Fat girl on college party

Fat girl on college party
The first time Jacinto Irving saw Elizabeth Smith was at the incline. The incline was a paved path that curved to the hilltop. A lot of students studied and sunbathed on the grassy side of the hill. Elizabeth was trying to get off her bike because the incline was too steep for her. As she swung her leg across the bike, the ankle cuff of her pants got caught on the petal. Because Elizabeth had a rather fat ass, the workout pant was rather large. There was a strong stretch around her thigh, yet ample of fabric flapping around the ankle, waiting to be caught on something.

She was rather uncoordinated. The fabric wrapped tightly around the petal. She jerked back and force. She was very much lost in her own world, like she didn’t pay attention to anyone else on the busy college campus. There was a group of three coeds walking past her. The freshmen students were small of stature. They wore mini-skirts, showed lots of leg and had perky breasts that pointed vertically. There was an air of flirt around those girls. The guys stole glances at them. Elizabeth was invisible to that world, and she didn’t look for that world.

Jacinto’s day was slow. He was eating broccoli, raisin, and brown rice from a Styrofoam cup under the shade of trees. He wore leather shoes from Shoes For Less. He was wearing a checkered shirt that was a number too small and tucked into his pants. He had round glasses that gave him away as a mechanical engineering student.

For some reason, he enjoyed watching Elizabeth struggle. Her workout pants were so overstretched over the butt that they turned to a color three shades lighter than the rest of the pants. The fat on her hips and her boobs was so ample that it was grotesque, yet he was curious to imagine it naked for the sheer museum-horror factor. She was holding onto a biology book. They later shared a basic math class together. There was word about her that she wrote a very well written article for her old high school’s paper. It was about matching student personalities with the personalities of pets.

Nobody liked her either. Both Jacinto and Elizabeth were loners. Jacinto studied hard. He was afraid of the chiding of other students and avoided social situations. Elizabeth for her body, obviously got lots of sneers and frowns. Nobody said anything directly to her. Already at that first glimpse of Elizabeth, he suspected that she was angry with the world. He was angry with the world that he go to hear about hookup culture on college campuses across the nation. Yet, he hadn’t even gotten a single flirt from a girl. He stubbed the broccoli in his cup and tried to catch a raisin to have at least something sweet. His parents had told him that school is about learning and not partying. It was easy for them to say because they were both high school teachers.

Three weeks into the first semester, he was sitting in the basic math class. He mainly took the class to pad his grades with an easy grade. He heard the cool guys whispering behind him. There was Jason. He is a tall guy with a blond mane. He surfs. He completely adopted the surfer stance. He hangs a little low in his knees when he stands and lets his arms rest back, behind the natural fall line of gravity. The other guy was Herb. He was liked among the class for all the humor and sniping that he injected into the class.

"Pound cake is handing it out to every guy who asks her. We’ve sent her eight guys already. They’ve all pounded her mercilessly. She simply takes," said Jason with exasperation and excitement.

"How do you know that those guys aren’t lying?" asked Herb skeptically.

"She has a birthmark next to her clit. We ask the guys for the shape of it. It’s pretty unique," explained Jason.

"Pound cake is gnarly. You really tap that, dog?" asked Herb.

"She takes any pounding. Before class, I fucked her mouth. I pinched her nose, so that she couldn’t breathe. She didn’t complain. She kept sucking. I slapped her tits hard. She didn’t complain. It’s like she isn’t even human. She takes any pounding. That’s why we call her pound cake. Just pound her and walk away when you are done," Jason expanded the topic with glee.

Jacinto was listening keenly. The teacher was inaudible to him. His parents never told him about sex or how to talk to girls. His hands were sweaty. The idea of sex filled his mind with mad imaginations. So, he took all the courage that his little stature had to turn his head over his shoulder, cup his mouth with a hand, and ask, "Who is cupcake?"

Jason and Herb started laughing. "Oh, little weasel wants to get his bone into cupcake. Someone write him a blueprint to find his own wiener."

Jacinto had expected that he wouldn’t be taken seriously. Though, the idea of pussy seemed like an enigma to him. The girls in class wouldn’t talk with him. He didn’t know what to say. This pound cake girl seemed like a chance for him. If she let herself be fucked by anyone, he could be anyone. "Guys, if she provides a socialist service, it should be open to everyone.

