Fucking a plumper girl, sex story

Fucking a plumper girl, sex story
Belinda was a wonderful person, great personality, bubbly; jocular and always full of fun; she’d a list of friends as long as your arm. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At 275lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits. She was no problem to take out with them, if fact they jumped at the chance, knowing full well that any male’s attention would be attracted to them.

Sex, yes of course she’d had some of the lad’s, but she had to agree, they we’re three sheets to the wind when they’d taken her to bed. Some of her friends welcomed a Belinda night, they’d all go out, chatting up the lads getting them well and truly plastered, at the lads expense of course, winding up the guys with erotic gestures, some of her friends were quite fuckable, usually it was a good night for all with Belinda getting laid at the end. She could even choose her stud at the beginning of the evening; the girls would then work on him though the evening.

This was easy for her friends, but Belinda knew she had to be answerable to her own sexual needs, she wanted to have it when she herself had the demand, her needs were as that of her friends. T’was easy for them, little bit of down the blouse, or an up-skirt peek, they had it made; as far as cleavage was concerned for Belinda it was more of an overlap, and an up-skirt was completely out of the question with the knickers she wore. Her friends thought she got them from ?Rent-a-Tent" for once as a joke she’d offered an old pair to the Coast Guard as a life raft.

?Decisive Needs" was an old peoples nursing home, just outside town, Belinda had worked there since she was 17, working her way up to now matron at 22. Sitting in her office one day she pondered over her eleven male patients, the youngest being 72 with old Bert the oldest at 94, they were all a good crowd, in all there were 34 patients at the home. Belinda was going through the staff rota, noting that no one had been allocated for the bathing of patients for that night or the following week, Mary would be away on her annual holiday, it looked as if she herself would have to stand in on administering the chore.

There we’re very few staff left when Belinda made her round, she’d checked out all the ladies first, they were very little trouble in the evenings, more content with the TV and their nattering to worry anyone.

?So how are we this evening Bert! Ready for you’re bath then.

?The big chief herself this evening then, I feel quite honoured!"

?We’ll have less of the big chief!" Belinda replied with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

?Well you might shut the door and lock it!" Bert stammered.

?Lock it, what an earth for; who do you think will come in here then?"

?I’d like to think you’d not take the chance!"

?For what pray?"

?I can only assume that you’re going to take over Mary’s roll?"

Belinda was fascinated by his words wondering just as to what Mary’s roll was, going back toward the door she eased it shut and locked it, then turned back toward Bert, who was now sitting up onto his elbows.

?So what is Mary’s roll then?"

?Thought you we’re the matron around here!"

Well, yes I am, but Mary’s roll. What does she do for you then?"

Bert leisurely eased the bed covers down, his eyes never leaving Belinda’s. She watched inattentively as they moved from his private parts, amazed as to the sight before her.

Bert’s cock came into full view, never had she realised that a man of Bert’s age could have such a strong and healthy erection.

?So what does Mary do to that for you then?"

Bert could see the tell tale look in her eye; she was captivated by his rod.

?Plays with it sometimes taking it up into her mouth!" Bert knew he was lying about her taking his cock into her mouth but it was worth a try.

?A bed bath first then perhaps I see what I can do for you!" Belinda quizzed easing the bedclothes from the bed exposing him fully.

?Not bad for an old one are you; when did you last service that then?" Belinda reached across the bed lifting his cock up into her hand.

?Depends on what you mean by service. Mary has made me cum a few times, as far as the real thing is concerned it be years!"

Belinda could feel the intense weight of his cock in her hand; a slight throbbing was sensed, conveying a twinge down between her own legs. Abruptly she released her hold, rolling Bert onto his side and started to bathe him in soothing activity, his arms his body and his legs, then turning over once more doing the same to the other side.

?Now back on your back!" She told him.

His cock was still in a solid state, rubbing her hands on the soap she reached across taking his cock into both hands manipulating the large organ between them, then rubbing them up and down on the shaft. Bert lie back onto his pillows.

?My. Your good at this aren’t you!" He murmured.

Belinda never replied, and by no means altering her pace, she sensed the erection becoming firmer by the minute.

This wasn’t helping her that much, she’d already accepted that she’d partake in her own sexual activities from now on, at the nursing home she’d have a more than willing cliental, they might be old, but they’d be more than willing going by Bert’s action. Belinda reached across once more rinsing the soap with a soft sponge; Bert could only but gasp as the outer sensations of the rough sponge was dragged along the sides his shaft.

