Screwing with the bbw Neighbour

Screwing with the bbw Neighbour
We recently moved into a completely new area. It was a new housing development and there were loads of young families and child-free couples who had taken advantage of the widely available quality housing. Suffice to say there was plenty of eye candy for my late thirties eyes to feast on. I’m Bill, I’m married with a couple of kids. I’m tall, with short grey hair, dark brown eyes, a little overweight and a bit bored of my sex life at home.

We’d been in around a week and it was evidently bin day coming up as everyone was putting their stuff out the front for collection. We had no idea what was expected in terms of separating stuff out for recycling or what have you so I decided to go and quiz a neighbour on protocol. I knocked on a couple of doors but folks were out.

Eventually I found someone in. She introduced herself as Ellie. She would be in her mid twenties at a guess, around 5 and half feet tall with dark hair, dark eyes, a pretty smile and thick fashionable glasses. She had a pretty trim looking figure but what I noticed straight away was the swell of her breasts. I’m definitely a boobs man and these looked pretty awesome. She was wearing a relatively low cut vest top and I could see the swell of her cleavage from her push up bra. I’m guessing they would be around a D cup.

Ellie filled me in on the protocol for recycling. As she did so she bent over to put some stuff in a recycling box and I got a great view down her top of her cleavage, all the way down to the little red bow on the front of her black and red bra: delightful. As she stood up again I was fairly sure she caught me checking her out but she didn’t let on.

We chatted about a few things as she continued fiddling around with the contents of her boxes which allowed me a few more flashes of her boobs. I told her about my job and the fact that I work from home most days. She told he about her husband who worked away from home a lot. Soon though, having found the information I was after, and had a bonus lech session I had to get back home to sort out our bins. Later, after my wife was in bed I jacked myself off to the memory of Ellie’s cleavage.

The next day my wife had to go out to take the kids to an activity. I was busy working when there was a knock at the door. It was Ellie. She was wearing jeans and a similar top to the day before, although if anything it was slightly lower cut. She smiled at me and asked if she could step inside as she had to ask me a question.

I welcomed her in and asked her if she wanted a drink or anything. She said no as she launched straight into what she had come to say.

"Bill, I’m sorry if this is a little forward, but I really have to know, and please don’t lie. Yesterday, when I was putting stuff in my bins, did you take a look down my top? I’m sorry it’s so personal. I just really have to know."

She blushed as she was talking. My head started whirring. I couldn’t decide what the best course of action was. Do I confess and end up alienating a neighbour already? Do I lie, and risk alienating her even more? Eventually I had to make a decision and answer her.

"Yes," I said carefully. "Yes I did steal a couple of glances down your top. To be honest it was hard not to."
"I thought so!" she continued. "I was pretty sure I’d seen you looking. You’re right it was hard not to. My top was pretty low, and you’re a guy. I’m glad I was right. Do you mind me asking, did you like what you saw?"

This was turning into an interesting conversation and I decided to be a little more open with her.

"Yes, very much, Ellie," I replied. "In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret, after my wife was asleep I had a wank whilst thinking about what I saw. I hope that’s ok!"

"Ummm," Ellie said, blushing again. "Well yes I suppose that’s ok. It’s just that, well, I’m very conscious about these big lumps in front of me. They’re so much bigger than when I married my husband. I’m guessing I was a late developer. Anyhow, he doesn’t like how big they are and keeps telling me I should have reduction surgery. As a result I hate them. They come between us, literally. I can’t see how anyone could like them or like looking at them."

She had started crying. I really didn’t know what to do. She was practically a stranger. In the end the softie in me took over and I put my arms round her and held her as she sobbed, letting it all out. After a while she calmed down and I handed her a box of tissues.

"Thanks," she said shyly. "I’m really sorry about this, Bill. I hardly know you. I shouldn’t be breaking down like this in front of you. At the same time it feels loads better!"

We sat in silence whilst she dried her face and pulled herself together a bit more.

"I’ve had an idea!" she suddenly exclaimed. "You like the look of my boobs. Why don’t you help me come to terms with them and help me feel better about them?"

"I’m not sure I understand how I can help really, Ellie."

"I’m sure you’ll work it out, Bill. Basically, I’ve spent so much time and effort trying to make them seem smaller and hiding them away when my husband is around. When he’s not around, like last night, I tend to be a bit more relaxed otherwise I’d do myself in. That’s why I was wearing what you saw. But at most times I wear boring frumpy clothes in an attempt to hide what’s there. It’s obviously paid a heavy toll on my self image. Why don’t you help me by telling me what you like and don’t like and I’ll try things out. Maybe that way my confidence will grow. As for you, well you’ll get to stare at my boobs without having to shy away. What do you say?"

