Bdsm story

Bdsm story
The first time it happened I don’t know whether I should say I was dominated or that I submitted. I would usually say that the latter, that I gave myself and my control away, that I willfully handed the keys to my body and mind to her, to let her do with them what she willed. With her though, that first time I did not submit, I didn’t even realise that I was giving something away till it was gone. She held me spellbound and in full knowledge of this she took what she wanted and changed me forever.

The location was Vancouver, I was 22 and fresh off the back of a horrible year spent picking up the pieces of my life. Sporting a dark tan from my recent travels in Spain and a misjudged goatee. I had traveled with my mother and some of the aunties to visit a cousin of mine who had rebelled and moved to the west coast. During the days he took time showing us around the sites, in the evenings he worked leaving me in the company of a couple of joints and my own devices.

It was dusk; I met her on the steps outside the art gallery as people below us danced in Robson Square. I had observed her finishing her own joint. I asked her for a light, her eyes flashed at me when she heard my accent.

"You’re from London, I love your accent!"

I was a rabbit trapped in her headlights, I blushed, I averted my gaze and mumbled something in acknowledgement. She pulled out her lighter and stared back down at me from the step above.

"Only if you share"

I handed her the joint. The flicker of the flame momentarily lit up her face, her eyes emerald green and her lips devil red. She inhaled and held her breath for a few seconds before slowly exhaling. She paused for a moment then sat down on the steps, I followed suit and sat one step below as we had been standing. We sat in relative silence passing the joint back and forth as we watched a dance event in the square below. Our hands brushed with every exchange sending shivers and jolts up and down me each time. I relaxed with every acrid puff trying not to cough and keep my cool. The sparse conversation grew less as the cotton mouth slowly set in. My stomach growled as we neared the end of the joint, the familiar stoned hunger starting to build.

"I’m starving, know somewhere good to get a quick bite?"

"I’ll take you to a place if you like, I have the munchies too."

A slow stoned pause as I mumbled back my simultaneous agreement and gratitude, she giggled.

"Let me tell my friends"

I watched as she walked down the steps over to a group who were observing the dancing. Even when stoned she moved so gracefully. Everything about her seemed so effortless. She spoke a few words to her friends and made her way back up the steps, my eyes never left her for one moment.

"You ready?"

"Your friends aren’t joining us?"

"They’ve eaten, besides I can’t stay out anyway. You going to get up off your ass I’m starving?"

I didn’t need a second invitation to dinner; I stood up in a flash. Standing in front of her I instantly noticed that she towered over me, she was wearing heels but even then I was sure without them she would be good couple of inches taller than me. My stare lingered on her face, she looked like a young Sigourney Weaver with that kind expressive face, though fuller and with a set of bright emerald green eyes made even more piercing by her pale soft skin. Her curly dark hair cascaded down the sides of her face to just above her shoulders and lightly bounced with each step she took. My stare lingered a little too long and she gave a knowing smirk. I looked back ahead at the ground in front of me as I walked, she walked on my left hand side which made me nervous, I’d always felt clumsier walking on someone’s right.

She walked, I followed, stealing glances whenever I could, she had a Rubenesque figure but carried herself well with a confidence that was so sexy. We walked making a little slow small talk, my mouth was dry and my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth as I spoke. She was 28 and doing a doctorate in Art History, I knew nothing about art. I was 26 (I lied) and had recently quit dental school (that was the truth) and was looking for something new to do. It struck me that she was over dressed to have just been hanging with friends for an evening whilst getting stoned. I was nervous, had she changed her plans for me, she was stunning; she was out of my league. I kept on following.

"You like burritos? There’s a cool place up by here but we might need to wait a bit there’s usually a line outside."

"Burritos sound good"

In truth I was starving and the idea of waiting around longer than necessary wasn’t appealing. In truth I would have agreed to anything she said. We turned the corner to find a small takeout place with queue of people outside the door. I leaned against the wall, she pulled me away.

"Stand up straight, your jacket will get dirty!"

I whined and pulled a face, she glared back and I stood up straight. She smirked back at me, I could feel my heartbeat. The queue in front was moving, albeit slowly.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"


"Why not?"

"Well I tried long distance after leaving uni but it didn’t work out (I lied again). How about you?"

"God I’m starving, what are you going to have?"

"What’s good?"

"Well I’m a veggie so the choice is easy, their bean and cheese is delicious, I’m going to have two, just don’t be around me in the morning, the farts will be obscene!!"