As Belinda watched, she could see the blood pumping through the thick veins that protruded along it’s side, it was an magnificent specimen of manhood. The crown was bulbous, with the hefty proportioned helmet scoping down at the back, the flange extended outward around its circumference, in Belinda mind it was gigantic, as she dabbed it dry, her fingers could but reach around it completely. She sensed the dampness forming in the gusset of her knickers, perhaps Mary had only given the proud weapon a blow job, to take it further may have worried her, Belinda knew it was a chance she had to take, if she couldn’t handle it who’d know, it wasn’t as if her friends were around her now egging her on, watching as the guy’s fucked her.

With Bert the way he was, his age his medical condition, there would be no way that he could undertake any strenuous action, she’d never been with a man on her own before, but how far was he prepared to go. If Mary had given him a blowjob, there was no real stain on him from that action, but the real thing was the old fella up to it? Belinda thought.

If she experienced an orgasm, there’d be no laughter from behind; even the loss of her virginity was not a private matter, never had she felt so humiliated, just because she was a little larger than her friends, it didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt. Her mind went back to the occasion, the guy in question was flitting from one girl to the next, fucking them as though the world was coming to an end; he was pissed out of his mind at the time anyway, so the blame could not be put on him. They’d slotted her in between the three girls laid out on the bed, he was leaping like a maniac from one to the other, it then became Belinda’s turn, he’s cock felt not unlike a massif telegraph pole being thrust up her, she remembered screaming, God it hurt; she’d bleed for at least an hour afterwards not that the other girls even notice her distress.

Belinda put her hand up under her skirt, she was sopping wet at this stage, and only viewing his magnificence had caused this, she wondered if it would hurt like her first had. However she’d be in the chair so to speak, take her time, nice and slow. If it got the better of her, she’d only to get up and leave who’d say anything, definitely not Bert, at least she’d have been brave enough to attempt it.

Bert brought her back to her senses with a loud groan, she never realised the sensations she was administering on him with her stroking hand and manipulating fingers. The last thing she wanted was for him to blow at this stage. He spread his legs as he sensed her crawling up the bed between them; Belinda placed her head over the large helmet engulfing it into her mouth.

Poor old Bert couldn’t believe his luck, he lifted onto his elbows once more watching as her head bobbed up and down, okay she wasn’t that much to look at, but Christ, she did a wonderful blowjob. He’d have something to enlighten the lads with tomorrow at breakfast, that’s if they’d ever believe him; he tried lifting his hips, but it was to much for him, leave her to it he contemplated.

Belinda licked up and under the large helmet, then stimulating the eye very delicately with her tongue, she sense Bert groan once more, it had to be now or never she thought. Without more ado, she stood bolt upright hovering above him lifting her skirt, tugging the gusset of her knickers to one side. Bert couldn’t believe his own eyes as she started lowering herself down towards his cock, again he forced himself up onto his elbows; he just had to see this. He’d not had a pussy glove his cock in years, if he’d have been a younger man he’d have thrust up to meet her pussy; as the moist lips edged over the crown Bert let out a loud gasp. Belinda felt the pressure as it spread her pussy open wide, wider than ever before, she thought she’d had the biggest of cocks up until now.

?Is that nice big boy?" she grinned down to him, studying Bert’s face, she knew he yearned badly to push himself up into her, nevertheless she was now in control, slowly, very slowly she started lowing herself. The pleasure was more than she could ever have expected, or hope for, for that matter, amazed that she’d able to spread so easily, gradually she lifted and lowered, lifted and lowed. The large helmet jerked as it was compelled between her taught pussy muscles, no pain just sheer pleasure for both.

?Nice, I can think of other word’s, take you’re time missy, I don’t want to blow just yet, and I’m sure we’ll not be disturbed till morning!" Bert mused.
?Till morning, d’you think you can last that long?" Belinda sniggered

She was nearly there, it was getting easier by the minute, she’d only wished she had Bert’s viewpoint, it must be a wonderful sight, she could feel the drag on her pussy lips each and every time she lifted. How could a man of his age be so hard, the feeling was sensational? Her size and weight was getting the better of her, she couldn’t stop now what if he went soft on her, she’d never forgive herself.

Belinda’s head went back as she sense her first orgasm, Bert knew what was happening, her hands were on his shoulders as she braced, with the removal of her weight on his hips Bert managed to lift giving her a few thrusts himself, not to deep, just enough to let her know he was still with her. Belinda moaned, arching her back, her inner pussy muscles contracted along the walls of his thickened shaft.