Jason and Herb giggled harder. "I’ll tell you what. You take a swing at Jason after class, if you can muster that much balls, we’ll tell you who pound cake is."

"Deal," said Jacinto and turned back to face the teacher. He rocked his chair onto the back legs to relish his success and good future. He pictured seeing the pussy that he had seen in porn mags in person, that pink slit and the bulges of pussy lips. He wondered if the blond Russian girl in the first row, who always wore mini-skirts and makeup, was pound cake.

After class, he stopped Jason and Herb in the hallway. They had already forgotten the conversation. "Where do I punch you," asked Jacinto. Jason’s long flowing blond surfer hair waved back as Jason broke into a surprised laughter, biting his fist. Jason and Herb looked at each other. Jacinto went straight for Jason’s chest. The tight, nerdy fist was more like a knock on the door than a boxer’s bunch. Jason’s face grew dim. He grabbed Jacinto by the hips, flipped him around and stuffed him into the nearest metal trashcan.

"Starbucks and a bag of half eaten Cheetos," called Jacinto out in exasperation. His feet were dangling in the air. "Okay, fair. I punched you. You have to tell me who pound cake is."

Herb paused Jason from walking away. The footsteps stopped. "That would be so gnarly if weasel pounds her as well. We should pimp her out to the entire school just for fun. We could turn her into the first cum dumpster outside of a porn stage. I kind of like sending all the weirdos to her. What is the name of the bully who punched a kid because fall had started?"

"Oh my god, do you remember that jock from the hockey team? He never showers. He only rubs his body in cinnamon. We should send him to her as well," said Jason with his voice getting excited.

"Weasel, it’s Elizabeth Smith. Tell her that Herb sent you," said Herb and started walking away.

"Should I buy her flowers or chocolate?" yelled Jacinto after the guys walking away.

"Nah, just tell her, ’Drop to her knees, bitch’," called Jason.

That night, Jacinto was very excited about getting sex for the first time in his life. He kept beating his meat with wild memories. The next morning, he got up half hour early. He waited at the bottom of the incline. Elizabeth Smith rode her bike leisurely to the bottom of the incline, where she swung off her saddle to push the bike uphill.

Jacinto stepped in her path, "Herb and Jason told me that you might make me feel happy?" His voice vibrated from nervousness. He was ready to run away. He looked cautiously at her.

Her face looked tired. There was a little moment of recognition, like when one gets told by the parents to bring out the trash. Then, she grabbed his hand and pulled him behind the shed with garden tools. She leaned her bike against the shed. She got on her knees facing him and pulled her workout pants down to her knees.

Her big fat butt was looking at her. He could see her cunt between her thighs. He was nervous. He felt like reality had burst. Getting pussy was that easy. All his life, it had felt impossible. He pulled his pants down and ripped a condom package open. She turned around, swatted the condom out of his hand, and said, "The rubber chafes my skin. I’m on the pill. If you don’t trust me, he can go with me to the pharmacy, buy Plan B, and have me eat it in front of you." With that, she resumed her position on her hands and knees.

Jacinto had a boner all along. He felt her pussy. He thought that her hole should be farther at the front than it really was. His boner kept feeling the slit between her pussy lips. Pound cake lost interest, reached between her legs, and grabbed his boner. "Which hole do you want?" she asked.

"Oh, there is an option," asked Jacinto surprised.

Without another word, pound cake plunged his dick into her pussy. The sensation of feeling his penis engulfed by female flesh was overwhelming. She shook him out of the daze by ordering him, "Spit on your dick. I’m not turned on and dry." As ordered, Jacinto spat on his half entered dick. The spit landed on her bum, his dick, her pussy. He rubbed it around as best as he could.

"Pound me," she ordered him sternly.

He started pounding her as hard as he could. Her butt flesh was wobbling around. He held onto her hips to get more leverage. He could feel that she wasn’t into it and only impatiently waiting to go to class. He was masturbating inside of her, as if she were a flesh sock. His eyes grew dreamy as he got more stimulated. He could see the flowers growing over the wall behind the garden tool shed. He stared at the pavement. He got into a trance gazing at the sand particles in the pavement. With a pussy, he was chasing towards orgasm so much faster than with his own hand. The pussy was a lot softer, so that he didn’t get as much physical friction, yet his mind was so much quicker ready to spurt his semen.

