A man is seduced and taken by an ebony bbw tranny

 A man is seduced and taken by an ebony bbw tranny
Tom had been watching her work for sometime now. Admiring her from a far. She was a co-worker at this restaurant he worked at. Her name was Jasmine and she had just started there a week prior. She was a big girl; maybe 240 lbs., Big chested, thick thighs, dark brown skin, and the most beautiful dreadlocks... the kind with the red tips. Her make up was always done perfectly, and her nails a were bubblegum pink.

He watched her work her server position from a far, in somewhat of a daze when he was suddenly taken back to reality by his fellow table busser who bumped his shoulder, "Hey Tom! Wake up man! You know I can’t get all these tables all by myself..."

Tom came back to his senses and went to the nearest table where he began cleaning up the mess the last guests had left behind. As he was doing so, he looked back to where Jasmine had stood but she was gone. He heard her voice from behind him, "Hey, you weren’t thinking about stealing my tip there were you Tom?" She whispered slyly.

"N..no, of course not" Tom replied almost choking on his words.

"Good, I’d hate to have to punish you for something so stupid! Haha!" She spoke with a flirtatious vibe that made Tom a little nervous. "Lighten up man, hey! You doing anything after work today?" She pressed on.

"No, I’m not busy at all." Tom muttered. "Why?"

"Well, I’ve got some bud if you smoke... I’m new to town and I’ve got no one to hang out with sadly."

A smile came over Tom’s face, clearly blushing and flustered... "I’d love to come chill with you, sure!" He said excitedly.

"Okay, well after work meet me by my car! I’ll give you directions to my house." And with that, she ignored the tip on the table which apparently wasn’t hers, swung herself around and went back about her business.

Tom was in awe as he watched her walk away. He scooped up the remaining dishes from the table and headed back to the dish room.

When all that had occurred it was already close to the end of their shifts but even so, the remaining time passed very slowly. When the time came to clock out, Tom felt butterflies in his stomach, unaware that those butterflies would soon have some creamy company.

He was so nervous yet excited at the same time. The girl he’d been ogling all week asked him to come over her house and chill!

Stepping outside, he peered around the parking lot until he spotted her. Jasmine was waving to him. "Tom! Over here!"

Tom walked briskly over to her, "Hey." He mustered. "So, I don’t actually drive. Do you want to just let me ride with you?"

"Yeah, no problem! Hop in!" She replied.

Grabbing the handle of the passenger side door and hopped on in. He looked her over and noticed she had already changed out of her server uniform. She was now wearing a pink spaghetti strap top which accented her pink nails and brown skin perfectly. He scanned down to see her thick thighs for the first time. She had on short cut jean shorts and her skin glistened a freshly lotioned dark brown down to her perfectly polished bubblegum pink toes.

Following he path he had taken down her body with his eyes right back up to her very own where they both made eye contact. She smiled, "I think I’m going to enjoy chilling with you." She whispered, chewing gum as she spoke.

They pulled out of the parking lot headed for her house. Tom was the shy type so he wasn’t sure what he should talk about. Jasmine handled that though, as she was the complete opposite. "You sure are quiet. Are you feeling okay?" She said in a soft tone.

"Y..yeah, I’m great! It’s just, I’ve never been asked by a girl to hang out before so I’m a bit nervous." Tom muttered.

"Aww, well we’re just hanging out man. It’s not like it’s a date or anything, relax." Her tone did make him more comfortable. He tried to relax a bit.


Before he knew it, they were pulling into a driveway. He followed her up the walkway to the front door and followed her inside.

"Make yourself at home, the living room is just in there. You can watch some television while I go grab the bud and roll up." She said, motioning him in the direction of the living room.

Tom walked into the living room and sat down. He peered around for the remote and while doing so noticed something strange. On the end table there laid a tranny mag. The cover boasted black bbw trannies banging young white guys. He glared at it for a moment then decided hey, maybe she’s just into that sort of thing. He grabbed the remote and clicked on the television.

Shortly after, Jasmine returned and sat down between Tom and the end table. Also having noticed the magazine she quickly tucked it away while Tom’s focus was still on the television. "Hey, you ready to smoke?" She said, getting his attention.