?That’s good Bert, bloody dam good!" Belinda lie lengthwise along his body, Bert managed to pull his feet back up the bed, enabling him to lift his hips, then he really started to fuck her, not to fast but it gave her a chance to catch her wind. At this stage she could have done with her so-called Arse man, the lover who always fucked her in that region. Bert’s cock felt like the rough bark of an old oak tree, Belinda put it down to the thickness of the heavy vein formation along the sides of his cock; however it did feel good. She angled her body allowing him complete authority; Bert needed no invitation as he speeded his stroke.

Again, Belinda went into orgasm, this time she had to clench the sheets along side Bert, his velocity overwhelmed her, he was literally ploughing into her now, his fingers gripping her waist tightly

?Hang in there missy, the boy’s about to blow!" He stammered. ?You’ll know when he blows, just you hang in there, my what a good fuck you are!!"

Belinda could not perceive as to where he was getting the energy from, he was like a young stud that had been deprived of sex for to long. With head back and back arched, she went through an almighty con-tippler, her breathing was laboured but she managed to let out a low but gutterish moan. Bert was now using his full length, levering himself with her hips, forcing deep; Belinda enormous breasts were being thrown backwards and forwards across his face, it was as much as she could do to hold herself above him. She knew she’d have to slow him down if only for his own sake, no man she’d known could fuck at this pace.
?Bert?this is to much?you must slow you’re speed, your taking my breath away!"

?Never you mind none missy! He’ll blow soon, I’m confident of that!"

?Bert?slowdown; you’ll kill yourself at this rate!"

?But what a way to go missy!" Bert never faulted, but fucked her even harder, he was like a man with no limits.

Belinda sensed him withdraw on each backward motion; her pussy felt the cool air of the bedroom entering her body. Nevertheless Bert had motive for this; she felt her pussy inflated each time his cock was ultimately forced back into her, a fanny fart was out of the question, with the girth of his cock there just wasn’t the room, she sensed the air welling inside her, sooner or later she felt she’d burst.

Bert hadn’t undertaken such employment with a female in years; he was going to blow, and blow he would. This was one fucking she’d never forget, he needed the air to open her up, as when he did blow, it would need space. Mary had done him proud with her hand jobs, but this, she would milk him dry.

?Here she blows missy!" Bert gripped the sides of his bed, forcing his cock in deeply, letting out a thunderous moan. ?Jesus Christ boy, fill her to the brim!"

Belinda felt as if she was sitting on Mount Etna when the primary spurts started it was a real eye-opener for her; she thought the first jet would cut her in two. Then the long blasts boiling inside her, she lowered her upper torso pushing her arse backwards allowing her pussy full penetration of the huge organ. Her teeth were buried into Bert’s pillow with the severity of it all, never had she had such a dynamic fucking or filling, it seemed never ending.

Bert virtually collapsed beneath her once he’d downloaded his balls, Belinda thought him dead, with no movement being shown.

She eased herself back up into a sitting position without putting her weigh on his body.

?Bert?Bert are you alright?" she cried out.

It was moments before there was any movement from the old fella, but he looked up with a twinkle in he’s old eyes.

?Missy, you’re one hell of a fuck, wish I’d have known you 40 year ago. God, I’d have given you a seeing to?Hell!"

Belinda started to gently lift from him, but taking her time, there was still enjoyment to be had from the mammoth cock, even at this slow pace the helmet and the bulbous veins made sure of that.

?You’ll be needing that towel of yours or my bed will be awash missy!" Bert beamed, his eyes glued between them, watching as his cock came visible once more.

As she finally lifted clear, great globules of spunk started flowing in a slow but even stream, luckily for Bert she’d lifted one leg clearing his body, allowing the bulky rivulet of semen to land on the other. She immediately grabbed the towel placing it up to her open pussy dabbing it profusely, already her knickers had soaked up most of the gummy fluid.

?Bert Thomson, I didn’t think you had it in you, I’ll lay a wager that cock of yours has sown a few seeds!"

?You don’t really think those skimpy knickers are going to hold that lot back do you. You’ve had about 20 years of pump up there I’ll have you know young lady. Now you make sure you put it to good use?"

?Use, how say you Bert?"

?Rub it onto your breasts, it will tenderise your beautiful body!" Bert chuckled to himself. ?Now, I prefer to bathe at least twice a week more if you treat me right. That’s of course unless you have other patients that you look after?"

?Other patients! That’s food for thought Bert!" Belinda smiled.

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