And so he shot his semen into her belly. There were three big spurts that he couldn’t control. He felt like he was filling her up with a spoonful of semen with each squirt. He could smell her pussy in the air because it had been rubbed warm. He wanted to collapse on top of her. Tender feelings overcame him. She shrugged him off and let him fall to the ground. She got up, pulled, the workout pants up, and left with her bike.

Jacinto interrupted her, "Why do you like being pounded?"

Pound cake stopped for a moment and thought, "I don’t like fucking. I’m a shy girl. No guy pays attention to me. Though, when the pound me hard, I can feel how excited they are about me. That’s what I like. I don’t need to get off. I need to feel the masculine heat pounding away at my body. It makes me feel less alone."

That’s how Jacinto lost his virginity.

In the afternoon was the track class. Every freshman had to take one physical education class. The shower at the end of the practice was an uncomfortable place for Erwin. He usually tried to look at the ground when he was rubbing the soap onto his body to a nice lather. His mom had educated him on carefully washing all the parts of his body as a little kid. He couldn’t help but listen to the words of the other kids. He tried shutting out the sounds, yet sounds kept intruding into his head.

"By now, everyone has fucked pound cake. By show of hands, who’s tapped the bitch?" Jason addressed the congregation in the shower who was in different states of taking the shower, some half soaped, some almost done, and some barely wet.

Jacinto peeked away from his focus point on the ground. One guy after the next raised his hand. Jacinto looked at all the guys facing the center of the shower room to talk with each other. Jason’s schlong was rather large and garden hose like. Will was a fat black dude with bad acne. Herb had a tiny penis and lots of dirty looking pubic hair. Nelson’s penis was disfigured and pointed to the right. Roger was a punk with tattoos all over his body, violent tattoos of weapons, injuries, and threatening words.

Jacinto’s eyes peeked from one guy to the next. He had rubbed his penis in the jizz of all these guys. When he thought he was smelling her pussy, he was really smelling the warmed up jizz of all of these guys. He felt a bit nauseous.

Coyly, he raised his hand as well. He felt proud. For once, he was part of the group of guys. For once, he could clear a bar that all the other guys had cleared. His hand hovered only at his chest level while everyone else had raised their hand as high as they could to make a joke of it.

"Woohoo, weasel dick got some action," Jason slapped Jacinto’s dick with the end of Jason’s towel. Jacinto jerked back being hit son intimately. He dropped the soap. Jacinto felt angry. He felt angry for being helpless too these assaults.

Somewhere that anger let him to search out pound cake again. He wanted to dominate her again, pound away at her. He wanted the answer to a question that had formed in his head when she had asked him which hole. He searched all over campus until he finally found her putting up flyers for pet adoption in the biology building.

"I want your ass this time," he said biting his lip, struggling with the anger that he allowed to show.

She didn’t say anything. She grabbed his hand and pulled him in the men’s bathroom. She got on her knees in the grimy bathroom with papers strewn on the ground. She pulled her workout pants down to the knees.

"Don’t spit on it. I like it rough in the ass," she told him point blank.

He squatted low. He found that puckered asshole deep between her ass cheeks. He placed the penis head at her entrance. It felt surreal. He pushed in. His penis disappeared in her butt. He pulled a little back and pushed back in all the way. She shifted her weight on the left hand and started fingering her clit.

"It helps me relax my ass," she said matter of fact.

He kept ramming his dick into her ass without mercy. He rammed it hard. Any coyness was gone from him. He knew that she wouldn’t have an orgasm. So, he was completely using her for his own pleasure.

She cheered him on with "harder!"

He threw his weight deeper into the pounds to make her body shudder and the hanging tits dangle. It turned into athletic action that had him burst out in sweat.

"You like that, cunt," slipped out of his mouth.

She moaned, "Yeah, I like your dirty talk."

Then he bust his nut inside of her. The moment that the cum shot inside of her, the spell of arousal was lifted from him. He felt dirty. He felt dirty for abusing her. He felt dirty for putting his dick into her ass where her poop rested. He had always thought of himself as a gentleman. He had thought his number was five - five dates before kissing.