I gave the impression I was thinking it over carefully, but how could I turn her down? "Alright," I eventually said, "I’ll give it a go!"

She beamed at me and asked if I would like to get started right away. I agreed and so we went back to her house as she had all her clothes there.

She started by pulling out loads of sports bras and tight camisole tight things explaining that this is what she wears normally when her husband is around to try and reduce the size of things and to keep things well hidden.

"You see my predicament. Help me!" she pleaded.

"OK," I said, "first of all you need to feel comfortable in all areas, as well as feeling good about your general look. You said you tend to dress frumpily. I’m guessing that includes wearing jeans and so on?" She nodded, so I continued. "No problem, jeans are good, but you need to feel better about the way you look, so I want you to select a skirt you like wearing and put that on. Don’t change anything else."

She rummaged around in the wardrobe and pulled out a short looking number and headed off to the bathroom to change. She explained that she had to shave her legs so might be some time. She invited me to have a look through her clothes and see what sorts of things she could try on.

I started by looking at the underwear drawer. I made a mental note that she tended to favour tiny thongs. Something for my masturbation session later! In terms of bras, she had the horrible things she’d shown me earlier, and a small selection of pretty looking push up bras. They were all 32D. In terms of clothes, she had a lot of frumpy stuff as she’d explained, like t-shirts and hoodies and so on, but there was a small collection of nicer stuff as well. This included some short skirts, some more of those vest tops, some blouses and a couple of little black dresses that looked like they might have been from the smaller breast days.

After around twenty minutes Ellie came back in. She was now wearing her skirt. It was a pretty short one, finishing just above mid thigh. It was pleated and quite loose. Her legs were nicely tanned and very shapely.

"You’re right," she exclaimed as she walked in. "I do feel better already. I’ve not worn a skirt like this for ages, hence the unshaven legs. Have you had a look through my clothes? Anything we can work with?"

"Yes definitely," I replied. "Not a massive amount, but there’s stuff to be going on with. Can I say though, you look delightful in that skirt."

She beamed at me and bent over affording me a great view down her top.

"Let’s get to work then," she bubbled. "I’m actually feeling quite excited, and definitely a little naughty as you’re practically a stranger! What do you have in mind?" She winked at me as she said this and I felt a slight stirring in my loins. I wondered where this would go.

"Ok Ellie, let’s get started, but if I ask you to try anything you don’t feel comfortable with then please say. I think part of the problem is that you have two extremes of underwear. You’ve got the flattening type for your husband, and then the push up type. The latter must feel really odd in comparison to the former. In the absence of anything in between though, do you ever, or have you ever considered going braless?"

"No not these days, Bill. I used to quite a bit, but don’t you think these are too big for it? Won’t they just sag or look funny? What if my nipples poke through?"

"I can’t say if they’ll sag, but you’re young so I doubt it. As for looking funny, anyone who says that is clearly stupid. And nipples poking out is half the fun of going braless in my book. I love the sight of braless breasts. I love the way they bounce. It’s really enticing and exciting to watch. I completely understand if you don’t want to try it. At the same time, I think these push up bras are making mountains out of molehills in your mind by accentuating the cleavage. There’s nothing wrong with that and you look great. I just think it will help your mind if there’s some middle ground."

Ellie looked at me for a while. She started plucking on her bra strap absent-mindedly. Eventually she nodded, turned on her heal and went back to the bathroom. When she returned a couple of minutes later she was carrying her black and red bra in her hand and looked a little embarrassed. Nevertheless she strutted over to me and dropped the bra in my lap. The change had certainly reduced the volume of the cleavage, but she looked even more enticing, particularly as her top didn’t cover much of her braless breasts. She looked ravishing and there was a lovely amount of jiggle as she walked. I didn’t want to blow it, but I was sorely tempted to give her a squeeze.

"Does that feel better, Ellie?" I asked.

"It’s strange," she answered. "It does actually feel pretty good. I think you were right about the extremes. I certainly wouldn’t go out like this for fear someone might see what they’re not welcome to, but for around the house this would be great when hubby’s not here at least. What do you think? Is it an improvement?"

"Yes a major improvement in my book, although I can’t give a full assessment yet as you haven’t given me the same angled views as you have before yet," I replied with a cheeky glint in my eye.

