Hangover with a fat slut

Hangover with a fat slut
I wake up in an unfamiliar room with a headache and a sour stomach. I take in my surroundings through the heavy fog of a bad hangover. I"m alone in the middle of a wrinkled mass of worn burgundy sheets in a bed that dominates a small, feminine room. I suddenly remember the celebration I"d had last night with my Econ 101 classmates from Trinity U. We"d gone to the bar just off campus and drank ourselves stupid after finishing our semester long group projects. I had finally gotten to know that smart, sexy blonde Abby I"d been admiring since day one. Gotten to know her well if the messy sheets were anything to go by. I cringed at the stale smell of booze and sex but managed to control my urge to vomit up last night"s celebratory bender. On the small side table among the condom wrappers and open lube bottle were my phone, wallet and keys. That was a relief. When I opened my phone I had a text from Abby.

Hey couldn"t wake you up and had to go to work. Feel free to take a shower before you go but don"t bother my roommate and don"t steal my shit. Last night was fun. Talk soon. She ended it with a kiss emoji.

I was sort of boggled by her trust. I had only really talked to her last night despite being in a class together for the last 4 months. I certainly wouldn"t have let her stay at my place unsupervised but I was grateful. I needed to shower before bussing back home. I gathered my strength and rolled to sit up, wincing at the pull of the deep scratches Abby had left on my back. In the heat of the moment they"d been sexy as hell but now, with my body sensitive and hungover, it was unpleasant. I struggled into my jeans but didn"t bother pulling my shirt back on. Evidently it had been used for clean up last night because it was covered in suspicious stains. I grabbed it so that I might clean it off in the sink. Drunk sex could be amazing but the morning after was always gross for so many reasons. I shuffled to the door squinting into the bright light of the hallway. My phone told me it was 10:37am. I didn"t envy Abby already at work. Deciding to try the door directly across from me I pulled it open without a thought for anything but the sweet relief of hot water. Immediately a screech.

"WHAT THE FUCK?! Who the fuck are you?!? GET OUT!"

In front of me stood a woman. A very naked and wet woman. A lot of woman. I"d only ever had slim or athletic lovers but this woman was fat. All soft folds and generous curves crammed onto a short little body that had stretched to accommodate her size and had the purple-red marks to prove it. Huge pillowy tits hung ripely with big, pink nipples. Holy shit. I was staring. I needed to stop staring and yet I looked up to her shocked face. Long damp darkened hair curling around a heart shaped face. What would have been heart shaped if not for her double chin. Sea green eyes, pert little nose and applecheeks smattered with freckles, full lower lip trembling with what I presumed was outrage. Before I could shake myself into action and leave the room like any decent human being would have done right away in this situation she had grabbed a towel off the rack behind her and wrapped it around herself. Not that it had any hope of containing her but it made my mouth water to watch her try. I stuttered trying to explain myself but my thoughts were scattered. With her breasts and belly mostly covered I couldn"t stop looking at her thighs, they were so wide and my gaze was hopelessly drawn. I"d never felt attraction towards bigger bodies before but with all of her on display it seemed impossible not to be. A HUGE oversight. I was unprepared for how hard the sight of her would make me. She looked completely unimpressed and increasingly hostile with my continued presence and I was about to leave when she shoved me out into the hall with surprising force and flipped me off all the while holding up her meagre towel and ranting

"Fucking wow Abby! Unbelievable! You stupid bitch. You promised this wouldn"t happen again. I"m going to kill you!"

Her voice faded as she stormed down the hallway and opened and closed a door to what I presumed was her room a little further down from Abby"s. I was so stunned and shockingly turned on from what had just happened that I stood in the hallway trying to blink away my headache and my boner for several moments. The view of Abby"s enraged roommate retreating had been as appealing as her lush tits. Holy fucking hell. I had just majorly perved on Abby"s roommate. I hadn"t meant to. Her body was a revelation to me but that was no excuse for being such a creep. I felt a blush heat my cheeks as I reached for the door handle to the bathroom again. Maybe I"d take a cold shower instead of a hot one.