"Yeah, of course." He replied happily.

Sitting there next to him, she sat back as she lit the blunt. Looking him over she said, "Hey can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure, what’s up?"

She leaned to pass the blunt to him, "Will you rub my feet? I’m not used to running around all day, and I am a big girl after all... My feet are killing me!"

Without waiting for a reply, as he was mid-blunt hit she threw her feet up into his lap.

Tom jumped at the sudden movement towards his groin area. "Yeah um, sure I can do that."

Passing the blunt back to her, he began to gently massage her feet. They were so pretty too. He thought to himself that she must have just gotten a manicure and pedicure within the past couple days, as her nails and toes were on point..

Drifting off into high thought, he felt her other foot rubbing on his cock. As he noticed, he tried to act like his reaction was delayed. He looked at her and saw this mischievous look in her eyes.

"Uhhhmm" is all he could muster up.

"You like me don’t you Tom?" She whispered softly as she set the blunt down in the ashtray.

"I think you’re very pretty, yes." He nervously replied.

She moved the foot he had in his hands to his cock and the other from his cock to up near his face. She ran her toes along his jawline. Tom’s heart was pounding as he tried to keep eye contact while at the same time trying to avoid it.

Jasmine knew she had this situation entirely in her control. As she continued to rub her right foot against his hardening cock, she positioned her left foot nearer his mouth. Her succulent big toe right under his bottom lip.

Then she spoke, "Suck it."

Tom’s eyes widened as he peered down at this delicious looking foot in front of his face. He went to speak out with a possible protest of uncertainty, but she didn’t allow that. As soon as his mouth opened, she slipped her big toe past his lips and onto his waiting tongue.

She reiterated, "Suck it."

Tom closed his lips around her moist foot, looked up at her and began to suck tentatively just as he was told. She leaned back with a big grin on her face and spoke once more, "Don’t you stop. Keep sucking, and don’t neglect the other toes. The other foot too for that matter."

Tom was in complete bliss, as was she, as he sucked and nibbled away at her beautiful toes. When something struck him. The magazine he saw before was gone. He looked down toward her groin area now and thought to himself, "No, she couldn’t be right?" His thoughts continued, "She does have me sucking on her though. Is this like a test? Does she possibly have more she may want me to suck? Fuck I’m high..."

Jasmine took a long deep sigh and pulled her toes from Tom’s soaking wet mouth, "You alright?"

"I saw something before you came in. The magazine that was over there? Umm, are you... do you..." He couldn’t believe what he was about to insinuate.

"Yeah? You’re wondering if I have a big fat dick?" She responded almost sounding irritated.

"Well do you?" Tom questioned.

She looked him over as if contemplating what her next move should be before speaking, "What if I told you I did?"

Tom just sat there.

"I, I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it really." Were the words he managed to get out.

Jasmine stood up and moved in front of him. He didn’t dare budge a muscle as he looked up at her. She unzipped her short shorts and dropped them to the floor revealing white cotton panties. He saw no sign of a bulge at all.

"Pull them down" she whispered.

Tom looked down and took a gulp. He placed each of his hands at either side of her panties and began to pull them down. He kept his eyes centered and saw a nice clean bush and... there it was. As she stepped out of her panties, her great tuckjob came undone.

This dark chocolate girthy piece of meat popped out at him. He was speechless, not quite able to take his eyes off it.

It wasn’t long at all, maybe 3 or 4 inches flaccid, but it was fat. It was very fat and girthy. One large vein extended from the base near her bush on the top side all the way to it’s uncut tip. It looked like a brown baby elephant trunk the way the foreskin hung off the tip. Her balls were enormous too, smooth and hairless.

The next thing he noticed when he snapped out of it was the strong scent. Musky, yet feminine due to the perfumes and lotions she probably used on a daily basis. Finally, his eyes broke contact with her cock and he looked up at her.

"Well? What do you think? I mean, you’ve already been sucking on my feet right?" She hovered over him. Her nipples hard and erect, poking through her shirt.