She let out a cheeky self-assured laugh and mischief danced across her face. I nearly blushed, my knees were weak, my heart was drumming away in my chest, I steadied myself.

"Two? Those things look huge"

"Hey, a girl’s gotta eat, besides I have to pull a late night reading and I have nothing to eat at my place"

At the counter I had a quick glance at the menu, I was still lightly stoned and my stomach was growling so I ordered the fish burrito and a bottle of water to kill the cotton mouth. To be a gentleman I tried to pay for her food but she gave me that glare again and I backed off.

We stepped back out onto the pavement food in hand; I pulled out the water and started audibly gulping on it trying to quench that awful post joint thirst. She laughed at me as she took slow sips from her bottle. We started walking again, I didn’t ask where to. We were both engrossed in eating our burritos and I was so hungry I didn’t care to ask. I was grateful that the burrito was huge, by that point I was starving and I was so nervous that I wasn’t sure if I could even handle anymore small talk.

I didn’t notice how long we walked for as we ate, but she stopped outside a small apartment building.

"Well this is want to come up?"

I stared back dumbstruck.

Her keys jangled about as she searched for the right one in the dimly lit corridor. She was shuffling a little from side to side and was obviously agitated.

"Damn it I really got to pee!"

And as if to emphasise the point she shuffled and jiggled a little more in an exaggerated manner. With a quick click she unlocked the door and flung it open, she hurried in and I heard as she kicked off her heels and disappeared inside. A flick of a switch and the bathroom light momentarily framed her body as the door swiftly closed behind her. I turned on the lights as I closed the apartment door behind me, she had a cosy L-shaped studio apartment, her heels lay flung in the middle of the floor and I picked them up and neatly positioned them with the rest of her shoes. They were suede in a lovely shade of dark ivy green with a four inch heel. I slipped off my own shoes and neatly positioned them close to the door but not too close and I stood aimlessly in the middle of the room not taking off my jacket as I really didn’t know where to hang it up and not knowing whether I was going to be there long enough to warrant taking it off.

Then I detected the noise and it was quite audible and unmistakable, a strong torrent of pee hitting the water, her walls must have been paper thin and she can’t have been oblivious to that fact. The sound tapered and was quickly followed by short sharp farts that lead into a low rumbly sonorous one that reverberated round the bowl. She giggled in what must have been a knowing way and I stood more tensely whilst I blushed lightly. My heart was racing, my skin dancing with warmth and I was all too consumed by the anxiety of what may follow. I heard the flush and I turned to look around the room instead of intently towards the bathroom door.

Her place bared the hallmarks of hurried tidiness, no obvious clutter but the corners of drawers bulged and clothes poked out at the edges. The place was cosy, comfortable and space was at a premium but it wasn’t claustrophobic and felt vaguely homely. One end of the room was taken up a large bed raised up on a platform, in fact you had to go up a couple of steps to climb up onto it. I just pottered about aimlessly looking at books on shelves, music and movie collections, not taking much in but doing just enough to keep myself occupied. I heard the bathroom lock click as she opened the door but pretended to be preoccupied perusing through her stuff, my back was to her and I blushed again and bit my lower lip to steady my racing mind.

"You want a beer? I got cola as well?"

"A beer sounds good"

"You know you can take your jacket off, just relax"

Alcohol sounded like a good idea I needed something to calm the nerves and if there was going to be a performance on my part I needed something to take the edge off the excitement that was buzzing through every ounce of my body. I turned around as she was pottering around the kitchen and slipped off my jacket and folded it neatly over the back of a chair. She came back holding a couple of bottles, she was taller than I had anticipated with her heels off and up close she stood a good four inches or so taller than me. She wore a patterned knee length pencil skirt that stretched out over her broad hips and her large bust filled her top. Her broad rubensque frame coupled with her height made me feel small against her despite my own strong stocky frame. My eyes probably lingered a little longer than I meant them to and she laughed as I finally made eye contact, by this point my cock was straining in my pants and I was thankful my shirt hung low enough to cover my excitement. She passed me the bottle and my body jolted as her fingers brushed mine and the cold glass slipped against my skin.

She lead me over to the sofa and I sat down sinking in, my quivering body trying to relax as I folded my legs trying to hide my excitement. As she sat her skirt rode up a little exposing her knees and the lower portion of her pantyhose covered full thighs. I sank down a little more and relaxed bringing the bottle to my lips and took a long audible gulp.

