A young baker and his BBW neighbor spend more time together


A young baker and his BBW neighbor spend more time together
She moaned softly as I sucked on her nipple. With her nipple still caught between my lips, she reached down and slowly guided my penis into her sex. The feeling is still unexplainable. Sucking gently on her nipple and having my penis in the loving warmth of her pussy, I was breathing in gasps and my hips were trying desperately to buck under her weight.

Mrs. Riley rolled her hips forward and I felt my penis slide all the way out of her. She smiled down at me and said, "Well, that isn"t going to work. Let"s try something else." She reached down and guided my penis back inside her. She then sat up straight and pulled her breast from my mouth. Straddling me with my penis inside her sex, she rolled her hips and my penis popped out again. This time, she only smiled when she reached and slipped me back inside her. She sat upright and with one hand she held her belly up and the other hand reached down and began touching herself.

"I"m sorry Sweetie, but you have me so horny, I really need to cum. This shouldn"t take long, then I"ll give you the orgasm of your life."

I laid there perfectly still looking into the eyes of my goddess. I"d obviously never seen a woman touch herself. It was such a private and special thing to do. I felt touched that she was comfortable enough with me to let me watch her do that. Even in such a dimly lit room, it was such an erotic thing to see. When she began to moan and grind herself down against me, I whispered, "I love you."

She stopped what she was doing, leaned forward so her boobs were holding my chest down. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "I love you too." She leaned down farther and kissed me. While I kissed her back, my arms looped up around her neck. I squirmed beneath her when she began to slowly grind herself against my very stiff penis. I wasn"t inside of her, it was laying flat against my body and she was humping herself against it. Wet, sloppy sounds filled the room. Her wonderful, musky aroma filled my senses and I never wanted this to end. I wanted Mrs. Riley to be on top of me forever.

I found myself to be quickly approaching my second orgasm. And in between gasps for breath, I whispered that she was beautiful. I told her she was the sexiest woman I"d ever met and I was so grateful that she"d entered my life. I opened up my soul to her while I lay pinned beneath her weight.

She didn"t say anything in reply. Instead, she increased the pace in which she humped herself against me. I really hoped she was nearing her orgasm. Because I couldn"t hold out any longer. My body wanted to thrash about and twitch uncontrollably. But her weight kept me perfectly still, pinned between her and the mattress. The only thing that moved were my toes. And they curled up in tight little knots.

I squealed in a high pitch and gasped for breath when my penis exploded for the second time. I whimpered and struggled to hump up against her. But I was trapped and I"d never felt so loved. I lay there in post-orgasm bliss and watch Mrs. Riley finally achieve the orgasm she deserved.

I felt every muscle in her body flex and her back arched. She began to shake uncontrollably which made her body jiggle in the absolute sexiest way. The moan that left her lips seemed foreign. It was in such a deep tone it didn"t sound like her at all. Her eyes popped open toward the end of the event and looked down upon me. Before her last twitch, she said, "You are the best thing to happen to me in a long time!"

I think I saw tears in her eyes, but before I could confirm that, she leaned down and kissed me again. This kiss lasting longer than any of our previous kisses. At times it was desperate and passionate. Then it would slow down to a loving, caring, wonderful type kiss. And then it would get loud and wet sounding again. It was amazing. And the whole time I lay trapped beneath the love of my life.

Mrs. Riley eventually rolled off of me. When she did, I wound up rolling toward her due to her weight on the mattress beside me. We both giggled a little and I soon found myself straddling her thick thigh and laying on top of her soft body. We lay like that talking about anything that came to mind. But our conversation kept coming back to the feelings we had for each other.

The next morning, I would wake up still in her arms. I would find myself in her apartment without a thing to wear. I would need to ask her for the key to my apartment. Although I knew I"d be in no hurry to go home. I wanted to spend every moment for the foreseeable future completely naked with her. The last thing I remember doing before drifting off to sleep was sucking on one of her oversized nipples while casually humping myself against her soft warm thigh.

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