Irene big milking tits

Irene big milking tits
Irene’s tits had been huge ever since she could remember. As far as she could remember she used to be fat, so even back in the day it had looked like she had tits. When her tits started to grow there was no stopping in the first few years and she was glad she suddenly was attractive to boys. To lots of them...

When Irene had just turned 18 each of her tits was as huge as two heavy watermelons. They weighed around 50 lb each.

At school during sports lessons her class had to run a few rounds to warm up at the beginning of each lesson. Irene could not run very well, she was out of breath immediately. Even though her heavy wobbly tits were so huge she was not allowed to wear a bra. Her dad thought it was improper and would make her think she was a sexual being. He wanted her to remain an innocent girl. So her fat heavy tits hung down low in her wide t-shirts and bounced wildly during sports lessons. At first it was the gym teacher Mr. Humphreys holding her back after a lesson.

"Irene, come here, I need to talk to you."

Everybody else went to the changing room, she went to the little office at the back of the gym. Irene felt sweaty and out of breath. She panted heavily as her shirt stuck to her ample breasts. The teacher looked at her and his eyes stopped and rested on her voluptuous tits. Irene saw something moving in his jogging pants ? there was a slight bulge that grew minute by minute.

He extended his arm to her shoulder and said: "Sit down, girl. I just want to make a suggestion."

"What is it?"

"Have you been noticing all the boys looking at you during our sports lessons? Can you imagine why they are looking?"


"Irene, you must have noticed. How shall I put it...your big..cleavage is very revealing. Why don’t you start wearing a bra soon?"

Irene flushed bright red. "My dad won’t allow me to wear one."

"Oh..." Mr. Humphreys shifted in his seat, maybe to accomodate his now huge bulge. "You see, many men get aroused by...breasts or tits as big as yours. You are very attractive. I’ve noticed that for years now. Say, Irene, how old are you now?"

"I’m 18."

"That is a fine age." He seemed to be relieved somehow. "What does it feel like to be so..big? You can’t feel very relaxed, can you?"

"I’m okay i guess. I am used to it."

"You’re used to it..." He said to himself and still looked at her breasts. "Would you mind me showing you something?"

"No. What is it?" Irene was bewildered but curious, too, because her teacher had never paid close attention to her before.

Mr. Humphreys got up, took a glance outside to the deserted gym and then tightly locked the door with a key. His little office had no windows.

"Have you been with many boys already, Irene?" he asked, his voice suddenly husky and deep.

She felt herself blush again and something between her thighs twitched even though she felt awkward.

"I mean, have you exposed yourself to them..?"

"No, Mr. Humphreys. I have not. I am a virgin!"

"Then may I be the first to teach you about what your big tits do to us men? Give me your hand and feel this.."

He placed my hand on his jogging pants under which Irene could feel his erect penis. It felt huge and hard when she touched its outlines.

"When men see big tits like yours they become aroused. Their dicks become hard and semen is leaking out. ? Oh, Irene, you make me feel very good. So good..! Such a good girl you are!"

He opened his eyes and looked at her tits again. "Lift your shirt for me, Irene. Show me your big and heavy tits, show me your...udders!"

Udders, had he just said udders? Against her will Irene felt aroused.

"You like that girl, don’t you? Don’t you? Yes, you’ll be a fine woman soon, you will make your husband very happy. Let me show you what your husband will do to, lift your shirt."

Irene lifted her shirt obediently. Her udders as the teacher had called them rested heavily on her thighs. Their huge dark nipples were erect, facing downwards. She felt the heavy weight of her breasts pull her down.

Mr. Humphreys pulled down his pants. "Look here girl, we’re two of a kind. You got those huge udders and I got this huge big member. Ever seen a man’s penis? No? Come on, touch it a little. You may even suck on it if you like..! Be a good girl!"

He got up and came over to Irene. His big hands tried to lift her breasts but they were heavier than he had expected them to be. He moaned.

"God, now I know why you can’t run in my lessons..! Your bust is gigantic, these breasts must weigh you down so much..You’re a real big cow, girl..."

His big hard penis was right in Irene’s face. It smelled sweaty. Underneath it she saw his large, heavy balls covered in dark hair.

"Now open your mouth wide, Irene. Be a good girl. A real good girl you are..."

The teacher’s eyes were closed now. Irene felt the wetness between her legs and even though his dick smelled nasty, it smelled exciting, too, and she was hungry somehow. Irene opened her mouth and closed her lips around his big veiny member with its large mushroomy head. She tasted salty liquid on her tongue. Lots of it.

"Good girl you are, Irene. Good girl! Atta girl..."

Mr. Humphreys stroked her hair, then started to hold her head firm and push slowly and gently in and out of her mouth.

"You like a good old-fashioned face-fuck, girl? With your big udders dangling? Oh, yeah, let me teach you..."

