Ssbbw stories - Mom and her saggy boobs

Ssbbw stories - Mom and her saggy boobs
I peered through the half opened door. She had her back to me. She was fully dressed from the waste down. She had on loose black sweatpants that had be size 4XL. Her back fat spilled over her pants causing a muffin top. No clothes were on above her waste. I was dying for her to turn around and show me those giant tits I had been dreaming of. Besides the muffin top, her back also had a crease on either side when she had her arms at her side. She began to turn around. I backed up a little bit making sure I was not in plain sight. She turned around and her giant tits swayed back and fourth as she did. Wow they were amazing, well to me at least. These tits were not a man’s’ ideal tit. These tits were a size H, and they had some years to them. Naturally a size H tit would sag without age, add the fact that she was 55 and had 2 kids and you could only imagine.

They looked like 2 giant water balloons before the knot gets tied and you just let the water sag down the balloon. They came to right above her belly button. Her nipples could not be seen because they were tucked under due to the sagging. The areoles were dark and could tell they were pretty large even though only half was showing. She reached for her bra. It was an old lady bra. Skin toned with large cups that covered most of the tit. She did not put her bra on like a normal person would. First she put her arm through the strap, then she lifted her left breast up into the bra and then did the same for the other. They were so big and saggy she actually had to lift them into the bra. Once in the bra they looked very bunched up and equally as massive.

"Okay, Jake are you ready to go." She was calling me. I took quick quiet steps away from her room until I was a good distance away and said back, "Yeah mom, whenever you are."

So, I spy on my mom as she gets dressed. I can’t help it. She has the biggest tits I have ever seen and curiosity got the best of me and one day I peeked into her room and saw them. Once I saw them I was obsessed. There is just something about a big pair of saggy tits that gets me going. They actually look even larger when they are in a bra because they are all bunched up from not sagging. I know it is wrong to spy on her like that but her tits are to die for.

I don’t only spy on her changing I have spied on her having sex before as well. She has been dating this guy Dennis for about 3 years now. Naturally I hate them because he gets to have those giant tits in his face. Dennis is also in his mid 50s. He is bald, with a big belly, he is not fat, just has a big dad belly. I personally think mom can do better, but she is not skinny herself. Like I said earlier she wears size 4XL pants. She is pretty large. I would say over 250 pounds easy.

One night as I walked past her bedroom I heard he moaning very quietly. I stayed by her door and listened and soon realized they were having sex. I stayed at the door the whole time with a hard on listening until they were done. The next time I heard them I wanted to see, listening wasn’t enough for me. I tried the door and it was unlocked. Quietly I opened the door ever so slightly and peeked through a slit. I looked in and saw the back of Dennis between my moms legs. I could not see much because the door was not opened enough but I saw about half of Dennis’ body and my moms big thigh in the air. He was pounding into her missionary. I tried so hard to see her giant tit bouncing as he fucked her. In my attempt to get a better view I banged my knee into the wall. They stopped, and I backed away. I went back into my room. I was always too scared to open the door again after that close call.

Whenever we went on vacation I would savior every minute of my mom in a bathing suit. Naturally she wore a conservative one piece. When we went to the pool or ocean she also would add skirt around her waste so it covered more of her legs. When we were in our hotel room just us getting ready though, she had no skirt around her waste and her big ass cheeks would be poking out of her one piece. You could see the cellulite in her ass and thighs and its got me so aroused. In the bathing suit you could see just how saggy her tits were because it did not do a good job holding them up. I would jerk off every vacation in the shower thinking about them.

Enough about the past though, the whole point of this story is because something changed recently and it all started with one simple thing, well maybe not so simple.

So, about 2 months ago I came home because I did not feel like going to one of my classes. I was about to graduate college and just wanted it to be over with already, so I didn’t go to one class. My mom and Dennis’ car were in the driveway I knew they were home. I went into my bedroom and put my backpack on the floor and walked over to my bed. As I did this I passed the window and something caught my eye. Out by the pool was Dennis and my mom. Dennis was totally naked and my mom was between his legs sucking his cock. I got down on the floor and peered out of the window to watch. She had her hands on either one of his thighs and was bobbing her head up and down on his cock. I was hard right away. I watched and how it progressed blew my mind.

After sucking his dick for a good 5 minutes she pulled her bathing suit to the side taking her pussy out and hopped on his cock reverse cowgirl. She was now facing my window riding his cock. From the look on her face she was loving it. Dennis reached his hands around and began to rub her tits through the bathing suit. I wished she would just take it off. It was so hot watching her ride his dick. My mom tilted her head back in pleasure. On her way moving it back down she opened her eyes, and then we made eye contact. She froze, my heart beat out of my chest. I did not know what to do, I didn’t move. After what seemed like an eternity she got off Dennis and threw a towel over him. She made her way inside much to his confusion and anger that she stopped.

I did not know what to do. Was she coming for me? Was she going to kill me? Would she tell everyone? Next thing I know she is in my doorway with a towel wrapped around her bathing suit.

