Chubby with 38DD boobs, sex story


Chubby with 38DD boobs, sex story
I am living at my brother’s place right now, and he and his wife love to drink. I admit I love to drink as well, but they drink to get wasted. My brother left town for business and when he leaves, he’s away for a while. My sister-in-law is a short BBW with long, wavy, brunette hair, glasses, and big 38DD tits. (I know that from looking at her bra on the towel rack after she took a shower.) She has thick muscular legs and calves that she loves to show off by wearing short shorts. One night my sister-in-law was out drinking heavily all night she started early in the afternoon at home and went to the bar later that night. I was laying in bed after having some drinks to myself when I heard the door open and slam shut. It was my sister-in-law and she was wasted drunk I could tell cause I heard her stumbling all over the place being very loud. Half hour had passed and I didn’t realize that everything went quiet about 15 minutes before. I decided to go see if everything was alright and turn off the lights and TV because the TV was cranked right up, I entered the living room and was immediately stunned and surprised to find my sister in law Passed out spread nude on the couch in nothing but cute little blue ankle socks, I instantly became hard. I walked over to her quietly and shook her to wake her and as I shook her, her big 38DD tits bounced around as I shook her and she didn’t move or make a sound, it looked very hot so decided to shake her again but harder and longer as I watched her tits bounce around all over my heart raced as I shook her knowing she could wake up at any moment but nothing she never made a sound. I walked over to the curtains because they were wide open and closed them, I went back over to her laying motionless on the couch spread eagle her clothes were all over the floor her panties were at the foot of the couch and had a big wet spot in the crotch area, I picked them up and smelt the crotch and it smelt so delicious I looked over at her spread nude and my Dick was rock hard and dripping pre cum my heart was still racing as I held her panties in my hand I wanted to taste her pussy juices so I licked the crotch of her panties and it tasted so sweet!

I wanted more, I walked over to her and shook her again to be sure she wasn’t gonna wake up, her tits bounced as I shook her and It was making me horny I then leaned in towards her big breasts and stuck my tongue out to lick her tit and felt very nervous thinking she might wake up, I didn’t take my eyes off her face as I leaned in further I then licked her tit and she didn’t move, I was very ******d, I then leaned in again and licked her tit again and nothing so I licked her tit and started doing circles around her tit. I looked up at her and she didn’t move or make a sound, so I put my mouth over her tit and began to suck on her big breast as I sucked her tit I looked up at her and she was snoring lightly, my cock was throbbing, I stood up and looked at her snoring lightly and legs spread open wide I then remembered how her panties smelt and tasted and wanted a real taste. I looked down at her hairy bush and wondered if she would wake up if I went in for a taste, my heart was racing so fast with ******ment that I was shaking, I shook her very hard one last time and called her name as I watched her tits bounce and she started to snore a little louder, she didn’t stir at all. I then climbed on the couch and touched her knee and ran my hand down her leg touching her muscular calve, I looked at her hairy pussy and touched it to see if she would wake up and she didn’t move , I then laid on my stomach and slowly moved in towards her pussy until my face was an inch away from her pussy, I was very nervous being between her thick legs knowing she could wake up at any moment but leaned in further anyway and took a big sniff of her hairy cunt, my nose was touching her pussy lips I was so close the aroma of her hairy pussy was magnificent, and she was also wet because when I moved my face back my nose was wet. Still between her legs I decided I wanted go further I then stuck my tongue out and licked her all the way up her gape, I then looked up to make she didn’t wake up and she was still snoring , the taste of her pussy was delicious and it was very wet, so I stuck my tongue all the way up her love hole and buried my face in her pussy and began eating and sucking her pussy. About 5 min into eating I felt warm wet tasty cum squirt me in the face lips and mouth, my head shot up and I looked at her freaked out that she woke up but she was still snoring, feeling a bit scared I waited for a minute and then buried my face in her cunt again and rubbed my face all over her cum licking it up as I rubbed my face all over her wet delicious pussy, I pulled my tongue out of her love hole And her pussy hole was still open, so I got up and got off the couch and went for my phone ,I walked back into the living room and stood at the end of the couch snapped a picture of her, my cock was hard as a rock as I took more pictures of her, I wanted to see if I can slip my rock hard cock in her.

