ and afterwards I felt as drained as I had been on my honeymoon.

I"d only had one girlfriend before Jennie and I got together and never another woman until now. That first girlfriend was okay mainly because it was my first time with a girl but it wasn"t the way you might expect of your first real sex and I"d left disappointed. Jennie has always thrilled me and now Joi was coming in a second only to Jennie.

We had sex again in the morning but I was running out of steam and if there"s a limit in refilling a guy"s balls then I was approaching that too.

Joi called me for lunch and we had some great sandwiches with iced-tea then I returned to what I"d been working on since the morning sex. In the background I could hear Joi in the kitchen but an hour later she came in and crawled under my desk.

Jennie had done this a few times but it seemed new to Joi as she was quiet and barely moved before reaching up to me. I"d gone without shorts that day or jeans even throughout lunch but now Joi was arousing me again. "I like how fast you come to life." she giggled and then repeated what she"d done earlier that morning and hours before we got up for the day.

"I like being together with a guy and having my way with him anytime I want." she spoke as she smiled up at me and took a moment to pause before returning even more vigorously.

"When are you going to marry again?" I asked between groans of pleasure.

"When I find a stud like you that can give me anything like this. So do you know one you can introduce me to?" she asked.

"I don"t go around looking at guy"s that are naked or measure their cock and balls." I laughed.

"You point one out and I"ll take care of that." she laughed too and then the phone rang.

"Have you seen Joi?" Jennie asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"Did she feed and satisfy you?" she continued.

"Why don"t you ask her?" I laughed and handed the phone to Joi and she said "Hi Sis!"

"I"m right here under his work desk and yes I gave him dinner and breakfast and everything else you wanted me to give him. For a while I was afraid I"d never get it soft but I think I finally wore him down." Joi giggled.

There was a pause as Joi listened and then she continued "I want a man just like yours but I might have worn him out. He has the stamina of a Bull." she added.

I could hear Jennie laughing then after a pause, when Jennie must have asked something else, Joi answered as she reached up and grabbed my cock in a firmer grip "This thing is even bigger than you"ve always told me and my hand isn"t big enough to get around it but I"ve been managing. I almost choked during that first blowjob. I almost couldn"t get it down and when I did and finally made him do his thing he almost drowned me. You were right and he was more than ready when you flew out. If I hadn"t already divorced two husbands I"d be out looking for it now that I know what"s out here." and then both of them were laughing.

"We"re both naked here but I think I"d better let him rest until after dinner. I know he missed you and I think he"s been secretly comparing me to you. You"re a lucky woman." she continued and then after a moment she handed the phone to me after sending Jennie a kiss and thanking her again.

I took the phone and answered Jennie"s questions but I wasn"t certain what else to say. "So it sounds like you two are enjoying yourself and you aren"t missing me."

"Are you kidding?" I asked and told her the confusion I"d had when I first say Joi in the apron at the sink and how I thought somehow Jennie had returned. She laughed then.

Jennie made me promise to pleasure Joi and enjoy it all but save a little for her when she returned. She told me the Division was as bad as everyone had thought and she"d probably begin handing out pink slips before the end of the week. She ended by repeating that I was the reason she"d made Joi come over and that I was to be good to her but remember who my wife is.

I assured her that I would and although things were good I already missed being with her.

When I hung the phone up Joi already had it deep into her throat and she was working hard. At first with Jennie"s voice still in my ear I wasn"t certain I"d be able to force one more out of my balls but I underestimated Joi"s interest and ability. She was different but she was still very good I realized as my attention was forcibly refocused for a few moments before Jennie returned in my mind.

"It was good to hear Jennie and she told me she wanted me to keep it up and not let you languish." Joi laughed as she climbed out from under the desk. "You go ahead, rest and recover until at least after dinner." she told me and left the room. She was back in five minutes with a glass of water and two vitamin pills she"d found in the kitchen and insisted I take.

It was difficult to concentrate on work but somehow I made it until Joi called me for a late dinner. "I thought I"d let you have some extra time before I called you." she said coyly.

Dinner was delicious and then I helped with the dishes again before we adjourned once more to the living room couch. She leaned up against me and a moment later brought my hand to her breast and I played with her nipples until bedtime. The relaxation had helped and I left Joi then took a shower. I"d just finished soaping down when the shower door slid open and Joi came in. "I thought you didn"t like shower sex." I said.

She took the handheld shower head and rinsed the soap from my face before she played it across my privates and then she said "I thought it might be interesting to see if it really might have been the guy I"d been with before." and her hand found me again.

Within a few minutes I lifted her onto my hips and as her legs locked around me I took her hard and fast against the shower wall. Her willingness and play with my cock had given me new strength and I demonstrated it.