He pulled his dick, which was already deflating, out of her. There was a nugget of poop stuck right behind the head of his penis. It was pressed flat. It looked slimy and wet, as if it was really stuck to his skin. He shuddered in disgust.

She looked at him and said coldly, "I’ll clean that off for you." She took his half limp dick in her mouth. She sucked really hard on it. She was really working to get the shit off of his dick. Jacinto felt suction on his dick for the first time. The mouth was so much warmer and wetter. It felt delicious. He could feel that he couldn’t come again, yet it felt amazing. His face must have turned very dreamy.

"I can suck you off next time. All my holes are open for pounding," she educated him.

She played with his dick in her mouth a little more even though, he had gone completely limp and she knew that he couldn’t come again. After another minute of him docilely letting her have a go at his dick with her lips and tongue, she took his dick out of her mouth.

"I think you like it. Fuck my mouth next time," said pound cake. She got up, pulled her workout pants up, and left the toilet.

Word got out about pound cake. The college had about 1,200 students. She had office hours on the fourth floor biology men restroom. When Jacinto arrived, there was a line of five guys outside of the restroom. They were checking their smartphones for Facebook statuses and the like. The mood in line was pretentiously bored. Every guy had his own dreams of getting into the restroom, yet they didn’t like the company of the other guys. Herb walked out of the restroom with a big smile. The next guy walked in. The line shuffled a foot forward.

When it was Jacinto’s turn, he found pound cake on her back. Her legs were splayed wide open. Her clothes had been taken off completely. She looked very languid. She had a dreamy face. Even she couldn’t resist the joyful feelings of sex. Somewhere across the assembly line of guys fucking her, she was getting off with orgasms as well. It was pure biology that enough stimulation rang the orgasm bell in her head.

The last guy had tittie fucked her big tits. The cum was drizzling down her throat. Cum had dried on her cheek. She didn’t even bother clothing her mouth anymore. Com was running out of her pussy and ass hole. There was wetness on the ground. Her eyes were very dreamy.

Ernrest got down to the ground. He put his dick inside of her and started humping her hard. She took notice of him, when he rammed her hard on the pubic bone with his pubic bone.

"Hey, you look familiar. Don’t we have math class together? I think I might even remember your name! It was something with an E, something like a famous writer," mumbled pound cake. She was spaced out from all the sex and orgasms. Guys had been fucking her for about two hours. Her pussy was very slick. That meant that she had a lot of cum inside of her. He hated that. He used the anger to pound her harder.

"Ah, I remember you. You are that nerdy, shy guy who can’t get angry at anything. Though, when you fuck me, you get so angry. I’m the only thing that you have ever been angry at in your life. I love to feel that anger coming out and pounding me hard. Jacinto was your name. Yeah, that’s it!" murmured pound cake.

Jacinto felt the surrender rising inside his groin that made him let loose of the cum that shot into pound cake.

"Why do you let yourself be fucked?" asked Jacinto.

"There is an emotional hole inside of me. My parents never paid attention to me. I always wanted attention. I ate a lot of food. I got fat. Now, nobody paid attention to me. Then, Jason walked up one day and said point blank to fuck with him. He was so handsome. I did it. I really liked the attention. It made me feel something. I wanted more. It filled that hole. Now, it’s all gotten away from me. I know that once I stop, nobody will ever talk with me again. I’m trying to hold onto being somebody. I don’t want to go back to being invisible," explained pound cake.

Jacinto slid against the wall and sat down. "I’m stuck as well in my life. I’m afraid of everything. I should talk to a girl. I am so afraid of what they might do or say. I can’t see a girl reacting well to me. When I think of walking up to them, my mind shows me how it’ll fail. Then, I can’t walk up anymore. I should move out of my parent’s house. I’m too afraid to tell my mom because she’ll tell me that it is not a money smart idea. I’m stuck in fear. I’m stuck in taking the classes that the guidance counselor tells me to take. I’m stuck filling my afternoons with what my teacher tells me to study for homework. I want to break out. I don’t know how."

"At least, we are not doing drugs," smiled pound cake to cheer him up.

"I’ve never been on a date, my whole life," said Jacinto.

"Me neither," smiled pound cake.

"Do you want to go to Fat Burger?" asked Jacinto.

"Sure," said pound girl. She got up. The cum of a dozen guys ran out of her pussy and ass.

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