Wife sex story

Wife sex story
The hottubs is a place where they rent a room with a sauna,a hottub,huge shower and a bed.We have been married for 16 years and been coming here for all of those years.

We parked our car and walked round the block to the entrance,walked in to find that it was full,about 7 people waiting,3 couples and a single guy.We signed up and then sat down to wait,it didn?t take long and the rooms started coming free,but it takes time as they have to clean them first,so by 45 minutes a room came free for the single gentleman,to our surprise he turned to us and asked if we wanted to take it or share it with him!

If you have ever been to these sort of places,people don?t normally share,but it felt very European of him,and then I thought I did hear an accent,and in some European countries saunas and that are a regular pass time in companies and private houses.

So my wife having traveled extensively in Europe,turned and said?why not?,we hardly had sex here anymore,we just enjoyed the amenmities,so kind of shocked I said yes.

To me and my wife,she is 5foot 1,is what people call a bbw,big beutiful woman.She has the extra weight of a woman in her early 50?s,her tits are a nice affordable size,she has a little belly,big legs,large pair shaped butt,and a puffy lipped pussy that is shaved bald.

Me,5foot 9,fit body,little beer belly,8inch cock,bald head.

We followed this stranger to the room,where he unlocked the door and then turned to us and introduced himself as Franz from Germany,then let us in the room first.

The rooms are large and there is space for 6 comfortably,we were just three,so more than enough room,there is a bench right as you enter to undress,we all did so next to each other.Franz was the first to walk over to the showers,I observed him.He must have been in his late 20?s,very thin,swimmers body,long powerful legs,flat chest,no belly,his cock was the same size as mine cold,but was super thin, with a huge head on it,and like a lot of Europeans he was circumsized,oh and no hair anywhere.

My wife finished next and went and stood with Franz in the showers scrubbing themselves down,I came up and stood with them,they went different ways my wife went to the hot tub and Franz went to the sauna,when I was done I went to be with my wife in the tub.This went on as we changed from one thing to the next not meeting,not talking.i caught a glimpse of Franz looking at my wife?s butt as she bent over to pick up her water bottle from the ground as she got out of the tub.She has this habit of not bending her legs and just bending at the hip,she has done this since we met,now she did it as Franze came out of the sauna,his eyes catching the swollen pussy lips being pushed out by the big legs of my wife.He turned quickly and went to the showers,my wife went to the bed,put her towel down and proceeded to lie face up relaxing.I was still in the hot tub when Franz finished and headed over to the bed with his towel.

The beds are doubles,so three would be tight,he put out his towel and laid down the same way my wife was face up next to her.Her legs were a little spread,from the tub I could see her freshly shaven pussy,her swollen lips were still wet,and her nipples were erect.Franz was struggling with his own problem,he had looked down at my wife?s body when he laid his towel down,and there is a part of your body that you can?t control as a man,your penis.

lt started raising even though he was closing his eyes and maybe asleep.creeping up his belly,once strait it started standing like a post,the shaft was as thin as it was when soft,but that thick head had increased in size,to probably 2 inches thick with the shaft only being about an inch,i had never seen a cock this weird in shape,length wise he was just under my 8 inches but not by much,he was fully erect now,his balls were those low hangers.