He had a smooth, slow rhythm and Irene dared not move or use her teeth.

After a while he stopped. He was covered in sweat.

"Now I’ll show you something else. Come on, turn around and bend over, Irene!"

Irene got up and did as he said. Her dad had given her many lessons in how to be an obedient girl in front of adults and now it paid off somehow.

"Good girl!"

Mr. Humphreys pulled down her sports pants slowly so that her fat belly and ass were exposed.

"What is your weight, Irene?", he asked in a husky voice.

"I weigh 300 pounds." Irene said "but 100 pounds is my tits only."

On hearing that, Mr. Humphreys moaned long and deep. He patted her ass so that the flesh started to wiggle, then touched her pussy between her fat thighs. No boy had ever ventured as far.

"Oh! Girl, you are so very wet! That means you like what we’re doing.. I will make you a real woman now, okay? I haven’t planned any of this, but you leave me no choice..with your big bust, your heavy udders. Us men we have needs and when you arouse a man you have to relieve him, too. That is your duty as a woman."

He placed the head of his thick cock at the entrance of Irene’s virgin pussy and started to push it in very slowly, inch by inch. It took a long time until he was even halfway inside her because her fat virgin pussy felt extremely tight although it was intensely lubricated. Irene gasped for air, her tits wobbled heavily. Mr. Humphreys grabbed her neck and held her firmly in place. Then he pushed in some more until he felt he had entered her completely. His balls were pressed against her pussy lips now. Slowly inch by inch he pulled his big member out of the fat girl’s pussy. Then in again slowly. His cock was just deflowering a big virgin.. Soon he worked the pace up to a faster rhythm with heavy thrusts until after what was close to an hour he finally came in Irene’s now stretched and widened vagina, filling it with twenty big spurts of very thick semen. He felt his big cock relaxing inside the girl’s vagina and pulled out slowly.

He gave her a loud slap on her ass-cheek.

"That was real good. Good girl. Now when you go to your next lesson, you don’t want to tell anyone. And I don’t want my sperm leaking out of you, so I’ll give you a plug..hold on--"

Mr. Humphries pulled a golf ball out of his bag and inserted it deeply and firmly into Irene’s vagina. The girl gasped loudly.

"Oh, sorry. You haven’t come, right? I’ll give you a little extra fun."

With those words, Mr. Humphreys stood behind her again and started to rub Irene’s clit. Her soft moans made his big cock erect soon again. Because her front opening was filled up already, he said:

"Don’t be shocked, I’ll be real slow now. I will deflower your ass, too. So you’ll be a real woman when you leave here. You will learn to like this and us men like it, too. He placed the head of his cock against her tight asshole.

Irene tightened and winced. "No---!"

"Just be a good girl. Relax. I won’t hurt you. It’ll feel real nice, you’ll see."

He gently widened her asshole with his index finger, then worked his member into her ass and Irene started to relax a little when he kept being gentle. Again, it took almot 15 minutes for him to fully enter her ass. But Mr. Humphreys kept grinding his way deep inside her anus. Inside, his cock swelled up a little more and soon he was back in his heavy, comforting rocking rhythm. Irene’s big heavy melons swung back and forth while he held her fat hips. She felt like being in trance by now. For a long time she had dreamt about sex. Now here it was..

"Oh girl, you’re 18 and full of my semen...we will do this quite often now, if you wish. Many times a week. God, you’re so hot...!"

Irene started to spread her legs wider, voluntarily now.

"Yeah, that’s it, girl. Now you really enjoy this, right? My thick sperm now being pumped into your big beautiful ass, right?" He rubbed her clit hard now and Irene thought she’d explode soon. "Oh, oh, Mr. Humphreys, what’s happening? I’m gonna..."

"Yes, girl, you gonna have an orgasm now. You are going to cum real good on my big cock full of sperm, girl. Right... now!"

And in a final spasm he came as intensely as the first time, giving Irene a full load of fertile semen up her fat ass. Irene felt an intense orgasm welling up inside her own body. Up to now she had only masturbated, but now her teacher made her cum which was much more intense. She moaned, gasped for air and slumped down over the table.

"Atta girl. Good girl! Don’t let it out! Hold on tight.", Mr. Humphreys said as he pulled out of her. "And now be a good girl and lick this cock of mine clean. A girl’s got to clean a man up every time after sex. Clean me up real good..yeah...there you go.. all the way, that’s it...."

Irene opened her mouth again and again and licked her teacher’s big cock clean of all their juices.

"Now you’re not a virgin anymore..remember, don’t tell anyone. And come back whenever you need to be filled."

Irene pulled her pants up while Mr. Humphreys got dressed, too.

"Actually, it’s good that your Dad doesn’t allow you to wear a bra. You look much nicer like this." Mr. Humphreys said.

