Black cock friday 1

Black cock friday 1
On the day after Thanksgiving, Shirley Johnson reported for work four hours earlier than normal. Despite the frigid weather and fresh snow covering the parking lot, crowds of shoppers were already forming at all six store entrances. While most of the other employees were shuffling into the big box store at 5:30 a.m. with the energy levels of leftover turkey carcasses, there was an uncharacteristic bounce in Shirley’s step. She hurried to her third floor office where she hung her coat on the door, stashed her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk, locked it, and then headed back to the first floor.

The chubby blonde woman planted herself in front of the elevator and greeted each of her co-workers with a sunny smile that left them both bewildered and resentful. No one volunteered to work on Black Friday, and no one who drew the morning shift was happy about the assignment. No one, that is, except Shirley.

With all of her staff clocked in by 5:40 a.m., Shirley assembled her team in the break room on the top floor of the department store. Standing in front of the room in a knee-length blue skirt, off-white cashmere sweater, and black boots, Shirley sipped her coffee before clearing her throat and addressing the group.

"I know it’s early, and I want to thank all of you for arriving on time this morning," Shirley said to the thirty employees gathered before her. "I hope that all of you had a very nice holiday. I know that most of you would rather be sleeping in today or going out to do your own shopping. But as you know, today is the biggest shopping day of the entire year. It is also the biggest retail theft day of the year. Our job is to make sure that this store’s losses are held within acceptable limits. I can’t tell you what management considers ’acceptable limits,’ but I can tell you what I consider acceptable: Zero. I’m putting all of you on notice that our goal in loss prevention this year is zero. That’s why I’ve brought in extra people. Our monitoring equipment has been upgraded over last year. We have more cameras with higher resolution than ever before. Management has given us the tools to fight theft. I expect us to not only fight, but to win. Zero losses this year."

A hand in the back of the room shot up into the air.

"Mrs. Johnson?"

"It’s Ms. The divorce is final."

"I’m sorry.

"No problem, Kenny. How can I help you?"

"How frequently should we patrol the restrooms?"

"I’ll go over rotations in a moment."

"Ms. Johnson, over here."


"Do we have to wear coats? It gets too hot walking around for eight hours wearing a heavy coat. We’re going to sweat ourselves to death."

"It’s twenty-six degrees outside. There’s six inches of fresh snow on the ground. How do you explain not wearing a coat? You’ll stand out like a sore thumb. An experienced booster will spot you in a heartbeat. You in the corner?Alvin?"

"Thank you, Ms. Johnson. What do we do if the batteries on our earphones go out?"

"See Gretchen immediately. She’s responsible for keeping the equipment charged. All right, we’re running out of time, so let’s go over the rotations. Kenny and Robert, you two have shoes. Caroline, ladies wear. Rebecca, juniors. Maria, Franklin and Kim, jewelry. Francine and Stephanie, lingerie. Lindsey and Jennifer, cosmetics and fragrances.

"Second floor, Rachel and Julian, you two get bedding. Sam and Brad, menswear. Gabriela, childrens. Aaron, glassware. Kyle and Grace, electronics. Aisha and Miguel, housewares. The rest of you are on surveillance screens until further notice. Any questions?"

"What time do we switch?"

"Every two hours. I’ll make adjustments based upon traffic flow and shoplifting patterns. The store opens in five minutes. I want everyone in place thirty seconds before the stampede begins. Now get out there and nab some thieves."

Store security unlocked the doors at precisely 6:00 a.m. The fleetest shoppers sprinted for the advertised sales, the most appealing of which were located in the electronics, jewelry, and cosmetics departments. Shirley’s team of loss prevention specialists spread themselves throughout the building. Each of the agents was in place when the first Black Friday shoppers reached the mountains of carefully arranged merchandise.

Shirley stood in the observation room?referred to as the Hawk’s Nest by store employees?looking over the shoulders of her video surveillance team. Each of the video hawks was seated in front of a bank of ten monitors. The surveillance cameras pivoted left to right and up and down, and the hawks could zoom in close enough to read the display on a cell phone.

* * * *

At 7:44 a.m., Jennifer brought in the first pick up of the day. The suspect was a young girl, probably no more than fourteen or fifteen years of age.

"Caught this one boosting a twenty dollar bottle of perfume," Jennifer said. "When I went through her pockets, I found merchandise from two other stores. She’s been busy today."