After about 5 minutes I decided to get out and joing them on the bed,so I walked over with my towel looking strait at the two.When I got close I touched my wife on the shoulder and asked her to move over a little,she did,but opened her eyes and seen what was standing right there.She looked at me with a small grin on her face.She moved over,so that they were touching,Franz did not move.My wife was squashed inbetween us to,her body radiates a lot of heat as she is a large lady,so I new it would not last long and she would have to move,by this time I was realizing what was going to happen,and my own cock started getting hard,was rising,the blood was pumping,and it didn?t take long to get my 53 year old cock to stand strait as an arrow.True to form my wife,started moving around,I knew she was trying to make the decision which way to turn,if she turned to me then her butt would be touching and facing Franz,if she turned his way then I would have her butt which I loved,he would have those big boobs touching him,I was ready,as I thought I New which way she would go,my wife has always been self conscious about her butt,so I knew she would give me it,and i knew that when she turned I would turn so that i was spooning her.So it came and i was right,i moved with her,not taking into account that My 8 inch cock was as hard as a rock,I pushed into her.She got a jolt,but rolled forward and had to brace herself against Franz?s tummy.To My surprise she kept her hand there,she couldn?t go back as I was poking her from the other direction.I heard her say Iam sorry.I started to dry hump her butt,at first she didn?t push back like always but that was because she was shy but that took two pumps and she started pushing back,she lifted her legs apart,which allowed my cock to make its way between her legs,the second my cock head touched her pussy she started moaning.Franz?s eyes were open now,you could see there was lust and he didn?t mind,even though he didn?t know what he was going to get,but neither did I.

Lets go back to before we were together and married:We had both had 3 some?s back in the day,she with a girlfriend and her boyfriend,me with another couple that I had met at a bar.We had both enjoyed the encounters,which had both gone on for more than just one fuck.But since being together we had never ever swopt partners.

My wife must have been thinking of stuff before we had started on the bed as everytime my dick passed between her swollen pussy lips I felt how wet she was,normally it takes a while to get moist enough to start fucking but today she was ready,I changed the angle off my butt pushed forward,she was soaking wet,my cock head was small so it passed right in,and like always I nearly shot my load,had to stop but could feel her pussy gripping my shaft,I took a few seconds then started pumping,could see the giant head peeking over my wife?s shoulder it was still standing strait up in the air,my wife was moaning now,but actively fucking me back,at this rate we normally could not go long,we would both come,we are old.I knew my wife wouldnt do it so i did,i reached over and grabbed the thin shaft,it was harder than it looked,Franz closed his eyes,I started jacking him off,up and down the shaft,as I came up the second time I pushed some pre cum out,the slit in the huge head drizzled it out, running over the mushroom and dropping on to the top of my hand,I in turn let go,took my hand and rubbed the juice onto the shaft.As I was going to grab the shaft again my wife beat me to it I found her Pettit little hand pushing mine out of the way,her hand closed in around the thin shaft and started wanking it,now it was Franz?s time to start moaning,he reached over and started rubbing the big jugs,I was pounding now,holding my wife?s butt with one hand,my wife moved her body closer to Franz,then I recognized why,she grab one of his nipples in her mouth,aggressively started sucking on it,this took Franz to the next level,his cock started spewing out pre cum,lots and lots of it,my wife taking her hand all the way to the head,then taking the fresh cum down over the shaft.

I was close,but still pumping,from the way my wife was jiggling around she was close to,so I took my hand from the top of her butt,moved it to her pussy,i could feel my cock going in and out,but I moved my finger up a bit through her pussy lips till I got to her clit,I started making circles around the button,nice and slow,just like she likes it,that?s all it took,she started screaming,shivering like she was cold,I was starting to cum so started pumping super hard,pushed my cock as far as it would go and unloaded my ball sack in my wife,then spooned her keeping my cock in her.She kept on jerking Franz,but there was enough lube the cock with the giant head kept on pushing out Precum.I took the hand that I was holding her butt with,grab the big hanging balls started massaging them,it took another 5 minutes for him to cum,when he came we were both shocked at the amount of thick white cum that shot out of the huge head,he plastered both of our face?s and his flat belly.

We didn?t know this at the time,but this would be the start of a relationship that would span nearly 20 years,we are in our 70?s now,we still meet once a month at the hottubs,a few weeks after meeting for the first time,we called to see if he wanted to meet again,he said yes,showed up with test results,my wife let him fuck her with out a condom from then on.I was semi bi,began sucking cock a lot,his huge loads were something I would crave,eating my wife out after he had fucked her pussy became a monthly thing.Franz never married,but was very into his career,so was happy to meet up once a month,but we had become friends,so as he was a horny young man, we were accommodating,we would meet once a week some months.He was loyal,so were we,so we were a couple of three.

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