I decided to try it out, was wearing a t shirt and shorts and decided to strip down to my boxers, I got on the couch again slowly and knelt down between her legs I was still shaky but still hard as a rock she didn’t budge, my cock was bulging through my boxers and was lined up with her wet hairy pussy, I pulled out my cock out of my shorts and pre cum started oozing from the tip of my cock and on to the couch, I then put my hand on her knee and slowly pushed her leg up towards her chest and held it there in a half deck chair position, as my heart raced with ******ment I then put my hand on her other knee and slowly pushed it up towards her chest and held it there, she was now in a full Deckchair position and was still snoring, her legs where heavy but I didn’t mind holding her there in that position it was very hot seeing in that position my cock just inches away from her wet love hole. With my hands on her knees holding her legs up in the deckchair position I slowly moved my pelvis forward not taking my eyes off her face in case she woke up and felt my cock slip right in her wet pussy making a loud sloppy gushy sound upon entry, she was So wet I just slipped right in balls deep, It felt amazing I didn’t move I just kept still with my cock balls deep in my sister in laws hot wet pussy and she didn’t move, my heart raced as I felt the lovely sensation of her warm love hole around my cock, I then pulled back and thrust in again this time a little faster feeling my balls lightly smack her ass and her tits bounced from the thrust and made me so hot I started slowly thrusting in and out and her snoring became a little louder but I didn’t stop, I was pretty curtain she wasn’t gonna wake up, I began to move faster and harder I was enjoying pumping her and watching her 38 DD tits bounce all over the place, I then grabbed her ankles and pushed her knees higher toward her chest giving full deep thrusts into her hairy wet love hole then started licking her thick muscular calve as I thrust deeper and harder putting her sweaty feet in my face and smelling her sweet sweaty Odor coming from her feet and blue ankle socks that were damp with her warm sweat, about 35 min into fucking her she stopped snoring and let out a quiet moan "mmmmmmmmmmm!" Is the sound she made and her pussy soaked my cock balls and pubes I got scared and pulled out and jumped off the couch.

I looked at her and she was still out cold and snoring, I waited a minute and then I dropped my boxers and climbed back on the couch and wasted no time and put her legs back up in the Deckchair position and slid my cock back in her and stated pumping her again, I went another 15 minutes pumping her watching her tits bounce all around and shot the biggest load of hot cum deep inside her and kept pumping her sloppy pussy until I went limp, I pulled my cock out and watched my load ooze out of her warm pussy and in between her ass crack, I put one of her legs down and held the other leg up in the half deckchair position, her pussy hole was still wide open and leaking cum from my cock reaming her love hole, I then buried my face in her cunt and started from her asshole and licked all the way up her pussy licking up all my spunk from her cream filled hole sticking my tongue up her cunt trying not to miss a drop. I finished licking up All my cum from her gape and grabbed my phone and snapped a few more pics of her hairy spread hole while I held her leg up, she looked stunning, I was sweaty and hot looking at her laying there with her leg up staring at her freshly fucked pussy hole, the living room was hot and muggy and smelled like hot sweaty sex, I became instantly hard again, I grabbed her other leg and put it up in the Deckchair position and pushed my cock back up for a sloppy fuck, round 2 I started pumping her and her pussy was so wet and sloppy it was soaking my pubes and running down the inside if my leg at this point she was snoring pretty loud and I knew she wouldn’t wake up from this, I continued to thrust harder and deeper watching her tits bounce to the rhythm I looked down at her pussy and watched my cock penetrating her hairy love hole, my cock was sliding in and out and my first load turned to a white buttery texture and was Turning my cock white, I loved the feeling of it , I started going faster and I felt her cum again but she didn’t make a sound this time I just felt her pussy get very warm wet and very slick and was splashing cum on the inside of my leg with every thrust, I loved hearing her snore while I pumped her hairy pussy and watched her tits bounce to the rhythm, I propped her leg on the back of the couch and grabbed my phone as I thrust in and out of her and snapped a few picks of my ass as I pumped her hoping to catch a picture or two of my cock penetrating her, I threw my phone down and grabbed her leg of the back of the couch and pounded her! It started feeling so good that I was letting out small moans I couldn’t hold it anymore, I exploded inside her again, I was dripping with sweat and was out of breath looking at her cum filled pussy thinking "I can’t believe I did it and she didn’t wake up!"

I then Grabbed her leg and my phone In the other hand and snapped a few pictures of her gaping hairy pussy, her hole was still wide open after being reamed by me and oozing hot cum. I moved up and kissed her on her lips slipped her the tongue moved down kissed her tits, licked them and sucked them one last time, then moved down and kissed her sloppy pussy and tasted a bit of my cum. I got up off the couch and put my clothes back on, my cock was so wet it soaked my boxers I turned the heat up so she wouldn’t catch cold and looked over at her and her legs were straight and not spread open so I grabbed her legs and opened them back up the way I found her, I didn’t even wipe up my mess from her pussy, I turned down the lights and went in my room and laid there with a satisfied smile and a good memory. The next morning I woke up and went in the living room and she was sitting on the couch watching TV in her short shorts a t shirt and the same blue little ankle socks she was wearing the night before, the same socks I fucked her in, the living room was all muggy and was still wreaking of sex ,my heart began to race she looked at me and said "did you come out here last night after I got back home? I was completely wasted!" I said "no I didn’t even hear u come in" and she said " oh well you missed out on me being drunk and stupid, I didn’t even make it to my room I stripped down naked and passed out on the couch!" I laughed and went along with it thinking I didn’t miss out I got to see all and do all! maybe she wanted me to fuck her why she passed out nude on the couch, that I will never know but what I do know is that next time I find her passed out like that I’ll be able to fuck her again! I can’t wait!

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