"Take her back to Room A," Shirley said. "Try to get her processed and out of here in thirty minutes or less. I need you back on the floor ASAP."

"I’ll do my best." Jennifer dragged the girl down the hallway and around the corner. She opened the door to Holding Room A and disappeared with the suspected perpetrator.

Shirley strolled through the Hawk’s Nest, pausing at every station to survey the foot traffic in the store. Most of the activity was still on the lower levels. She was considering shifting more manpower from the sparse third floor to the more heavily trafficked first floor, when she stopped and pointed at one of the monitors in the jewelry department.

"There," she said to the operator seated in front of the monitor. "Zoom in."

Neil tapped a few buttons on his keyboard and then reached for the joystick on his desk. The camera zoomed in on a young black male with short jacket and saggy jeans that revealed six inches of his plaid boxer shorts. The young man was looking at lower-priced costume jewelry. He opened the door of a counter-top display case, took out a pair of earrings on a plastic card, turned the card over to read the price, and then returned the card to the case. He removed several pairs, and then moved to the next case.

"There." Shirley pointed at the monitor. "Right there. Did you see that?"

"Uh, no." Neil answered, shaking his head.

"I can’t believe you missed that. The kid boosted a pair of earrings right in front of your nose. Go clean your glasses while I take care of this."

"That kid didn’t take anything. How could he? He needs one hand just to hold up his pants."

"I know what I saw, Neil. If you want to continue working beyond this shift, you better start looking more closely."

Shirley left the nest and headed for the security elevator located in the back of the loss prevention suite. She rode the car to the first floor and exited in the lingerie department. She walked the thirty feet from lingerie to jewelry. She spotted her suspect standing by himself at the end of a long jewelry case. He was still looking at costume earrings when Shirley approached him from behind.

"Come with me please," she said as she grabbed the young man by the elbow.

"What? Who? What do you want? I didn’t do anything."

"Come with me quietly and we’ll discuss this upstairs." Shirley looked up at the taller man, seeking his dark eyes. She gave him a stern look. "You can’t escape. If you run or resist the armed security officers at any exit will grab you and hold you until the police arrive. Will you come with me quietly?"

The young man tensed and then shrugged.

"Alright. I’ll come. But you’re making a mistake, lady. I didn’t take anything. You’re going to regret this."

"We’ll talk it over when we get upstairs. I’ll give you a chance to tell your side of the story. Now let’s go."

Shirley took the young man by the arm and led him to the security elevator. When the door opened in the third floor security suite, she directed him to Holding Room D?the smallest of the four holding rooms. Shirley closed the door and locked it behind her.

"What’s your name?" she demanded.

"Maliq," he answered. "Maliq Carson. My uncle is Fred Patterson. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?"

"Can’t say that I have."

Shirley dismissed the suggestion. In twenty years of loss prevention, she had heard countless perps name drop some supposed relative who would "have her job." None of the threats had ever amounted to anything.

"Age?" she asked.



"Thirty-four nineteen West Seventy-second street."

"Do you have any ID?"

"In my wallet. Left rear pocket."

"Put your hands on the table," she ordered.

Maliq reached down and placed his palms on the table. Shirley pulled his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans. When she opened it a wrapped condom fell on the table. She fished around and found his driver’s license, which confirmed the accuracy of his previous answers.

"How did you get here? Bus?"

"What the hell difference does that make?"

"Just answer my question."

"I drove my car. The keys are in my coat pocket."

Maliq lifted his right hand and reached for his keys.

"Keep your hands on the table. I’ll get to the contents of your pockets in a second."

Shirley patted Maliq’s sleeves, squeezing his right forearm through the insulated fabric, moving to the upper arm, and then repeating the process on the other side. She reached into his coat pockets and removed a key ring and an iPhone from one side and a sheet of folded yellow paper from the other.

"Your Christmas list?" she asked.

"Yes." Maliq hissed.

"A shoplifting Christmas list. How original. Your mother will be proud."

"Fuck you, bitch. I didn’t steal anything."

"Fuck yourself, criminal. Spread your legs."

Shirley squatted on the floor and reached for Maliq’s ankles. She patted up the right leg, clutching and squeezing his calve muscles as she worked her way up to his knee. She moved past the knee, rubbing and kneading his firm, slim thighs through his saggy denim jeans. Shirley finished the right leg and then repeated the process with the left. She stood up when she reached his crotch.

