A cold night with a hot bbw

A cold night with a hot bbw
In the dead of winter, snow storms come up quickly around here. That is what happened last Friday. I went to work at nine in the morning and walked out to an extra five inches of still falling and blowing snow.
My friend Greg looked at me and offered to let me sleep on the pull out couch in his finished basement. We go way back Greg and I; he was best man at my wedding and I at his. He knew that I lived a good forty five minutes outside town, down country roads, so the drive would have been treacherous. He had lots of room, and his wife Eva was always good-natured about it, so I accepted. I called my wife and let her know it would be at least tomorrow afternoon before I could get home. I followed him home and parked in his driveway, which was quickly filling in after being plowed.
When we arrived, Eva had hot coffee and dinner waiting as she had been home about an hour. Eva was one of those woman who never aged. She was in her forties but looked twenty five. They had a daughter named Maddison. Or Maddi for short; I had not seen her in a year or more. She had gotten her looks from her Mom to say the least. Smokey blue eyes, long blonde hair. They were both lookers. I went to high school with Eva and every straight guy in the place wanted a little piece of her.
The three of us had a great meal and were in the front room having a cocktail when Maddi came in. I took little notice at first as she was in a thick winter coat and boots. As she took off her layers I started to see the woman she had become. Eva was a mature looking hot and she was just barely legal at eighteen; she had filled in nicely. She had put on weight but she wore it well, but then again I have a thing for chubby woman. She still had those sexy eyes. Her hair was went down to her shoulder blades and had some wave to it, but was mostly straight. She had lovely full pink lips and a round cherub cheeked face, but there was a devil behind those eyes. She wore grey yoga pants that hugged her round ass and thighs tightly, leaving little to guess at when it came to body shape. It was topped with a tight turtle neck sweater that was blue and white striped and hugged her like it was getting too small for a growing pair of double or even triple D cup tits. I tried as hard as possible not to stare at my friends hot daughter, bit my lip, thought of my wife? but it was hard and I think she caught me too, because at one point she looked over at me and winked. She was not even wearing make up and the wind had made her cheeks rosy.
I was starting to feel guilty about the thoughts I was having about what I wanted to do to that young fat body. I was thirty nine for god?s sake.
It did not last though. She came in, said hello to us, and took her messenger bag upstairs to do home work; nothing else to do as everything in town was closed because of the storm. The three of us played a few games of cribbage and at about ten o?clock I could see that Greg and Eva were getting touchy feely; about a half hour later they called it a night and went upstairs.
I then went to the basement to pull out the bed and put all the blankets on, but I was not really sleepy so I went back up to the front room and poured another cup of coffee. I sat on the couch in the dark, watching the storm. I called my wife briefly to check in and say goodnight; she was snuggled into a sleeping bag on our pull out couch because it was beside our fireplace and if the power went out she would be warm and have light to see. I told her I wished I was in the bag with her and hung up. Upstairs I could hear giggling and laughing; I knew ol? Greg was getting some.
I was thinking about heading back downstairs when I heard a creaking on the steps. I thought it might have been the house itself until I heard the fridge door open. It must be Maddi. It was followed by the sound of pouring and the fridge opening and closing again. She had come down for a drink no doubt. I thought nothing of it just sat there watching the storm in the street lights. A few minutes later she came into the room and stood by the window, looking out herself as she had her drink. I do not think she knew I was there as she was just in a white tank top and black brief panties with little skulls on them and white knee socks. She startled when she turned and saw me there.
?Fuck Jake, you scared the shit outta me!? She moved away from the window. ?Forgot you were here; not used to company.?
?Sorry beautiful,? I patted the couch beside me. ?Just could not sleep. You either, eh??
?Naw, not with the folks bumping uglies.?
?They are frisky, ain?t they??
?Every Friday night, without fail. I try to stay out later but this time??
?Yeah, I know. Wanna hang out with me downstairs? Have a beer??
We went down to the finished basement where the couch was already pulled out but there was also a pool table, pinball machine, wet bar, and many sports trophies and memorabilia around the big screen television. A real man cave. I went behind the bar and opened a bottle of beer and split it between two glasses and we racked a game of pool.
Every time she bent over to take a shot my heart was in my throat. Her ample ass outlined and her pubes were on view too. I was about to do two things I thought I would never do. Seduce my best friend?s teenage daughter and cheat on my wife. But I was so horny I had to do something.
As she bent over and struggled with a shot I got behind her and guided her shot. She smelt like sweet sin.
?Let?s make it interesting,? I said.
Every shot that gets missed you or I have to take off a piece of clothing.?
?Are you saying you wanna play strip pool??