"Steady now or I’ll have to start charging for those"

"Sorry, drink too fast and think too slow"

I laughed, seemingly for the first time that evening and I felt more at ease as the coolness of the beer washed over me and stemmed my excitement. She put on some light background music, a smooth slow swaying jazz that carried on as we chatted away. I finished one beer and two more as we talked like old friends and soon I felt myself completely relaxed and slouched with a smile on my face.

"I got to piss this beer is running through me, mind if I use your bathroom?"

"You got to pee you got to pee, knock yourself out"

I made a mental note to put some toilet paper down first; I didn’t want to be so audible. I finished up and helped myself to some mouthwash. As I left the bathroom the apartment was noticeably darker, she’d turned the lights down with one bright lamp shining from behind the sofa. She was no longer slumped back into the sofa and was sat more upright sipping away on a glass of red wine.

"Am I going to get one of those too?"

"Stand here"

Her tone was stricter as she pointed to a spot a few feet in front of the sofa; I was confused and pondered for a moment.

"Stand there, now!"

Her tone was firmer this time and her words hissed at me, my stomach knotted but I moved swiftly to the spot standing with my arms at my side. The lamp shone directly in my face and my eyes cast down on the floor and I blushed.

"Now be a good boy and take off your clothes"

My hands moved in slow motion and with trepidation my fingers started fumbling at the top button of my shirt.

"Look me in the eyes"

My gaze moved up to meet hers, her dazzling green eyes transfixed on me. Her piercing look hardened by the harsh light that framed her face, blurring her outline. The room felt colder and I lightly quivered as I slowly undid each button, until finally the sides of my shirt fell away and my chest and abdomen were exposed.

I let my shirt fall off my broad shoulders and clumsily wriggled my arms out, letting it fall, a tangled mess at my feet. The corners of her mouth curled and she smirked at me.

"Be a good boy and fold it neatly"

I got down on my knees and carefully folded the shirt and placed it squarely in front of me. Her gaze softened as she nodded approvingly. I stood and with a bit more grace I unclasped my belt and slowly slid it out, then rolled it tight and placed it next to my shirt.

"You learn fast, let’s see if you can keep that up"

My fingers lingered at the button on my jeans but I remembered my socks and removed them with same care as my other vestments. I slowly peeled my jeans away and then stood to attention once again, my stare returning hers, my clothes in a neat pile before me. Both my hands were lightly clasped at my front hiding my semi-erect state within my underwear. Goose pimples ran up and down the length of my body and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end.

"All of your clothes"

I blushed deeply and lightly gulped. My fingers hooked either side of my elasticated briefs and slowly stretched them over my now erect cock which lewdly sprung free and lightly twitched as it met the cooler air. I pulled the briefs down over my thighs and let them fall down. Not once did I break eye contact, nor did I stoop down to fold them.

She beckoned me and stepped forward over the clothes as she stood to tower over me. She peered down, her eyes slowly wandering over me. She stepped forward as she raised her hands and lightly gripped my shoulders. Her skirt lightly brushed the head of my cock and I stifled a moan and gently bit my lower lip. The corners of her mouth showed simultaneous approval and admonishment of my reaction. She kept her grip and slowly turned me round to face away from her.

I felt the air move as she stepped away and I could palpate the beams of her gaze as once again she scanned my body. She came closer again, inches separated us and burning heat radiated from my core to my skin. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"You’ve been stealing glances all night and your eyes have lingered at times. You like what you see, don’t you?"

I nodded slowly in approval like a little child. Her hands gripped my shoulders again only this time more tightly and she spun me round vigorously, leaving my head to spin momentarily.

"Speak up, I can’t hear you!"

"Yes miss, I adore what I see"

The harshness in her gaze softened momentarily to show some warmth and her hands fell from my shoulders. She turned in an effortless motion and sauntered back towards the sofa. Her hands moved to her hips and she lightly leant forward pushing her derriere out towards me. She gently extended her hand out towards me and I instinctively stepped forward to take her grasp, interlocking the fingers of my smaller hand in hers.

"You have soft girlish hands"

The embarrassment spread across my face but her kindly tone showed no sign of dissatisfaction. She lead me by the hand and over to the bed, where she lay me down and pulled a blindfold from under the pillow. She lightly placed it over my eyes and I raised my head to allow her to secure it. She expertly tied it so as to obscure any traces of light without it being too tight.