"Before I search your pockets, is there anything you want to tell me?"

"Yeah, I’ve got something to tell you. You’re a fucking cunt. But you probably knew that already, didn’t you?"

"Keep talking asshole. You’re only making things worse for yourself."

Shirley reached into his back pockets and found nothing. Due to the sag of his pants, his belt line bisected his butt cheeks. She patted his cheeks through the boxers, and then reached around to the front. She pulled a roll of breath mints from the left pocket, and then slipped her fingers into the right pocket.

"What do we have here?" she asked with a note of triumph in her voice.

Shirley threw a plastic card with costume earrings on the table.

"That’s not mine!" Maliq shouted.

"Oh, I know it’s not yours. But you were attempting to steal it."

"Why would I steal that piece of junk?"

"Because you’re a criminal. That’s what you do."

"Fuck you. I didn’t steal it. You planted it on me."

"So, you’re going with that story? It was planted?"

"You know I didn’t take it. You put in my pocket. I know you did."

"That’s the best you can do? It was planted? I set you up?"

"Check it for prints. I never touched it."

"I don’t need to check it. I have surveillance video."

"You don’t have shit and you know it. You planted that crap on me."

"Maliq, we caught you. Since you’ve never been apprehended in this store before today, we have some leeway. According to store policy, I have two options for you. One is that you sign a confession and stipulate that you will never visit the premises again. Don’t make that face until you’ve heard what I have to say. I won’t call the police, you won’t be arrested, and your family doesn’t have to know that you got caught. But if you ever enter the property?and that includes the parking lot?we will call the police and you will be arrested for trespassing. Your confession and the stipulation will be admitted into evidence.

"The alternative is you continue professing your innocence and we call the police. You will be escorted out of here in handcuffs, taken to the police station, processed, and most likely you’ll spend at least one night in jail?maybe all weekend. Your parents will have to pick you up in the morning. In six months you’ll go to trial, and you will be convicted. This is an open and shut matter.

"The choice is up to you."

"I’m not signing anything. Give me my phone so I can make my phone call."

"I’m sorry, you seem to be under the impression that I have to follow police booking procedures. I’m not a cop. This isn’t a police station. I’m not bound by police regulations. I don’t have to give you Miranda rights, I don’t have to give you a phone call, I don’t have to provide you with counsel. You don’t get those rights until you’re in police custody. Is that what you want? Do you want me to call the police up here? They’re right outside the store. They can be here in five minutes. Shall I call them?"

"Hold on."

"Maliq, I want to help you."


"It’s true. Do you think I want to do all the paperwork that goes with an arrest? I have an entire store to protect, and I’m sure there are dozens more shoplifters on the floor right now."

"I’m not signing a confession."

"Work with me, Maliq."

"Fuck you and fuck this fucking shit hole of a store."

"Maliq, I have another option."

"You gonna call the FBI?"

"Hear me out. I think you’ll find this option works better for both of us."

"I doubt it."

"Just listen to me for a second."

Shirley stood behind Maliq and wrapped an arm around his slim waist. She pressed her soft body against his tight buttocks while reaching for the front of his jeans. She traced the outline of his bulge, and then slipped her hand downward toward his balls.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Maliq snarled.

"I’m helping you out of your predicament."

"Get your hands off my dick, bitch."

"Maliq, this is for your own good. When you walked through that door, there were two ways this could go, neither particularly good for you. I’m giving you another alternative. You would be smart to take advantage of the opportunity. I won’t offer it again."

Maliq remained silent. His head was swimming

Shirley interpreted his silence as assent. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. The boxers made a similar descent a second later. Shirley gasped.

"Oh my," she whispered.

Maliq’s semi-erect cock hung halfway to his knees. Shirley wrapped her soft white hand around the thick black shaft and felt it stiffen and swell.

"Maliq, I’m very confident that we can work out a solution to your situation that doesn’t involve the police or the legal system."

"You’re one fucked up whack job ho if you think I would ever fuck your fat ass white cunt."

"Shut up and sit your gang banger ass down." Shirley kicked a steel folding chair away from the table and placed it behind Maliq. "Sit down. Now. Or I call the police and we add attempted rape to your list of charges."