?Yes, Maddi, I am. And the loser has to do whatever the winner wants after that.?
She tossed the cue back and forth in her hands and thought about it for a second before she put a big smile on her face.
?Do you want to fuck me?? She licked the tip of the cue.
?Yes. Hard.?
?Well you better win the game then,? she winked and sank two more balls.
I, however, missed my next three shots and was down to my boxers while she still had on her panties and bra. I made my next shot and she missed hers; we were now both down to one skimpy piece of clothing left. I missed because she put her big tits in my face as I shot.
?Well, mister? looks like I get to have my way with you.? she said as she peeled off her panties and sat on the edge of the table.
?I think,? she put a finger in her mouth and faked thinking. She spread her legs and gave me a good look at her hairy pussy, ?you need to lick my clit.?
I nodded, dropped to my knees, and crawled over to her. ?And be thorough. My pussy is very wet.? I just smiled and began licking her sticky, wet snatch.
Pushing her legs apart, I put my tongue right on her clit and flicked it for all it was worth. She fell back on the table and put her heels on the edge, pushing herself more into my face as I worked my tongue into her hole causing her to squirt in my mouth. Her moans were soft and gentle but the bucking of her hips told of her massive orgasm.
Standing up I rubbed her hard nipples. ?Fuck, I love eighteen year old pussy.? I pulled her up by the neck and began sucking her nipples.
?The pussy loves the way you finished me off too. Holy fuck.?
I pulled her forward, her ass raised and sitting on the edge and slowly sunk my cock inside her.
?You are the second cock in there today,? she said with a smile.
?Oh yeah?? I said, slowly sinking my whole dick up to my nuts. ?You little slut.?
?Un uhn; I have been dating a guy now for five months. Of course I am fucking him, nothing else to do in this town. Drink and fuck.?
?True,? I pushed her legs far apart so her knees were almost touching the table and began a slow deep rhythm. ?When did you fuck him??
?Twice this afternoon,? she began rolling her hips against my inserted dick and began grabbing the edge. ?How did he taste? He came inside me just like you will.?
?You are a nasty one, aren?t you sweetness??
?You better believe it.? She put her hands around my neck and sat up. Then, wrapping her legs around, me she stuck her tongue in my mouth. Breathlessly, she ran her fingers through my hair and was panting in my ear. ?I discovered a few months ago I love sex. I cannot get enough sex. I love that guys my age get hard and give me so much sex. But they do not last like you do; I am coming again.?
I stopped, knowing she was on the edge of another orgasm and pulled her off the table and led her over to the bed. ?They do not make you come, do they sexy girl? They last a couple minutes and leave you wanting to be finished off.?
?They won?t even eat me, and I have to finger myself to a happy ending.?
?Well that is because you are sending a boy to do a man?s job.? I spun her around, pushed her onto all fours, and put her panties in her mouth. I did not want her massive orgasm to alert her folks to the fact I was tapping their daughter. Standing behind her, I rammed my tool back into her. She moaned her approval as I grabbed large hands full of hair and pounded her like she was a rented pussy. She came harder than before, I felt the come dribble down my balls as I listened to the sound of our flesh slapping together. She was panting and gasping again and I could tell this orgasm was still going and going as I slapped her hard in the ass and stuck a thumb in her tight little starfish.
?I bet that you like that, eh, you slimy little slut??
All she could do was grunt and growl as I still had one hand full of hair pulling her head back. I removed my thumb and inserted my two longest fingers, and turned and bent them inside her ass.
Her voice was getting louder even with the panties in her mouth so pushed her face into the blankets to dull the sound, but she could not breath and I decided to put something else in her mouth.
I took my fingers out of her ass and my dick out of her spent cunt and pulled her up around and off the bed; when she landed on her knees I put my dick in her mouth.
?Now angel, how do you like tasting your own come, your boyfriend?s come, and in a few seconds mine??
She popped my cock out of her mouth and pushed the her hair back so it was not stuck to the sweat and saliva all over her face. She jerked me hard. ?Well if you are going to come in my mouth do it. Don?t talk about it, mouth fuck me till you fill me up!?
As she went back in I grabbed the back of her head and pump fucked her face. I could hear the gagging as I emptied my balls into her mouth. Like a good girl she licked it all up and the balls too.
She got off her knees and grabbed the last of her beer and finished it. She snuggled under the covers with me and fell asleep.
When I woke up the next morning Maddi was gone but she left her panties for me as a keepsake.
As I was coming out of the bathroom I ran into her and she whispered in my ear.
?Lover, my body is yours to do what you want when you want, anytime you want.?
?I love it,? I said and nobody even knows.
Or so I thought.

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