Big and fat mom, ssbbw story

Big and fat mom, ssbbw story
When I was 28 years old my parents got divorced. Even though I was older it still hurt that my parents were no longer together. My dad had been cheating on my mom for years with what she calls, "A skinny little bimbo." My mom is no skinny little bimbo that is for sure. She is the opposite weighing in over 300 pounds. I guess dad just did not like how she let herself go and found someone else. He was very nice in the divorce, split the money and let my mom keep the house. I just did not like how sad it made mom.

Skip three years later I am now 31 years old and still single. I am your average guy, 5’9 170 pounds, brown hair, not a six pack but not flabby either. I just never found a woman to settle down with. It is boring living on your own so I visit mom a lot. We are both loners so we keep each other company. She has recovered since the divorce but you can tell she is still missing that special someone. Now, I can describe my mom and you can get a picture or I can just tell you to look at someone that looks just like her. If you look up the video "big fat mama part one", you will have found her. My mom has a prettier face but their body types are the same. Very overweight, huge saggy H size breasts, a big flabby belly, and an ass that is to die for it’s so big. My mom was a SSBBW

My mom is 62 years old now and she considers herself old. I always tell her she has plenty of life in her and she needs to get herself out there. She does not think anyone would want someone as big as her. I mean not many people would but some do not mind 300 pounds at all, myself being one of them. One night when I was over she agreed to make an online profile for herself and test the dating world. We put her whole description in and posted a few pictures she had of herself on facebook.

The next day she called me to say someone messaged her, she could not believe it. She said they are talking and she thinks she might go out with them this weekend. I was thrilled, this is what my mother needed. She needed to feel good about herself again. Now if only I found someone.

The weekend came and mom still had her date planned. I came over to help her pick out a nice outfit. We decided on a nice pair of black slacks, and a grey blouse, nothing too tight since she was self-conscious. When she was all dressed she looked stunning. Her pants really showed off her figured ass and big thighs. She showed a little bit of cleavage which was good and her tits looked massive. Her stomach was hidden for the most part, but how much can you really hide one that big.

She kissed me goodbye and was on her way. I went back home to watch some porn since I was pretty horny seeing my mom look like that. I went on the computer and put in big fat mama part one. As I told you before her body is just like my mom’s so I was a frequent watcher of it. I pulled out my cock and began to jerk it, looking at this big woman and picturing it being my mom. My cock was only 6 and a half long but very fat. I always had a little thing for mom but I could never break her heart and make a move so this porn was the closet I ever came. I finished myself off and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up an figured I would head over to moms and see how her date went. I rang the doorbell and my mom answered. She looked flustered though.

"Mom is everything all right."

"Yes, everything is fine I guess, just come in."

I followed her to the kitchen and saw a man sitting at the table having coffee. He was probably in his fifties, a little overweight but a handsome guy.

"This is Nick, Nick this is my mom Jake."

"Nice to meet you Jake." He shook my hand.

I nodded back to him. It was followed by awkward silence.

"Okay I guess I should be going now, thank you for the coffee Madison." He kissed my mom goodbye and saw himself out.

"He stayed the night mom?"

"Yeah, I mean we were having a good time and it has been so long i did not want the night to end."

"I am not mad mom I am happy for you. You guys had fun huh?" I said with a smile.

"Oh Jake you be quiet."

"I am glad you are happy mom."

We just hung out the rest of the day. I could not get my mind off of Nick. He had sex with my mom. While I am always there for her and he is not he still gets her. I did not like this guy.

The next weekend rolled around and they hung out again. I figured Nick would be staying the night again, so I decided I would sneak it when they got back and watch my mom, it was the closest I would ever get. I waited until around midnight to head over. I saw Nicks car was in the driveway so I went to the backdoor. I looked in to make sure no one was on the first level and unlocked the back door. I was in, I had to make sure I was dead quiet. I figured they were upstairs so made my way to the steps. I began to hear the soft muffles coming from upstairs.

I quietly climbed the stairs making sure I did not make a creek. When I got to the top I could see a candle light illuminated by mothers room and I heard soft moans. I made my way over to the opened door. When I peeked in my cock instantly stood at attention. Nick was laying on this back on the bed and my mom was laying in front of him with her ass in the air sucking his dick. The bed faces the door, so my mom’s ass was facing my direction perfectly. It looked wonderful from this position. Bigger than I ever imagined. It looked like a huge lump on the back of her, way too big to be an ass but it was.

I watched as her body moved up and down from her sucking his cock. He let out soft moans which let me know how good she was. After a couple of minutes she took his cock out of her mouth and laid down next to Nick. I took my eyes off the room so I could not be seen since now my mom’s massive ass was not blocking me from view.

"Fuck baby, you suck that cock so good. I guess fat girls give the best head."