"No peeking now, you’ve been such a good boy so far"

I lay motionless as I listened to her unzipping her skirt and slowly disrobing. No doubt she didn’t take the same care to fold her clothes as she had made me. I felt the bed slowly give towards my side as she knelt down on it. I lay there in anticipation of her touch. She pushed my legs together and straddled me; her knees either side as she pushed her bum and weight back onto my thighs.

Her skin was cool, soft and luxurious and my cock twitched at her touch. I felt the heat of her sex burning like a furnace at the tops of my thighs and I reached out to touch her. She caught my hands mid-air, wrapping her hands tightly around my wrists. She leant forward and pinned them down either side of my head her weight firmly anchoring me down.

"I didn’t say you could touch!"

I didn’t struggle or panic, I just lay there, my head spinning as her perfume filled the air. My senses overwhelmed as her heavy breasts pushed up against my chest, her erect nipples burrowing into me. She must have sensed that I was close.

"Not yet, you’re not allowed to"

And so we lay there motionless my heart pounding in my chest, I was certain she could feel it.

"Just breath"

Gradually I relaxed and let my chest rise and fall rhythmically. I grew accustomed to her atop me and all the tension left me and my wrists slackened in her grip.

She slowly let go and pulled away from me, she ran her fingers through my hair and lightly pulled on it. Then down her fingers went ever so softly on my face, either side of my neck and over my shoulders. I groaned as I drew my shoulder blades together but her hands continued to roam across my chest and down my naval towards my pelvis. Her fingers stroked along the creases where my legs met my torso and her finger tips traced a circle around my groin without ever touching my cock. Her hands retreated and I felt her weight lift ever so slightly off my thighs.

"I’m going to take this off but you have to keep your eyes closed until I say you can open them, do you understand?"

She untied the blindfold and my eyes stayed firmly shut. I felt as she lifted off me and stood, her feet either side of my waist. She gave me permission for me to open my eyes, I hesitated momentarily and then let them open.

There she stood proudly astride me, a self-assured smile on her face. She loomed above me in the dim light, her hands stretched up above her head touching the ceiling. I gazed up at perfection and she gazed down at me.

My eyes could not help but stray over her body. My hands ached to touch her soft unblemished skin, ached to follow the gentle undulating curves of her outline and hold her full pendulous breasts that lightly sagged under their weight. She had lovely dark areolae that juxtaposed nicely against her pale skin. Her belly was full, but not too full and was rounded and I could ascertain the light appearance of stretch marks past. Her hips were broad and enticing, her thighs thick and luscious. I could only lie there and dream of the full ample derriere hidden from my view. And there in plain sight I could see a full dark neatly kept bush between her legs, the hairs matted by her wetness and her full pink lips salaciously poking out, glistening in the light. My hands wanted to explore every inch of her but with every ounce of determination I kept them pinned to the bed either side of my head.

I peered down my body, my cock was pulsing and erect and to my surprise the head was glistening with pre-cum which had started to trickle down the side of my shaft. Surprised even more so because I rarely ever produce pre-cum, let alone to such a level. My hands may have stayed firmly put, but my body arched up uncontrollably towards her, my cock piloting me to where it wanted to be. She put on a sly grin as she raised her foot and placed it flat on my stomach. Slowly and deliberately she pushed me back down till I was flat against the bed once again, with no doubt as to who was in charge.

She stepped forward over me and my gaze fell directly between her legs, my eyes tracing up her calves and thighs to her nether regions. She knelt down, her hands slowly stepping down the wall to steady herself. Soon she was crouched above me her legs akimbo either side of my head. She was inches from my face and I could feel her heat, my nostrils flared as her musky scent permeated the air. I was overwhelmed by her and all my senses were working overtime to keep up. I wanted to stick my tongue out and taste her, but the voice in my head warned me not to.

I looked up, her arms outstretched, her palms against the wall. She peered down between her arms, her rich dark curls curtaining her face. Her eyes flickered with pure lust and she reached one hand under my head and lightly held it up, her fingers gripping onto the base of my hair.

She brought me closer as she slowly pushed her hips forward. I could feel the searing heat as she pressed herself down over my face. A light pressure at first which intensified as she bore down until my nose was squashed against her flesh. I made a mental note to be thankful that I had worn my contact lenses that day instead of my glasses. She held me there as her body lightly tensed and we stayed still.