Immediately Ellie bent over. I could see right down her top, to the skin at the top of her belly, the sides of her breasts completely exposed. The loose top fell away far enough for me to glimpse the sides of her areola. Her heavy breasts were pushed into the folds of the fabric by gravity. Then she crouched down in front of me allowing me to see down her top from above. Again I could see the insides of her breasts exposed along with the tops of her nipples. I was instantly hard and I suspect Ellie must have seen the lump in my pants because it was at head height for her. I wasn’t bothered. She needed to see the positive effect she was having. It was good for her confidence.

"So," she said as she got up again, "is that an improvement in your eyes?"

"Oh definitely," I replied. "You really have stunning looking breasts. They’re large but they look really firm. They look so good in that top, although I can see why you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear it outside. You should surprise your husband with it one day. That and the shortest skirt you own to show off your legs. Nothing else is necessary. He must be nuts not to enjoy your cleavage."

"I don’t know about that, Bill, but I do know I’m enjoying the feelings I’m getting of you appreciating my assets. Maybe you can select something else for me to try?"

I had just the thing in mind already and went over to the wardrobe. I pulled out a tight looking crop top t-shirt. It was white and quite thin material. I guessed it was the sort of thing Ellie would normally wear under a hoodie with one of her frumpy bras. I handed it to her and she spun round to go to the bathroom to change into it. As she span her skirt rode up affording a lovely view of most of her legs.

Whilst she was changing I gave my cock a little rub through my shorts. It felt damp. I was looking forward to jacking off later! When Ellie returned I knew I had a new image to add to my mental masturbation library. The crop top was really tight. It finished just below the swell of her breasts, but the size of them meant that it was unable to meet her torso completely at the bottom. The material was thin as I’d expected meaning you could see the outline of areola and nipples very clearly indeed. She’d also adjusted the skirt so it sat lower on her waist. The resulting exposure of skin was delightful. She had a nicely toned tummy with just a little bit of cushioning to make it really enticing. I could tell she was gaining confidence because she was moving a lot more freely now as well, letting her hips sway as she walked.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "You look hot!"

"Thanks. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the top to fit over my breasts properly though. It’s a bit small really. And I can’t put my hands up in the air or anything."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Look," she said, demonstrating, "the top rides up and exposes the bottoms of my boobs!"

"Just relax," I said. "That’s what I was sort of hoping for. Raise your hands up as high as you can, then relax and leave the top just as it is."

She did as I asked and a good inch of bottom boob was exposed.

"You see, it’s not going to show anything you wouldn’t want to show," I said. "To me it looks really hot and sexy, and I love how you’ve adjusted your skirt. It shows off so much of your amazing body."

"I tell you what, try something else for me: kneel down on all fours as if you were about to scrub the floor or something like that."

Ellie did so and as she did the wait of her breasts pulled the material of the top further up. Her tits hung down and the areola were no only partially covered at the bottom. I could easily see the bottoms of her boobs completely.

"So sexy, Ellie. So very sexy. You can get up now."

She did so and smoothed down her top.

"Are you ready for the next thing?" I said, and she nodded. I reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a flowery blouse.

"Here you go, pop this on and come back," I said.

She took it from me, but before she headed to the bathroom to change she reached into the wardrobe herself and pulled out a different skirt.

"It’s a bit shorter," she said, winking. "I’ve shaved the whole of my legs and I don’t want it to be wasted effort."

I sensed she was beginning to enjoy herself. I certainly was and I wasn’t going to stop her showing off a bit!

When she returned my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Her ’shorter’ skirt was tiny. It sat off the hip, Incredibly low in fact. I could make out the tops of the v of her mound. And the pleated material was probably only just longer than the bottoms of her buttocks. The blouse looked great, even though she’d done up all the buttons. It wasn’t long enough to close the gap above her skirt. She did a twirl for me and I caught a flash of electric blue that must have been her knickers.

"Oooh I can see you like, Bill," she cooed.

"Yes very much," I said, "but let me just make one or two adjustments if you don’t mind."

She nodded. I walked over to her and starting at the bottom I undid a couple of buttons to expose her naval. Then, starting at the top I undid all the other buttons except for the one just above her naval. The backs of my hands brushed her boobs as I went and I noticed a definite change in her breathing.

"There!" I said. "You know, the nice thing about blouses is that you have flexibility about how many buttons you leave undone so it’s adjustable depending on the circumstance. And if you’re not wearing a bra you don’t have to worry about it showing."

I stepped back and she looked amazing. Really slutty, but amazing.

"Yes you’re right, Bill, you’ve got complete flexibility over the buttons haven’t you?" she said and then she reached up and slowly undid the last one, allowing the blouse to fall open completely. Then she got down on her hands and knees, as before, only now the blouse slipped away exposing her naked boobs completely. I was almost dribbling. She had quite large areola that were lovely and pink and the nipples sat proudly atop them. They looked hard as peanuts. Then she crawled towards me, her heavy tits swaying from side to side.

