Hangover with a fat slut 2.


Hangover with a fat slut 2.
"You"re beautiful," I told her.

She released a pained sound and rolled her face further into her pillow. "Abby is beautiful. I know this is only happening because I"m here now and she isn"t. So don"t stop. Just do it. I don"t care. Condoms are in the drawer where the first aid kit came from."

I followed her instructions and fetched a condom from the drawer but as I rolled it on I made it my mission to reassure her.

"Mmm no fucking way Danielle. I don"t remember ever being this affected by someone. The way you look. The way you feel. God I don"t think this is going to be enough for me. I"m already thinking about what I"m going to do to you next time."

"Next time? Cocky," she laughed and I decided if my words didn"t prove my affections than my actions would have to. I dropped to my stomach between her legs and dragged my tongue from the bottom of her pussy right up to her swollen clit. She screamed and I pressed a smile into her soaked thigh.

"Mmm yeah, very cocky," I said before I proceeded to devour her. She tasted so mild and clean. I wanted to eat her forever. I shoved my tongue inside her as far as it would go and swiped my thumb in circles over her clit and felt her gush into my mouth. I anchored myself to her thigh as I stroked her clit and fucked into her. I pulled away only when my jaw ached and her skin was red from my stubbled face and she was begging incoherently.

"Gonna fuck you now," I grumbled into the lowest crease of her belly.

"Fuck yes, Eric, do it, God just do it." She spread her thighs even wider.

I lined myself up her entrance and pushed in slowly, leaning my body over her and draping her heavy legs over my arms to spread her for me. I nearly came right then. Pushing slowly into the molten silk of her. I was almost grateful for the condom dulling the sensation or it would have been too much.

"Ahhhh yes," she moaned. "God it"s been so long. Don"t stop. Oh please," She was tossing her head from side to side as I slowly drilled all the way into her again and again.

"ERIC, FUCK," she panted out. "Come on, give it to me!"

I began to steadily increase the speed of my thrusts into her until it was a blur of sensation. I could feel myself pounding against the back wall of her and still she screamed for more. I pulled all the way out of her and slammed home.

"You like that? You want it like that," I said confidently with another slam back into her. So hard that my hip bones were almost certainly bruising her. In contrast her body was a cloud cushioning my every move and was so slick and tight and sweet me around me that I felt almost worshipful.

"More. I can take it, Eric. I need it. "

I pulled all the way out and slammed in again only this time it was different. Less slick. So much tighter. Danielle screamed louder than ever and I realized I had slipped into her ass and froze.

Oh fuck.

She was squeezing down on me and I couldn"t help but jerk the rest of my cock into her with my balls pressed against her ass.

"FUCK, sorry, I -" she wrapped her legs around me as best she could to stop me moving, head shoved far back into the pillow, eyes shut tight with tears gathering at the sides.

"No, no, it"s okay," she panted out. "In the shower, I was..." she paused for a moment. "I was playing with my ass." She was panting through clenched teeth "Fingering myself. I"m still stretched enough that it doesn"t hurt too badly, but you feel huge" she whimpered and ground herself down on me. I pressed breathless kisses to her forehead and eyelids.

"Hang on, let me pull out and switch condoms. Unless you want to stop?" I gritted my teeth at the thought of leaving the heavenly suction of her but began to try and untangle our limbs.

"N-no, please," she flushed a deeper shade of pink in her cheeks and looked from my eyes to my lips. "Take my ass, I-I"ve never had it before but I"ve wanted it for so long. Move. P-please. It"s okay."

She was so wet all over that it wasn"t difficult to slide out and smoothly push back in watching the puffy pink rim of her ass swallow me back up. I leaned back onto my heels and rested her legs on my shoulders.

"You"re perfect," I grinned.

"FUCK!" She howled as I screwed all the way back into her repeatedly. Feeling her strain to relax and open for me was making me crazy.

"I can"t... I can"t hold back Danielle. I have to..."

"Don"t. I want it. Please, God, Eric."

And with that I began pounding deep into her ass, her whole body jiggling and clenching around me. I could see my cock stretching her out in the way her fat pussy was pulsing with it. I wasn"t going to last much longer. I slouched forward to kiss her without much finesse, shoving our tongues together, before pulling out. I urged her onto her hands and knees before slicking my cock with her juices and working myself back into the overwhelming heat of her ass. I did my best to wrap an arm around her hip for support as she reached back to frantically play with her clit.

"Dani... I"m gonna cum... I can"t..."

"Oh, shit, okay," she said in rhythm with my thrusts in and out, "pound me, I"m almost there. Oh God... You"re tearing me up. Right there, right there. My fucking ass. GOD!"

And with that she let out a squeal and clamped down around my cock. I heard her gush on her own fingers and her body shuddered and convulsed around me. I grabbed her hips and fucked into her brutally for 3, 4, 5 more thrusts before emptying my balls with a guttural sound and flopping down on top of her sweat covered back, dick still softening inside her.

"Wow," I was dazed by the power of my orgasm and dumbfounded with appreciation.

"Wow," she chuckled blearily and then winced as I slowly pulled out of her.

"You okay?"

She grimaced and hid her face in her arms that were now folded under her head. Her spectacular ass still open and on display for me. My dick twitched in a valiant effort to get hard for her again.

"Uh yeah, a little mortified that I gave my anal virginity to a stranger I"ll probably never see again, but you just ended a 7 month dry spell so yeah... I"m good. You"re good. Thanks for that."

"Danielle..." I didn"t think it was an appropriate time to tell her that her body was going to be the standard of sexy for me for, well, probably forever, now so instead I just put my foot right in my damn mouth.

"You hungry?"

"Oh fuck you man. Fat girls are always hungry, hmm?" She still wasn"t looking at me and her tone was irritated and defensive. I got the impression she really wanted me to leave but I had to at least try to convince her of my genuine interest.

"Shit no. Dani hold up. I was trying to ask if you wanted to go get lunch with me?"

"Is this some kind of easy let down situation because honestly? Don"t bother,"

"Danielle look at me! Fuck"s sake. I think you"re beautiful. I want to go get some food and then come back here and then do that again, maybe see a movie tonight or something... I just... I don"t want this to be a one time thing. I wanna get to know you."

She finally looked over at me with a shy smirk "Yeah?"


"Abby really is going to kill me."

I collapsed beside her, cupped her face in my hands and gave her a gentle kiss. "Maybe she"ll learn from this and won"t leave you anymore of her messes to clean up?"

"Are you a mess then?"

"I think you know I am. Especially after you got done with me. Do you wanna take a shower before we go?" I grinned at her.

"Presumptuous. I haven"t said yes yet."

"Please baby, I"ll make it worth your while."

"Well... I guess I am a little hungry."

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