A dirty kinky Black BBW


A dirty kinky Black BBW

She was 48 Black and a BBW and she had just knocked on my hotel room door. I was a little nervous about this encounter specially since I had never done something like this before. I had met her through the net and I knew how wild and kinky she could be it excited me online but here in real life I was actually scared.

I opened the door and let her in and there she was all 250 pounds of her 5’9” tall, big –with black hair till her shoulders. She was wearing a denim skirt and a white shirt, which was buttoned down so I could see her large 50EE breasts all ready to burst through her black bra. She was a mother of two boys almost my age and I couldn’t help but think of that right now Here I was young enough to be her son and I was going to have sex with her.

As promised I was standing fully naked only wearing a hard on well just barely the fear of all this had made me a little limp but that would change soon. We had agreed not to talk too much just get down and dirty and I knew by the look in her eyes that’s exactly what she was going to do. She looked me up and down and I looked at her Her ass looked much fatter and bigger than what I could make out in her pictures and the thought of that made me think of all the sex hidden away under those clothes. She sensed what I was thinking cause I started to get harder and thicker and a smile appeared on her face.

She held my hard cock in her hands and pulled me closer to her whispering in my ear I’m feeling very dirty today”. I knew exactly what she meant by that and my heart started thumping faster. I was up close to her looking at her face while her hand was on my erection scratching the material of her skirt with my cock head. All those nights staying up online playing with her could not have prepared me for this moment. I knew her intimately but it was only an image a nickname here I was face to face with her in the flesh and I wanted it now wanted all the filthy kinky sleazy things I had spoken to her about and I knew she wanted it too.

I started unbuttoning her shirt and took it off followed by her bra and her large 50EE breasts just dropped down like two sacs I just watched them in amazement her breasts with those large black areolas almost covering her full breast and those big thick nipples standing out I just stared at them in a trance while she smiled and stripped to her panties. I could see her cunt hairs all tendril led and sticking out of the top and sides of her panties - I couldn’t believe it she was so large black and fat and right in front of me horny and ready.

“So are you going to take it off or should I” she said with her arms above her head teasing me I could see her underarms were unshaven too and hair was sticking out.
She turned around showing me her big black fat ass it looked like it had already exploded in those panties this was my fetish a big black hairy dirty woman and I knew what was waiting for me under those panties was even dirtier.

She started to gyrate her hips making her big body shake with all the fat her breasts were bobbing so was her belly and her thighs. Her ass behind her was actually making wobbly sounds. I went on my knees and reached up to her panties knowing that underneath that nylon was something that I had searched for but now wasn’t sure if I really wanted. She stopped moving and I noticed that her panty crotch had begun to get wet she wasn’t fooling she was really horny. I looked up at that big black woman up in front of me and slowly peeled off her panties from her It was like as if her cunt didn’t want it to go away from it the hair clung to the sides of it and slowly when I pulled more on it her cunt lips actually clung onto it with its gooey wetness before letting the panties come down over her thick thighs to her feet and finally off of her. I sat there looking amazed at what I saw. It was exactly as she had told me it would be black and dark hairy and dripping. As soon as the panties came off the smell of her cunt came invading through to me it filled the entire room.

I looked down at the curled up panties and picked them up they were white and a huge cunt stain was on it still wet and gooey fresh from her cunt. I brought it close to my nose and took a whiff of the smell It was heady very strong pungent smell sweat and urine mixed with that strong fishy smell of an old pussy. I reacted strongly to it and she noticed my reaction You like the smell of my dirty black cunt don’t you - haven’t washed it for 3 days just like you told me”. This was it this is what I wanted I couldn’t stop now I had fantasized about this moment and here it was.

I got my face up to her hairy cunt and started to smell it It was a dirty unwashed stinky black cunt but I couldn’t stop myself I had to have more of it. She lied down in front of me and spread her huge thick thighs her ass was spread all out under her. I slowly went between her legs and parted the hair covering her cunt. I looked at it for some time it was a dirty looking cunt thick black lipped hairy all over. There was some gooey fluid oozing out slowly from it which was smelling a lot - I touched it and the fluid came on my hands I smelled it and it had a real bad odor but it made me horny. She put her hands behind her head and looked at me while I played with her pussy –
“I told you it would be the filthiest cunt you would ever eat I haven’t had a man eat me for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like now be a good boy and clean mommy’s dirty cunt for her”

I started to lick the outer rim of her black cunt engulfed by the stink but wanting it more and more she had started to writhe her body in pleasure to the touch of my tongue slowly I worked my way inside her lips when I touched my tongue to the fluid the taste actually exploded on my senses it was pungent salty and bitter and the more I licked her the more it came oozing out Her clitoris had swollen and had almost become a small penis on the top of her pussy. I parted her cunt lips and took the whole swollen clit in my mouth the moment I did that she let out a load gasp I started to play with it in my mouth sucking it biting it and licking it hard and I could see her breathing get heavier and heavier I could see only her belly at this point moving up and down I was like a little dog licking everything that she spewed on me and I kept going I knew the time was coming She started to scream in that half cry half talk moan Mommys gonna cum, mommys gonna cum” just before she came she let out this loud scream and then she actually exploded she squirt cum right on my face and I just couldn’t stop myself from licking it. It was like a never ending fluid from somewhere deep inside her and I took in every drop I kept licking her and she kept giving it to me slowly her moaning subsided and she looked down at me covered in her filthy cunt juice I was dazed by all this looking at her big body lying in front of I couldn’t help but think that here I was having eaten a 48 yr old big black woman who had the smelliest dirtiest cunt and I actually loved it she just looked at me knowingly and said So how did you like eating a filthy dirty smelly old cunt” I just looked at her and licked my lips.

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