"Is this a good outfit then, Bill," she quipped. "Make sure you inspect from all angles. I want your honest opinion."

I got up and walked round her. When I got behind her I noticed that the skirt wasn’t even close to covering her bottom. She was wearing a tiny blue thong and it was noticeably darker over her pussy area. I had a good look from all angles.

"What do you think, Bill. Is this the best outfit yet? Can it be improved?" Ellie asked.

"Well, it’s definitely the most revealing," I said. "And yes, it’s the best one yet. In terms of improving it though, I have a couple of suggestions. First of all you could remove the blouse completely. I mean, it’s not really doing anything for you is it? Then there’s the matter of your blue knickers. They’re nice, but I can’t help thinking they clash a little with your skirt."

Ellie smiled and before I had finished speaking she was already shrugging off the blouse. Then she slipped the knickers off in one swift motion, and returned to her position on all fours.

"Inspect me again, Bill," she breathed. "Inspect everything as closely as you can. Make sure you’re completely happy."

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I started at the front and repositioned her hands so they were wider apart. This allowed her breasts to hang freely rather than being partially restricted by her arms. Then I went round to the back. I had to pause as I took in the sight. Then I readjusted her again so her knees were a good six inches apart giving a much improved view of her pussy between them. I noticed that she was completely shaven clean, just how I like it. Her labia were full and meaty and glistening with her juices. There was a trickle running down one leg. I leaned in close and breathed in her musky smell. Then I reached out a finger and collected the trickle of juice from her leg. Ellie shuddered as I touched her and didn’t protest. I licked my finger clean. She tasted sweet.

I wanted to try some more, and be more daring, so I slipped a finger between her folds. She let out a loud groan as I did so. She was soaking wet and my hand was dripping. I licked it clean as I returned to the front.

"What do you think, Bill?" Ellie asked. "Are you sure you’ve given me a complete inspection?"

The way she said it made me think I must have missed something. I decided to see what it could be by being more daring again. I started off by reaching out a hand and cupping a breast. There was no resistance, so I cupped the other. They were the biggest I’d ever had the pleasure of touching and they felt great. I stroked them and rolled the nipples between my fingers. Ellie was panting now and letting out little sighs.

I went round to the back again and stroked her butt cheeks. Then I gave her a little playful smack. Ellie yelped a pleasing kind of sound as I did. Then I noticed that there was yet again juice trickling down her leg. I decided to be very daring and quietly fished my rock hard penis out of my shorts. My dick is quite long, around 7 inches or so, so I was able to easily stroke it between her legs and collect the juices. I slid it up until it was positioned over he vagina and started to slide it in gingerly. I was a little worried I’d gone too far.

My cock was greeted by a loud shout of ’Oh yes!’ from Ellie, followed by an even louder ’Fucking inspect me Bill’ which I took as approval for my actions. I stroked slowly until I was completely lubricated and then pushed myself in as far as it would go. He insides were definitely shorter than my dick. Just the way I like it. I started to thrust into her hard, knowing that each pound would bring us both nearer to climax.

I reached round and grabbed hold of her magnificent tits and massaged them as I pounded her tight hole. It wasn’t long before Ellie was coming hard. I felt the walls of her pussy clenching around me as I continued to ride her. I was pretty close myself, so I fucked away. Ellie was pretty noisy by now, squeaking and squealing and shouting my name. I thought she might be pretty close to another orgasm so I reached down with one hand to play with her clit. It was really hard and slippery. As I expected this caused Ellie to explode with her second orgasm in as many minutes. The stimulation of it enough to send me over the edge myself.

I exploded inside her pulsing my thick, hot seed into her. The spasms of her own orgasm milked me dry. Then I slipped myself out of her, completely spent.

I got up and tucked myself back into my shorts. Ellie got to her feet shakily and embraced me.

"Thank you," she said. "That was so good. I’ve not orgasmed from sex for ages. I really enjoyed it. And I feel so much better about my breasts too. I’m going to definitely try being braless more, although maybe not with the outfits I wore for you! That remains our secret. You should probably go now because my husband will be back home soon and I need to clean up, but I really want to have you round to play and fuck again. I’ll be in touch!"

I kissed her and said goodbye. She asked me to let myself out and close the door. As I left I turned around to see her one more time. Apart from that ridiculously short skirt she was naked and beautiful, and there was a large glob of my sperm running down her inside leg.

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