Irene nodded and opened the door. The clock said that she had missed the last lesson, so she could go straight home now. She felt her teacher’s sperm up her ass and the plug in her pussy. She liked those feelings, she decided as she slowly waddled back to the girl’s dressing room. "See you soon, Mr. Humphreys.", she said shyly. "Thank you for the extra lesson."

"Welcome, Irene. We’ll do this very often from now on."

A few months later Irene wondered why she gained even more weight. Her belly had always been huge so at first she did not notice the changes. Her sex lessons with Mr. Humphries were frequent now, he took her at least four times a week without protection. Some of the other teachers and some boys reacted to Irene’s now heightened sex-appeal and made advances, too. So Irene ended up having sex most every day of the week, sometimes up to three or four times a day.

One day while Mr. Humphreys was mounting the girl again in his back-room, some milk trickled from her tits when she started to become aroused.

"Oh, Irene! Oh my, you are lactating..!" Mr. Humphreys said in great delight.

"Have you gotten...pregnant? In such a short time? Is that why you have become even bigger? You are so heavy now..! You need to see a gynecologist!"

So a few weeks later Irene went to see a gynecologist with her Dad. Her Dad was upset about the reason Irene had given him and he refused to leave the examination room. So he was present when Irene mounted the chair and placed her legs wide apart in the stirrups.

The doctor was an older man who tried to be nice to her.

"Don’t worry, Irene. Your Dad has already told me why you’re here. So you think you are not a virgin anymore..? I’ll examine you and we’ll see whether you are still a virgin. Oh, I see you are very your pussy reacts strongly to men being present. Do you enjoy that feeling?"

The doctor pushed a big plastic speculum inside Irene’s wet pussy and moved it a little. He dilated her pussy to see whether her hymen was still intact. Irene started to moan like she did when Mr. Humphreys or one of the boys at school or another teacher mounted her. Almost everyone at school had had sex with her by now at least once. That was why the doctor could not find a hymen. He pulled the speculum out and started to examine Irene’s fat vulva with his hands now, slowly inserting a finger, then two fingers. Irene noticed that her Dad had the same bulge in his pants now like Mr. Humphreys. Even the doctor behaved a little different now.

"It’s very hot in here. Why don’t I open my may want to do that, too, Mr. Smith."

Irene’s Dad complied and opened up his zipper, too. Both men’s penises were visibly big and erect now. Irene couldn’t help herself, she looked at them and she got aroused.

"Irene, I think you have been a bad girl, haven’t you? You have been..messing around, haven’t you? Now, as your Dad I would never touch you. I just did what the doctor told me and unzipped my pants. But now you can suck me a little while he examines you further with his special instrument, right? Some sucking will soothe you good, you don’t need to be afraid of the doctor.."

Her Dad came up to Irene’s face and she opened her mouth to suck on his cock. It was short and thick, just like him. Her Dad started to move in and out gently, then chose to stay deep in her wide open mouth, his round belly in her face while she tried to look up on him. He kept her head firmly in place with his right hand. Irene had difficulty to swallow with his big cock pushed all the way in to her mouth but she managed somehow. All the while the doctor had replaced his metal instrument with his own withered but still large cock which he inserted skillfully into Irene’s vagina while holding her open with his hands, then massaging her big belly. When the doctor was deep inside her, he felt and massaged her belly all around.

"Oh, Irene. You are 8 months pregnant!" he said suddenly.

"Your belly is filled. There are twins inside! I feel it because your birth canal is very short now, my cock can’t go any deeper even though it’s old and short.."

Upon hearing this, Irene said "What?!" in surprise but nothing but a gurgle came out because of her dad’s huge cock in her mouth. The cock filling her mouth twitched because her dad moaned "What..?!"

"Yes, no doubt, Mr. Smith. Your heavy girl here is pregnant. Even lactating, look at her tits now..!"

Irene could feel a strain in her big tits as milk started to leak out like it had before when she became aroused. The doctor massaged her big tits now as well, and he did it so skillfully that the milk came out in big spurts. Her dad watched fascinated, then he started to moan deeply as he came in Irene’s mouth. She gulped down her Dad’s thick sperm while milk kept spurting from her udders that were still milked by the doctor. The doctor couldn’t hold his semen in any longer and ejaculatd deep into the girl’s pregnant belly.

"Ah, that’s are not a virgin anymore, Irene. You are highly pregnant! But still you make men feel so good. Having sex is even healthy when you’re pregnant."

"So you’re pregnant, huh, Irene? So you’ve been a bad girl, really messing around with boys?", said her Dad. "You sucked their dicks and let them put their sperm inside your belly? And I haven’t noticed? So now you lick me clean real good to make amends!" her Dad said a little angry, starting to push his big limp cock down her throat now. Irene gagged loudly. The doctor now stroked her clit in a firm manner while gently pushing his fingers in and out of her vagina. It needed to be stretched real wide soon for the first of many multiple births...

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