"Jake, I am so sorry you just saw that. I am an awful mother. Why would I just do that in the open right in looking distance from your window. Please forgive me Jake."

I could not believe it, she was apologizing to me for me. Then I realized it was because she had no idea I was peeking at them. "It is okay mom, really you are an adult."

"I am sorry Jake." She sat on my bed.

I tried to make light of the situation a little big, "Hey, at least you had your clothes on."

She laughed, "Yeah then you really would have been scarred seeing your mom and her saggy boobs."

I laughed, "Nothing wrong with saggy boobs mom."

"Yeah maybe the little thing you are used to with your young girls, but believe me wait until they have kids." She had no idea How much I really knew about her tits and how much I wanted them.

"Maybe you should go outside, Dennis is probably confused and mad."

"I was thinking we shouldn’t tell him. He will get freaked out knowing you saw."

"Why, he doesn’t want me to know he has a little weenier?" I joked.

"Jake, stop. I will see you later at dinner."

Later that night I was in the living room watching mad men. My sister was at her friends house, and Dennis was visiting his mother. My mom came in and sat down.

"Why do you watch this show, it is so boring."

"It is pretty boring, honestly I watch it for her." Christina Hendricks was on the screen.

"Oh, she is quiet chesty huh."

"You could say that."

"See what guys do not realize is that yeah those look really nice, but once they come out of her bra they are dropping right down. Look she is probably in her 40s, there is no way they are up and men just don’t get."

"Actually mom, she has naked pictures, they are pretty perky."

"Yeah? Can you get them again. I want to see for myself." I pulled them up on my phone and passed it to her. "Yeah, see, bare though they do not look nearly as big as they do in the show. If she actually had big big boobs they would sag more."

"Sorry mom, everyone can not have a giant chest like you do."

She laughed."I am glad we are still okay after this afternoon."

"Of course mom." She leaned over and gave me a hug. I hugged her back, on her way away from the hug my eyes drifted to her big cleavage that was showing.

"Boob man I see." I blushed, she caught me looking. "Stick to the smaller ones Jake, I am telling you, you don’t want them this big."

I do not know what came over me but it naturally just came out, "Yes I do."

She looked at me puzzled. "Jake, are you okay?"

"Yeah of course mom."

"Good, because I am going to take what you said as you just like big boobs and not mine because that would be weird."

"Yeah, yeah that is what I meant."

"Okay Jake, I am going to just go up to bed." I watched her big ass and body go up the stairs.

I wasted no time in pulling out my fat cock and jerking it. I imagined my mom getting on top of me burying my face in between her giants tits and riding my cock. I shot my load all over my stomach and went to clean it up.


About a month and a half has passed now. Everything is normal. My mom never told Dennis about what I saw and we never spoke about it again. That night I once again heard them fucking. I found it so hot how often my mom wanted to be fucked. I decided to be brave. I hadn’t opened the door and peeked in since that one time when I made nose and almost got caught. Tonight was the night I would try again. I slowly opened the door like last time, being very careful, and I looked through the small opening between the door and wall.

This time my view was much better. It was not Dennis pumping away between her legs. Instead it was my moms ass rocking back and fourth on top of him. All I could think was wow. This whole time I had been focused on her boobs, but her ass was something else. Each cheek was like 3 basketballs. Each time she rocked on his cock her ass would fill with cellulite. I wanted to run in and grab on it. She was riding him good. She stopped rocking her ass and began to shake it on his cock. That was all I could take I had to start stroking my cock. Her ass bouncing was an amazing sight. It looked like jell-o. Dennis’ hands went to her ass and held onto it as she shook it.

"Fuck, get up baby, I want to take you from behind" Dennis said to my mom.

She got off his cock and got onto her hands and knees facing my direction. Her giant tits almost touched the floor they hung so low. I backed away though scared we would once again make eye contact. I went into the bathroom and jerked off thinking of what I just saw.

They next day I went into the kitchen and my mom was sitting at the table.

"Jake, take a seat." I sat. "Listen, this is very uncomfortable discussing so I can not play it out in my head any longer, it just makes it harder and harder to say. Look, I saw you last night." My heart actually stopped. "I do not know how long you where there or why you were there but this one is not my fault. I was in the privacy of my room and you did not respect my privacy. Where you watching me?" I did not answer. "Jake answer me."



"I don’t know, curiosity got the better of me and I took a peek in."

"You knew what was happening in there though so why would you do that."

"I said I don’t know mom."

"You weren’t accidentally looking out your window that day were you?"


"Jake, I don’t know what is going on, but if you don’t control it, you are going to have to move out. Why would you want to see me do those things?"

"I don’t know" that was all I could keep saying.

"Do I have to worry about you every time I am with Dennis now?"

"Fuck Dennis!"

"Excuse you Jake."

"No mom, really, enough of him I can’t stand him. Little dick bitch!"