My mom laughed. I heard movement from them like they were getting repositioned and then my mom moaning. I guess they started to fuck. I peeked in. Nick was on top of her with her huge thighs in the air. He was thrusting into her and she seemed to really be enjoying it. My view was pretty bad, all I saw was my mom’s thighs and Nicks gross ass pumping. My just knowing my mom was taking it kept my cock rock hard. I kept watching and began to stroke my cock. Mom was really getting loud now. Next thing I know My mom’s head popped up and was resting of Nicks shoulder. She saw me. Our eyes met.

I did not move and besides the sight flinch she did when she saw me either did she. Nick had one hand behind her back holding her up and kept fucking her while she looked at me. I did not know what to do.

"Nick baby how about I get on top now."

I pulled my head back into the hallway so Nick did not see me. I heard the bed creeping again from them moving and then mom moaning again. I peeked back inside. Nick was laying on his back again in the same position he was getting the blowjob and my mom was on top of him, facing me! She was just bouncing on his cock staring at me. I did not know what this meant but I was really turned on. Her tits were bigger than I ever imagined. They sagged so low and looked like a water balloon before you fill it and let it hang. She was rubbing them and picking them up. Her areolas were dark and 4 inches wide. On a tit her size they still looked big. I kept stoking my cock and she watched me as she bounced on Nicks. She leaned back and I got the first view of her pussy since before her big belly was covering it. It was shaved surprisingly and so pink, I could see how wet it was from the doorway. I could not hold on anymore. I came all over the rug. After I finished I looked up at her and she mouthed spare room and waved me off.

I went in the spare room and listened to them fuck for another five minutes or so. I heard Nick cum and then after a couple of minutes my mom told him not to stay tonight she had to be somewhere early and it just would not work out. She agreed, they went downstairs and I guess were kissing before he left because they door did not close until ten minutes later. It was just me and mom now. I could not believe at 62 my mom could still fuck like that. I heard my mom coming back up the steps. She entered the room I was in in a robe.

"Jake why were you watching me?"

"Mom honestly I feel like right now is the only time to ever have this conversation. I have always been attracted to you. I even found a porn that looks like you and I watch it all the time. I have always wanted you but realized it could never happen. So I thought this was my only chance to see you."

"Jake you are a young man why are you attracted to a fat old woman like me?"

"I honestly can not answer that, but you are my total sexual fantasy."

"I know you felt weird but you should have told me this Jake. All those years I was lonely I could have used you. You do not think I ever took a peek at your bulge. I was a lonely woman in need."

"You’ve looked at my bulge."

"Of course I think most mothers do, but they know nothing can happen between them. Now I know you were playing with yourself while you watched, I saw the rug, but I did not see you. I think the only way to get past this since you saw me, is to show me you. That was you have both seen what you have always been looking at, and we move on."


"Jake I got on top and Nick and let you watch, fair is fair."

I got up pulled my pants down and my re hard cock popped free. 6 and a half inches long, and super fat. She starred.

"Wow Jake that is some penis. Look at how thick it is. it is almost double Nick." I moved it up and down with my hand. She came forward. "Jake if we do this this is it. Nick is gone and I have you. I am not some weird mom that is saying we are in love and getting married, all I am saying is you are only one I am fucking and you will do it when I want."

I shook my head up and down. She untied and rope and revealed herself to me. Her tits were the first thing my eyes went to. They sagged half way down her stomach. Only the top half of her areola showed because of the sag. Her stomachs big and full. It stuck out a pretty good amount but sagged even lower because of its weight. Her stomach covered her pussy from me. I was rock hard. She began to approach me. I grabbed one of her massive breasts and lifted it so I could see the whole thing. Her areolas were huge like I said before and they were turning me on. They looked just like that porn I always watched.

She pushed me onto the bed and grabbed my cock. She sat on top of me a guided my cock into her pussy opening. "No foreplay Jake, I want to take this cock now." I sat down and I felt her wet pussy around my fat cock. "Fuck! That cock is so fat Jake I love it." She played down and her tits hit my face. She began to move up and down on my cock. I held onto her ass as she did. Her big tits kept swaying in my face and she was moaning in ecstasy. Her ass felt so big in my hands I knew I could not last that long.

"Mom I can not hold out much longer, this is my biggest fantasy and it is coming true." She moved her tits back and fourth smacking me in the face with them. The milky flesh looked so good I sucked on them. She started to bounce faster and I could not take it anymore. I came inside her.

"Mom I came, I am sorry."

"It is okay Jake, I can not get pregnant anymore anyway, and even though it was quick that was the hottest sex of my life." She got off of my cock moved around and sucked it dry of her juices and my cum. "I love this cock Jake. You are going to be giving it to me for a long time."

And that is how I fucked my SSBBW mom. I finally got the fantasy and no longer had to watch "big fat mama part one" because I had my very own.

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