Maliq sat on the chair. The shock of the cold steel on his naked ass sent a shiver up his spine.

"Very good," Shirley said. "Now just give me a second."

Shirley opened a file cabinet drawer and removed a handful of plastic zip ties. She grabbed Maliq’s wrists and pulled them behind the chair. She snapped two ties around his wrists, securing his hands and arms behind his back. She then used two more to bind his ankles to the chair legs. When she was done, she stood and admired her work.

"Oh, no," Shirley said while reaching for his flagging cock. "We don’t want this to go soft."

"You’re going to regret messing with me," Maliq warned. "I promise, this will be your last day working here."

"Please don’t threaten me. Do you have any idea how many young men and women have threatened to have my job if I didn’t let them go? Do you know how many times I’ve heard ’I’m related to so and so.’ ’So and so is my dad.’ ’I know the company president.’ I’ve heard them all. Not one person who threatened me has ever been heard from again. Not one. When I’m done with you, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and then you’ll disappear like all the rest."

Shirley opened another file cabinet drawer and removed a pillow. She placed it on the floor in front of Maliq and knelt on it.

"You have a beautiful cock." Shirley wrapped both hands around the shaft and stroked it back to a fully erect state. "So long and thick, and so hard. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Go ahead, you can admit how much you’re enjoying my touch."

"Fuck you. You’re a fucked up psycho bitch."

"Please refrain from calling me names, Maliq. If you show me proper respect, I’ll show the same to you. Deal?"

"Fuck off, you crazy fat ass whore."

Shirley placed a hand under Maliq’s crotch and closed her fist, squeezing his balls between her fingers.

"Owwwwww! God damn you, bitch!" Maliq screamed.

"Are you ready to show some respect, or do you need another gentle reminder?"

"You know what you can do? You can fucking go to hell."

"My patience is wearing thin, Maliq. Perhaps this will shut you up."

Shirley stood up, pulled her skirt up to her waist, and hooked her fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties. She pulled the underwear to the floor, revealing her smooth pussy and naked ass to Maliq. She let go of the skirt, picked up the panties, and stuffed them in Maliq’s mouth.

Shirley resumed her position on the floor. She lowered her face to Maliq’s crotch and circled her hands around the base of his manhood. The solid black shaft throbbed between her fingers.

"You have a beautiful cock, you know that, Maliq?" she asked. "Silly me?I know you can’t answer me, so just nod your head if you agree."

Maliq’s eyes narrowed. He stared with contempt at the older, chubby white woman kneeling on the floor between his legs. The disconnect between his mind and his body was distressing. His face revealed anger and hatred, but this erection revealed something else.

"It’s so big and hard, and so full of energy. It feels?powerful?that’s the word I’m looking for. Powerful. How long has it been since you’ve come, Maliq?"

Maliq closed his eyes. He couldn’t stop what was happening to his body, and he couldn’t stop his body’s reactions. But he was not going to give Shirley the satisfaction of making him enjoy it.

"Don’t answer me. That’s OK. Your body is telling me all I want to know, no matter how hard you try to mislead me.

"Do you mind if I taste your cock?"

Maliq’s eyes opened wide. His entire body tensed as he struggled against the zip ties holding his arms and legs in place.

Shirley licked the tip of his cock, and then traced her tongue around the edge of his purple helmet. Maliq’s shaft throbbed and his body shook as he fought to maintain his composure. A tear rolled down his cheek.

Shirley opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much of his cock she could take into her mouth. She felt the head pressing against the back of her throat and realized that more than half of the shaft still remained. She bobbed her head up and down several times while trying to take more cock into her mouth, but there was nowhere for it to go. She lifted her mouth as streams of saliva ran down Maliq’s cock and balls. His body twitched and his cock throbbed in the air.

"I think you’re ready for me, Maliq." Shirley stood and turned her back to him. "Do you like white pussy? Have you ever fucked a white woman before?"

The chubby blonde woman picked the condom off the table and opened the wrapper. She unrolled the latex sheath down the length of Maliq’s shaft. She then pulled her skirt up in the back, reached between her legs, and grabbed the base of Maliq’s cock. She bent at the knees, lowering her torso onto his crotch. She stopped when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her slick pussy lips. She rubbed the head back and forth across her slit several times, and then dropped her full weight onto the young black man’s crotch.

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