I filled the small sink with water and splashed my face, feeling the rough stubble that had grown since my last shave a couple days ago. I added some of the peony hand soap and shoved my shirt in hoping a soak while I showered would make it manageable. It wasn"t a long bus ride home and a damp shirt was better than one covered in cum and lube. I looked up to survey the damage to my appearance. My hair was a light brown catastrophe on top of my head compared to the stylish pushed back look I had worn out last night. Someone had clearly had their hands in it and the side I had slept on was crushed completely flat. Not only did I have scratch marks all over my back but I saw there were shallow pink trails over the taught bronze of my stomach too. I worked hard for my body and I was proud of it. I flexed my abs in the mirror and titled my neck to the side to examine the love bites under my jaw and decorating my throat and chest. Abby was a bit of an animal in the sack. If you hadn"t known I"d been fucked you might think I"d been beaten up a bit. No wonder I felt wrung out. Well... most of me did. My dick was still chubbed up in recognition of how much Abby"s roommates nudity had affected me. I ran a hand through my hair half heartedly trying to comb it before getting into the shower. Abby"s roomie was clearly bothered but there was still no way I could go out in public like this so I promised myself I"d be quick and get out of her hair. The cool water went a long ways towards making me feel human again. I scrubbed myself thoroughly with lavender body wash and vanilla shampoo and tried not to think of soaping up the plump woman down the hall. What would she feel like... unconsciously my hand strayed towards my cock again as I imagined her. JESUS. SNAP OUT OF IT ERIC. You"re here because you fucked Abby not because you want to experiment with your inner fat admirer. But God, I probably would have traded a million hot fucks with Abby just to get my hands on the roomie for 10 minutes. I dried myself using the remaining towel on the rack and went to see how my shirt was doing. It was completely unsalvageable. I hadn"t realized that the neck was ripped open but the lube stains had stayed regardless. I sighed heavily and resigned myself to having to try and find something in Abby"s closet. They wouldn"t let me on the bus without a shirt and the one from last night didn"t qualify anymore. With Abby"s powder blue towel around my hips I scrunched up my jeans and made for her room. Inside I opened her closet and prayed she"d have something unisex enough that I could make it home without raising any eyebrows. Maybe she had a sweatshirt stolen from an old boyfriend like most other girls.

"What the hell are you doing?"

I jumped a little at the voice behind me. Turning sharply and wincing again at the pain in my back (Abby had really shredded me. I made a mental note to avoid women with fake nails in the future) I came face to face with my plus size dream girl.

"Uhhh sorry," I replied, finally finding my voice after taking in the short, casual bath robe she had tied around her bountiful waist.

"My shirt didn"t survive last night and I can"t ride the bus without one so here I am." In an attempt to lighten the mood I held up a neon pink crop top. "Do you think I can pull this off?"

She scoffed but her glare softened as she looked me up and down.

"I"m Danielle. And you won"t find anything of Abby"s that will fit you. For the sake of getting you the fuck out of my apartment I will lend you a shirt. Follow me," and with that she turned and went without waiting to see if I would follow her. I did.

The door to her room was open. She had her dresser open and threw a white t-shirt at me as soon as I walked through the door. It hit me in the face.

"I"m Eric from Abby"s econ class," I said with a smile I hoped she could hear as I pulled the oversized t-shirt over my head. It had a huge hole over my left nipple. "Sorry if I scared you this morning. We celebrated end of class last night. Thanks for this, you even gave me a shirt with ventilation." I pulled the hole away from my nipple and grinned in a way I hoped was disarming and maybe a bit charming.

When I looked back at her she had a rosy tinge to her cheeks and she didn"t look nearly as mad.

"Oh you"re THAT Eric. She"s been talking about you since January." She offered me a small smile before realizing her giant shirt was just as indecent as the one I had thrown away in Abby"s room.

"Sorry. These are my work shirts so some of them have holes. Let"s try again." This time she held a navy blue shirt out to me with a few paint stains but no holes. Still struggling with my hangover I simply turned my back to her as I took off the first shirt. I heard a sharp inhale. "That woman and her goddamn claws! You look like you"ve been mauled by a bear."

I smirked at that as I turned around. "A lot more fun than an animal attack. You paint?" I gestured to the the white paint flecks on the hem of my borrowed top. It hung down past my dick (which was heroically trying to escape my towel) and was bigger than any shirt I owned. Hell, she probably had fifty pounds on me. She seemed embarrassed and looked away but her voice didn"t waver.