"Jake you will stop talking like that right this moment! And you wouldn’t know he had a little dick if you weren’t spying like a creep."

"So you are admitting it."

"There is no lying Jake, you saw it, what do you want me to do."

We were passed the point of normalcy I figured I would give it a shot, "I want you to actually have a nice sized one."

"Jake I am your mother. How could you say that to me."

"Because mom, you need a real man."

"Oh, and you’re a real man I guess?"

"Yeah, more than that little dick bitch."

"Jake I think you need to go."

"You are picking him over me?"

"I am saying you are out of line."

"I think you are just mad because deep down you want a real man."

"Jake, just go." I stood up, but I did not go. Instead I pulled down my pants. I was hard already from our discussion. My cock sprang out. It was 6.5 inches and very thick. She did not look away.

"Fuck Dennis mom, you need a real one like this." I walked right in front my cock, inches from her body. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. She did not resist.

"Jake, that is so thick."

"I told you mom, you need a real cock, not Dennis’ little one." She jerked me off.It felt so good. I had always wanted this. I could not believe it was actually happening. I moved my hands to my moms breasts. I had dreamed for so long of grabbing them and now I was. They were very soft and squishy. Way more than a normal boob is. I assumed this was do to how saggy they were. I felt like I was going to cum. I knew I wouldn’t last long anyway with my mom jerking me off and my finally grabbing her giant boobs.

"Mom, slow down or I am going to finish."

"What, a real man can’t get hard again?" She was right. I continued to squeeze her boobs until I felt the explosion coming on. I turned so my cock wasn’t pointed towards her and she jerked me off right onto the floor.

"We will clean that later."

"Mom can you take off this shirt I want to touch those big boobs without any clothing." She stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head. Her old lady bra covered in flowers was on display. Her cleavage spilling over it and her big belly spilling over the top of her pants. She reached back undid her bra pulled it off and they instantly sank down. I ran over and held one to my mouth. I could for the first time now see her whole areola. It was huge. Bigger than a soda can and dark. I put it in my mouth. I waited so long so suck on this saggy boobs. At the top of her boob where I was holding it it was almost flat because all the meat of her tits feel to her bottom. She had the definition of flap jack tits. By now I had gotten hard again.

I moved my hips left and right so my dick moved with it and hit my moms thigh with it showing her I was once again hard.

"This time it is going inside me" she pushed me away form her saggy tit and pulled her pants down. Her tits almost touched the floor as she did. She was now standing in front of me fully naked. Tits almost at her belly button, stomach nice and big, her pussy had some hair on it, her thighs covered in cellulite and her love handles looked amazing. I dropped to me knees and ran my tongue up her pussy. She loved it. I reached up, only a little bit and grabbed the bottom of her tits and I licked her pussy.

"Jake, I need that fat cock inside me right now." I laid on the floor with my cock pointed at the ceiling waiting for her to come and sit on it.She walked over to me and squatted over my cock.

Her tits were touching my stomach and it was driving me crazy. I was going to go inside my mother. I was going to feel her pussy on my fat cock. She eased herself down onto it. She she warm and soaking wet. She was not too tight but I did not mind. She took my whole cock and closed her eyes in pleasure. She leaned back and began to bounce up and down on it. Her tits were going crazy. They were going left, going right, if she bounced high enough they would lift up and hit her and then come crashing down. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I tried not to be too turned on by it because I would explode that very moment.

I reached behind her and grabbed a handfuls of her ass. That as enough to push me over the limit. I pulled my cock out of my mother and shot my cum.

"Wow Jake again?"

"Mom this is just so hot for me. I cannot believe it is happening." She stood up and turned around. Her glorious big cellulite ass was on display. She backpedaled until she was over my face and then sat down. My mothers big ass was right on my face. I began to lick her pussy which was right on my mouth. She moved it back and fourth over my tongue. I could barley breath under her giant ass but was loving it. She leaned forward and took my cock cock into her mouth. I felt her big saggy breasts against my torso. As she sucked my cock she bounced her ass up and down on my face. Her giant globes for ass cheeks would come crashing down onto my face. I was hard again in my time. My moms pussy tasted salty. I began to tongue fuck her hole. She really seemed to like this because she smacked her ass faster onto my face and began to suck my cock faster. Suddenly I got a thick globe of cum in my mouth from my mother. I made her cum. She began to slow down on my cock and her ass smacking against my face stopped. She stood up.

"Now come pound me one last time." She leaned her wrists on the kitchen table and bent over. Her tits were hanging down in front of the table as well as her big belly. Her giant ass was there waiting for me. I did as she said. I aimed by cock into her pussy, grabbed her hips and pounded her. I was going fast, the fastest I had ever fucked. I mean when you cum 2 times, the third time lets you have a little bit more fun. Her ass was going all over the place. She was moaning every time I smashed my cock into her. I kept this face up for five minutes, and then the front door opened and Dennis was looking right at us.

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