The fat king - crossdresser

The fat king - crossdresser
I always wanted to be owned. I wanted a big man to have me, keep me, use me for his pleasure. I don’t think it’s anything to do with power, I think I just like pleasing people, but with men I just love going that extra further and showing him how much I want him to be happy. So I surrender myself. He can do whatever he wants, when he wants, my body is a toy for him to use no matter how tired or disinterested or horny or angry he is. Luckily I’m dirty enough to cover whatever he needs. And last night I surrendered to my new owner.

I had been chatting with him online for a long time, almost a year. He lived in the town nearby. I wanted to come see him but something always came up and travel was hard. But then he made the offer,

"I can pick you up right now. I’ll drive to your place, you can hop in and stay over at my place tonight."

As I waited on the street corner it dawned on me how much this was like prostitution, which made me smile an odd smile. I think I knew that this wasn’t for money but for passion (but it maintained the sluttiness level that really got me going). As I struggled to keep my butterflies, and my erection, down a second realisation came; Oh god I don’t know what he looks like!

He pulled up, I climbed in, and as I turned to meet his eyes I grinned so hard I probably looked a little nuts! He was a big man. Not muscular, but a big, rotund, fat man. JUST MY TYPE! I know it might sound weird to most but for some girls we just love a big, chubby daddy!

We drove to his place, pleasantries and reminiscing along the way, when as we neared he dropped some more information that made me super happy and mega horny,

"So my ex-girlfriend didn’t take all of her clothes, and I don’t know why I kept them but, well, you have a box of treasures now I guess. Enjoy!"

So cut to me, fully dressed in my new Daddy’s bathroom, checking myself out in the mirror. Plaid miniskirt, crop top hoodie, tall converse trainers, all the make-up I need and a cute black wig that brings my hair down to my shoulders. (He must have a type, because his ex and I have the same taste).

I entered his bedroom like a foal entering a German nightclub. But there he was, fully naked on his bed, lying back like a king. His cock twitched as he clocked me, and that, I think, was what freed me up. I gave him a little semi-confident twirl, and approached the foot of the bed clutching my skirt hem.

God his body made me horny. I scanned him up and down (I think he was doing the same to me!), and knew only that I wanted to worship him all over. All hail the king!

I crawled onto the bed and lost myself for a while. I kissed him all over, rubbing and kissing, breathing him in, as he lay there. I kissed his belly and his sides, his armpits and his chest. I kissed his thighs towards his cock (which, surprisingly for a man his size, was intimidatingly thick and a confident 6" long). Before I knew it I was smelling his musk deeply, my clitty leaking like a faucet. I kissed and sucked his cock for what must’ve been 20 minutes. I feverishly worshipped his rod ’til it was covered in me. I pushed down, taking the tip further into my mouth before loosening up and pushing further, deepthroating him like a fleshlight. As I reached the hilt, my face pushed into his fat, my head disappearing below his belly. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. My nose pressed into his flab as my face was engulfed by him, his cock fully secured in my mouth and throat...

I rode him, he fucked me doggy, it went on for hours as we became sweaty heaving messes. The room was full of a dank fuck-smell that only drove me more insane with lust.

As he fucked me as I lay prone, face down, he grabbed my hips purposefully and lifted me up into the sissy stance: Face Down Ass Up. He pressed his cock against my ass, lifted his belly upwards, reinserted himself and let go. I felt the weight of his stomach land on my butt. I was about to ask if he was comfortable, when I was interrupted by his answer; he fucked me so much harder and faster I started cumming almost instantly! I shot my load all over the sheets below as he obliterated my asshole. He owned me, he owned my boi pussy, he was the fucking king. "Fuck me Daddy!" I screamed, "make me pregnant!" Now that line surprised me as much as it did him, I assume, because as if by command he shot his load so fucking hard I felt it in my tummy. He bred me like a mare, and I loved every second of it...

He’s at work now, working up a sweat to provide for this roof. And here I am, lying in his bed, writing into my blog; fully dressed up and with a butt plug in to keep myself ready for whatever he wants when he returns. My King. xxx

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