"Nursing student, actually. But painting is my other passion."

I took a moment to admire the art on the walls as it was clearly her own. I wasn"t much of an art guy but the canvases around her room told me she was an above average artist. "They"re nice," I nodded towards the paintings. "Thanks again for the save. I"ll just, uh," I jerked my thumb over my shoulder towards Abby"s room. When I looked at her face she had an expression I couldn"t read. Her eyebrows were quirked and she had clearly clocked my boner. I"m not a small guy to begin with and my hard-on was even more obvious with her tent of a top draped over it.

"Hey look Eric..." she said in a softer tone than I had heard her use before. "I"m sorry for cursing you out back there but I"ve had to clean up after too many of Abby"s one night stands and my patience for it is thin."

"No worries. My bad for not knocking." I didn"t care so much that Abby had been with a lot of dudes. I had no room to judge that. But the fact that she regularly left Danielle to deal with it made me feel kind of guilty.

"Anyways, the last guy she cut up like that ended up with a serious staph infection. If you want I can take a look at it, try and prevent infection."

I was stunned by the turn around in her demeanor but my back did hurt and I"d do just about anything to spend more time with her in that little robe so I smiled widely and nodded my agreement.

"Alright, take that ridiculous thing off and lay down." She patted the bed and I tore her shirt off of me and climbed onto it feeling excited at the prospect of her hands on me even for medical purposes. I couldn"t help but notice her nails were trimmed as short as they could be while still looking neat at the tops of her short sausage-y fingers.

"If you"re in my bed I guess you can call me Dani. Very trusting by the way. Not even going to check my credentials?" She teased while rummaging in her bedside drawer and pulling out a heavy duty looking first aid kit.

"Nah. I figure if you wanna torture me a little after I walked in on your shower then you"ve at least earned that much."

She snorted a laugh and I heard the zipper for the kit being pulled open and then the sound of her putting gloves on and paper ripping.

"Brace yourself. This is an antibacterial wipe and I know from experience it burns like hell"

Even with a warning I hissed a breath through my teeth at the stinging sensation on my tender back. I felt her other hand rub gentle circles on the side of my thigh, which had been exposed by the towel, and focused on that rather than my discomfort. Even through the glove her touch was soothing and she quickly finished cleaning me up.

"I"m going to put some ointment and Band-Aids on the deepest ones, okay?"

Her voice was a little breathier than before and she hadn"t stopped rubbing those mesmerizing circles on my leg. I was trying pretty hard not to rub my towel-covered dick into her comforter in any noticeable way but my hard-on was back in full force, especially as she leaned over me to reach the kit she had put on my other side and I felt her belly press against me. I bit back groan after groan as she slicked the ointment onto me with careful hands. I could have sworn she lingered over my hips. Feeling her shifting beside me I looked over my shoulder. Her cheeks were flushed and she was definitely staring at my ass. For a second I just watched her while she watched me and chewed on her lip.

My voice came out roughly as I addressed her. "I"ve got a few on the front too if you want to take a look?"

She jerked her eyes up from my ass and her lip popped out from between her teeth looking so swollen and red I almost growled in my desire to taste. Danielle nodded and I knew this would be the moment she either kicked me out of her bed or allowed me further into it.

I grasped the side of my modesty towel and rolled to my back, not even attempting to disguise my erection. Her eyes widened and she let out a little gasp. I dragged my flat palm from the top of my chest to my dangerously low towel before dropping it to rest lightly on her leg where she was on her knees beside me, tentative that I could be misreading her embarrassment for arousal.

"Anything I should be concerned about over here?" I rolled my hips so she couldn"t misconstrue my meaning.

For a second she didn"t say anything. She just raked her gaze over my body and puffed shallowly through slightly parted lips.

"R-really?" She stumbled over her words. "So seductive. You"re a real Don Juan."

She rolled her eyes and I could tell she was trying to be cutting but her leg pressed into my palm. I risked a light stroke up to just beneath the hem of her robe as I quietly said, "I really want to touch you."

"Are you still drunk?" She asked somewhat accusingly. "Even if I want to, Abby will kill me if I do this. I think she actually wants you and you..." her voice trailed off as I dug my fingers into the satisfying plumpness of her upper thigh and let out a low grunt.