The heat, the softness of her skin, the tickle of her muff and the silky wetness. It all coalesced as a heady sensual cocktail, leaving me captured and intoxicated. It was then I then I knew I had surrendered completely, as I lay serenely in the sweet embrace of her cunt.

She slowly started to rock her hips and slide up and down on my nose, my lips and chin. She mewled and groaned as she sated herself on me. She built a rhythm and her fingers played more with my hair. Her body tensed and relaxed in waves.

Gradually she let go of her perch until she was half straddling my face and chest. The pressure increased and her divine form pressed into mine, skin on skin, yearning to become one. Her hand gripped my head harder as she went faster and her thighs gradually closing around my head.

I tried to look up at her but all I saw was a blur of hair and skin. Her motions became less controlled and culminated in a frenzied crescendo of grinding on my face. She froze, her thighs clamped tightly round my head and she let go a deep guttural moan as her body gave way to waves of orgasmic pleasure. I felt every ripple and relaxation of her body as if she were part of me and I gently parted my lips to savour her taste.

All went still. Her soft thighs gently cradling my head as I lay there listening to her sign and breath deeply. She lifted off me and languidly lay herself down next to me. She looked over towards me her previously pale cheeks flushing a rosy red and I stared back gingerly my facial hair matted and glistening. I rolled a little to my side and lay with my body twisted, just watching her. Her eyes were closed and the corners of her mouth formed a contented smile. I watched the rise and fall of her chest as she regained her breath. I so wanted to cradle her in my arms, to feel her chest pressed against mine to rest my hands on the small of my back and for my fingers to roam all over her soft skin. We lay and I could feel my erection pressed between my stomach and the bed lightly throbbing.

"You’ve seen how I do it, I want to see what you can do"

With those words she intimated for me to move down the bed and I slowly clambered to my knees with her hand gently guiding my head. Her hands clasped the back of my head as I lay between her warm thighs and she brought her knees to rest over my shoulders. Now she was prone I could admire the full glory of her sex and my eyes traced the outline of her bush as it spread lightly down her perineum, over her dark inviting anus and then back up around her full wet lips and fleshy mons.

I pulled back as much as her hands would allow and spread her legs a little more. I leaned forward and planted soft slow kisses up her left thigh. As I drew closer my mouth lingered on each spot gently sucking on her flesh with the lightest of pressure. Eventually I was poised dead centre, I could palpate her body readying for my touch and I gently blew a soft exhale over her and felt her quiver ever so gently. My head moved away and I repeated my kissing ritual on her right thigh and she groaned in frustration and delight.

"You’re such a tease"

Her voice hissed back slow and breathless. I let her hands draw me in and I nuzzled my nose at the base of her swollen lips and I slowly trailed up. The tip of my nose stuck to her as if by magnetic force, gently parting her lips as they passed and all the way I drew in every last ounce of her scent. I paused for a moment, steadied my mind and resisted the urge to lick away with wild abandon. I let my tongue hang out of my mouth and gently lapped along her full length. She muttered something under her breath and I felt her nails lightly raking on my scalp. I licked again, only this time with a little more pressure. I gently sucked her lips into my mouth and my head was spinning from the heat and humidity. My hips gently grinding and the head of my cock brushing against her sheets.

I pulled away a little and parted her lips with my fingers. My tongue swirled, traced and tapped all over and with each of its movements I elicited a different response from her body. I didn’t want to settle into a rhythm so quickly, I wanted her to keep guessing, I wanted to tantalise and tease her. My tongue went flat, it went pointed, each stroke of it harnessing a different pressure and slowly but surely working its way to her engorged clit.

By now her hands were almost pressing my head down and her hips were gyrating so that she could sneak more swipes of my tongue. Her thighs had drawn closer around me and the first time my lips brushed over her clit they clamped down tighter encapsulating my head and muffling the sounds of her moans, her sharp inhales and slow exhales. The tip of my tongue traced the alphabet, minding my P’s and Q’s which swirled all around it. My restraint gave way as my tongue took on a mind of its own swirling, flicking as she pushed back harder against me.

I could sense she was close as her hips became all the more uncontrollable but I want to tease her one last time. My tongue came to a pinpoint, standing still right on her little button and I brought my lips down as I slowly inhaled it between them. Her hips refused to stay still and I brought my hands onto the outsides of them to keep them steady. She settled to the only command I ever gave her and I slowly hummed, my lips gently vibrating over her clit. I could feel the slow oscillation of her contracting muscles.