Her cock twitched and touched Tom’s lips. Only then did he realize how close his face actually was to it.

"Go ahead, taste me. Take me in your mouth baby." She pressured him, taking a step forward causing him to sit back a bit.

Placing one hand on her cock she pulled the skin back revealing a nice pink mushroom head with a big slit in the center. A thick bead of pre-cum nestled there. She then placed her other hand on the back of Tom’s head. Jerking herself a few times, she added a tiny bit of force to the back of his head.. "C’mon, suck it. I haven’t been sucked in so fucking long."

He didn’t resist. Her cock pushed past his lips and into his waiting mouth. That bead of pre-cum trailed along his tongue. Her cock tasted salty and sweet. She held his head in her hands as she began to slowly push herself in and out and he could feel her becoming stiffer.

Her cock seemed to have some curve to it now. It curved downward, perfectly. Almost like a banana. Perfect for accessing his throat without causing him to gag. Fully erect her cock was still just under 5 inches, but so girthy it filled his mouth to the max.

He looked up at her as she slowly fucked his mouth and this caused her to let out a faint moan. "Fuck, my cock fits in your mouth just right!" She murmured.

Her pace started to quicken a bit as her balls began to slap against Tom’s chin. Spit was dripping down his light stubble now, and all he could taste was this big beautiful woman’s pre-ejaculate. That mixture of musk and perfume filled his nostrils causing him to fall into a lightheaded bliss.

Getting into a nice steady rhythm now, Tom could feel her cock twitch every now and again. He looked up at her to see her head tilted back, biting her lip. She looked down at him and whimpered, "You’re going to make me cum baby..."

Tom’s eyes widened once more as her rhythm slowed a bit and she took a hand full of his hair. Tilting his head back, she took her cock from his mouth, keeping only the head in. She began to jerk it vigorously and at that same moment Tom felt it, he tasted it, he smelt it.

"Ooohhhhh my fuuuuck!!" She yelled as thick ropes began to fill Tom’s mouth and throat. It was so thick and creamy he wasn’t sure if he should chew or swallow. It just kept cumming, his whole oral cavity feeling like he had just tried to drink marshmallow fluff...

"Aaahhhhh" She moaned as she let go of her meat, opting to hold his head with both hands..

She moved her cock very slowly and intimately in and out of his mouth. Thick cum dribbled out of the sides of his puffed red lips he struggled to breath, tears streaming down his cheeks. He swallowed and swallowed, but it was just so sticky and gooey.

Jasmine finally released her grip on his head and took a step back to admire her work. Looking at this guy in front of her, struggling, gasping for air as if someone had literally just forced 10 tablespoons of marshmallow fluff down his throat. Her sweet and salty spunk. Fully satisfied, she pulled her panties back up and sat down, relighting that blunt from earlier.

"If you need some water, it’s in the kitchen." She said, grinning.

Tom couldn’t speak at the moment with what felt like glue caked up in his mouth, but he did take her up on that advice and decided it would be wise to get up and walk down the hall to the kitchen for some water.

His legs wobbled a bit when he stood. His head felt somewhat dizzy. "What on earth just happened? Did I really just do that?" He questioned himself as he teetered down he hallway.

He came back in a few minutes later with a glass of water in hand, the redness in his face dissipating.

"So is this what you had planned all along?" He said.

"Maybe." She replied. "Why don’t you come and cuddle up with me and watch some flicks?" She padded the couch, extinguishing the blunt in the ashtray.

Looking at her in a completely different light than he had earlier that day, he submissively obeyed. Laying there with her, she ran her fingers through his hair in such a loving way.

"So does this mean we are a thing now or something?" Tom said in a real unsure yet hopeful tone.

"Oh, you’re mine." She replied.

"Your belly has just been filled up with my cream. You’re Definitely mine now." Sounding as if she’d marked her territory by filling him with her spunk.

Tom felt warm inside. Not just because of the copious amounts of cum he had just ingested, but also because he felt as though he belonged. Finally, a girl he fantasized about wanted him. He fell asleep there in her arms that night with great satisfaction.

Jasmine did the same. She’d too found what she’d been looking for.

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