"I think you want me. You brought me in here mostly naked. I know you"ve seen how hard I"ve been for you all morning. " I looked into her eyes which were heavy lidded and watching my hands explore further under her robe as I squeezed and stroked higher until I had a generous handful of her wide ass. Incredible. Better than I could have imagined. My hips jerked up off the bed of their own volition.

"I... God... I don"t even know you. This is a really bad idea," she whispered.

"You feel so good," I palmed her ass cheek and watched as her thighs parted a fraction. I leaned down and put my hands on either side of her thighs and pulled. I didn"t have a hope in hell of moving her but I prayed she would get with the program. "I"ll make you cum first, I promise. Just please let me get my hands on you. You"ve been driving me crazy since I laid eyes on you."

She rolled her eyes again but the flush in her cheeks travelled down her throat. "You want me to sit on you? You have a death wish or something?"

"Please," my voice was hoarse and I pulled on her thighs again. She threw the gloves off and lurched inelegantly to straddle my legs just above my knees, the tie on her robe began to loosen with her movement.

Oof. She was heavy but I loved it. I loved feeling pinned underneath her softness. I couldn"t wait to get my hands all over her but she was still too far away. I pulled the towel off with some difficulty because it was trapped beneath her knees but once it was gone so was I. I wrapped my hand around the base of my dick and stroked it roughly to relieve some of the pressure that had been building since I"d caught sight of her. She let out a whimper and it was the sweetest sound. Releasing my dick I sat up and grabbed meaty handfuls of her ass and hauled her up onto my hips. I groaned as the softness of her thighs enveloped me. I felt my dick slide against the damp fabric of her panties and her belly and tits rest against me in a way that had me grinding up into her in seconds, gliding my hands from her round ass to her wide hips.

"Mmmmmmm fuck yes!" She was so plump she seemed about to burst from her skin, fat spilling out from between my grasping fingers. Nothing compared. I knew now this was a feeling hardwired between my fingertips and my cock for the rest of my life.

She gasped and her head dropped back which I took for consent. I used one hand to untie her robe and unveil the rest of that glorious body I had seen earlier. It was as perfect as I remembered. I couldn"t help but grab onto her belly and sink my fingers in. I used my other hand to push one of her huge tits up towards my mouth and breathed heavily over her large, tight areola. She squirmed in my lap but remained passive with her hands balled into fists at her sides and her eyes squeezed shut.

"Talk to me Danielle. Tell me this is okay, tell me you want this too."

She didn"t speak but she did nod her head and let out a long low breath as I took her nipple into my mouth in response. Stroking and suckling at her while steadily grinding up into that mind melting heat, trailing my fingers along the textured skin of her belly, tracing the smooth lines of her stretch marks. Eventually I just used my whole arm to shove her tits in my face and groan into them. I never wanted to come up for air. As my thrusting got more and more purposeful her hands finally came to rest on my shoulders. I looked up and she was staring at me through lust glazed eyes and perfect lips. Lips I hadn"t even kissed I realized with a start and reached up to correct the situation. The moment her mouth touched mine was like adding gas to a fire. She tasted perfect, minty and sweet. Her lips were heavenly, so plump and tender against me, her slick little tongue stroking mine between her heavy breaths. I dropped both hands to her thick thighs and focused on memorizing the feel of her while our kisses became heavy and frantic. With a little nip she pulled away looking even more debauched and beautiful than before. I had one hand tangled in her hair and was sucking kisses into the skin of her throat.

"I - uh - oh," she stuttered, "I think we should lay down, I don"t want you to -mmmmmmmmmrph - hurt your back,"

I helped her roll off of me and realized this position had probably been pretty strenuous for a woman her size. She was puffing like she"d been for a jog and was red all over, spilling out of the robe I had never managed to get all the way off her. Big, white, cotton undies so damp in places they were translucent and I could see the dark hair contained within them. I kneeled between her spread thighs and reached for them slowly enough that she could stop me if she really wanted. Instead she lifted her legs to assist me and I was suddenly confronted with the sight of all of her. Her puffy, light brown inner lips were pouting between her fat downy outer ones and she was so wet it had slicked down her neatly trimmed bush and dripped down her thighs and into the crack of her ass. I held her legs up and just took her in. She began to wiggle and I realized she had her face turned away from me and was looking bashful.

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