As her clit lay between my lips I slowly started to drum on it, tapping out a slow rhythm on it with my tongue that got faster and firmer with each passing moment. Her hips could not restrain themselves any longer and she pushed back into my face harder than before. I couldn’t hold back and my tongue lead a frenzied oral assault. Her thighs locked like a vice around my head and through my muffled ears I heard her curse and groan. She bucked and thrashed and the pressure around my head became tighter as her whole body contracted and her hips raised up off the bed. The flow of my blood to my head was slowly being cut off and I felt light, dizzy and utterly aroused.

Then all of a sudden her thighs fell away as her body limply collapsed onto the bed and I fell with her collapsed in a heap. My breaths were short and shallow as I felt the crimson rush of blood flowing back to my head. My eyes closed and I could feel her pulse through her thigh against my face, her heart was pounding and I felt of wave of satisfaction.

The room fell silent except for the sound of breathing and the ticking of the clock as time passed and I gazed in the dim light, watching the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest.

"At least you’re confident at something, maybe you deserve a treat, hand me the blindfold"

I slowly clambered off the bed to retrieve the blindfold off the floor. I stood at the side of the bed as she crawled over to the edge and knelt to look me in the eyes. Her hand softly grazed my shoulder and then ran along my chest through the hair and slowly down my torso. Her hand lightly wrapped around my shaft and she gave it a little squeeze. The backs of my legs tensed as I came onto my tip toes and a soft moan escaped my lips.

"You’ve been very good so far, you nearly came earlier didn’t you?"

"Yes miss"

My voice a barely audible whisper as she smirked back at me.

"Well you can only cum when I let you, I don’t want you you letting go like a hapless teen because that really wouldn’t be fun and if you do get too close too quick you will be punished and by that I mean..."

With those words she gave my balls a noticeable squeeze, not so firmly but enough to make me wince and send a dull aching sensation through my groin and take the edge off my excitement. The pain dissipated in slow waves but I didn’t make any protest. I just let her instruct me to lie down on the bed. She held me firmly as I climbed on to the bed and there was a tangle of limbs and a gentle slap on my bum as chastisement for the entangling.

I lay there in anticipation my breathing a little more heavy, my cock lightly twitched in her hand and she loosened her grip as she palpated my excitement. The finger tips of her free hand lightly traced lines on the back of my knee and graduated to little circles on my inner thighs. Her touch was electric on my body, every tap, every light scratch and every whisper like caress were unanticipated and each more surprising than the next. I was slowly being driven out of my mind and all I could do was moan and lightly squirm.

"I know you really want to see my ass, you’ve been trying to steal glances all night and I’ve been careful so that you do not see my glorious naked behind. But you will be getting very intimate with it in a moment"

The words swam around me and only served to turn me on more, it was true I was dying to see her big bum but her words just swam around my head and my cock twitched and got harder.

"What did I say about getting too close? I was just holding you, not even playing with you, such an amateur!"

I felt a slight sting as she lightly dug her nails into the side of my shaft. It was a pain, but a pain unlike any other I felt, it simultaneously dulled and inflamed my desires in the same instant. I was shaking lightly and my skin felt flushed in the most wonderful way. I thought to myself how fantastic it felt to have the smooth edges of her nails lightly dig in and where else I would love her to use them. I felt her move, she was shifting her weight but her hand didn’t relinquish its grasp. Soon I could sense that she was positioned with her legs either side of me, her feet lightly nuzzled against my armpits her calves pressing lightly into my sides as she stood on her knees.

"Reach out and take hold of my hips but hold me lightly"

I let my hands come to her knees and slowly ran them up the outsides of her thighs, I resisted the urge to have a good squeeze as my hands ran over the sides of her ass and I brought them to rest just below her waist.

"I love your soft girly hands they feel so lovely against my delicate skin"

I let my arms relax a little as I felt her slowly sit back, I held her gently as she brought herself back and even with my blindfold on I could detect her nearness. She whispered for me to relax and with that lowered herself from her hovered seat and my elbows came to rest either side of my head as she slowly sat her ass on my face. Her knees lifted off the bed and her feet planted flatly either side of me. I didn’t panic, she hadn’t sat down with all her weight but my face was enveloped between her full cheeks and she had left the slightest of space so I could still breath.