She responded almost as if it had been the first time she"d had sex since finding out what it was all about. Her body was warm, smooth and slippery as I leaned against her and pounded with everything my ass could give her and she managed the strength to actually push me away each time before releasing me and letting me drive in harder. She screamed when we climaxed together.

After I washed her down, she played with me and ran her hands and the shower head over my body until finally the shower was over and then I used a towel to dry her body everywhere. She returned the favor and I carried her to bed just as I always did with Jennie.

It was my turn now to return once more with oral and relax as I pleasured her. The second time as she enjoyed my tongue she became even more interested and although she"d climaxed repeatedly in the shower she whispered that this was all new and she"d never fully realized how sensual a tongue could be in those private places.

The next morning was unusual. I always try to be up early but when I woke Joi wasn"t there. I looked through the house, she wasn"t there and her car was gone. I wondered what could have happened. Had I done something wrong? It was the last day of the weekend and I knew she had to work tomorrow but where was she now?

I was about to fix myself some breakfast and get to work when I heard a car in the driveway. A minute later I watched her take a box and a suitcase from the car and head for the back door.

I was naked but opened the door and took the stuff from her. Something smelled good. She kissed me and then wrapped her fingers around me again with a smile and said she was glad I missed her when she glanced down at my busy erection.

"I just needed some stuff from my place, just clothes and things. I also decided you needed some energy and so I got something for it. I went to three places until I found someone this early on a weekend that would make them for me then she pushed me back onto a bar stool at the edge of the kitchen.

She went to the counter next to the sink, pulled out two plates and then with her back to me I watched her but had no idea what she was doing until she turned. She came back to the table and had two large jelly donuts, or whatever they"re called. They had no hole but were the size and general outer shape of a donut and were filled with strawberry preserves. On the other plate were two large donuts, bigger than any I"d seen before.

She grabbed me again and lowered to her knees. It had almost seemed to be a common morning ritual and then she spoke as she took a donut from the other plate.

She said "Regular donuts have holes that are too small. For you I needed something larger and I found a guy that was making fresh donuts before he opened. I didn"t tell him what they were for but told him what I wanted and he rolled out some dough then cut larger holes in the center before he dropped them into the deep fryer. Do you see how well they fit?" I laughed and studied her.

She slid one donut then the second over my burgeoned shaft. "I read someplace about a girl wanting to do this and that was years ago. I remembered it last night and decided I wanted to try it too. I think they"ll be the most delicious donuts I"ve ever eaten." She moistened my head and worked it between her lips and I could feel her busy tongue before she pulled back and nibbled the edge of one of the donuts before resuming. It took her more than twenty minutes to eat them and when she was finished she said "You haven"t touched your filled donuts and now it"s my turn to get the filling for mine." and she meant it as she took me deep and began that now familiar BJ task that always yielded results.

When she was finished and seeming to glow in the morning light I pulled her onto my lap and took a large bite out of one of my donuts before using it in one hand to smear its content over each of her nipples. She was giggling as she watched and continued as I began to clean away the preserves.

That last weekend day was a lazy one and I didn"t work but concentrated on every move she made. Her naked body still reminded me of Jennie but I"d begun to notice subtle differences more. She waited for me to finally pull her over to me late that afternoon and as I forced her into a prone position on the couch the phone rang. It was Jennie and the two girls laughed and teased me through the entire call before Jennie and I traded words of love and then she hung up and was gone.

I was so hard now from talking with her that I took Joi missionary style and refused to let it end until Joi was exhausted and telling me she didn"t think she could cum again. She was wrong as I relaxed and relentlessly worked her until she came even more alive and then I kissed and filled her.

Once again before sleep and then again in a morning shower before Joi had to leave for work.

Each afternoon Joi returned and satisfied my daily wood. Then perhaps seven weeks later Jennie flew home for a long weekend she"d rewarded herself. Joi stayed and I felt awkward until Jennie said we should all go to bed and insisted Joi spend it in bed with us. "It wouldn"t be fair to kick you out and deny you just because I"m home for a few days." she said to Joi.

There was no more than minimal contact between the girls those few days but I was worked over from both sides sometimes two of us and sometimes all three of us as I tried satisfying them from each end.

Approximately every two months Jennie flew home and charged it as a company expense until finally her reorganization was pronounced complete and the Corporate CEO flew back and gave the Division his own blessings and rewarded Jennie with Executive Vice Presidency and the huge bonus she"d been promised..

Now Jennie invites Joi over more often and sometimes we share a bed again all together but too she sometimes invites Joi to visit me alone in the daytime while Jenny is at work. Joi still gets her pleasure even as she searches for mister Right and Jennie is definitely still my wife, my best friend and the love of my life.

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