She slowly rocked her hips and my nosed rub up and down between her bum. The musk was familiar but different; it wasn’t dirty just earthier with the faint notes of what you’d expect an ass to smell like. I loved every ounce of her aroma. There was the familiar wetness and heat on my chin and my grip on her hips grew stronger with my desire. I gently guided more of her weight back on to my face and she obliged pushing back and I savoured the feeling as she smothered me and her skin melted into mine.

I let go of my obedience in the most obedient way I could and let my lips loosen as I stuck my tongue out. She didn’t protest or chastise as it touched her skin, she just paused momentarily and let my tongue press up against her more and flatten out. She started to rock again letting my tongue slide up over her anus and down over her perineum. I started to rock my head a little to add to the motion and I could feel her feet dig in more either side of me. Her grip tightened around my shaft but her hand remained motionless, I try to grind my hips to elicit more but she slapped the top of my thigh hard to stop me.

I guided my tongue to her anus and let it rest there and kept my head moving so it wouldn’t move away from that point. I gently swirled it over and over again making it slick and wet and as I did her rocking slowed and slowed till she just hovered, allowing my tongue to do as it wished. Then she was absolutely still and I open my mouth wide and tensed my tongue and slowly French kissed her arse, snaking my tongue in till my lips were pressed against her skin and my tongue was buried deep.

"God, I’ve never had a tongue up there, let alone so deep"

Her voice was a lovely whimper and I brought my hands down more onto her cheeks and pushed them ever so slightly to take some of her weight onto them, my fingers dug deep into her flesh and I pulled my head back extracting my tongue slowly till only the tip rested against her ring. Then like a lightning bolt I frenetically started to fuck her ass with my tongue. With each stroke trying to push deeper, my face pressing into her with wild abandon. Through all the motion I heard her grunt and groan, the rocking motion meant even with her hand staying perfectly still I was being pushed further and with everything else I just ignored it and focused on keeping my tongue tense. Her ass lewdly slapped against my face as my tongue darted in and out. My neck was strained and the muscles along the back were on fire but I couldn’t care less. I swirled and wriggled my tongue deep inside her. My head and neck twisted and torqued to elicit as much motion as possible. I could feel her juices drizzle down her perineum onto my tongue as it pistoned in and out of her, creating the most sensual blend, catapulting me towards delirium.

My arms wrapped around her hips as I hugged her to my face and her knees hit the bed as I pulled her as close as possible. My tongue pushed in as far as it would go and I felt her hand playing with herself and her thighs clamping down on my upper body. Her hand started to stroke my shaft and her grip tightened, her orgasm was close and she knew I didn’t have far to go. Her fingers rubbed the slick pre-cum all over the head as my cock pushed between them and I felt the familiar tightening at the backs of my thighs. My tongue slipped out of her as my breathing grew shallower and she kept rhythmically grinding away atop of me. I felt her warm juices flowing down my chin and her hand working me faster and faster, my thighs getting tighter as my hips lifted off the bed.

Then all of a sudden I howled into her ass as she wrenched an orgasm from me, my head was spinning and I could sense she was cumming too but everything was lost as I came. Her hand continued to pump my shaft as I jetted stream after stream of cum that showered my thighs and belly. Every muscle in me was tensed in agonising pleasure her hand still playing and me making unintelligible sounds every time it passed over the oversensitive head. My body fell back to the bed and I was half blacked out as she too fell on me, her hand still wrapped around my shaft, sandwiched between us.

She unclasped me slowly as she clambered up to make herself more comfortable. She peeled away my blindfold before she lay on top of me her full body against mine, skin on skin, a light sheen of sweat and juices stuck us together and she gently sunk down on me as we both relaxed. Time passed and not a word was said and I’d never felt so comfortable in my life. She suddenly let go a lovely giggle and said in the worst imitation of an English accent

"Well that was simply marvelous, we really should do this more often"

And all I could reply back was

"I love you"

She recoiled away from me, a little too fast at first but then she stopped. She perched herself on her outstretched hands and stared deep in my eyes, I could sense she wanted to say something but she was hesitant, I couldn’t keep eye contact under the examination of her gaze, I’m not sure if she was angry with me, bemused or just taking pity. And as I lay staring at the ceiling, my vision started to blur as tears started to well up at the corners of my eyes and softly trickled down the sides of my face, she wiped away my tears as I sobbed quietly.

"My sweet dear boy, be careful with your words"

And with that she kissed me for the first and last time. A kiss that will be forever etched onto my memory.

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